James is the life of the party.
Chapter 12

Fresca looked at Ying, Ying stopped playing with herself, and Cathleen’s mouth dropped open. James was the first to answer, “Ying, I’m afraid, is mine, sir.” Getting the man’s attention, “I must inform you that they aren’t for sale, as it is illegal to do so here for one.” he explained, putting the wife’s underwear in his back pocket.

Stephan looked disappointed and his wife seemed a little upset, “Then why is it possible for you to have them if such a commodity cannot be purchased?”

James tried not to show any anger from the man’s apparent lack of concern for human life, “These servants are willing to serve in that capacity and are paid directly from their keepers. You would have to find members of your household that are willing to serve you as they do.”

The Prime Minister looked to be thinking on the remarks and seemed to come to a conclusion, “So, a maiden in service can be trained to do that?” pointing again to Ying.

“In all honesty yes, if they are willing.” James admitted, “But their happiness must be considered.” he explained, “One would not want a disgruntled servant to service such sensitive parts of the body. It would be a terrible travesty should the servant take vengeance out on your manhood.” hoping to put that image in his head.

Both members of royalty had acknowledged his words with a grimace and drew some wisdom from it, “So taking the little China doll from her life of content may bring her to cause me harm in retaliation.” he concluded out loud, subconsciously grabbing his sex. Realizing his appearance in the presence of Cathleen, he scrambled to pull his boxers and pants up.

“Yes, your grace, you seem to understand. You may purchase a body but not the heart.” James continued, “A heart you must purchase with emotions, not coin.”

“Stephan, my dear, I see his reasoning.” Catalina said, “We have loyalty in our own chambers.”

Now James had no clue if the man had partaken from one of his own chambermaids. Nor did he know if the leader’s wife knew the affections of a butler or handyman. But he could tell that both heads were churning with thoughts of their potential back home.

“Indeed my lady, you are so wise. We shall sit and decide on our choices.” the royal husband paused and then said, “I think Jubal would serve my love well.”

James mentally commended the man for his wisdom in thinking of his wife before him.

The lady had most likely seen her husband’s eyes wandering and replied, “Xenia would be an excellent choice for you, my sweet.” and went back to some thoughts of possibilities.

Pretending surprise at his wife’s pointed remark he exclaimed, “You are truly a thoughtful wife, I will add her to my consideration.” pulling her arm into his and nuzzling his nose to hers.

Cathleen seemed relieved from the outcome and said, “Please, come and enjoy our celebration.” offering a hand in guidance.

“Indeed, we shall.” the man replied and turned to James to address him, “You have the Wisdom of Solomon in you, a gift rarely found in but a few. I hope to obtain your consultation in training some of my servants for our personal use in the near future.”

“If it pleases Madam Cathleen, I will see to your satisfaction, sir.” James replied, offering him a hand.

The man grabbed his elbow, making James grab his, and leaned in to pat him on the back. “Thank you for aiding Me.” he whispered, and then said, “I would enjoy your company should you join us later.”

‘Why, thank you mister fancy pants for letting me eat your wife’s pussy.’ James thought to himself. James just nodded as nothing he could say would help the situation any more. Watching the happy couple head out, he caught Cathleen looking back at him with laser eyes. All he could do was shrug his shoulders. She should have kept an eye on her guest and given him some directions.

Turning back to Ying and Fresca, James just had to ask, “Why were you… servicing the Prime Minister? We could have gotten in trouble with that.”

Ying was the one to defend their action, “What? Master say, ‘Anyone wanting serviced, they can practice on them’, so we practice.” shrugging her shoulders.

Ying didn’t know a Prime Minister from prime steak so James couldn’t blame her for her actions. If anyone was to blame it was him… again. “Ok, I get it; do you think she did well?” patting her on the head.

“I had to make her some but she do good.” Ying informed him, crossing her arms and looking at Fresca studiously. “She make good slave soon I think.”

James beckoned Fresca to stand up and he caught a glimpse of something shiny. “What is on her pussy Ying?” he asked, starting to get upset.

“Doc came in and checked on them. I had her put lock on slave.” Ying replied, handing him a key. “She no lose virginity with me.”

James looked at the key and then at Fresca’s pussy. She was pierced on both pussy lips and the lock was fastened between them. “Oh my God!” James exclaimed, checking out the lock dangling there, “Her mistress is going to kill me.”

Ying got upset from what he said, “She agreed to it. Vicky make sure she no hurt.” she replied, “You no get mad after you say, ‘make sure they keep their virginities’.” she mocked in a huff.

James dropped his head giving up, “Alright, I did say that.” shaking his head from the sight, “Are you ok with that on you?” directing his question to Fresca.

Fresca looked at her new piercings and said, “I think it looks sexy. Don’t you?”

James let out a sigh and said, “Yes, it looks really nice.” and stood up to pocket the key. “What did you do with the other key?” remembering there were two.

“Fresca has it, for when she has to pee you know.” Ying explained and pointed to it on the counter. Fresca walked over to get it.

“Ying, is that a butt plug?” James asked, looking at the pink finger hole sticking out.

“She has to have one so her master can do her there. He may want to keep her virginity.” Ying explained, wondering why master was so critical of her work, then added “She knows about enema too. I make sure of that.”

“Ok, Ying. You have done real well. But where are the others now?” James asked, worried they might be getting poked full of holes. Vicky was being spiteful and he could hear her in his head, ‘Sure, let me fix you right up.’ and probably had Tobi’s dick stapled to his balls.

“Doc is looking them over, she done with this slave first.” Ying explained. “They in Lisa room getting checked.”

As she was telling James, Nikki came back in and the first thing he saw was her nipples. Sure as shit, Vicky had them pierced with metal bars sticking through them. “Nikki, are you ok?” James asked concerned, looking at the chain tassels hanging from the ends of the bars.

“Yes master, I’m ok.” and stood in the submissive stance beside Ying. Not to be out performed by the rookie, Ying stood in the stance as well.

“Well now, isn’t this a sight.” James said, admiring the erotic view. “Did you want your nipples pierced Nikki?” he asked, hoping she had some choice.

“Yes master, I’m yours and Ying has them too.” she said, sticking her chest out at him.

James gave up with the piercings after Ying had gotten hers. It wasn’t his body they were poking holes in and figured they had the choice. He did feel they needed a boundary to it and said, “You can do what you want with the piercings but I don’t want any on your faces.” which he thought would mar the beauty they possessed. “Do we have an understanding?” he asked, making sure they knew the line.

“Yes master.” both said in unison, and James studied their height difference. He was intrigued by the fact that Ying could face Nikki and would have to look up to suck a nipple. Unfastening the chain Ying put around his neck, he fastened it back on her nipples.

“Nikki, I am not satisfied with your hair. I would like Ying to fix it for you.” he said, thinking she had to have trouble with it. It frazzled out and was uneven at the bottom. “But first, I want you both to take a bath and wash each other’s hair.” he instructed, and told them to get soap and shampoo then head for the bathroom.

“Master, we can take her to Mrs. Garcia and she cut to make it nice.” Ying said, before following Nikki out. She was referring to the woman that gave out fresh cinnamon rolls. Apparently she was a hair stylist for the place.

“Well, that will give you something to do while I run my trip this evening. Make sure you put something on before you go over there.” James thought out loud. Ying shook her head in agreement and took off chasing Nikki.

Tobi and Lisa came in next and James checked him over for holes. The worst he found was another butt plug sticking out of the Brazilian male. “Whew, I was worried. I thought for sure Vicky would have stuck him.” he said with a sigh of relief.

“Oh, she got him alright.” Lisa replied, and Tobi opened his mouth. “Pow! Right in the kisser.”

James looked as he stuck out his tongue sporting a rubber ball with tentacles. “What the hell is that?!” he asked, looking at the tiny squid like object.

“It’s a tickler for the pussy dummy.” Lisa explained, “He uses it on the clitoris.”

James shook his head in disbelief, regretting mentioning anything to Vicky about a physical. “God, I’m sorry Tobi. That looks like it would hurt.”

“It ok.” he said, with a recently implanted lisp. The poor bastard couldn’t even talk right, she certainly fixed him good.

“Lisa, these aren’t our people to mess with. Tracy may not want these piercings.” James stated, worried she wouldn’t be happy.

“You worry too much, if they don’t like them, they can pull them out. Trust me, it will all grow back.” Lisa reasoned, taking a seat at the counter while Tobi assumed the position.

James shrugged his shoulders feeling a little better about it but it didn’t mean he wouldn’t get somebody’s wrath. “I have to be careful with this, your sister is mad at me already.” he stated, picking up his shirt and vest.

That got Lisa’s attention so she asked, “Why is she mad at you?”

“Oh, I went to take a shower while Ying forced Fresca to give the Prime Minister a blow job.” he replied with a casual tone in his voice.

“Holy shit!” Lisa gasped, not believing a word of it, Are you for real?”

“Oh yeah, it’s true. I walked in on it. When his wife walked in behind me and then Cathleen behind her, you can imagine the fun I had.” he admitted. “But I fixed it in the end.”

“How the hell do you fix something like that?” she asked, leaning in to get details.

“All I did was suck his wife’s pussy behind his back and her husband thanked me for It.” he replied and sighed, “But then he wanted to buy Ying from me because she was… how did he put it? Oh, a little China doll that was absolutely exquisite.” he mocked.

“I told you, you are just full of surprises.” she exclaimed, “So, how much did you get for Ying?”

He gave her a stern look, “You know I wouldn’t sell her. I talked him out of wanting her.”

“Now, how the hell did you do that? Even I want her.” she asked curiously.

“I told him she would probably bite his dick off.” James replied.

“Ok, that was pure genius. But what did Cat say?” Lisa prompted.

“What could she say in front of the Prime Minister and his wife?” James said, “She just looked at me like I was Satan in the flesh and left with them.”

“Damn, I hope she doesn’t spank your balls again.” she said with sincerity.

They heard the band start tuning instruments out in the garden and Lisa suggested they go watch. James wanted to wait on the girls but Lisa said they could stop on the way.

Tobi followed along with his hands behind his back and dick swinging around. Fresca walked like she was saddle sore. James knocked on the door and Lisa opened it.

“Ying, we’re going to watch the band in the garden…” James started, and then looked at the silhouette bent over with a face in the ass. “What are you doing in there?”

“I train slave two on ass tongue.” Ying yelled behind the glass door.

“Ok, whatever” James said, he wasn’t about to question her training again after she got upset the last time, “Listen, we are going to see the band. Make sure you put something on if you come out there.”

“Make sure Nikki gets in there deep too Ying!” Lisa instructed, believing she was the expert on it.

“Tobi and Fresca need showers too, make sure they get cleaned up.” James instructed, “I’m leaving them here with you.” he continued, “I’ll see you later on.”

“Ok!” she replied, concentrating on Nikki’s oral work. Tobi was fascinated over the scene and Fresca even grabbed her backside watching Ying.

