Whether for a rectal thermometer, suppositories or an enema and, late for sex Jamie and Ellen loved his touch.
I’ve had an unconventional life, eventful, some sorrows, but a lot of happiness. I’m twenty-five years old, I live in a beautiful home on ten fenced acres with my two children, 6 year old Isaac and my 4 year old Leah. I have two big German Shepherds that patrol the lawn, 4 cats, an aquarium of tropical fish and, a lovely and loving man in my life and I can’t forget, my best friend and her 7 year old son Jared, but soon to be two children, she’s eight months pregnant. Right now I’m as happy and content as any woman would hope to be, my name is Jamie Westbrook. But maybe I should start at the beginning.

When I was young I was a sickly child. I suffered from chronic constipation and headaches of migraine intensity. My mother who was a registered nurse was responsible for most all of my health care. Enemas for the constipation and Tylenol suppositories for the headaches. She couldn’t get me to swallow the liquid stuff, she crushed pills with a mortar and pestle and tried to feed them to me with apple sauce with no better luck, so up my butt it went.

Then, when I was seven, the sorrows I mentioned, in fact my greatest sorrow, my mother passed away from an illness the doctors were unable to even diagnose. I lost my mother but not my illnesses. Medical care now fell to my father; it wasn’t as if I was unfamiliar with his lap, Mom handled medications but Daddy dealt with discipline. I was a mischievous little imp, the emphasis on mischievous and got my share of spankings.

Allow me to digress for a moment, I mentioned I was a mischievous little imp. Well, I was little, still am for that matter, I’m 5 foot nothing and weigh 105 pounds. And, as for my spankings, even at 25 years of age if my behavior gets too outrageous my man will warm my bottom for me yet today.

So, after Mom’s passing I got to spend more than a little time across Daddy’s lap. When I felt bad the first thing Mom would do was take my temperature with a rectal thermometer, if I was feverish she’d insert a suppository into me and, then there were my frequent enemas; Daddy continued to do everything she’d done plus my spankings, so, like I said I spent more than my share of time across his thighs on my tummy with my panties down.

Now, to leap ahead. I was in my fourteenth year, a freshman in high school, it was a Friday, the day we got our report cards for the first grading period and I was excited, I mean I’d always been a good student but now I was a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL and my report card was straight A’s, I was just so darned proud.

My best girlfriend, Ellen Wilson had gone home with me, she was a good student, too, but not quite as good as me, her report had a B on it, still, we thought we were a couple of really sharp cookies. I nearly attacked Daddy when he came in the door.

“Whoa, whoa,” he said, “Show me what all the excitement’s about.”

I proudly displayed my report card.

“I’m impressed Little Bit (he called me Little Bit when he was happy with me), that’s fantastic. I think I’ll take you out to dinner to celebrate.”

That was really a treat for me since I did most of the cooking.

I said, that’s really neat, “Can Ellen come, too.”

With my excitement I don’t think he’d even seen that Ellen was there.

“Well, I guess I need to see her report card, too. See if she qualifies.”

Shyly she handed it to him saying, “It’s not quite as good as Jamie’s, I got one B.”

I knew why the B, she often skipped that class, she didn’t want the other girls to see her body but Daddy said,

“Well Ellen, that’s impressive, guess you just need to learn how to do a few pull-ups or something and you’ll be perfect.”

Poor girl, I thought, he had no idea but Ellen squirmed like a beloved puppy, I knew she didn’t get many compliments, what she got were bruises, that’s why the B in physical education, if her father had left marks she didn’t go.

“Why not, let’s all celebrate, what sounds good…and I don’t want to hear anything about a burger joint, choose, Italian or French?”

Ellen and I put our heads together and came up with, “Italian,” we both said.

Italian it was, fancy Italian. Daddy had something that looked like a whole roast, Osso Bucco, Ellen and I ordered veal piccata and Daddy got a bottle of Chianti.

As we ate Daddy had a little spoon, he scooped something up with it and I asked what it was. He told me it was marrow, I thought, yuck. He asked me to try it and got a little bit on his spoon.

I tasted it, it was delicious; I asked if he’d give Ellen a little taste.

He offered some to her, she turned her head away and I said, “Try it, it’s good.”

She smiled when she tasted, “Yes, it is.”

Nice restaurants don’t seem to mind, each of us, Ellen and I had wine glasses in front of us. The waiter didn’t fill them, it was like he was leaving that up to Daddy, I asked if we could have some.

“You know the rules Jamie.”

Oh, yes, I knew the rules, there weren’t many but he’d enforce then; No Drinking while I was underage, No Smoking, No Drugs and No Lying, period!

I whined, “Please Daddy, I mean we were high school girls, we weren’t kids anymore, you know.”

He relented and poured us each a half a glass apiece.

We had tiramisu, heavenly tiramisu for dessert.

After we left Daddy drove Ellen home. He waited in the driveway for her to get into her house. She seemed to dawdle, in no hurry to enter. Once in we left for home.

Daddy asked, “What’s the matter with Ellen, it was like she didn’t want to go into the house?”

“I guess she didn’t, sometimes things get hectic there on a Friday night.”

“What ever do you mean Jamie?”

“Daddy, sometimes Mr. Wilson has a little too much to drink, he goes out every Friday and comes home in a bad mood.”

“I see, well let’s hope tonight’s different. Maybe when he sees her report card he’ll be as proud of her as I am of you.”

“Thanks Daddy, thanks for taking us out to dinner and thanks for being proud of me, I love you.”

“I love you, too Little Bit.”

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. I knew that it wouldn’t be a good evening for Ellen, Fridays never were; she’d told me what would happen, she’d known for sure since morning when her mother had come to her room.

I went up and changed into my pyjamas, shorty PJ’s, and came back down. Daddy put on a movie, one of my favorites, he fixed me a small bowl of ice cream and he had a beer. After it was over we went up to bed.

I don’t know what it was, turmoil over Ellen, the rich food, what; but I couldn’t get sleep and after an hour or two of tossing and turning I found myself entwined in the sheets, soaked with sweat; I felt sick, my head and tummy were whirling, I was headachy and nauseous, I got up and went to Daddy’s room.

It was dark, he was asleep. I turned on the dim night light and shook his shoulder, whimpering, “Daddy, I’m sick.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d interrupted his sleep, Hank rolled over saying, “Come here Little Bit.”

I crawled up on his bed and laid down beside him; he felt my brow.

“You do feel warm, let’s get your temperature,” as he got out of bed, clad in only a pair of boxer shorts, and went to the bathroom medicine cabinet for the thermometer and KY Jelly.

When he came back, he sat on the bed. I climbed over his lap.

He turned down the seat of my PJ’s then my panties. He rubbed my bottom then spread my cheeks and applied a little of the KY to me. The thermometer slid into me.

He would leave it in me for four minutes, he massaged my back while we waited.

It now seems a strange position for confession but then, maybe not. My bottom was being penetrated and I was afraid Ellen’s was too, I felt somehow strangely responsible, I should have asked her to spend the night.

“Daddy, you know Ellen didn’t want to go home tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes Jamie, I think that was pretty evident, do you know why?”

I hesitated, Ellen had told me in confidence, I started to prevaricate.

“Jamie, tell the truth, what do you know.”

Maybe I could evade the question.

“Unh, Ellen’s Mom gave her an enema this morning.”

“Ok, but you get a lot of enemas and you still want to come home don’t you.”

“Yeah but this is different.”

“Why Jamie, was Ellen sick?”

“Nooo Daddy, not sick.”

“Then why did Ellen’s mother give her an enema?”

“Her Dad told her to.”

“Why would he do that?”

Before I could answer the four minutes were up, he withdrew the thermometer and checked.

A little over a hundred degrees, I’ll get some medicine after you finish the rest of your story.

“Why did her Dad tell her Mom to give Ellen an enema?”

“That’s why she didn’t want to go home, he’s going to do something to her and she hates it when he’s drunk.”

“Jamie, you’re confusing me, just spit it out, please.”

I took a deep breath, “Daddy he’s going to have sex with her tonight.”

“Her father’s going to have sex with Ellen tonight? Then why would she need an enema and why would her mother be a party to it?”

“Her Mom helps because she’s scared of him, he does the same things to her and even worse. Ellen knows that any morning that her mother drags the enema equipment into her room she’s going to get it that night; that’s the way he does it.”

“What do you mean, that’s the way he does it.”

It came out in a rush, “He does it in her bottom so she won’t get pregnant; he usually does it two times a week. It started when she was only ten years old but a lot of the girls I know started having sex when they were really young. I know three or four girls who do things with their fathers and some others that have boyfriends and a bunch of them do it that way; they use it as birth control.”

“And you think that’s what’s happening tonight?”

“Oh I know it is, her Mom gave her the enema. Her last one was Tuesday morning. Ellen doesn’t mind doing it in the middle of week but on Fridays, because he’s been drinking he gets too rough.”