“Tobi, Fresca, stay out of trouble, ok?” James ordered and they agreed, still gawking at the scene before them.

James and Lisa headed for the garden. Opening a door, it brought them out on a corner of the open area. Tables aligned the sides of the courtyard and there had to be fifty people there, waiting on the band and sipping on drinks. As dusk was settling in, the band started up, the lead singer was introducing the members.

James and Lisa found a table near Ingrid. Not only was her table full but people were standing by her as well. Tracy was sitting on the other side with people James didn’t recognize. That brought back the thought of the holes in her servants. He smiled back at her and hoped he didn’t show any worry in his expressions.

Gloria was closer to Cathleen and Alex was sitting beside her. The Prime Minister and his wife were sitting next to Cathleen. He caught the wife looking back at him so he smiled at her and nodded a courteous bow. He could tell that her mind wasn’t at the party with that faraway look in her eyes. Jubal was probably running around in her head naked.

Stacy Davidson was at another table with her friends. James smiled remembering the table feast he had at her house. A waitress approached their table and James saw she was wearing the new maid outfit. After getting the orders from Stacy’s table, she walked over to James and Lisa. James ordered a Ginger Ale and Lisa asked for pink lemonade. Both would be driving soon and didn’t need anything alcoholic.

The band started playing the national anthem for both countries. The sound quality was amazing, coming from around the courtyard in all directions. James and Lisa got their drinks when the band finished their tribute. Jill brought them to the table and they spoke to her for a minute. She pointed out Mike and Link to them. They were standing on white pedestals in two of the corners. Both were wearing togas and wreaths were on their heads. People were walking to them to get a drink or fruit snack. Girls were standing behind Mike, look up under his toga.

The band started on their hits and James got to hear some of the good ones. It was approaching 7:30 and James had to go. Lisa was the lucky one since she only had to take the Prime Minister back. James headed to the garage.

He had to get past the off-duty policeman in the garage by showing credentials. The man would recognize him when he returned. The officer even walked around the vehicle to inspect it. James was impressed with his scrutiny. “Military?” he asked, suspecting the man served.

“Semper Fidelis” he responded, opening the back seat to look.

The Latin words for always faithful; James knew it to be a Marine motto. “Thank you for your service.” he replied.

Closing the door, the man said, “You’re clear.” and waved him off.

Another officer was in the makeshift parking lot outside, directing valet to park in the grass. This was the security that should have always been here and James felt relieved to see them.

Right next turned out to be about three miles away and James pulled into the lodge at the main entrance. Stepping out, he took his position by the back door and waited. Looking at its façade, James thought the word lodge was an understatement. People entering the front were wearing bathing suites and carrying handbags. A family went in with three children. The day at the beach didn’t faze the kids as they seemed full of energy.

James waited patiently while the fifteen minutes went by then another five. James checked the time on his phone and put it back in his pocket in time to see a group of people lugging bags, bongos and steel drums approaching him from the side of the building. Wearing hula skirts and leas, they looked to be professional Jamaican performers. James could only imagine the reason why he was picking them up. A ten minute trip in an SUV hired out would probably cost $150.00 with a two hour minimum so it would save money by having him do it.

James opened the door for the three girls and one of them lingered outside the door. James felt her eyes roaming over him which made him feel like he was under a microscope. She was a pretty hula girl and he wondered who the lucky guy was to have her on his arm. She looked like a cover model for hula dancers. She finally took a seat and James went to help with the equipment.

The two men, one older and one younger, helped him load their equipment. A large steel drum was the most cumbersome so James sat it in the front passenger seat along with its legs. The elder introduced them as the Movado family and thanked him for his help. The girls did nothing but whisper and giggle the whole way.

It was dark when he got back to the villa and the father informed James that they were setting up on the beach. He took them to the back where the garage was. They would have to walk from there. The security checked them out, drums and all, and James found it amusing when they used a wand on them. ‘Seriously; what could they possibly be packing under grass skirts?’ he thought, but better safe than sorry he supposed.

James parked in the underground garage and made the long trek from there to the garden. The courtyard had thinned out quite a bit and Mike and Link were off their pedestals. Denise was directing clean up on the tables. She saw him and turned in his direction.

“You need to get changed and head for the beach.” she instructed and led him to the front. “I’ve got your outfit in the changing room for you.” she explained, opening the door.

Directing him around the corner, she showed him the changing room. Entering with him, she picked up a couple of washcloths and handed it to him. “Here, put this on.”

James looked at her like she was stupid and blinked. “Seriously; here, I’ll show you.” she added, and took the washcloths and separated them. It looked like two wash clothes held together by strings in two of the corners. He still didn’t have anything to say to that and stood there with a doubtful look on his face.

“Look, Link and Mike are both wearing their outfits and it goes with the theme.” she huffed. “It’s part of the ambiance.”

James just stood there blinking so she started unbuttoning his shirt. He finally opened his mouth, “You aren’t kidding, are you? I am not wearing washcloths.” he said, “It won’t even cover my underwear.”

“I have that solved. Don’t wear underwear.” she said, unbuckling his pants. “It isn’t washcloths either, its terrycloth. You’re supposed to be Poseidon and sit on the throne looking God-like and all.”

If this girl wasn’t supposed to be the best event planner ever like Lisa claims, he would certainly have his doubts in her artistic talents. James relented, thinking he at least wasn’t standing on a pedestal pouring wine or offering fruit. “Fine, but I don’t have to like it.” James said, wrestling his pants away from her.

Denise crossed her arms and watched him to make sure he did exactly what she wanted. “Are you just going to stand there and watch?” James asked annoyed, kicking off his shoes.

“You’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before. Now, I have a trident for you. It’s leaning on the throne, all you have to do is sit and hold the trident, watch the performers, and look pretty.” she instructed, watching the underwear go down.

James started to step into the washcloths and she stopped him, untied the side, and wrapped it around him. After retying it, she stepped back to inspect it. Shaking her head, she tugged it lower.

“Yeah, that’s a problem.” she thought out loud, dropping to her knees.

“What problem?” James asked, looking down at her.

“Your dick is peeking out. “I’ll loosen it up and let it drop a little more over It.” she replied, loosening the string. The door opened and Catalina stepped in and froze.

“Oh, my forgiveness!” she said, staring at the event planner on her knees facing a dick belonging to the muscle bound man that had… kissed her below. “I… I need my throw.” she stuttered, pointing at it hanging up.

James reached over Denise’s head and got it off the hanger it was on. Handing it to her, he smiled. She took it from him and looked again at Denise’s efforts. “You have troubles?” noticing James’ lack of an erection.

“Yes, the material isn’t long enough to cover him.” Denise explained bringing enlightenment to Catalina.

“Oh, I thought you were… never mind. Have you tried ice?” she offered. “Cold makes them shrink.”

Of all the absurd ideas, that would be one of the worst James had heard of. “Look, just let me use my underwear. This isn’t going to do at all.”

Denise dropped the side, revealing his cock dangling in front of her and picked up his underwear. “I can trim these up and make them work.”

There wasn’t that much material to begin with and now she’s talking about removing even more. “Hold on, I have a pair of scissors.” she explained, rising back up.

While she was gone, James explained the role he was to perform at the beach to Catalina. “You will make a good Greek deity.” she mused, trying to keep her eyes focused on his instead if his crotch.

Denise came back in and cut strips on the sides of his briefs all the way up to the elastic, making it look like a bag held his sex with little frills on the sides and most of his ass cheeks. He was sure to get a wedgie from it. Catalina offered advice, explaining that the terrycloth could be strips like his briefs around his upper arms. It was pretty easy to just cut the streamers and tie it around his biceps.

The task complete, both women exited the dressing area and Denise led them to the beach. Two columns marked the beginning of sand and they walked through them. Plastic vines were roped around tiki torches on each side, leading them down the path. James could hear the drums as the Movado family performed. He could also hear the ocean in the distance.

Denise led him to a plastic throne chair while Catalina took a seat by her husband. It was like an oversized chair used for props. He couldn’t scoot all the way to the back, his legs weren’t long enough. People left over from the party were drinking and watching the son of the Movado family twirl and swallow fire while the girls did their hula dances. Lisa saw him and snickered from the lawn chair she was sitting in.

Cathleen was sitting in a recliner and the twins where standing on either side of her watching the show. Mike was waving a big fan made from palm tree leaves over her head, wearing his washcloths… or terrycloth, while Link had one over the Prime Minister and his wife sporting the same attire. Tracy and Alex were sitting on the other side of the royalty and she smiled and waved at James when she saw him.

People were walking the beach behind the performers, splashing in the water that lapped at the shoreline. Remnants of the party attendees, they were sticking around for the after-party. James liked the show but didn’t know if he could sit there until ten. Denise handed him the trident so that he could seem just a wee bit more ridiculous sitting there.

“Oh, you look fantastic!” she exclaimed, standing back to look. James thought that sometimes, just sometimes, artists are the only ones that see the beauty in their work. Mike looked over at him and mocked laughing at him. He acknowledged how stupid he looked with a nod and shrugged his shoulders. Pointing at Mike, he mocked laughing at him waving the fan over Cathleen. It was funny until Cathleen noticed him. It was like mamma chastising a kid the way she shook a finger at him. James rolled his eyes and sighed.

Ten minutes passed by and Ying with the rest of the servants approached. She directed Fresca and Tobi over to Tracy while she and Nikki stood on each side of James in their inspection stance. All four submissive servants were wearing thongs. How they got Tobi to wear one was the least of his questions as James stared at his charges mostly naked beside him. There was no mistaking the piercings sparkling in the light and the fire eater dropped his baton from his loss of concentration looking at them.

Cathleen seen the blunder the fire eater made and looked back at what caused it. James saw her look and shrugged with his innocence as the gang stood in submissive stances by their master and mistress. Even Jack and Jill took the submissive stance, not being outdone by the four submissive additions. The Prime Minister saw Cathleen looking and turned behind him to look. The wife followed her husband to see what got his attention.

In seconds, everyone at the beach after-party was looking at James being the centerpiece of some erotic scene. Tracy was just as shocked as James, sitting between her two charges in the submissive stance on either side of her. Even the Movado father stopped his drum beating to drop his mouth open and gawk. His girls ogled the scene and stopped dancing when the drums silenced.

The silence was interrupted by a flash. James looked over to see Ingrid taking pictures and smiling. Murmurs started in the small crowd and people went back to sipping drinks and chatting. The drums started back up and the son picked up the flaming baton he dropped and started twirling it around and tossing it in the air.

The Prime Minister conversed with Tracy. James could hear him compliment the servicing he received from Fresca, telling her what a treasure she had and how exotic it looked with them beside her. His wife told Cathleen that James provided services for her and what a blessing he was. Tracy took notice of the lock on Fresca and actually picked it up with two fingers to look at it.

James waved Ingrid off, “Quit that.” he chastised, wanting her to quit gathering evidence. The people in attendance were bad enough.

“Aren’t you the Conan with two barbarians beside you!” she laughed, standing back up from taking more pictures. James poked the trident at her, shooing her off. “There are high profile clients here, stop taking pictures!” he whispered loudly at her. She put it away after getting what she wanted. James guessed that would be another photo for her mother to lust after.

After a time, the performers did a grand finale and everyone applauded their performance. Most everyone rose up and greeted the Jamaican family. The group of partiers thinned out and Lisa greeted the Prime Minister and his wife, preparing to take them to their plane. To James’ surprise, the performers grabbed their equipment and headed off to the villa. The guests James brought already had rides waiting on them.

Tracy approached James and thanked him for his help in training her new servants. James asked her to walk with him back to his clothes to get her the other key. Her charges walked submissively behind her and James had his two behind him. “James, I simply love Tobi’s thong. Where did you find those?”

James had no clue but Ying offered information, “They belong to master. I got them out of duffle bag.”

“Oh, I bet James would look even better in them.” Tracy assessed, looking him over.

James ignored that comment and said, “Well, Tobi is certainly welcome to have them.” since he would throw them away after Tobi’s dick had been in them anyway. “I did want to apologize to you. I hadn’t expected them to come out on the beach. I left instructions for them to put clothes on but somehow that didn’t happen.” he said, looking at Ying.

“No master, you say put some clothes on and they have some clothes on.” Ying defended, knowing he knew about her idea of ‘some clothes’.

“Yes, well that explains that, doesn’t it? Tracy, will you be spending the night?” James asked, rummaging through his pants pockets.

“No, I want to get back home. I have a car waiting to take us to the airport.” she replied, accepting the key James offered.

Wanting to be honest James asked Tobi, “Did you show the mistress your tongue piercing?” putting on his pants.

He shook his head and stuck out his tongue. Tracy looked at it, “What’s that for?” then studied it closer, holding him by the chin.

“Supposedly, it enhances the act of cunnilingus.” James explained, and let that sink in.

Her studious face turned into a smile, “I can imagine that it would.” nodding her head in agreement and letting go of his chin. Kissing him on the forehead, “Did you do that for me?” she asked and Tobi nodded in the affirmative.

“James, I can’t tell you how pleased I am. They are just the way I imagined.” she said with excitement.

“I can’t take credit; Ying did most of the work.” James admitted, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“She certainly has my gratitude.” she replied, pinching Ying’s cheek.

James escorted the three to the front door. Ingrid came from behind and he opened the door for her. Leaning in to him, she kissed him on the lips. “Thank you again for helping me with my mother… among other things.” and winked at him.

“You know you are welcome.” he replied and seen her out the door. A beauty that had good people skills was always successful.

Ying and Nikki kissed Tobi and Fresca goodbye, promising to keep in touch. James shook Tobi’s hand and Fresca squeezed his cock through his pants, whispering, “I love your cock.” and kissed him on the lips. They followed their mistress to the awaiting vehicle. James saw both Tobi and Fresca sporting butt plugs peeking out from the strip of their thongs. He totally forgot to mention those. The security at the door didn’t even react to the naked butt cheeks walking away.

The Prime Minister and his wife were following Lisa to the door. James opened it again for them. The man shook his hand and commented on the servants James had by his side. Looking at Nikki, he asked, “So, would you like to sell this one?” but before James could answer he added, “I know, get my own.” he said with a smile. James smiled back at him.

His wife thanked him for his ‘service’ and James pulled her panties out of his back pocket and handed it to her. She scrambled to get them in her purse while her husband turned his head, pretending there was nothing to see. She pecked him on the cheek and headed out. Both looked anxious to get moving.

Gloria and Alex were next behind them and they also kissed James on the cheek. “I’ll remember you and your… servants James. You’ve definitely enlightened me.” Gloria commented.

“It was certainly a pleasure serving you.” James said, and gave her a polite hug. She shook Ying and Nikki’s hand and then headed out. Turning around, she waved before she climbed into the Town Car with Alex.

James shut the door and turned around. More guests were leaving whom James didn’t know. Somehow, he got roped into playing doorman but, ever the gentleman; he opened it for them none-the-less. They commented on his attire, “Best looking butler I’ve ever seen.” the lady exclaimed on her way out.

James made a note to put a shirt on before his ten o’clock appointment. Closing the door, another group came, ‘Where the hell is Isaac?’ James thought, so he opened it back up again. “Look honey, it’s the Chippendale dancer from the beach.” a wife said to her husband, “That’s nice dear.” he replied, getting her out the door so he could linger behind to ogle the two slave girls. “Good show.” he commented and then caught up with his wife.

James closed the door and yelled, “Isaac?!” and he came from around the corner.

“Here sir; everything copacetic?” he asked, adjusting his attire.

“Yes it is, but could you please tend to the door?” James asked, “I have an appointment to prepare for.”

“Sorry sir. I was in the lavatory.” he explained, taking over James’ spot.

James and his… escorts headed back to the garden after getting his shirt, in a search for Cathleen. When you put a ten o’clock meeting on a ledger, you should put more than ‘Hope’ for client information. Hope could mean that Cathleen hoped the party turned out well, or hoped nobody screwed it up. He only hoped she wouldn’t kill him over the blow job Fresca gave out.

Opening the door to the courtyard, James spotted her right in the center, overseeing cleanup in the garden. Walking over to her, she greeted him with, “There you are. What are you doing?” looking at him thoughtfully.

“I was hoping you could tell me. I have no clue where or what hope is.” James replied.

“You can’t go like that. Get those clothes off, give them to your… entourage and get back to the beach.” she replied with a huff, putting her hands on her hips.

“How am I supposed to know? All I got was ten pm hope.” James replied, upset at the lack of information.

“Strip and I’ll tell you.” Cathleen instructed, and watched as he undressed to his modified briefs. “Hope is Mr. Movado’s daughter. I have known them all of my life. He lives… an unorthodox lifestyle but that is beside the point. His daughter is more important right now.” she explained, checking out his frills.

James handed his clothes to Ying, grabbing hold of the sides of his underwear to remove them, Cathleen stopped him. “Leave those on. Now, you were sitting on the beach and Hope had the opportunity to see you. She is quite pleased and I want this to be a memorable moment for her.”

“Is it her birthday or something?” James asked, wondering why it had to be so special.

“No, it is her first time James.” Cathleen admitted, turning her eyes away from him.

“Now wait a minute. You know my policy about relationships.” James argued.

She turned back at him and said, “James, you simply must get over these preconceived notions you have. Not everyone you bed wants to marry you and this girl has her own ideas.” Cathleen interrupted, “You lack faith in my judgment. All you need to do is make a woman out of her. Try to make it as nice as Jill’s was. She absolutely loved the video.”

“Why do you constantly feed me information a little bit at a time?” James wondered aloud, and then realized what she said, “What? You showed her the video?”

“I’ve only known you for a short time really, I will try to open up to you more but trust is something you earn.” she explained. “I should point out that you aren’t full of trust in me either James.” she huffed, picking lint from his shirt off his chest, “Now as I said, I have known them all of my life, I watched their family grow up. They aren’t strangers and I consider them very close friends. Jill showed them the video in a conference call, not I. Since Faith had her issues in the past that we won’t go in to, their father has wanted better treatment for Hope so Jill recommended you.”

“Let me guess, the third daughter is named Charity.” James assumed out loud.

“No, her name is Bertha.” she said with a smirk, “Of course it’s Charity.” she admitted, and then said “I have a confession to make. They won’t be able to give you an ample gratuity so you’ll see it under my name in your account.”

‘Great, it’s a charity fuck.’ James thought to himself, not that he really needed the money. Giving it a moment to think about it, James said, “Look, a friend of yours is a friend of mine. I don’t need anything for doing it. I’ll consider it a gift of pleasure for a friend of a friend.”

“I am happy to hear you say that James and thank you for being understanding.” she replied, “I have little to do with others. They tend to want my assets more than they want me. You are an exception it seems and I really should open up to you more but it is something I am not used to doing.”

James felt she was being as honest as she had ever been with him and knew it must have been hard for her to admit her feelings. “Well, you should know that I don’t open up easily either. I tend to keep my emotions at bay. But I’ll trust you as much as you trust me and maybe, in time, we can trust each other explicitly.”

She laughed at his word play and said, “Just trust me when I give you a client. You can at least say I have kept our agreement so far.”

“Just trust me with the details then, you have to admit I’ve not let you down yet.” he retorted.

“The ‘yet’ is what scares me James.” she admitted, crooking her fingers in quotation marks.

“Well, the ‘so far’ is what scares me so we’re even.” James replied, mocking her quotation signs.

She smacked at his hands and said, “Ok, alright, I get your point. But you scared me to death with Stephan. You don’t know how sick to my stomach I had gotten, seeing him and his wife with you. I thought for sure that this whole day was ruined.”

“I handled it, didn’t I?” James defended, “Did you get into the market?”

“Yes, he signed the paperwork right after leaving the servant quarters. He wants a successful relationship with Spenco and its subsidiaries and he waved all the tariffs.” Cathleen admitted with a smile on her face.

“I’m glad it worked out well for you. I hope the same can be said of their servants.” James thought out loud and chuckled. Cathleen laughed with him, remembering the couple’s conversation.

“You have to tell me all the details James, what happened down there anyway?” Cathleen asked.

“Yeah, about that, um, ask Lisa.” he replied, not wanting to frighten her with the near collapse of a royal marriage.

“Alright, but you need to get going. Go down there and sit on that throne again and I’ll send Hope down to you.” Cathleen instructed, “Come on girls, James has a bit of work to do.”

James looked around in the garden for some flowers. He just hated to go down there empty handed, it just didn’t seem right. He found what he was looking for; white lilies were in a planter aligned on the sides towards the end. Grabbing one, he took it with him.

The torches were still lit along the path, casting flickering light on the marble stones. James was glad to see the moon had crested just a little above the horizon, casting a pale red light over the ocean. As James walked from path to sand, he noticed the sliver of moonlight striking the fire pit, making the light appear to cause the fire.

Walking over to the supposed throne, James picked it up and moved it to the water’s edge. Facing with his back to the moonlight, he waited patiently for the girl, listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the shoreline and the breakwater crashing behind him. He could see the path at its base as it spilled out onto the sand. Above it, the lights of the villa highlighted the exterior walls. James noticed the windows but none had lights on, giving no signs of life. Perhaps his mission would go unnoticed.

How he was supposed to sit perplexed him somewhat as he tried out different positions. Crossing legs and placing his arms differently a few times, he soon gave up trying to look cool as none seemed appropriate. Instead, he sat with his arms on the chair’s rests as casual as an ordinary day.

He caught sight of her as she left the path. Wearing a white cover up that flowed to the ground, she walked hesitantly towards him. He sat up and watched her approach, seeing the fire pit reflect its light off of her cover up, changing the appearance from white to an orange glow. Her hair cascaded onto her shoulders and bangs curved over her eyes.