“What in the world do you mean, she doesn’t mind the one in the middle of the week.”

I wanted to duck answering that one but I knew he wouldn’t let me off the hook, “Daddy she likes to do it when he’s gentle with her, sometimes he licks her, you know, between her legs and makes her cum. She told me that if he’d do that every time she’d willingly do it every night. She even said that when he puts his prick in her it doesn’t hurt any more they’ve done it so many times.”

“God,” was his expression.

Hank needed a few moments for what she was saying to sink in, he rolled her over onto the bed, got up and said, “Let me get your meds, then we’ll talk some more.”

From the refrigerator he got two suppositories, Tylenol for her headache and fever and Phenergan was for nausea, it was also a sleep aid; prescription in the USA but he bought it on-line from Switzerland.

I had my PJ bottoms and my panties off when he sat on the bed, I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted him to see me.

When I came from under the sheet and crawled over his lap he asked, “What’s this?”

How to answer that? Daddy I want you to look at me, see me? Not hardly.

“I just wanted to make it easier for you Daddy,” was the best I could come up with.

He patted me saying, “Cute butt.”

I knew I was small, my hips had started to take on a womanly shape, widening me just a little but I was almost boyish. My bootie was high and tight, a little bubble, well maybe two bubbles that were at this moment being parted.

Daddy had his finger in me, lubricating me when I said, “You really think I’ve got a cute butt?”

“You have the cutest little fourteen year old butt I’ve ever seen; you’ve also got a bowel full, when was the last time you went to the potty?”

“Three days, I’ve tried but nothing comes out.”

“Climb off, I’ll give you a Ducolax, if that doesn’t work you can have an enema tonight.”

He got a third suppository and I was back over his lap.

He inserted the Ducolax first letting the laxative work then my Tylenol and finally the Phenergan. He needed to keep his finger in me for a few minutes so the muscles of my colon would grip the suppositories and hold then in.

I took a deep breath, I was scared, scared of rejection when I whispered in a little girl voice,

“Daddy, keep your finger in me for a little while please.”

Hank knew damned well he ought to run, his mind was screaming, stop, stop; but his body was betraying him. The adage, “a stiff cock has no conscience,” was never truer. His penis was low average in size now all 5 ½” was trying to climb out of his boxers.

He did as she asked as she began to pump her narrow hips.

I felt him under me, I knew I was making Daddy hard, it made me feel like a woman then I felt what Ellen felt, a tingling between my legs then more, a lot more.

“My body quivered, I got the most wonderful feeling, “down there”, everywhere “down there,” it felt molten, hot and flowing, then it felt like everything clamped up, in my tummy, in my vagina and in my bottom.”

I felt drained, Daddy still had his finger in me, with his other hand he was under my PJ top, stroking my back and sides, “Settle down Little Bit, relax, you’re ok.”

My voice didn’t even sound like me, he took his finger out as I asked, “What happened Daddy?”

He didn’t answer, he just patted my bottom and said, “Get your panties on and get to bed.”

“I want to sleep with you Daddy, my tummy hurts, I want you to rub it.”

He got up and headed to the bathroom repeating, “Jamie, get your panties on.”

I heard him wash his hands then a few minutes later I heard him groan. When he came back out he was soft again; to my grave disappointment.

I did have my panties back on though, not my PJ bottoms, just my panties. He climbed into bed and switched off the night light.

I snuggled against him, my back to him, he said, “Go to sleep now,” as he rubbed my tummy.

I didn’t think I’d sleep, I was so excited but the Phenergan did its job, I had dozed off in just moments.

He was up and awake before me, the suppository had knocked me out, I wakened when he called up, “Breakfast in ten minutes.”

When I joined him at the table neither of us mentioned what had happened last night he did though ask if I’d been able to use the bathroom.

“No Daddy, I tried but couldn’t.”

He reached over and felt my forehead, “You still feel warm, are you feeling any better?”

“I’m still headachy and my tummy’s cramping from the constipation but I’ll be ok.”

After we’d finished our oatmeal and poached egg he took me back upstairs.

“Jamie, if you’re in pain I don’t think we should wait, that Ducolax should have worked overnight, let’s get your enema done and I’ll give you another Tylenol. I want you to rest today, ok?”

He went back downstairs, got the Tylenol from the fridge then came back up, got my syringe, the KY and filled a bucket with water.

“I’m going to put a little Castile soap in this Jamie, I’ll need to rinse you out after.”

I knew what that meant, I was going to get two enemas, one with the soap to make me poop and the second one with just warm water to clear my bowels of the soap.

Because the warm water would create a false reading he took my temperature before the enema. I crawled over his lap where he pulled my panties off, for just the thermometer he’d have simply turned down my seat but I was getting an enema, they came off entirely. With a bit of the lubricant he put the thermometer in me then, as we waited the four minutes he massaged my bottom. When he read the result it was not as high as last night but it was still elevated.

Ellen got her enemas from a big two quart hot water bottle that her mother hung on an IV stand but Daddy used the bulb kind; I heard the sucking sound of it filling with water then he spread my cheeks and penetrated me.

The first three or four were heavenly but I got six bulbs full, by that time I had started to cramp and my tummy was swollen.

He helped me off his lap and had me lay on the bed on my back. He didn’t often see me from the front, since the last time I’d started to get pubic hair, it was fine, blonde and sparse but it was there. I’d gotten my periods almost a year ago and I was developing, feminine ways that I kinda liked but the hormonal changes had played havoc in other ways, it seemed like my headaches and constipation were more frequent.

He noticed my hair, “You’re going to be a woman soon, aren’t you Little Bit? I’m going to massage your abdomen, I want to work the water way up into your colon, get you washed out.”

He used a circular motion, pressing gently as he rubbed.

“I use to do this for your Mother, you know. Maybe you inherited your tummy troubles.”

“You used to give her enemas?”

“She gave you yours but I gave them to her, just like you, over my lap about once a week.”

“I didn’t know,” I said.

“Now you do.”

“Daddy, I need the potty.”

“Let’s give it just a few more minutes to let it do its work,” he said as he continued to massage.

“Daddy, I really have to go.”

He helped me up and walked me to the commode then left giving me some privacy. He went to the hall bathroom and refilled the bucket with warm water.

He was waiting when I came out of the bathroom, he asked, “Did it work?”

“Oh yeah Daddy, it worked, did it ever work, I must have pooped ten pounds.”

He patted his lap, “Ready for your next one?”

I didn’t need to hold this one, it was only to rinse out the soap, Daddy helped me to the toilet, I sat and expelled while he went to the other bathroom and cleaned the equipment. He returned it to its storage place under his sink. I was still on the throne.

I think I looked a little bedraggled, I know I felt it when I was finished, it’s amazing how tiring getting multiple enemas is. I crawled back over his lap.

“How you feeling?” He asked.

“Washed out but better, at least my tummy doesn’t hurt anymore.”

He parted my butt cheeks, smeared on some lube and pushed some up into me then his finger slipped in getting the Tylenol way up in me.

He let me continue to lay on his lap while he rubbed my back. It was dreamy, I loved, craved the touch of his hands. After a while he suggested I get back in my PJ’s and rest in my room, he’d check on me a little later.

I went to my room and laid down, I did feel a little beat, I turned on some music and heard Daddy start the lawn mower.

I must have dozed even though I'd slept in this morning 'cause the next thing I remember was Daddy's hand on my brow.

"How you feeling Little Bit," he asked.

"You don't feel warm anymore, that's good."

Just then I heard the doorbell, Daddy went down to answer.

A few minutes later Ellen came to my room.

"Your Dad said you weren't feeling too well, me, too."

I looked at her, the glaze in her eyes, I asked,

"Was it bad?"

"Bad enough, I don't feel like sitting if that's what you mean."

"Yeah well it's Mom's turn tonight, she gets hers on Saturday night and I have to listen, I can hear everything through the wall."

"Her pussy?"

"Not on Saturday, every other night but Tuesday and Friday, my nights, but on Saturday unless she's been a really good girl during the week he spanks her then fucks her butt so hard sometimes I think he's going to ram her head through the headboard on their bed; Jamie, her moans are pathetic, that's why I can't get pissed off at her. She gets it worse than I do."

I started to tell her what happened the previous night but stopped, that was my secret, mine and Daddy's secret.

We lolled around, listened to some music, turned on the TV, generally did girl things. Ellen brought her head close to mine, she whispered asking,

"Have you ever smoked a cigarette Jamie."

I never had, my God, Daddy would go ballistic if he ever caught me.


"Me, too, but I stole one of my dad's, let's smoke it."

"Ellen, we shouldn't," I said, "They're bad for you."

She replied, "All the big girls do, don't they?"

She was talking about the upper class girls, and a lot of then did, I knew, out under the bleachers on the football field.

"Yeah, but that's not us," I told her.