She paused at the fire pit, perhaps gaining courage or contemplating retreat. James watched for her intent. She dropped her shoulders with her decision and took more steps closer to him. Bowing her head, she said in a whispered, “I’m not sure what to do.”

James barely heard her over the ocean; his eyes watching innocence spilling from her. He held out a hand and beckoned her closer. She took a couple of steps closer and offered him a hand. Urging her closer, she stopped between his legs, not making eye contact with him.

Using a finger, he drew her by the chin to look at him. Brushing her bangs back out of her eyes, he tucked the lily behind her ear to help hold the hair in place. Action speaks louder than words most times and James kissed her without preamble. She stiffened on his lips but relented soon after. James felt her relax somewhat. Using his tongue, he urged her to open and she let him in, feeling him on her tongue.

Seconds passed and time brought acceptance; both kissed with increasing familiarity and it merged into heated passion. Releasing her from the kiss, he caressed her cheeks and trailed down to her cover. A string below her bosom held it in place and James took the liberty of untying it. As it gapped open, his eyes fell on the sternum of a young woman, wearing nothing underneath.

A breeze did his work and fluttered the cover up behind her, revealing the toned muscles of a dancer. His hand traced down her throat and she leaned back, allowing him to roam where he pleased. He dared her to stop him with his eyes as his hand slowly headed for a breast. She relented to his touch and closed her eyes as he drew a path underneath one. His second hand did the same, heading for the other breast. Once the path was completed under those breasts, both hands cupped each one gently.

Testing their weight just a little, James dropped his head to a nipple. Making sure she knew where he was, he breathed air onto it. He watched as it tightened and licked the bud as it hardened and then looked back up at her. Her eyes were still closed, enjoying his play so he waited until she opened them.

She blinked them open, wondering why he stopped and looked down at her breasts in his hands. He saw her look and made eye contact with her and then sucked a nipple in his mouth. He brought her to actions she hadn’t intended, gasping and grabbing his head with both hands. He released her with a tug and she urged him to the other, now interested in his endeavor. Her eyes were waiting in anticipation as he licked the bud of the other stiffened nipple.

James smiled as she took matters in her hands and forced him to suck on it instead of just teasing it. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes again while James tongued over the tip. Releasing her with another tug, he looked back up to her eyes. Since her hands were on his head, she would have no choice and he picked her up by the ass cheeks. Making her straddle him in his lap, he assaulted her young swollen breasts.

The breeze made her cover up flutter like a cape; the moon rising higher filled her eyes. She looked out at the vastness of the ocean while he ravaged her increasingly warming chest. She felt his hardness beneath her and his hands on her stomach and ass. She had to close her eyes after a time; there were too many sensations hitting her at once.

James worked his way down as far as he could bend then forced her to stand with his hands coaxing her to rise. She would be impressed at his strength, picking her up by the ass cheeks until she got her footing on each side of his muscled legs. He saw his mark reflected by moonlight and traced a finger to it. She twitched from his touch on her rose bud there so he did it again with his tongue. She jerked from it like she did with his finger, but James had a solution for that problem.

She couldn’t escape him when his hands clutched her ass cheeks and he forced her on his mouth. Running a hand to the back of a leg, he prompted her to place it on the arm of the chair. This gave him better access and he tasted her virginity. Fortunately, the oversized chair was stable enough for her to enjoy his mouth while standing up with such a fabulous view in front of her. She could see clouds in the sky reflecting moon light, or the ocean with its endless waves. But she chose to see the top of his head as he drove his tongue repeatedly in her.

If she wasn’t sure what to do before, her body knew exactly what to do. The man below her urged her to rock on him and that was the only hint she would ever need. Hanging on to his hair to keep balance, she did more than rock on his mouth. She took control from him and he eased up on her ass while she developed a rhythm of her own. Now he could roam his hands where he wanted and chose to raise them to her breasts. She spread her elbows, allowing him access, and felt the man’s firm grip on them.

She focused on her efforts of maximizing his affections, placing herself where she could receive him in more than one place at once. He had to have known what she was doing when his nose entered her entrance. Expecting complaint but none was given; he even gave her what she secretly wanted. She could ride on his nose while his tongue did some roaming on her sensitive back orifice.

She giggled with glee from the sensation and enjoyed him there a while then brought her sex back to his tongue to get some attention there. She shivered from the breeze going down her back as it hit the moistness he left on her anus. It turned serious when she felt his nose rub against her increasingly sensitive clitoris. It felt so good; she settled there and took to humping his face. First long strokes and then shorter ones, she sped up her pace a little. Every once in a while she would go too far forward and his nose and tongue hit both holes.

James was feeling her learn on his mouth, testing her possibilities. He thought she wouldn’t make it to the best part, the way she was going faster. But nature knows a way it seems and the girl rocked her clit into his mouth. Sucking it in caused an audible reaction and she fell into a spasm. James finished her off while she screamed at the moon from a climax she’d never had nor would forget.

She couldn’t believe how good a mouth felt, so much better than her own two fingers. The man was thoughtful and took her foot off of the arm of the chair after she finished twitching. She came down from her natural high and sunk upon his lap. Her sensitive area met his shaft through the very thin fabric of his briefs. As she sat there with her head on his chest her moistness soaked through the cloth and he could feel her warm juices and heat upon him, mixing with his own pre-cum.

When she recovered James caressed her breasts and she leaned back to look between them. He caressed her abs and went lower till he met where their bodies joined and felt his hardness close to her. Making sure she was watching where his hands had stopped, he ripped the crotch of his soaked briefs in half. His cock sprang forth and touched her stomach and she gasped when she felt his heat there.

Grabbing her hand, he led her to it, letting her learn how it feels. She hesitated at first, not knowing what to expect, but soon gave in to her curiosity. The heat from it warmed her hand instantly, so hard and yet so soft. She squeezed along the shaft, testing its rigidness and the way his heartbeat made it throb. Her eyes lit up when she found something new and her fingers brushed over his ball sac. He guided her hand back to his shaft and pinched her forefinger and thumb on him. Drawing it up, he milked a drop of his pre-cum out of the bulbous head flaring red. She watched the drop form and spill off the top, running towards her hand. James guided her and made the drop run along the length her index finger.

Removing her hand from his manhood, he raised it to her lips. She looked at him curiously but got the hint and tasted a sample of it with her tongue. She smiled wide when it hit her taste buds and needed no further prompting. Licking the dew off her finger, she sucked on it getting the rest. She forced a smile from James and she giggled while popping her finger out.

James patted her bottom, having her rise and guided himself to her. Rubbing his cock on her clit a few times, he moved it further to her center. Not wanting to be the one to take her, he let her be the one doing the giving. She rotated above it, getting it in place and lowered a little onto him. He held himself steady, his cock in his hand, while she adjusted to his girth.

She rose and fell to an odd tempo. James didn’t know what she was doing. But something about the timing put the sounds of the ocean and her in sync. As breakwaters sounded behind him, so did her short descents. She used the rhythm of the sea to guide her on her journey seeking womanhood. Something about discovering that made James feel like he knew of a well-kept secret. Just as that thought had lit up in his mind a crash of water brought her further down on him.

There might have been something to it; he hadn’t a clue how so. But her descent on the wave of water sounding made him sink in her like a knife through butter. She stopped where he was, preventing further depth, her hands turned to fists, pounding lightly on his chest. He caressed her softly while she bore the wave of pain, her face turned into a grimace. Her breath had caught in her throat but soon she started panting, sucking and blowing out air.

Because she was the one doing the giving, James could do nothing but sit there holding himself, watch the performer, and look pretty. He was thankful and regretful at the same time for it, the beast in him wanted to come out but he didn’t want to rush it. Having a pussy wrapped tightly around his shaft pulsing on it made his cock scream for more of the action. But he knew that in due time his cock would get that which it craved.

She finally relaxed on him and her fists unfurled into hands. Taking deep breaths, she straightened back up, smiled at her achievement, and closed her eyes to savor the moment. She slid further on his shaft and gasped, expecting the pain to return. When no sign of it happened, she looked where she was and found the man over halfway in her. As if she didn’t believe her eyes, she roamed a hand where their sex joined. If seeing brought belief then feeling brought knowledge and she knew him very well between her fingers.

James let go of his shaft so she could feel how much remained. Her fingers walked down to the base of his cock and then back up to her entrance. She looked at James with quitting in her eyes and shook her head in resistance. He soothed her with caresses and nodded his head in affirmation, and then grabbed her hips in each hand. Raising her up and then back down, she coated his shaft with her lubricant.

She had to get over the strength he had, it made her feel so weak. But once she ignored the thought of him tearing her apart, she finally gave in to his silent bidding. She nodded her head in agreement and took over while he let off. She tested the depth, rising and falling, and took a little more in her. Feeling his cockhead hit a certain spot made her eyes opened wide with discovery.

She worked to get that sensation again but it seemed a little elusive. In her search for the spot that felt so good, she had taken him most of the way in her. Feeling his pubic hairs brush her clit, she realized that new discovery. Her mouth went open in a big smile and James acknowledged it with her. Taking a chance, she let her weight on him and rested a moment with him deep in her. Seeing how far she could take him in her, she relaxed until he hit her cervix.

James knew if he was flat on his back instead of sitting up, she would have a bit more to go to get the rest of him in there. But he let her believe she had taken him all and watched as she did some celebrating. He smiled at her thinking she had taken the rest after she got finished celebrating above him. In quicker steps she raised and lowered, still searching for that hidden spot. Faster she went until he hit her right where she wanted him most. She balanced herself with the arms of the chair and bounced as fast as she could. She was aware that the pain was mostly gone and things were feeling pretty good.

Moonlight reflected off of her as he watched and enjoyed her work. Taking in the beauty of the act, the erotic view of her breasts, and the look of lust on her face, James fought his climax thinking of anything and everything else. She climaxed on her own and smiled when she had done it, achieving a somewhat strong orgasm. James let her ride it out and spasm from her descent, caressing her breasts and stomach while she settled with him in her.

She rested on his chest and breathed rapidly from her exertions. James let her recuperate for a moment, feeling his cock throbbing in her tight pussy. She was aware of his cock jerking and giggled from the sensation. Sitting back up a little, she gyrated on his still-hard shaft, enjoying that feeling of fulfillment.

James reached for her sex and played with her clit and watched as she gasped from his touch. He played a while as she stirred him in her; a giggle squeaked out every now and then. James tired of the play and sought serious business and braced her while he stood up. Turning her around, he laid her on her back in the seat of the chair. He rose back up with her ass still in his hands, thankful the chair was tall enough.

The look on her face was priceless, it happened so fast to her. One moment she sat on his lap, the next he was towering over her. What made it so surprising for her was his cock that was still imbedded in her. Even though he had her ass in his hands, she tried to scoot back in the over-sized chair. He stepped in closer, scooting her further on it, feeling the edge on his hands. Her head was now on the back of the chair and her body was in the seat.

Her chin was forced into her chest and realizing it wouldn’t do for her to stay there, she squirmed around and got her head underneath a chair arm. She lay at an angle across the chair with her hair dangling off the side. Turning her head, she could see the ocean and the moon rising above it. Looking back at the large man inside her, she saw the glow of the moon on the front of him and the glow from the fire pit behind him. Shadows were cast around the muscles he had and the look of lust in his eyes made her shiver.

It was James’ turn to find his own rhythm; he smiled from knowing his tempo. Listening to the waves as they hit the beach, he timed his thrusting to hit. This was his way of telling her that he knew her little secret. He saw the very moment when his thrusting became apparent, matching her previous timing. Once he saw the recognition on her face, he sped up a little. Stroking himself into her new pussy, he struck her harder every time a wave hit.

The sights and sounds filled her eyes and ears while the man pumped into her sex. Her legs in his arms, she had nowhere to go and took all of him in when the breakwater hit. The balls slapping her ass when the breakwater sounded was having a mesmerizing effect. She had to lay there and take his lust, having no control over it. But the action he took on her could not be improved, even if she could do it herself.

James lost himself in the hula dancer, his cock getting what it craved. She held on to the back of the chair with one hand and the arm rest she was laying under with the other. James cursed his manhood as it craved for more than the waves were willing to give him. Giving in to the beast within, he slapped his balls on her ass with every entrance. It wasn’t long before his climax built and she grunted from his attack. He saw the effect he was having and watched her start to climax.

Making sure that she would go over, he placed a leg on his shoulder. Now, with a free hand, he felt her clit and rubbed it with a thumb. His thrusting caused his hand to jerk and he used it to his advantage. With each thrust brought his thumb over her nub resulting in her bucking up to him. She let go of the back of the chair and grabbed her leg from his shoulder, pulling her knee back to her breast. That delighted James as it opened her up for full access.

She looked at the moon upside down from her view and screamed at it one more time. Closing her eyes from the light shining on her, she felt the man release his creamy essence. His grunts turned to growls and then a loud roar, sounding his rage at the moon. He came so hard; his knees almost buckled but managed to maintain his control. The slapping turned wet from the flood he gave her, their fluids mixed between them. The chair bent from the force of his thrusts and leaned over towards the ocean.

Opening her eyes from the sense of movement, she grabbed his arm instead of her leg. James felt the chair give way and managed to grab her around the waist. Her other hand left the chair arm and grabbed his other arm that had dropped its hold on her leg. But nothing short of Armageddon would stop him from finishing what they started. While the chair crumbled into the water, he fucked the rest of his seed deep in her. Their shadow from the moon formed the letter ‘Y’ on the ground while he completed his lustful mission.

She thought she would lose her orgasm to folly but the man saved her from such a fate. They both screamed again, but at each other this time, and rode their own wave over into bliss. James gave the last of himself to her while she enjoyed another orgasm; he made sure he finished her off, keeping his thrusting into her.

James’ cock soon softened in her drenched pussy and he let her legs slide to the ground. Holding her steady while she got her footing, he held her close for a while. She finally stepped back to look at the man she’d given her virginity to. Her eyes went from his down to his chest and further down to his sex. A thought crossed her face and she looked back up at him and asked, “Can I please have those?”

James looked down to where she was pointing at the tattered remains of his briefs. He sighed then nodded in his consent and pulled them off to give her. She grabbed them from his hands without waiting for him to offer so James returned her greed in kind. Snatching her up without an offer, he carried her back to the path they both started from. Turning around with her in his arms, they both looked at the shoreline together.

The moon had brightened in its full glory, lighting the spot they were at. The chair was consumed in front of their eyes by the lapping water they both had made love by. Turning back towards the path to the villa, James carried her all the way up to its entrance. Sitting her down, she wrapped her cover up around her, and entered the door to the courtyard.

Applause sounded from off to the right from the stairs leading to the observatory. It was crowded with people both of them knew and even some that James didn’t. He just stared all naked and bare, wondering what the hell they were doing there. Cathleen was first to reach the couple, a pair of binoculars in her hand, and congratulated Hope on her womanhood and James on a job well done. Mike and Link were next to meet them, followed by Ying, Jen, and Nikki.

“Dude, you were awesome, laying that dick in her!” Mike started, followed by Link with his infinite wisdom, “You’d have liked it better if you wore a butt plug. It intensifies the orgasm.”

“Ok, that’s it. I’m done talking to you two.” James retorted, “Is there anyone here with an ounce of decency?” pretending to look around.

Ying was next with her assessment, “They not let me look long in the telescope.” telling on the people that kept taking it from her.

Faith and Charity were getting the details from their recently deflowered sister. They kept looking at James… or his sex anyway, and then whispered back and forth to each other. He had to find something to cover up with but used Nikki’s long hair as a temporary cover. “Ying, what did you do with my clothes you had?” and she said they were at the observatory.

“Would you please go up and get them?” he asked and she nodded and streaked up the steps to fetch them.

“Bravo young lover, you were magnificent!” James heard a voice from behind him. He turned around and faced Hope’s father who had his arms out for a hug.

Now there is no way to even look cool, hugging another man while you’re naked. James reached for his hand a shook it instead, confused how the man would think he was magnificent. “Um yes; I hope that I was.” he replied, “You’ll have to check with the others.”

“I saw it myself! You did excellent man! Far better than the one that took Faith.” he exclaimed, a happy smile on his face.

“You saw us?” James asked pointing towards the beach, not sure if he was getting it right.

“Yes, yes; it was wonderful! You should be proud of yourself man!” he offered, and placed his hands on James’ arm.

‘What was the word Cathleen had used to describe this weird family?’ James asked himself and remembered the word was ‘unorthodox’. Since he was a lifelong friend of hers, he decided to refrain from harmful actions.

James had seen his share of unorthodox; busty women flashing their breasts while cruising down Main Street in a limo, an ass in his face while a girlfriend serviced her lover in the front seat of a luxury car, and even bare footprints on his van’s windshield while bar hopping with swingers one night. But he never would have thought to have been seen by a father while his daughter gave him her virginity.

All he could say from that bit of news was, “You are most welcome sir, anytime.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” he replied with a laugh, and then took him up on his offer, “Charity will love to hear it!” and headed off towards their direction.

Ying came back with his pants and shirt and James put them on in the middle of the courtyard. Denise came over and offered her congratulations and said, “You can do me like that any time.”

“It’s too late; you had your chance in the bathroom early this morning.” James replied with a sigh, then waited a second or two, “I’m just kidding, I believe in second chances. Maybe you’ll get another one sometime.” and winked at her with a smile.

She looked at him with a smirk on her face, “You better lock your door tonight. I’m a girl that always takes chances.”

He didn’t respond to her taunting but kissed her quickly on the lips. “You did a great job on the party but I wrecked your throne on the beach.”

She waved off the words and replied with a laugh, “It’s ok, I got it at the flea market. I’m surprised it held up so long.”

Katrina walked over and said in English, “Boy, you got you some good tonight.”

James shook her hand and replied, “Says a girl who can’t speak any English.”

The heavyset cook laughed at that and said, “I speak English just fine but not when I face a stranger in my kitchen in the middle of the night.”

“Sorry about that, I didn’t know you would defend a refrigerator with such valor.” James replied and chuckled after he said it.

“Now listen here, I was already scared half to death after someone pounded on my door and tried to open It.” she explained with a huff. “You’re lucky I didn’t have a gun. I would have… how you say… popped a cap in your ass.”

James nodded his agreement and knew the culprit personally that tried to get in her door. “Thanks for not killing Me.” he said with a smile and bent down with her head in his hands. He laid a wet one on her lips and she turned instantly into M&Ms; melting in his mouth but not in his hands. She stuttered something out that James couldn’t decipher. He guessed he went and kissed the English right out of her. She turned her blushing face away and scampered off towards Cathleen.

The crowd was dispersing as Lisa entered the courtyard. She looked around, wondering what was going on. Approaching James, she asked, “What’s up?”

“Oh, these people were watching a live porno. You missed it too. It was hot!” James said with an innocent smile.

“A live porno did you say? Why the hell wasn’t I invited?” she asked with a serious face.

James looked at her and shrugged, then said, “I guess Cathleen didn’t think you’d be interested.”

“Oh, I get it; send Lisa off to play taxi cab while she stays behind to have all the fun.” Lisa said sarcastically. “Somebody’s getting an ear full.” she vowed, and started looking around for Cathleen.

James shook his head at the comparison he mentally made; Lisa was just like Mike but in a female body. Jen bounced and greeted him, “Hey sexy; that was one hot scene.” putting her hands behind her.

James replied, “Why thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed It.” not ever expecting he would be saying that after the act he performed on the beach. “Are you looking for Mike?”

“No, Cathleen put him to work. One of the cooks needed serviced.” she replied with a sigh.

“Oh, the call of duty; he’s a trooper.” James replied, wondering if he caused that need for service.

Hope made her way back to him, the lily still on her ear. James pulled it from her hair and placed it in her hand. “Are you ok with everyone watching us?” he asked, curious to hear her thoughts.

“Oh yes, it went exactly as planned.” she replied, smelling the flower he gave her.

Her father came back over and handed James a token. Looking at it, he saw it was a miniature totem about the size of his thumb. A leather string ran through the top. “What’s this?” he asked.

The father smiled and said, “It has been blessed by the gods to give the wearer libido.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t catch your first name Mr. Movado.” James asked, still looking over the demon-like head.

“My name is Kalmar.” he replied, “I tell you simple truth man. That will give you sexual prowess.”

James put it around his neck and said, “Thank you Kalmar. I certainly appreciate that.” thinking the man had nothing else to give so it was more than he expected. Not a believer in trinkets of magic, James thought to keep it for a souvenir. Perhaps he could make a key ring out of it.

James was ready for a shower so he made his round telling everyone good night. Finishing with Cathleen, he asked, “What time are we leaving tomorrow?”

“7 pm, we’ll leave together. That should give us all some time on the beach before departure.” she explained.

James appreciated the free time she offered since nobody had a chance to enjoy their time there yet. He did mention the off-duty policeman, “Cathleen, should you need a replacement for Virgil, the police officer at the garage would be an excellent one.”

She gave him a thoughtful stare and said, “Find out his salary and benefits. Offer to double it if he is able to relocate and travel.” and added, “I will trust you to recruit anyone you see worthy with the same offer.” then finished with, “They are all in my employ until midnight tonight.”

James thanked her and wished her good night and he and his entourage headed for the garage.

All three rode the elevator up to the garage. Exiting, James looked for the off-duty policeman. He didn’t have to look too far because the officer approached his party. He must have heard the elevator.

“Good evening.” James greeted and offered his hand.

The officer shook his hand but looked at him suspiciously and said, “Shouldn’t you be turning in for the evening?” not even addressing the two girls half naked beside him.

“Yes, I will be soon. But, I wanted to talk to you about a job proposal.” James started, gaining the man’s fullest attention.