"Come on, just this once. I want to try it."

She continued to cajole, finally I relented. She lit it from a book of matches.

When I tried it it made me cough.

Unbeknownst to either of us Daddy had come back upstairs to shower after he'd finished the lawn work, he was in the hallway outside my when my coughing fit started, he was concerned, he opened my door.

The cigarette was between my fingers, like a deer caught in the headlights, I froze then I looked around, we hadn't even thought to find an ashtray.

"Jamie, in the bathroom, flush it."

As I got up I heard him say, "Ellen, I think you'd better go home now, Jamie and I need to have a talk.

We passed in the hall, she going downstairs and me back to face the music.

"Let's go to my room," Daddy said.

"Daddy, I'm sorry."

He took my hand and led me to his room.

He sat on the bed and stood me between his legs then asked,

"Jamie, what was that about, why would you smoke a cigarette?"

I was sniveling when I answered, "We just wanted to try it."

"Where did you get one of those nasty things?"

"Ellen stole it from her father."

"So she brought it but both of you smoked it, is that what happened?"

"Yes Daddy, I'm really sorry, I'll never smoke again, it tasted terrible and made me choke."

"Well I hope that's true, they'll kill you, I know, they killed my father."

Grandpa died of lung cancer, I remembered.

"I suppose we should go ahead and get it over with, don't you?"

I knew what he meant, I was going over his lap and there would be nothing, not a single thing about it that would be pleasant.

"Please, no Daddy."

When I got my medicine or even when I got my enemas he let me keep my top on but when he spanked I was totally nude, he lifted my PJ top over my head.

I wasn't wearing a bra, I really didn't need one. I had breasts but they were tiny, my nipples just little pebbles. I was scared, when he spanked it hurt.

I thought my bladder was going to let go, I pled, "Daddy, I need the potty."

He took my arm and walked me to the toilet.

I dropped my PJ bottoms and panties and sat down. The sound of my gushing urine drowned out any other sound, that is with the exception of my thundering heart. Daddy watched me the entire time, I finished, wiped and reached to pull my clothes back up.

"Just bring those, you won't need them until we finish," as he took my arm and led me back to the bedside.

I dropped my things beside me on the floor, my eyes were already tearing, I knew this spanking was going to be severe, usually I got a few strokes but I'd broken one of his few hard and fast rules; there was going to be pain and there were going to be tears and they'd all be mine. Big high school girl, huh, I'd never felt more like a little girl since I was a little girl.

I didn't try to delay it, without prodding I crawled across his lap and waited.

Hank thought as Jamie lay sprawled over him, yeah, she deserves this but I wish Ellen was here, too, after all, she instigated it but what she did was her parents concern, not his, unless that is it involved Jamie.

Daddy rubbed me and said, "Jamie, I don't want to do this, you're a good girl, the pride of my life but you know smoking is nothing but trouble yet you did it, it's not worth the risk, not to your health and, until you're old enough to make your own decisions, not to your bottom, you understand, don't you."

In a voice even smaller than a little girl's I said, "Yes Daddy."

"I'm going to start now," he warned me.

The first blow fell with a crack. I wailed.

With a rhythm he spanked one cheek then the other, the resounding crack sounding with each stroke, I kept count until he got to ten, by then I thought my butt was on fire. He didn't stop.

One stroke followed another, all right on alternating sit spots, I began to sob. He didn't stop.

I squirmed trying to get away, flailing my legs, flinging my hair back and forth, blonde locks becoming twisted and knotted, my eyes pouring, my nose snotting, he gripped me tighter, holding me in place. He didn't stop.

Finally, I went limp, I was exhausted, I was a ball of pain. One leg was still across Daddy's lap, the other foot had come to rest on the floor. I wasn't so much as crying as I was mewling like a little hurt kitten.

I realized that all of my youthful treasures, my budding womanhood were open and on display, I didn't care, modesty had no meaning. Yes, I hurt but my overlying emotion was shame, shame that I'd done something that merited this punishment; I WAS a good girl and I hadn't been.

When he'd finished he scooped me into his arms and held me to his chest. His hands caressed me, he said,

"You're still my good little girl and I love you with all my heart, I'm sorry I had to spank you."

"I know Daddy but I did something bad, something I shouldn't have done; I promise I'll never do it again," and I haven't, never again has a cigarette touched my lips.

When I'd settled down he turned down the sheet and laid me on the bed then got up and went into the bathroom. He came back with a warm washcloth, a hairbrush and some aloe gel.

He wiped my face, then brushed my hair getting the tangles out then he turned me on my tummy and saying that this would be soothing, he gently rubbed my bottom with the gel.

"Could you hold me for a little while Daddy, please," I asked.

He laid down beside me and held me, stroking my hair. I don't think I've ever felt more loved.

After a while he said, "Little Bit, you still feel feverish, are you feeling sick?"

I couldn't quite chuckle but I was close, "My bootie's sore and I still have a headache."

He got the thermometer and the KY, he didn't have me get over his lap, with me laying tummy down on the mattress he took my temperature, it was still elevated, he went to get my suppository.

When he came back he told me he was going to give me two, one for the headache and the other to help me sleep.

He lubricated me and inserted the first, letting his finger linger until he was sure it would stay. Once the second was in, while he still had his finger in me, in a voice that was barely a whisper I asked,

"Can you leave it in me, like you did last night?"

No, the answer should definitely have been no, Hank knew that; he left his finger in place.

I started to rock, he put his hand on my back, "Just lie still Jamie," he said in a raspy, low voice.

I wanted more, my voice was nearly inaudible when I whispered, "Daddy, we could do it like Ellen and her Daddy, you know, in my bottom."

"No we can't Little Bit, this is enough," he said as he pumped me with his finger.

"Please Daddy?" I could always get what I wanted by begging, Daddy'd never denied me anything and I wanted this more than anything I'd ever asked for.

"Jamie, it wouldn't be right, we can't do that."

"Daddy, you can put a finger in me, I like it but I want you in me, please."

I knew I'd won him over when he reached across me and picked up the KY Jelly.

"When we do it I'll have you laying tummy down on the bed and I'll lie on your back."

I knew how Ellen's dad did it to her, I said, "Daddy, Ellen's dad makes her get up on her knees."

"Yeah, Jamie, I know, I like it that way best, too, but, for the first time you on your tummy and me on your back is the best way, I won't go as deep, it won't hurt as much."

I was surprised, I asked, "It's gonna hurt?"

"Some, I'll be as gentle as I can and I'll get you really aroused before we start but when I go in you, you'll feel it."

"Have you done this before?"

"Un hunh, lots of times with your Mother, she liked it better than normal sex, and, if I tell the truth, I did, too."

He set the lube on the bedside and, turning me onto my back, he kissed me.

He kissed me in a way I've never been kissed. His tongue pressed against my lips, I didn't know what to do, I opened my mouth. His tongue probed me and he nibbled on my lower lip, I kissed him back.

My whole body felt different, more sensitive, my titties ached until his mouth soothed them, he sucked on the little pebbles that were my nipples, my chest was flushed and my breasts swelled. He touched one and took it in his hand. While he continued to suck on one nipple, he massaged the other, rolling it between his fingers, he was making me tremble. He kissed down over my tummy and through my pubic hair.

When his tongue parted my lips I gasped, "Daddy."

When he licked me, along my gash, my vulva, I lost my breath. The tip of his tongue probed me, both of my little holes, first the front then the back.

Again I gasped, this time uttering, "Oh God Daddy, what are you doing to me, Oh God."

But when he took my clit between his lips and teased the little jewel my body erupted. He could hardly hold me down, my hips were bouncing, my tummy rippled like the bubbles on the rapids of stream, my abdomen felt liquid then all of my organs contracted and I felt hot fluid streaming from me. It was almost like I was peeing but I wasn't this was coming from my vagina and Daddy was licking it up as fast as he could.

As I settled down he came up over me and kissed me, I could taste and smell myself, then he smiled.

"Did you like that Little Bit?"

"God Daddy, it feels like you drained me, that was wondrous, how could a girl not like those feelings."

He rolled over beside me and turned me onto my tummy saying, "I'll get you ready now."

He straddled my hips and leaned forward over my back, he wasn't really heavy, Daddy's only 5'6" tall and weighs around 140. He opened my cheeks and rode along my crack while he massaged the nape of my neck and my shoulders.

"The most important thing is that you be relaxed. We don't want your muscles tense, particularly in your bottom. I'm going to pierce two sphincter muscles and that will hurt unless you're totally relaxed. When we're ready I'll press my penis against you and ask you to push down like you're trying to go potty, that helps to open you and that's when I'll go into you, understand what you need to do?"

I was breathing hard, anticipation and not just a little fright. He continued to massage me and tell me to relax.

Finally his weight came off me and I felt his fingers at my bottom hole, he was lubricating me. He worked one finger in, added more of the lube then a second finger followed, stretching me. Even more lube was pressed up into me. He straddled me again.

He stretched over me, on my back. He whispered, "Remember, relax, just relax. Then I felt his penis press against me.

"Push back, Jamie, push."

I did, like when I'm constipated and trying to go, then the pain, I groaned but he was in me.

"If it hurts too much Little Bit tell me, I'll stop."

I shook my head no, I didn't want him to stop, this is what I wanted and a little pain was worth it.

It hurt as he pushed deeper into me, not like a finger, bigger than a finger, much bigger, stretching me, holding my tight little rosebud open, sliding further into my bowels.

I had to go, I asked Daddy to let me up, I didn't want to poop like this.

"You don't have to go Jamie, you had your enema, your bowel is empty, what you're feeling is my cock in your rectum filling you, just relax."

He started to stroke in and out of me, pulling my anus out then pushing it back in, not so much painful, just a weird feeling, something I'd never experienced before.

After a few minutes he leaned forward and nipped the nape of my neck, not hard, a love nip, "You ok Little Bit?"

"I'm fine," I cooed. I'd never felt more like a woman, the man I loved most in the world, sharing our bodies, him in me, me giving him pleasure. All that remained was for me to take his seed. I dreamed of the day when I could take his sperm in my other hole, when he could put a baby in me.

He sped up and thrust a little harder, it felt like he swelled, he whispered, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum in my Little Woman," as his penis jerked and his hot semen flooded my bowels.

He continued to ride me for a few minutes then he softened and fell out. He rolled onto his back beside me.

Immediately I was on his chest kissing him, "Daddy I want to sleep with you tonight and every night, we can do this again later, please Daddy, please."

Hank thought, why not, he knew it would happen again and besides, it would be nice to have a warm woman as a bedmate, he hadn't had anyone since his wife had died.

It was agreed and has been that way ever since.

We'd just started supper, Daddy was fixing spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, I was going to fix a tossed garden salad and dress it with a balsamic vinaigrette when there was a timid knock at the front door, I answered, Daddy was busy; it was Ellen, she whispered that she wanted to stay the night and talk to me. I told her we were right in the middle of fixing dinner, that she should put the little overnight case she was carrying up in my room and come back down. I asked if she'd had dinner, she hadn't. I told her I'd ask Daddy if it was ok for her to stay.

I was in a quandary, I didn't want to turn Ellen away but I wanted, no, I was going to sleep with Daddy. I went back to the kitchen.

"Who was that?" He asked.

"Ellen, is it ok if she stays for dinner?"

"I guess, if you want her to, but understand, I'm still pissed at her."

"I do understand, believe me I understand," I said, remembering my spanking.

Ellen came back down, I told her it was ok, she washed her hands and pitched in helping with the salad.

Ellen said, “Mr. Westbrook, I’m sorry about today, please accept my apology.”

“It’s in the past Ellen, let’s forget about it.”

After our meal Ellen and I cleaned up, Daddy went in and switched on the TV to watch the news.

When we finished our chores we passed through the living room, I said, “Daddy, we’re going up to my room.”

“Ok but remember, no smoking.”

“We won’t, promise.”

Once upstairs Ellen asked what had happened after she left.

I told I got my bottom warmed, real warmed.

“That was all, a spanking?”

“It was a heck of a spanking but nothing else, Daddy doesn’t stay angry, if it deserves punishment, he gives it then it’s over.”

“Ellen when your Dad does…you know, when he does it do you like it?”

“Sometimes, sometimes he can make it feel good but sometimes he likes to hurt, I don’t like it then. Sometimes he licks me down here,” she said as she patted her groin. “That’s fantastic, heavenly but he doesn’t do that very often, why ask?”

“You won’t believe what happened after my spanking. You remember I told you how I have to take my meds ‘cause I can’t swallow pills? Well, Daddy gave me my suppositories and then…”

And I gushed forth like a rain swollen lake pouring over a dam.

Ellen just stood bug-eyed, “You two did all that?”

“Yeah, it was fabulous.”

“Didn’t it hurt, it sure hurt me the first time.”

“Some but not too much, he didn’t do it like your dad does, he said he likes it that way, too but he had me lay on my tummy then he was on my back. He said it didn’t go as far in that way and it wouldn’t hurt as much.”

“Nice,” Ellen uttered.

“I wanted to do it your way tonight but I know you need to stay here.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be bad tonight. Like I told you, I can hear them through the walls, he told her to make damned sure she gave herself an enema this morning ‘cause their “play” was going to get a little rough tonight, and then, all day he’s been criticizing her, nit picking every thing she does or says. He only does that when he’s planning to blister her butt. It’ll be shrieks and wailing, moans and groans then tears most of the night. Dad’s got a big cock and he likes to be rough with it. She won’t feel like sitting tomorrow, she probably won’t feel like getting out of bed.”

“Let me tell Daddy you’re staying.”

“Before you go, I’m really sorry I got you in so much trouble, you’re such a good friend, I should have been the one getting the spanking, I got you into this.”

I chuckled, “I couldn’t agree more, but forget it, it’s over now.”

“Do you think he’d spank me, like he did you, I mean, I’d feel so much better if you hadn’t had to pay for what I did wrong all alone?”

“Ellen, I screwed up, too, I smoked.”

“Yeah but you wouldn’t have if I hadn’t brought it.”

“Would he?”

“I don’t know, he was pretty pissed at you; he might.”

“See if you can get him to come upstairs and we can talk to him.”

Ellen waited in my bedroom while I went down to talk to Daddy.

It wasn’t hard to get him to come, all I had to say was, “Daddy would you come upstairs please, we want to talk to you.”

He followed me up, I walked into the bedroom he came in and sat on the bedside, “What is it Jamie?”

“Just a second,” I said. Ellen was looking out my door, I signaled for her to come.

“Daddy I want Ellen to spend the night here.”

He looked at me, “Are you sure.”

“I’m sure, it’s going to be a rough night at her house tonight and she doesn’t want to be there. Ellen, tell him what it’ll be like.”

She gave him an abbreviated version.

“Mr. Westbrook I’m so happy you didn’t tell my dad about the smoking. Thank you.”

“Ellen, maybe I should, I think you deserve a spanking for what you did.”

“I know and I agree but Mr. Westbrook, my dad doesn’t spank, he beats. He beats me and especially my mom.”

“There’s a big difference, isn’t there Ellen. A young body sometimes needs a firm hand for discipline but no young girl, heck no body deserves to be beaten, that’s just plain cruel, so I’m glad I didn’t say anything to him.”

“But you still think I deserve a spanking?”

“Of course, Jamie got one and you should too.”

“Then you give it to me.”

“Ellen, you’re kidding, right?”

“No, not kidding, I feel so bad that Jamie took all the punishment for something that was mostly my fault.”

Hank thought about it for a few minutes then asked, “You know how I spank?”

“Jamie told me.”

“Then come over her to me Ellen.”

Daddy lifted her T-shirt up over her head, she had a little brassiere on, she turned her back to him so he could unfasten it. Her breasts were small and cherry tipped, she was bigger than I was though and her nipples were standing out like small pencil erasers, I thought she looked frightened. He turned her by her hips, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and let them fall.

“Last chance to back out Ellen,” he said.

“I want you to Mr. Westbrook.”

He rolled her panties off and she stepped out of then.

I scrutinized her body. She was taller and heavier than me, her hips had more flair, her hair was reddish blonde with a thicker pelt than I had and her bottom was fleshy, two beautiful melons split by a dark crevasse. Ellen was pretty while I’m cute.

Daddy took her hand and guided her over his lap. He kneaded and massaged her beautifully rounded bottom, old faded bruising could still be seen.

“One last opportunity to change your mind Ellen.”

“Go ahead Mr. Westbrook, I deserve it.”

I watched his hand fall, it landed with a resounding crack. Ellen’s feet flew straight out and she came up parallel over his lap the second fell, she fell back over him with a wail of, “Yeow.”

And the spanking was on, first one cheek then the other, his hand fell, the sound of flesh on flesh, she went through the stages I’d done, first she sobbed then she wriggled and kicked her legs trying to get away, she begged him to stop (I hadn’t begged), she cried then she went limp making little mewls. He stopped and rubbed her back until she’d quieted.

Then Like with me, he took her up into his arms, stroked her hair as she buried her head in his chest, as I went for the washcloth, the hairbrush and the aloe I heard him say.

“You’re not a bad girl Ellen, you just made a bad decision. I’m glad you’re Jamie’s friend and I want you to know you’re always welcome in out home. We both love you.”

He just held her ‘til I got back then he washed the snot off her face, brushed her hair and laid her down on her tummy so he could cool her with the aloe gel.

He continued to stroke her back getting her to relax.

“Ok now Ellen?” He asked.

I was surprised at her answer, she said, “I don’t feel too well Mr. Westbrook, not the spanking, sure I’m sore from that but my head hurts.”