“Job proposal? What kind of job?” the man asked.

James studied his name badge and said, “Well officer Jordan, my employer is seeking security for her mansion up north, it comes with benefits. Noticing your eye for detail and the focus you have on your tasks, I thought to offer you this opportunity to perhaps double your current salary.” knowing policemen take side work for the extra money, he may be prone to accept.

“Double? What are the requirements?” he asked, even more suspicious than before.

“Well, you would help me secure the mansion and its sublevels. You may have to travel with the employer wherever she might have to go. You must be able to relocate to the mansion estate as well.” he explained, looking for a sign of refusal.

The officer looked thoughtful a moment then asked, “When would I be required to give an answer?”

James said, “Well, that would be right about now.”

“When do I relocate?” he replied, probably wondering how long he had to pack.

James knew that relocation wouldn’t require his help and almost smiled at the thought of his own recruitment, “That would be tomorrow at 3 pm. But you won’t have to move anything. Just give us the information and we can relocate you immediately.”

“Double my current pay you say?” he asked, making sure he heard it right.

“Yes and the same if not better benefits.” James informed him.

The officer scratched his head pondering it, “I have a live-in girlfriend.” he admitted.

James didn’t see a problem he couldn’t solve, “So, she can move with you.”

“She works for a deli. I don’t know if she would want to quit.” he replied.

James smiled at that, “Can you call her? Doubling your salary will more than make up for that lack of income. Plus, it is free housing in a mansion.”

He nodded and pulled out a cell phone. His conversation led James to believe that his girlfriend didn’t believe him. James said, “May I?” and reached his hand out for the phone.

“Honey, here is the man that is offering the proposal.” he said, and handed the phone to James.

“Yes, this is James Farlow.” was as far as he got before she went into a rambling about who, what, why and when.

After a time, James had her convinced and both promised to be back at the villa at 3 pm tomorrow. He then asked the officer, “Can you think of anyone else that would be of your caliber working here tonight?”

Officer Jordan recommended two more with the same challenges James had to overcome. “Officer Jordan, can I get your first name?” and he told him his name was Trent. James did the same with the other officers and got their pertinent information as well. James agreed with Trent’s assessment of the other two. They were covering the front door and hardly looked at his girls. He thought to introduce them.

“Ok, gentlemen, these are my charges, Ying” pointing her out, “And Nikki.” doing the same. “Do any of you have a problem with nudity?”

“My wife might be but I sure don’t.” one officer admitted.

“That’s ok, she can be nude too. We don’t mind.” James retorted with a smile.

All of them laughed at that. James added, “Seriously, there are males running around naked too. I might be one of them on occasion. There is no room for jealousy where we are going. Do we have an understanding?”

All three were in agreement and James concluded their little meeting right at midnight. “Good night gentlemen, we will all meet here tomorrow at 3 pm.” and let the men get home to their significant others.

James and the girls headed for the bathroom. All three took a shower together. James commented on Nikki’s hair and the good work Mrs. Garcia did on it. James had her look straight ahead and saw how far her hair was now that it was trimmed up all even. It reached all the way to the bottom of her ass cheeks and James thought that was some kind of sexy. He liked the shiny sheen the hair dresser gave it. It was like satin running through his fingers. He finished his inspection and let the girls clean the virgin blood off of him. Nikki was the most curious, testing the weight of his ball sac and then testing the firmness of his ass. They managed to get him cleaned without someone getting fucked right there.

Ying wanted to shave Nikki so James helped shave one pussy lip while Ying got the other. Just as he wanted, a patch was left on the mound in the shape of a triangle. He made sure to wash her curly pubes and use conditioner on it, giving it the same shiny sheen her head of hair had. ‘Yep, that is some kind of sexy right there.’ he thought.

Ying gave Nikki an enema before she got out of the shower, teaching James about the fine art of cleanliness there. He was commissioned to insert the butt plug while the girl spread herself for him. He didn’t see the purpose since they were going to bed but Ying got off on watching it go in. It was just another kink in the ever-horny personality of Ying.

The hallway was dimmed as they streaked out of the bathroom, carrying his clothes like a football. Nikki giggled at the appearance of the nudes as the girls twirled their thongs in the air, not used to running around totally naked at night. Ying shushed her and held back her own snicker, trying to keep the noise down. James pinched Nikki’s ass and she tried to pinch him back as the trio made their way back to their room.

The light under the bedroom door James passed his first night there was on but before they passed it, the door opened. A nude Mike emerged holding his clothes like a football, trying to close the door softly so nobody would hear him. James scared the crap out of him, slapping him on the ass while he walked by. He jumped with a start and looked at James with saucer-like eyes.

“Dude, don’t do that!” he exclaimed in a loud whisper, “It’s already tender back there.” rubbing the place in question.

“What’s wrong with you?” James asked concerned.

“Um, Jen wanted to, you know, experiment back there.” Mike confessed, walking with James a few steps.

“Oh? How did you take that?” James asked, wondering if their sex life wasn’t going a little bit too far to the extreme.

“How do you think I took it? I took it pretty hard, that’s how. And that’s about all I’m going to say about that.” Mike replied, while Nikki got her eyes full of his love muscle.

“It’s alright buddy, I’m sure it will work itself out in the end.” James assured him with a smile.

Mike left him at their bedroom door, heading back to his room. James closed and locked their bedroom door, remembering Denise’s threat, and then looked at the regular sized bed. He figured all three could sleep on it if they huddled close to each other. That thought brought more thoughts to him. The shower had refreshed him and he was feeling frisky.

“Ok, Ying?” James asked, getting her attention.

“Yes master.” she asked, bending over to put his clothes away.

“Do you want to play?” he asked with a grin.

She didn’t bother to rise up but turned her head to the side looking back at him, “Oh yes master!” she replied with a grin.

“That’s my girl. Nikki, do you feel like playing?” James asked the confused girl while Ying came over to them.

Nikki didn’t know if it was a card game or board game but she wasn’t going anywhere, “Um, sure.” she replied, thinking she could use some entertainment.

“Inspection!” James called and both girls got in their stance.

James walked around the two of them in a figure 8. Bending down, he checked the butt plug in Nikki and found it to be tightly wedged in her crack. Tugging on it he made sure, just for fun that it wasn’t going to come out. “Yes, Nikki is only halfway in uniform. She isn’t wearing a collar.” James observed out loud. “Now, I wonder who is to blame for that mistake.” James pondered, and then asked another question, “Would that be the slave in training or the slave that trained her?”

Watching his words affect both girls, he walked around to Ying. A blush crossed her face but she didn’t move and James grinned evilly at her. “Well, we have to get to the bottom of this don’t we?”

James circled Ying and then stopped behind her. Bending over much further this time, James inspected Ying. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, he found without surprise no butt plug in her. “Hmm, it seems Ying is not in full uniform either.” he pondered once again.

“Now, I know for a fact that Ying made sure Nikki at least had her plug in so she must really think highly of her.” James said, walking his figure 8 again. “But Ying doesn’t seem to care whether she is wearing one for me or not.” he assessed, knowing that would burn Ying up.

“What do you think Nikki? How many spankings does Ying need to receive for being out of uniform?” James asked, seeing what answer she would give.

“Uh, as many as the master wants?” she asked, hoping that was the right answer.

“That is correct. As many as I want.” he replied, patting her on the ass. “Now, what should I use to spank her with Nikki?” he asked to test her answer.

“Whatever the master chooses.” she replied, still not moving from her position.

“That is also correct.” James admitted and then he added, “It seems that Ying thinks a lot of you to have trained you so well to please Me.” just stirring the boiling pot Ying was in.

Walking around in his figure 8, he came up with an idea or two, “We need to have her restrained to receive her punishment Nikki. We can’t have her moving around while doing It.” he informed her, “Perhaps Ying should get something to restrain herself with. It is after all her punishment.”

Ying got out of her submissive stance and went to her oversized suitcase. Pulling out the black ropes they owned, she brought them back to her master.

“Those will do very nicely Ying. You have chosen well.” James complimented. “Now Nikki, I don’t feel I should do the work of tying our slave up for her punishment since I have a slave to do that. Why don’t you go ahead and get her ready for me?”

“Yes master.” she replied and James handed her the ropes, knowing full well the outcome.

He watched her work on Ying’s restraints, tying her feet to the bed legs. Making her bend over, she tied her wrists and then tied them off on the foot and headboard.

James shook his head knowing that wouldn’t do and proved it by his next order, “Ok, Ying. Do your best and try to get out of the ropes.”

She hardly got started before the left wrist came loose and freed a hand to use. She untied her right one and soon both feet were free and she finished by untying the ropes from the bed. Ying hand the ropes back to her master and assumed the position once more.

“It seems slave two has failed me.” James said with a sigh, “Now she needs punished as well.”

Nikki couldn’t believe the ease Ying had in getting out of those ropes. Now it looks like she’d be the one getting the master’s punishment. She nervously stood there waiting on his orders, hoping he would take it easy on her.

“Let’s see what Ying can do for me, I hope it’s better than that.” James said, and handed the ropes back to Ying.

Now it seemed Nikki would get a chance to get out of the ropes the half-pint sex pot would tie. Ying had her sit on the bed and tied a rope to each wrist. After the knots where checked, Ying pushed her back on the bed, holding her hair to the side. Picking a leg up, Ying tied her wrist to an ankle, making sure the rope went between her legs. With that complete she tied the end of the rope around the footboard. It was repeated on her second wrist but Ying made sure to take out any slack, causing her legs to spread wide as possible.

James was impressed with Ying’s work. Nikki’s arms forced her breast to jut out even more. Her pussy was gaping slightly open from the ropes pulling on her outside lips. Even his cock twitched from that tantalizing few. “Ok slave two, test it out and see if Ying did it correctly.” and watched the girl struggle from her bonds.

Nikki tried to break free, her determination was pretty strong. But Ying had made it so every time she moved, something else would tighten up on her. She tried even harder thinking something would give and even tried closing her legs. How her master was going to punish her this way since her ass was on the bed made her worry he might spank her pussy, thinking that was bound to hurt. She wiggled and squirmed to no avail and finally gave up, out of breath. Her wrists were hurting from pulling so hard, she had to relent to his mercy.

James lusted at the muscles Nikki was using, watching them contract and loosen. His cock rose to half mast, watching her breasts and pussy as she struggled to get out of her bonds. It was a while before she gave up and relaxed in complete submission. “Slave number two can’t seem to get out. It looks like Ying did her job well.” he observed, and ran a finger down the slightly gaping slit in front of him. “But we have a problem don’t we? Just where will she get her spankings?” he asked, stepping between her rope-bound legs, James put a hand on her pussy. “I guess I’ll have to punish her here, since that is all that I’m offered.” and gave her pussy a light squeeze.

“Slave two has her hands down there; she could help me with her punishment.” James said, “Go ahead Nikki, spread you lips so I can see exactly what it is that I’m punishing.”