He felt her head, her brow was feverish. He asked me how I was, I told him, “About the same.”

“Maybe you’re both coming down with the same thing, cold, flu something like that.”

“Can you give me the same medicine Jamie gets, please, I hurt.”

“You know what you’re asking for Ellen?”

“Un huh, Jamie told me.”

“Ok, let me get my things, Jamie why don’t you crawl up there with her.”

Daddy got up and went into the bathroom.

I quickly stripped out of everything and climbed in beside Ellen, we were both attired the same, nothing.

He brought out his, well my thermometer, the lube and a glass of alcohol, he was going to use the thermometer twice and wanted it sterile for the second person. There were tissues on the nightstand.

He went first with me, using his finger he lubricated me internally then he put the thermometer in, he massaged my back while the four minutes passed when he took it out it read 100.1 degrees, still indicating a fever.

He gave me a pat and said, “Just lie here while I check on Ellen.”

He put the thermometer in the alcohol and dipped his finger in then dried the finger on a tissue.

I’d never been able to see this happen so I watched.

Daddy lubricated his finger, parted Ellen’s cheeks, rubbed her ring then slid his finger into her.

Hank thought, she’s looser, a lot looser than Jamie, her dad had given her some vigorous exercise, he felt something.

“Ellen when’s the last time you moved your bowels?”

“Mom gave me an enema yesterday morning.”

“We had that big meal last night, you have some fecal matter there, maybe you need a little enema to clean out your rectum.”

“Jamie, please get the things.”

While I went to get the syringe and water he took her temp. It was 100.2 degrees.

“Why don’t you get on my lap Ellen.”

“I have bad memories, recent memories of that.”

Daddy chuckled, “This won’t hurt, I’m only going to give you three bulbs, Jamie usually gets six.”

I was able to watch, I saw her pink ring then the black nozzle penetrated her, he squeezed then repeated the procedure twice more and had her remain on his lap for a few minutes so the water could do its work.

“Jamie, would you help your friend to the bathroom; use mine, I’ll use the other to clean these things.”

He took the syringe, bucket and glass of alcohol and left.

I stayed with Ellen while she evacuated, she asked me to.

She was excited, she said, “Jamie, he’s going to fuck us.”

“Why would you say that,” Ellen.

“Why else would he clean me out?”

“Maybe you’re right, let’s get back there and find out.”

Daddy came back to find both of us laying on our tummies, cute little naked butts in the air waiting, he had four suppositories, he unwrapped the first.

He parted my cheeks, lubricated me and inserted the Tylenol.

“What’s the other one Daddy?” I asked.

I really didn’t need to ask, he wanted us calm, quiet and sleepy, it was the Phenergan.

Once he’d put it in me he lingered, his finger still filling me, he gave me a little pump and withdrew it.

“Ellen, have you ever had a suppository?” He asked.

“No, what do they do?”

“You’ll get the same medicine as you would in a pill but it will work faster, as the glycerin melts the medicine will be absorbed through the walls of your colon. It won’t hurt or anything but, like you saw me do with Jamie, I need to insert them in you. I’ll keep my finger in you for a little while to be sure they won’t slip out, you ready?”

“I guess, yeah, I’m ready.”

He held her cheeks apart with one hand while the other pressed the lubricant into her then he put the first one in. His finger remained in place for several minutes then he added the second. Again, he kept his finger in her longer than I thought necessary.

I guess I felt a little twinge of jealousy, he seemed to like having her under his hand too much.

“Ok girls, off to bed now,” he said.

“We want to sleep here Daddy.”

“Where am I supposed to sleep then?” He asked.

“With us,” Ellen and I chorused.

I scooted over, he crawled in between us.

I moved against him, he circled me with his arm, Ellen closed in from the other side, he held her, too.

Ellen and I must have been hyped, we went on like little chatterboxes, talking over Daddy with only an occasional, “Isn’t that right Daddy” or “Did that really happen, Mr. Westbrook,” from Ellen.

Eventually, in about twenty minutes the Phenergan did it’s work, conversation ceased and eye lids got heavy. We, Ellen and I, drifted off, I think I was the first to go.

Late, it must have been around four a.m. I stirred. It took me a moment or two to realize where I was and to recall the events of the previous night. I know Daddy sleeps on his left side, I was on his right and sometime during the night he’d rolled over, Ellen was snuggled against him, he had his arm over her and I pouted, he was supposed to be holding me.

I snuggled up against his back, it must have awakened him, he rolled over, “Hey Little Bit, what are you doing awake?”

In a pouty voice I answered, “We were supposed to do things tonight Daddy, can we now?”

“Jamie, that might be rude, Ellen’s sleeping and I guarantee we’d disturb her if we went rolling around on the bed.”

“But Daddy, I’m suppose to do it on my knees, you promised.”

“Little Bit, I’m not sure you’re ready for that, it can be painful, maybe on your tummy again would be better.”

“Daddddy, that’s not what I want. You could do Ellen first, I could watch and see how she does it, couldn’t I?”

“Does she really want to go through with this.”

“Oh yeah, she wants.”

“Her father puts her on her knees, there are probably some bad memories, I’d like to do it a different way with her.”

“How? And when can I get what I want?”

“As to how, I think on her back and as to when, tomorrow, we’ll do it tomorrow. Now let’s get back to sleep, I’m still tired.”

“Daddy, I want…”

He cut me off saying, “Ok, hand me the lube and roll onto your belly.”

I did and he lubricated me well. I returned the lube to the nightstand.

“What are we doing,” I asked.

“A little compromise, we won’t wake Ellen up this way.”

He rolled me so that my back was toward him then he pulled me up close against him.

“Arch you back.”

“That’s good, now cock your hips, give me your butt.”

I felt as his hands spread my cheeks then the head of his penis was against me, pressing.

“Push down, like before.”

I pushed, he popped through. It wasn’t so bad, I just gave a little “Unh” when he pierced my sphincters.

His top arm encircled my waist, his fingers probed between my legs, he found my little clit. He rubbed, stimulating me while he gently pumped me from behind.

My orgasm was not huge, I quivered, a contraction tightened my muscles, giving him a squeeze then I relaxed.

The sedative must have still been in my system. One moment Daddy has his cock buried in my bowels, the next it’s morning. I was gooey between my cheeks, he’d cum in me during the night.

When I sat up Ellen’s eyes met mine, she was awake, too. We both got up and headed to the hall bathroom, she beat me there. While she sat on the throne I took a warm washrag and cleaned myself up, then it was my turn on the throne.

“Wanta get dressed, go down and fix breakfast?” I asked.

“No, I’d like to go back to bed, be there waiting and willing when he wakes up.”

“Yeah, that does sound like more fun, doesn’t it.”

When he opened his eyes we both hugged him, I said, “Good Morning my beautiful Daddy.”

“And a good morning to my two perfect princesses, what’s on your agenda for today.”

“We don’t want to get up, let’s just stay and play Daddy.”

Ellen echoed the sentiment.

“Daddy I want to watch while you and Ellen do it like, you know, like you said last night, ok?”

“If it’s ok with Ellen, then sure.”

She wriggled onto his lap saying, “It’s fine with me, I want Jamie to see.”

He kissed her and took her down to the mattress, he was going to do more that screw her, he was going to make love to her, he kissed her again, a wet, lingering kiss.

As he trailed kisses and nips down her throat and over her chest to her breasts she began breathing hard, so did I.

Her little nipples were hard, he took one between his lips and sucked while he massaged her other breast. He alternated then moved lower. At her tummy he teased her belly button with the tip of his tongue and moved lower.

Her pubic hair was reddish blonde, he nuzzled her mound then moved lower.

When he parted her labia with his tongue, she gasped, so did I.

I watched as his tongue snaked along her vulva exposing her pink inner core. He tongued her rosebud then moved upward, nibbling her lips and laving her slit. When he settled on her clit she began to moan but when he sucked it into his mouth and batted her little jewel she went crazy. Bouncing and wailing, crying out, she was trembling, her climax was explosive. Her juices were flowing, I could smell her arousal, I just stared as he drank her nectar, he stayed on her until she begged him to stop, the sensations were too acute.

He moved up and kissed her.

“Did you like that Ellen?”

A breathy, “Yes, I liked that a lot.”

By watching I’d learned two things about Ellen, she has a pretty pink pussy and she’s a screamer.

Daddy lifted her and put her bottom on a pillow. When he moved closer to her Ellen panicked.

“Please no, Mr. Westbrook, I’m a virgin there,” she thought he was going to have sex with her vaginally, she was fearful of pregnancy, fourteen was way to young for that.

“Relax Ellen, you’re safe, just lay back and enjoy.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ll be in your bottom but I want you on your back. I want to watch your pretty face.”

He lifted her legs and rested them on his thighs then asked me to hand him the KY.

Her little hole was glistening from the lube when he asked, “Do you want to cum again Ellen?”

She nodded yes, there was still a little fear in her face.

He pushed her legs back to her breasts.

“Hold them like this until I’m in you then you can let them go, ok?”

“You know to push?”


“Ok, when I tell you.”

The head of his cock was pressed against her anus, he told her to push. Her sphincters yielded, he was in her.

Ellen gave a little groan when he entered then continued a low throaty moan as, with continued pressure he slowly buried himself in her body. From my vantage point it looked like she was swallowing him until he was against her, his cock completely in.

“You can let your legs go now, Ellen. Do you feel full?”

Her voice was raspy as she answered, “Incredibly full, yes.”

“You know what that is don’t you Ellen.”

“Your cock, I’m full of your cock.”

“That’s right, my cock. Do you like my cock Ellen?”

“Yessss, I love your cock.”

He took her right hand and pressed it against her genitals, telling her, “I want you to touch yourself. I’d do it but my hands are going to be busy giving your breasts some attention. His hands slid along her sides then he cupped one of her small, pert breasts in each hand. He started to pump her.

Her fingers danced across her clit as Daddy’s cock slid in and out. Ellen kept up a steady moan, low, almost a growl. It was beautiful, my best friend, my father and her sounds; sex, wild and wonderful, she howled,

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee, Oh God, cum in me, I want to feel your hot cum up inside me, fuck meeee.”

Her words seemed to inspire him, he sped up his rhythm, pumping harder, faster, deeper, her fingers were flying. I watched as her breasts seemed to swell even more and her body began to tremble, she wailed and she screamed as she spasmed with orgasmic pleasure, she was still in the throes of her climax when Daddy roared, slammed up against her bottom and held her hips as his semen spewed into her fantastic ass, her fleshy, round ass.

Even as she finished he stayed in her, still pumping until he softened and fell out.

“God, you’re good Ellen, that was wonderful.”

“I think it was spectacular, you’ve got such a nice cock,” she said.

I just sat quietly, wishing it was me.

When they separated Ellen and I went to the hall bathroom, Daddy used the one in his room. After we’d all showered we went downstairs Ellen and I were barefooted, both wearing panties and T-shirts. Daddy had on a pair of loose fitting gym shorts along with his T, we looked each other over and all smiled. It was evident that we’d all dressed for some future action.

We settled on oatmeal for breakfast. I fixed the cereal, Daddy readied a cantaloupe and Ellen fixed us each a bagel with a shmeer of salmon flavored cream cheese.

“What do you guys want to do,” Daddy asked.

“I’d like to go out to the pool and get some sun,” I answered.

Ellen said she didn’t have a suit and was certain that mine would be too small for her.

I laughed, “No one can see through the hedge, we don’t no suits.”

We frolicked in the water, played tag and raced but when Ellen came up between my legs and gave me a little lick as she came up I nearly peed myself.

She smiled at me, a quirky smile, “Umm, umm good,” then swam off.

Her tongue gave me a little tingle, still, I wondered “What the hell was that about.”

Daddy had gotten out and was on a recliner soaking up some rays.

I climbed the ladder, exited the pool and took the chair beside him.

“When would you like to go upstairs Little Bit,” he asked me.

“Soon, let me get Ellen then I want to rinse off the chlorine, I’ll be ready then.”

I went to poolside and motioned for Ellen, she swam over.

“We’re going up to the bedroom in a few minutes, do you want to come?”

“Oh yes, you got to watch me, I want to see you.”

“I think he’s going to put me on my knees like your dad does you.”

Ellen clambered out.

“Let’s rinse off the pool water,” I said as I led her to the outdoor shower.

Rinsed and dried we went in, Daddy had already gone up.

While I had the chance I wanted to know.

“Why did you lick me?”

“Ah Jamie you’re so cute, I just had to taste you.”

“Do I get the chance to taste you, too?”

“Any time you want.”

I backed her against the refrigerator then ran a finger along her slit and brought it to my lips.

“Nice,” I said, “Now lets get upstairs.”

Daddy was waiting in the bedroom, I walked over to him. He hugged me then took me down on the mattress.

The oral sex was mind blowing, I was wet and quivering when he helped me to my knees.

His fingers dipped into the KY Jelly then into me, first one then a second finger and plenty of lube.

He moved up behind me, his feet on the outsides of my thighs, he was squatting when I felt the head of his penis pressing, asking for entry; “Push.”

When he popped in I yelped, it hurt a little more that I’d expected. Daddy stopped until I got accustomed to him.

“Remember, stay relaxed,” he reminded me as he stroked my hips and bottom.

He kept continuous forward pressure, I could feel him sliding in, filling me then I felt that fullness, I knew he was all the way in me, again he stopped.

When he rose in his squat he whispered, “I’m going to pump you a little harder than I did yesterday, you ready.”

My head was resting on a pillow, my bootie was up in the air, my back was arched, I nodded yes, I was ready.

His weight shifted, his angle of penetration changed, he was now positioned to thrust downward, he could get a lot further into me; he started to pump, slowly at first then longer, faster. His weight was pressing down on me, on my hips.

I felt so full, it caused me to ache inside as his penis stabbed down. I brought my head up, my breath came in gasps, I started to pant like a bitch in heat, I felt like a bitch, like a little French poodle being ridden by a Great Dane, the stress, I was sweaty, my hair tangled from having whipped it around, I wished he’s give me fingers underneath, something to distract me but he had me gripped by the hips, holding me in place as he rode me.

Hank thought, yes, this is how it should be. Before his wife had died this is how they’d done it. Melissa had been great but Jamie was better. Magnificently tight, her anus, her rectum, the very best he’d ever had. His young daughter, he felt like he was possessing her. She was under his control.

I felt completely dominated, I couldn’t imagine a more submissive position, skewered on his cock, his cock buried deep in my guts. The feeling of dominated only increased, when I’d raised my head he’d grabbed the pony tail I’d put my hair in before we went to the pool. He forced me to keep my head up, while I panted he drilled me.

Ellen sat stock still watching. Her breathing was shallow, her fingers were on herself. Her friend, her very best friend was getting thoroughly fucked. She was awed as she watched Hank’s cock plunge into Jamie time after time. The panting, the moans and groans excited her. The way he held her by the hair as he rode her, she’d wear her hair in a ponytail the next time she was with him, she wanted to feel what Jamie was feeling. Her small friend was being totally dominated, Ellen’s tummy quivered at the thought.

I wanted it to be over, I was tired, sex like this was taxing my strength. I tried to tighten the muscles of my sphincters, create more friction, I squeezed, he groaned, “Oh yeah, do that Little Bit, do that again.”

I repeated it, clutching him in my grip, my anal ring tightening on him.

“I’m gonna cum, oh God I’m gonna cum in you; he screeched, “Yesssss,” as I felt his cock swell and jerk within me. He pumped me harder, faster as I felt the heat of his cum spewing into me, he continue to jerk as pulse after pulse of his semen flooded my bowels. I started to collapse downward to the mattress, he let me go but he continued to ride me. His cock was still in me when he laid over my back and whispered, “Jamie, that was spectacular, the best sex I’ve ever had. Little Bit, you’re super, so tight, fantastic, God you’re the best, the very best.”

Beat as I felt I none the less was so darn proud.

My voice was low, what I asked was only for him, “You really think I’m the best Daddy, better than Ellen, better than Mommy?”

“Yeah Jamie, I mean it, you’re superb.”

Our first weekend ended, we had dinner then drove Ellen home. No more sex, I was spent and I think he was, too.

In bed that night we talked about what the future might hold. He thought I’d date, find a nice guy and get married, have babies.

I told him I agreed with part of that but I’d already found a nice guy, him; and I wanted to have babies, again with him. I was his bed partner and intended on keeping it that way.

He told me that he wouldn’t have sex with me, vaginal sex that is until I was eighteen, he didn’t want to take the chance of an under aged pregnancy, I agreed.

I asked if Ellen could continue to share our bed. He told me that was up to me and her, he’d go along either way we decided.

What we decided was that she’d stay with us as often as possible, she spent a lot of our school vacations with us, every Saturday night year around and any Friday that she was feeling really brave. Her mother still woke her up on Tuesdays and Fridays for her enemas, there weren’t a lot of Fridays that she dared., she risked a beating.

One summer, with her parents ok we spent two weeks at a cabin in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. We swam in a crystal clear lake, we fished (Daddy baited our hooks but we did catch some fish), and romped in bed. It was so much fun.

My mother had been insured for half a million dollars when she’d died. Daddy hadn’t spent any of it, it was for my college and his retirement. He talked to me, was I planning on going to college? I wasn’t and I told him so, I wanted to be a wife and a mother, his wife, even if in practice only, and the mother of his children.

He bought the house on ten acres when I was sixteen and I loved it. It made for a longer drive to pick up Ellen but it was worth it. She, Daddy and I all liked the privacy the acreage offered.