Reluctantly, Nikki pulled on her lips to show her master what she offered. She couldn’t pull the lips much further since she was already gaping open. She held it there for a little while before her master commented on it.

James studied her offering with his chin in his hand, tilting his head to get a different view. “Look at this Ying, what do you think? She looks a little dry from being exposed out in the open. Perhaps you could get something to put on it.”

Ying went to her suitcase and pulled out a bottle and brought it over to Nikki. Holding it above her sex, Ying dropped quite a bit on it. Both watched as the liquid trickled down into the crack of her ass, working its way around the butt plug and finally onto the bed.

“Let me rub it in Ying. We will get her good and wet.” James said, and stepped in closer with his erection and touched it on her sex. “I was wondering what I could use to rub all that oil into her. My cock has decided that it will do just fine.” James teased, and grabbed himself at the base. Using it like a wand, he traced around her sex, getting the lubrication on his head and purposely running it over Nikki’s fingers.

Nikki felt his cockhead on her, tracing around her pussy. He had to have known her hands were there but he even coated oil all over them too. She was nervous and feared what he might do; after all she was helpless to stop him. But his cockhead touching her all over the place made her pussy want him in other places.

Still rubbing himself around her, he stopped at the bottom of her sex, and then slowly, ever so slowly, he drew a line up the middle of her sex. Finally arriving at the top, he made sure to put more pressure on it. He watched as her clit disappeared behind his cockhead and he gave it a quick flick over it. “I don’t know Ying; I think you put too much on it. Her fingers are even wet.” James said, watching her pussy glisten from the lube in the bedroom light. “Why don’t you get down there and clean some of that up?”

Ying took his place between her legs and got to work licking her fingers. She knew the effects the lube would have and intentionally blew hot air over her pussy. The effects were obvious as Nikki’s pussy entrance kept closing and opening involuntarily.

Nikki had no clue what the lubricant was, but it made her pussy awful warm. The little sex slave kept blowing warm air as she switched back and forth on her fingers. It made her ache really bad down there! She humped just once involuntarily, her body craving Ying’s oral affections and was immediately punished for it. The master slapped her on her inner thigh and ordered her not to move. There were plenty more ways to torture somebody; like beating and burning and drowning. She was finding out how they used those methods to torture her young aching body sexually.

“Ok Ying, that looks better. I’ll take over now.” James said, and Ying got up off of slave number two and let her master back in at it. James laid his manhood over her slit and moved up and down on her some. “Now what have I got to spank you with?” he wonder aloud, making sure his cockhead hit her clit. He let himself bounce a couple of times on her sex and concluded, “Ah ha, my cock thinks it can handle that too.”

Circling her clit with the tip of his cock he asked, “Is Nikki ready for her punishment?” the lusty-eyed girl widened her eyes but nodded that she was ready. James played a little around her entrance then smacked his shaft softly on her.

She jerked when she felt it; a shock went through her body. She even felt it in her pierced nipples. The tremor she received forced out a moan from her and the master heard her whimper. “It seems our slave just can’t keep quiet. How can I keep her from making so much noise?” James asked and then feigning an idea popping in his head, he solved the slight dilemma, “Ying, why don’t you put a muzzle on her. You could put your pussy over her mouth.”

Ying grinned when she heard her master’s order, looking forward to some real attention. She was getting all wet and sticky just listening to her master’s orders. She climbed up on the bed beside them and worked her way to Nikki’s head. Careful not to get on her hair, she straddled the face that would serve her. She didn’t have to squat down much at all before she felt her sex on the girl’s chin. She brought herself up to the Somali lips and nestled her sex on her.

Nikki was feeling her master toying with her. He didn’t let up off her pussy. The whole time Ying was climbing up to her, he was swirling himself around on her clit. ‘Why doesn’t he just fuck me with it?’ she thought to herself ‘Instead of just torturing her with it.’ Now Ying blocked her view of the master and she couldn’t see what he was doing or going to do. All she could do was help Ying out with her swollen and soggy wet pussy.

James saw Ying cover her mouth and get to work getting serviced. He had waited all this time before administering more punishment on her. So he started back in on spanking her pussy with an ever-hardening cock shaft. After a dozen or so soft strikes on her clit, he dipped himself in her entrance. Feeling the heat from her well-lubed pussy, he knew she was close to finish.

Ying was having a blast, working her pussy to and fro. Nikki was having serious issues with her master’s expert administering. He did something she hadn’t expected, shoving his cock deep into her. But the bastard pulled back out and went back to spanking her pussy. She wanted to scream from his leaving her but Ying kept her mouth too busy. He also did something she thought was impossible by beating an orgasm out of her. She tightened her legs trying to close them; they simply wouldn’t get any tighter. She was stuck and totally fucked without a cock inside her.

James saw her tense up, having nowhere to go and slapped her pussy faster. His cockhead repeatedly pounded her clit while Ying kept her mouth muffled. He smiled with the knowledge that Nikki was coming with his cock on her pussy while sucking a pussy. Her arch was graceful in her climax, shoving her pussy unwillingly towards him. She could do nothing but lay there and take it while both him and Ying working on her.

Watching her come down, he slowed his strikes until he was just patting on her cunt. He could have sworn she squirted a little and pulled back to see her liquid orgasm. It wasn’t much but it was there, trickling down into her crack. It was an achievement of sorts for him and he patted himself on the back for bringing such a strong orgasm from an unsuspecting girl.

“Ok Ying, I’ve punished her now.” he said, watching her trying to reach orgasm, “I want to watch your tits while you do that. Turn around so I can see you.”

Ying was panting from her efforts by the time she eased up on Nikki’s mouth. Rising off her brought Nikki’s panting, catching her breath from her orgasm. Ying turned around and faced her master and deliberately spread her pussy. Slowly lowering herself back on Nikki, she stared into the eyes of her master. Sucking on her index finger, she gasped when she felt Nikki’s tongue touch her pussy. Her eyes grew wide from the touch and she held back a giggle.

Ying played with Nikki’s nipple piercings while getting service down below. It was enough to drive James crazy and he stabbed himself to the hilt into Nikki. He saw her try to gasp and got a mouthful of Ying instead. He heard her suck in juices and felt her pussy grip around him. The visual effects was astounding, Ying’s chained nipples were bouncing erotically. Nikki’s nipples looked just as appealing, being squeezed together by the bound girl’s arms. Of all the fine art created by geniuses, nothing they could create would match the beauty of two gorgeous girls pleasing each other. James kept getting glimpses of Nikki’s tongue as it wiggled into Ying’s pussy.

James stroked himself in the tight girl’s sex, placing his hands on her confined breasts. It was erotic to see Ying play on those metallic tips before him. The tassels had to be driving her crazy as they swirled around her areolas. Now with handles to hold on to, James picked up his pace. He felt his balls strike the butt plug and reached down to pull it out. As slowly as he could, he tugged it from her ass.

Nikki’s nose was brushing Ying’s asshole. She could see it on her backstrokes. With that sight in her head and a cock in her pussy, she was surely going to climax. But Ying beat her to it so she concentrated her efforts, accepting the flooding over her face. Ying got carried away in her climax and Nikki licked her asshole from her arching. Another wave of fluid went over her chin and trickled down her neck and to her back. The climactic Ying jerked her ass back and forced Nikki to accept her hard clit.

James watched in fascination as the liquid poured out of Ying. He cupped his hands underneath her and got them wet with her offering and then bathed Nikki’s tits with the fluids. Seeing her tits glisten from Ying’s cum made him go over the cliff. Her hands left her pussy lips and he felt them on his shaft. She was feeling him fuck her since she couldn’t see any of it. Shooting his essence deep inside her, he came from the images of wet breasts bouncing and the chained breasts of Ying’s pointy nipples.

Nikki felt his cock lurch in her and then his cum seeping on her fingers, she went over with Ying’s cum in her mouth and master’s cum deep in her pussy. Her scream was muffled in the small pussy upon her but she climaxed harder than ever. Both master and slaves descended and they rocked finally to a grinding halt.

James had to say something about the ordeal to get them in a fuss. “Just look at the mess you made me do! I can’t believe you two!” he said, pulling his half hard erection from the sloppy mess of a pussy he just finished coming in. “Now I’m all messy and Nikki is too. Just what are we going to do about that?”

Both girls looked at him strangely like ‘wasn’t that supposed to happen?’ But Ying knew master was right, it was their fault, making him make that mess. It was confirmed when he actually ordered, “Ying, clean up Nikki’s pussy.”

Ying climbed down from the bed she wetted and James untied Nikki’s ropes. After she rubbed her wrists a little James gave her a direct order, “Since it was your pussy that took my cum you should be the one to clean my cock.” and moved over to the bed and made her lie at an angle, and then offered her mouth his sloppy sex.

Ying climbed up on the bed and started her cleaning process. Her face was getting wet from his mess and she made slurping noises while she did it. Nikki started on his balls, getting the messy cum off of them. James watched both girls tend to their tasks and he really enjoyed the sexy action. As a matter of fact, he was enjoying it so much; he couldn’t help getting another erection. His half-hard cock was definitely rising to this occasion.

Nikki watched him rise while she sucked and licked, working her way up his shaft. He was at full mast before she could nibble her way to his cockhead. Once she got to the tip of his cock, she sucked him in and nursed on it. She now had a cock in her mouth instead of a pussy and hers was getting serviced at the same time. Ying was good with her cleaning chores and even scooped out her entrance.

James massaged Nikki’s breasts while she suckled and ran his thumbs over her nipples. He was gentle with her new piercings but was thrilled when they turned into pebbles. “How’s it coming down there Ying?” James thought to ask, feeling Nikki’s tongue on the back side of his cock. She couldn’t talk with her mouth full so she rose up off her manmade feast to answer, “She tastes good master!” Ying replied while a string of his cum broke off of her chin and back onto Nikki’s pussy.

“We need to make Nikki orgasm again to force my mess out of her pussy.” James instructed, so Ying got to work to make it happen, tongue fucking the sloppy pussy.

“Do you like what you’re doing, sucking on that cock?” James asked the lustful Somali. She moaned, “Mhm” and nodded her head, forcing her to fuck his cock with her mouth. “Are you fucking her with your tongue Ying?” he wanted to know and Ying moaned her own “Mhm” at him and nodded with her head on Nikki’s pussy.

James took control of his cock, taking matters in his own hands. Rubbing her lips from one end to the other, he caressed his balls on her cheeks. Milking a drop of pre-cum out he touched it on the bottom of her lip. He pulled back a little to watch the string connect him with her. Nikki got the hint and used her tongue to scoop it up on the tip. James smiled at her play and pulled further back and watched the stringy pre-cum break, forming a drop on her tongue.

Nikki pulled the drop into her mouth and sampled her master’s offering. Her eyes fluttered and closed from the flavor she savored and Ying’s thrusting tongue working her over. She opened her mouth one more time but this time she was going to scream. As her low moan was turning into a howl, her master filled her mouth again. Instead of sticking his cockhead in her he just treated it like a harmonica, sliding it back and forth across her lips while the scream worked its way around him.