She decided that on her eighteenth birthday, the day of her emancipation she’d move in with us if we’d have her.

She, like me intended to remain a vaginal virgin until she was legal and she, like me expected that Daddy would be her first, and so it came to pass.

On her sixteenth birthday her parents had given her a little Honda, not new but serviceable, in recognition of her academic accomplishments. The last night of her seventeenth year she had clandestinely loaded her clothing and keepsakes into the trunk and back seat. The next day she was leaving. Her eighteenth fell on a Friday and, as always she was wakened by the squeaky wheels of the IV card bringing her enema, she took it so as to raise no alarm.

After she and her mother had shared a breakfast of bagels, juice and coffee she told her she had some errands to run. She left a good bye note on her pillow and left that life forever.

We knew she was coming, at our house we planned a combination welcoming and birthday party. I’d baked and decorated a birthday cake and we were having a lobster dinner, her favorite, catered. I knew Daddy had bought a lovely diamond tennis bracelet for her, my gift was a beautiful peignoir set, gauzy and revealing, she was eighteen, she was going to lose her virginity and I wanted her to do it in style, it was her day and night. Mine would come, she was two months older than me.

In anticipation of her evening, she bathed in scented bath oils, I brushed her hair and she dressed in an attractive skirt and blouse. When Daddy got home we were waiting. He complimented us both on our appearances then put two bottles of Perrier Jouet champagne on ice.

I was happy for Ellen, it was her big night but the old green eye of envy had raised its ugly head just a little. I wanted to be the one to have Daddy’s child first but I suspected that was not in the stars, Ellen and I had spent so much time together over the past four years that we’d developed synchronous menstruation, a phenomenon where women in close proximity begin having their menstrual periods coincide. So, of course I knew Ellen was at her most fertile time; she’d probably be pregnant before the weekend was over.

Daddy got home at 6:00, after greeting us he went upstairs, showered and dressed for dinner. The caterers arrived at 7:30 and we feasted. Afterward the champagne flowed and Daddy gave Ellen her gift, it was beautiful, she put it on and I ooed and ahed. When the wine was finished we, Ellen and I excused ourselves and went up to my bedroom. I helped to dress her in her new peignoir, virginal white then we went back down.

Now it was Daddy’s turn to be impressed.

“You’re beautiful,” he enthused, “
absolutely stunning.”

Ellen was all smiles as he led her up the stairs to his bedroom.

She had asked me to be there with her, we’d shared so many moments, she wanted me present when she was deflowered, I made myself scarce fading into the shadows in the overstuffed chair in Daddy’s room.

He held her in his arms and kissed her then started to remove her clothing. Ellen stopped him.

“I want to keep it on Hank,” she now of course called him Hank.”

“We could ruin it,” he told her.

“It won’t be ruined, not to me, I’m only going to wear it this once then I’m going to store it as a memory of tonight.”

He eased her down to the mattress, she lifted her hips so he could take her panties down then he disrobed and joined her.

No oral tonight, Ellen was so aroused it wasn’t necessary, her vagina was liquid in anticipation, this night had been four years in arriving, she was ready.

He kissed her passionately and fondled her breasts until they both could delay no longer, he moved between her thighs.

Their lips were still locked, he opened her with his fingers; he guided himself to the throat of her vagina then pressed in.

When he met the resistance of her hymen, he paused and I heard him whisper, “ I love you Ellen,” then he thrust with his hips.

She winced as she was torn, her flesh yielding to his penetration but she never lost her smile and, as he began to stroke she cooed.

She was hot and tight, her virginity given, her virginity lost, her expression dreamy. Daddy’s thrusts were long and slow, drawing it out, making it last. When he sped up he whispered,

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in you Lovely,” I was still Little Bit, his pet name for her was Lovely, “I want to put a baby in you.”

They climaxed simultaneously, Ellen with her sound and fury, he with a throaty roar as his sperm filled her.

He stayed atop her even after they, shared their orgasm; I knew why, he wanted to plug her vagina, he wanted to be sure her cervix was bathed by his seed, he wanted to impregnate her.

When he rolled to her side I could see that his penis was colored with her vaginal blood, she wiped him on the tail of her peignoir then sat up and took it off. She handed it to me, her stain evident, I folded it. That was my cue to leave, I was only staying for the opening act, they would stay together for most of the weekend.

Saturday they only came down for the meals I’d prepared then they retreated to the bedroom. Daddy was all smiles and Ellen seemed to glow. Each time I passed the bedroom door I could hear the sounds of passion, sweet words being shared along with the crescendo that was their climax.

I assumed that Sunday would be the same so I was surprised when Ellen came to the room I was using while they shared Daddy’s bed. She had my enema equipment with her; we now usually gave each other our enemas, I looked at her quizzically.

Hank doesn’t want you to feel left out, he wants you to come to bed with us tonight.

“Tell me, what’s it like Ellen, you’ve got to tell me.”

“Oh Jamie, it’s heavenly, I’ve never felt so loved. He’s so attentive of my feelings, I sometimes feel like I’m walking on air but, in truth I’m a little sore, I don’t think I want to go horseback riding.”

She patted her lap saying, “Come on.”

It had felt strange the first time that Ellen had given me an enema but, since our little experience in the pool and then in the kitchen she and I had shared many intimate moments when Daddy wasn’t around. I took my panties off and climbed over her lap, I was still only seventeen, and somehow I felt like a little girl as she inserted the nozzle, Ellen was a woman now and I was a virgin teen, my vagina was still off limits for another two months. Still, I was happy for her and even more pleased that Daddy was thinking of me.

I knew my little bottom was going to get a work out, he usually took me from behind and gave me a serious ride. It was his favorite position and I was much tighter than Ellen. I’d always imagined why, then thought, her dad had a lot bigger prick than Daddy and he’d started with her when she was only ten, twice a week for eight years, he’d sodomized her over eight hundred times, her anus was irrecoverably stretched.

When she’d finished she went back to the bedroom leaving the equipment for me to clean.

Late in the evening Ellen came down stairs, took my hand and led me to the bedroom; Daddy was waiting.

He undressed me, not much of a task, I was only wearing a T-shirt and panties, took me down to the bed and gave me my so much craved oral, after my screaming orgasm he lubricated me, positioned me on my knees and mounted me for a vigorous ride. We all three slept together that night.

The next two months seemed to drag, a touch of melancholy, I knew I wasn’t going to get pregnant. Ellen was already suffering, tender swollen breasts, morning sickness and constipation afflicted her, a visit to an ob/gyn had confirmed it, she was pregnant. It had been agreed, both of us wouldn’t become pregnant at the same time so there would always be one of us to help the other. I was on birth control pills.

My day finally arrived, eighteen, Yea, I was excited. I wanted to go out to dinner, we went upscale Italian, I had osso bucco as the entrée and tiramisu for dessert. Daddy gave me a beautiful emerald and diamond ring for the third finger of my left hand and, like I had for her, Ellen had gotten me a peignoir, though white was the sign of virginity, she’d worn white, I asked for pale lavender, she would help me dress when we got home.

I swept down the stairs, my peignoir swirling around my legs, I felt like the sexiest girl on the face of the earth.

Three glasses of champagne, Dom Perignon, had already been poured. Daddy hugged me then sat and pulled me down on his lap; I could feel his erection under me, he was as anxious as I was.

He whispered, “Happy eighteenth Little Bit, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world tonight.”

I kissed him and answered, “Thank you, Daddy.”

After a second glass of Dom Daddy helped me stand then he led me upstairs. Ellen trailed disappearing into the shadows, the dim illumination of a night light would allow her to see.

Daddy took my clothing off, I let him, I wanted to be naked so he could admire me, touch me everywhere. He lowered me to the bed, pulled my panties off then dropped his clothing and joined me.

He kissed the tips of my breasts then kissed my lips as he moved over my supine body, he parted my lower lips, he pressed in.

The friction was fantastic, slowly he inched into me, I could feel the walls of my vagina giving, letting him in; pressure, not so much pain as pressure as his penis pushed against my hymen, he whispered his love then cautioned, “This might hurt Little Bit.”

It did, he flexed his hips piercing me, rending my delicate tissues, it elicited a little groan from me but he was in me, now I was a woman now, too. I was tight but I’d never be quite so tight again, my virginity was gone taken by and given to my Daddy. He’d only just begun to stroke me when I got my first climax, he pumped me while I trembled, I wrapped my legs around him and moved up to meet him. I was overwhelmed by a happiness that I hadn’t felt since I’d lain on my tummy and he took my anal virginity, in fact, this was better.

His thrusting became more frenzied, I could feel the swelling of his penis, I climaxed just as he spewed into me, I wailed, he roared, a cacophony of voices melding as we were melded.

I had his seed in me, ‘though my womb would remain barren, I had his juice and I wanted more, greedily, I wanted more.

From the corner of my eye I saw Ellen leave the room and softly close the door. Daddy was beside me on his back. I rolled over atop him and ground my groin against him until he stiffened again, I took him in then kissed him, “My beautiful man, my beautiful Daddy.”

He took me four times that night and again once in the morning before we went down for breakfast, Ellen had it ready. Like a co-conspirator she smiled at me.

We spent the day in bed experimenting with new and different positions. Like with anal his favorite was doggie style; I liked that, too but cowgirl, girl on top was a lot of fun for me.

Like with me, he brought Ellen to our bed on the second night. That morning, at his instructions, I gave her an enema so she’d be ready.

Daddy continued to have sex with both of us until Ellen had completed her eighth month of pregnancy. She wouldn’t participate again until her child was two months old.

We’d set up one of the rooms as a nursery, Daddy insisted that our children be breast fed.

We were both there for her delivery, not in the operating room of course, only her husband would have been permitted but we saw her son moments after she delivered and were with her in the recovery room when the nurse brought Jared for his first feeding. He wasn’t the first, both Daddy and I had tasted her, her colostrum, warm, sweet and viscous.

Once she was discharged she settled into the nursery where she’d sleep. Ellen would sleep in that room for the first six months and breast feed then he’d be weaned to the bottle.

It wasn’t as though she’d been banished, I spent a lot of time with her attending to her needs. I helped with changings, baths and brought him to her for his feedings but, if I’m truthful I also liked it that I had Daddy to myself for a while; my vagina wept in anticipation with the coming of night.

After two months she’d recovered enough to engage in sex. Daddy would go to her room two or three nights a week.

I pouted, complaining that he’d get her pregnant again and it was my turn. He told me not to worry, so long as she was breast feeding she didn’t need a contraceptive.

The happy day came, Jared was five months old and I could go off birth control.

I was all over him like white on rice, of course I didn’t deny him when he wanted my bottom but I tried to discourage him. I wanted his sperm in me, his little swimmers in my fallopian tubes chasing an egg to fertilize so it could latch onto the walls of my uterus and give me my baby.

It didn’t happen immediately but after a couple of months I experienced tender and swelling breasts, a home test kit showed positive and once the morning sickness and my old scourge constipation set in I was on my way to the gynecologist.

Yes, I was pregnant and after undergoing the most humiliating examination imaginable I was given instructions for diet, exercise and follow up appointments.

When my time came and I delivered Isaac it was my turn to move to the nursery and Ellen took my place as Daddy’s bedmate.

It was nearly two years before either of was impregnated again, and again it was me.

My daughter Leah joined the family two years after Isaac.

Then, the break was four years, we thought that we might not blessed with more children. Then, eight months ago Ellen had the symptoms and a test confirmed that we were getting another addition to the family.

That pretty much covers how we got to where we are today, well, there’s one little episode I’d be remiss in omitting.

Four months ago, Ellen was sporting a cute little baby bump but didn’t yet need maternity clothes, we were both feeling a little cabin fever, we talked Daddy into baby sitting, we wanted to drive into town, have dinner and take in a movie, good plan, poor execution.

We were seated on the outside patio enjoying a dinner of a shared antipasto, I was sipping on a glass of white wine and Ellen, teetotaling because she was preggers, had a flavored sparkling water when, lo and behold, two girls we’d graduated high school with walked by. They noticed us and came over to our table. We asked them to join us, they each ordered a glass of wine and we chatted, exchanging gossip, catching up, it had been seven years since we’d talked.

They’d parked just down the street and were walking to a club a door down from the restaurant, they wanted us to join them. They were so enthusiastic about the band that was performing there we accepted their invitation; bad move.

Annie, one of the girls ordered four Cosmopolitans. Neither Ellen nor I was much of a drinker, occasionally we both liked a glass of wine or champagne but again, neither of us had ever tried hard liquor; they went down nicely as did the second and the third. By then I was a little tipsy, the conversation was dominated by giggles, everything seemed so funny.

I looked at my watch, we’d told Daddy that we’d be back by eleven; it was nearly midnight and we still had to drive home, Ellen and I unsteadily walked to where I’d parked, we were still giggly.

We almost made it, only a mile from home and I ended up in a ditch. What to do now, we didn’t want to be there to try to talk to a State Trooper. I used my cell phone, called Daddy and explained our dilemma, he was there within minutes.

My car was unscathed except for the fact that the wheels couldn’t gain traction. Daddy drove a big diesel powered four wheel drive crew cab pick-up, he hooked up a tow chain and with me steering the car pulled it back on the road.

Ellen had stood by and watched. Now Daddy came to my window.

“Pull up and park it, we’ll come and get it in the morning.”

I started to protest.

“Jamie, park it and get in the truck, neither one of you is in any condition to drive.”

Ellen and I got in the back seat of the crew cab.

When we were in the house he said, “Up to my room girls, we need to talk.”

Oh my, I could see he was upset, I looked at Ellen, she looked like I felt, queasy tummies. We went up to his room. Ellen was sitting in the overstuffed chair and I was perched on the arm when he came in.

“I’d like an explanation of what you two got into tonight.”

We talked over each other for a few minutes then she yielded the floor to me. It all poured out, our dinner, the accidental meeting with friends, the club, the band and the drinks.

“I’m ashamed of both of you. Jamie, you for drinking and driving and you Ellen for drinking at all, you’re pregnant for God’s sakes.”

We just sat with hang dogged expressions on our faces, there were no excuses we could offer.

He just stared at us for several minutes, his gaze icy.

“Stand up, both of you,” we stood. “Jamie come here,” was his next command. I approached.

When my T-shirt came off over my head and my bra fell to the floor I knew what was in store.

I hadn’t been spanked since the smoking episode when I was fourteen, now I was a twenty-five year old mother of two, I started to protest, he unfastened my shorts, let them fall to the floor then jerked my panties down and pulled me over his lap.

The first swat fell with a resounding “Crack.”

“You’re right Jamie, you’re a twenty-five year old mother of two; act like it.

Crack, Crack, Crack, the strokes rained down. I was taken back to when I was fourteen, I felt like a little girl, a bad little girl. I went through the stages, teary eyes, sobbing, squirming to escape, crying and finally, just sprawling, hair a mess, nose leaking snot, my legs akimbo, my feminine treasures exposed for all to see.

Then, as he always had, he gathered me in his arms and soothed me.

When he’d calmed me down he helped me up, told me to go to the bathroom and clean up, then I was to come back and watch. He called Ellen to him.

“Ellen, you’ve put our child at risk and I’m upset,” as her T-shirt came off.

When her bra dropped off her shoulders swollen breasts with protruding nipples, the breasts of a pregnant woman were exposed. Her shorts fell and her panties came off. He was careful in positioning her, he spread his legs then laid her so that her baby bump rested in the void.

Her spanking was no less severe than mine, though. When he’d finished I could have given her a gyno exam from where I stood, even her slit gaped open exposing her pink inner core.

He took her in his arms and held her to his chest, when she’d quieted he sent her to the bathroom.

“You,” he said, pointing at me, “On the bed on your tummy.”

When Ellen came out he told her the same thing.

“Now there’s a pair of pretty pink posteriors,” he said. I appreciated the alliteration but not the spanking.

“We haven’t even addressed the fact that you two were suppose to be back by eleven, you’ve let my sex life go to hell.”

I thought, one night Daddy, one night without sex won’t kill you, I thought it but I wasn’t gutsy enough to say it, one spanking was enough.

He picked up the KY Jelly. Ellen and I were lying, facing each other, I watched her eyes and she watched mine as he lubricated us both. He took her first, on the mattress, on her stomach like the first time with me.

He was rougher than usual, evoking groans and moans from Ellen, he came then pulled out.

Giving her a slap on the bottom he told her, “Just stay here.”

He was hard again in less than five minutes, it seemed to be fueled by his anger with us.

He straddled my hips and lifted me to my knees. Usually we would have had our enemas, usually he would have cleaned himself before moving from one to the other of us; he didn’t.

I resigned myself, Ellen and I were destined to share a spanking, an ass fucking and e-coli tonight.

He thrust in. He fucked me like animals breeding, rough, he even bit the back of my neck I was sore and sorry by the time he’d finished with me.

I got my final whack as he said, “You girls sleep here tonight, I’m going to use another room.”

Our conversation didn’t start until we were sure he was sleeping.

“You ever get drunk before?” she asked.

“Nope,” I answered.

“You gonna do it again?”

“Not just no but hell no,” I replied.

“Want to make me feel better?” She asked.

“Roll over Lovely.”

I fell on her, between her legs and feasted on her. I loved her taste, her wetness, it was our little secret. She at least had sense enough to stifle her usual screams.

Ellen wasn’t a real fan of giving oral, instead she kissed me while her fingers strummed my clit like Jimmie Hendrix on his guitar.

We visited the arms of Morpheus with our bodies entwined.

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