Ying felt her go over and worked even faster, adding a finger to it. But instead of using her finger on her pussy entrance, she shoved it in her quivering ass instead. Nikki bucked over and over, trying to do who knows what. But on each hump up and down, she was either going to get more mouthing or more fingering. Ying smiled with pride when she tasted slave two’s juices, and let her squirt fill up her mouth. Swallowing the little fountain of cum, she continued her fucking and sucking. ‘Master was right!’ she thought to herself when she tasted his cum from her entrance. She had managed to get more of him out of her by making the girl cum that hard.

Nikki came down from her mind-blowing orgasm and master took his cock from her mouth. Ying lapped up what she could of her juices and rose up off her sex and sat there.

James looked at the condition Ying was in and asked, “What’s that all over your face?”

Ying grinned at her master and said innocently, “Slave squirt on me.” and licked her lips of the access.

James looked at her thoughtfully and decided that wouldn’t do, “Look what you’ve gone and done to Ying. You made another mess!” James said, “Go ahead Nikki and clean that up before Ying gets all sticky.”

Nikki sat up and Ying approached her and let her lick her chin. The two knelt on the bed and faced each other and Ying tasted her master on her lips. James watched in awe as the tongue bathing turn into kissing and they actually licked each other’s tongues. His cock was throbbing from watching the erotic scene as they both played with each other’s nipples. He shook his head from the trance he was in and put an end to this overpowering sight, “Ok Ying, you look pretty clean, are you ready to get your punishment?”

Ying had forgotten about her misdeeds and was stunned just being reminded of it. But never the less she was in the wrong and deserved whatever he dealt her. “Yes master.” she replied, letting go of Nikki’s breasts and turned to face her executioner.

“Alright Nikki, we have to punish Ying, let’s put some lubrication on her.” James instructed. He told Ying to get him some vibrators and make sure they were the bigger ones. Both came back with their special items and he made Ying lie down crossways on the bed. “Ok Nikki, you can get that side, go ahead and lay down beside her. He instructed her to put Ying’s arm under her and picked up Nikki’s leg and put it over Ying’s.

James lied down on Ying’s other side, getting in the same position. He used his leg to pull hers apart and had Nikki do the same. This was exactly what he and Mike did to Cathleen. Ying was laying spread eagle on the bed, captivated by both people. He applied some lube on her pussy, making sure some would flow down to her ass. As he was rubbing it on her sex he asked, “Did you think I would forget about you and the mistake you just happen to make?”

“No master.” she replied, and struggled a little trying to get out of their hold. Nikki was taken by surprise from her efforts but managed to keep her pinned down.

James watched her squirm and enjoyed her muscles tighten; she knew what kinks he had. Rubbing the lube inside her sex he said, “Just for fighting me like that, I think I will punish you here.” and dropped down in the crack of her ass and shoved a well-lubed finger in her.

She gasped when she felt his finger go in, not expecting him to really go there. He even stirred it around back there a little, making her want more of it. The lube did its job, making her warm all over but just as she was enjoying his fingering he pulled out to let her simmer.

“Let’s see what we have to punish her with Nikki.” he said, and turned on one of the vibrators. The sound alone made her pussy ache and she watched her master hand it over to Nikki.

Turning on the second one, James touched it against her throat. Drawing it downwards, he let it bounce a little on her breast bone. James watched Ying intensely for any reaction she would have from his play. When he got down to the chain across her nipples, he knew she was definitely going feel it. Scooping the chain over the vibrator, he made sure she could see him lift it up. As the chain grew taught, the vibrator sent ripples down the length headed for her nipples.

The more he pulled up the tighter the chain got and he seen the vibrations hit her nipple rings. Those made Ying open her mouth in awe, feeling the effects on her nipples. She tried like hell not to make any sounds but master just kept the chain taught for so long. She watched the chain vibrating forever, just trembling faster than the eyes could keep track of. How long she could bear her nipples vibrating like that was soon answered by a moan from her lips. Right after that moan, Ying shook her head left and right, trying to keep from going insane. James almost laughed at the torture he was causing, “Don’t blame me, you’re the one that had them pierced.” he said, and then looked over at Nikki.

She watched as Ying suffered and subconsciously went for her nipples, and was startled when the vibrator she had touched one. That added meaning to what Ying was experiencing and she shivered a little from the feeling. Just so she wouldn’t forget what that felt like, she rubbed both of her nipples with it. The metal bars vibrated on each passing, giving her tingling sensations right down to her pussy.

James thought Ying had had enough as she was trembling underneath him. He lowered the chain, easing up on the vibrations, and watched her calm down a little. “I bet those are sensitive now.” he said while she panted from his administrations. Unhooking the chain from her nipple rings, he gave out another order, “Nikki, I want you to suck on her nipple there and I will suck on this one.”

James watched her bend down and lick at it so he followed her lead and did the same. Nikki noticed her master’s timing and learned to match him in his play. James opened his mouth and breathed hot air, letting Nikki get herself ready, then dropped his mouth over ring and all. Both of them sucked the numbness out of Ying and she bucked from the suction of her areolas. Gritting her teeth, a grunt escaped her and she knew her master wouldn’t forgive her.

James let up off of her nipple and said, “It seems Ying just can’t keep her mouth shut. You need to muzzle her now Nikki.” and watched her smile in remembrance. Now it was Nikki’s turn getting a face between her legs and climbed up to straddle her head. James made sure she faced so he could see both of their tits, “Now make sure she tongues your butthole.” he instructed.

James squirmed down to lay sideways under her legs and wielded his erection like a weapon. “Use that vibrator on her clit.” he commanded and rubbed himself on her entrance. Nikki leaned forward to see her target and placed her vibrator on Ying’s clit. She knew what would feel good to her and ran it around in a circle.

Ying felt the master’s cock on her and then the vibrator hit her clit ring. Nikki’s pussy lowered on her mouth and that was all she thought would be to it. But she kept forgetting her master’s ingenuity and felt him lower his cock to her ass. She made an effort to relax her anus just in case he wanted admittance, and sure enough she felt his cockhead enter although he was in her sideways.

He eased himself in her tight little ass, appreciating her making it looser with butt plugs. But even with all the stretching she did, his cock wasn’t noticing much difference. Having Nikki hold her little legs back, he had full access to her. He worked on her enough to get a few inches inside her, and then held himself there while she got used to it. He gave her small strokes and he felt her trying to get more of him deeper inside her.

Nikki watched as her master’s cock was slowly disappearing in Ying’s asshole. What made it sink home for her was Ying’s tongue going into her own asshole. She remembered the vibrator in her hand and touched it against Ying’s clit ring again. It vibrated so fast, it became blurry; making it seem like it was out of sync with nature. She felt the girl try to suck in air and made sure she got ass instead.

Ying was going crazy she thought. A cock burying into her ass, a vibrator numbing her clit, and a pussy wetting her mouth was as much as she could tolerate. But once again her master had other plans and put the vibrator he had in her pussy entrance. She really didn’t expect to take both at once but she wondered what that would feel like. Humping herself between pussy and cock, she got more of her master in her.

James scooted closer to her, feeling himself enter deeper. Nikki watched his vibrator go in deeper as well and worked her vibrator faster. “Switch me vibrators” her master ordered and seen him grab hers after laying his down. She took over the one in Ying’s pussy and decided the little Asian could take even more. Taking it easy, she managed to get another inch or so into her pussy.

Ying was absolutely livid from lust and she used her free hands on Nikki’s breasts. This enabled her to gain more leverage and hump more between the two of them. She made it a goal to get both cock and vibrator as deep as she possibly could. With her master fucking her asshole, slave two fucking her pussy, and her pussy fucking on her mouth, Ying screamed out her biggest orgasm yet, splashing her juices all over.

James thought about the bed they were on, wondering if any of the covers were expensive. The half-quart load of girl cum splashed all over his crotch, soaking him most thoroughly. He felt it run down his legs and dribble off of his ankle. The sights and sounds were too much for him and he unloaded in her hot, tight ass. He’d never had an orgasm in anyone’s ass in his life and his toes curled from it while he fucked like never before.

Nikki watched Ying squirt over her master and that was too much to see. She climaxed on her slave trainer, grinding herself on the Asian mouth that taught her so much in one day. She came so hard, she must have peed, feeling it run down the sides of her legs. Thinking what a turn on it was, she really didn’t care if it was. Letting it all go was all she cared about and humped Ying with small jerks even harder than before.

If James thought there was a mess before, he was sadly mistaken. His cum was seeping out from around Ying’s ass and blended with her juices. One huge puddle actually sat on the covers because it couldn’t absorb any more of it. Ying’s head was surrounded by a wet halo made up entirely of Nikki’s orgasm. He got up to study the mess and almost slipped on more in the floor.

“My God, you girls sure cum a lot.” he said, trying to avoid the wet floor. Both Ying and Nikki sat up and pointed at each other, casting the blame on their counterparts. Laughing at the accusations they made, they kissed and made up for it.

“We need to get the bed sheets changed and hope Cathleen don’t spank us for it.” James said, chuckling at his inside joke.

All three worked on the bed and floor, cleaning up what they could. The mattress was useless to try and dry so they settled for towels on the wet spots. Throwing another blanket over the towels, they used a sheet to sleep under.

James asked the girls if they were punished enough and both agreed that they were. “Ok girls, let that be a lesson for you, don’t make me do it again.” he said, and laughed along with them over that.

Nikki thought she had a plan, “I might want to screw up on purpose.” she said, and James told her, “That’s up to you but you will get yours in the end.” She caught the meaning of that statement and feigned a look of shock.

James lay in the middle of the bed with a girl on each side of him. Both laid their heads on each side of his chest and draped a leg over his. All three were tired from a busy day and planned on sleeping in. James was the first to go under; he had come so many times today. All three were out within twenty minutes and slept without moving the entire night.

James woke to the sound of nothing. He guessed he was just tired of sleeping. Wondering what had a hold on him, he looked under the sheet down at his crotch. Ying had his dick in her hand and Nikki had his balls in hers. He had to do something because their legs over his had made them fall asleep. Raising their hands up off his sex, he sat up to move their legs. Scooting them both over, he freed himself of their wrappings. Checking his phone for the time, it was already past 9 am.

He grabbed a pair of sweats and headed for the bathroom, hoping it was unoccupied. Finding it estrogen-free, he relieved himself in privacy. Remembering what happened to Ying, he grabbed two cups of water. He headed back hoping the girls were up and would get them some pain pills for their soreness.

He managed to hold the two cups of water with one hand and opened the bedroom door. Looking over at the bed, he noticed they filled the gap with each other. They were both wrapped in each other’s arms, still sleeping away the day.

He thought to check his phone for any upcoming appointments. There wasn’t any for today and he didn’t see any for Monday. He thought Cathleen would send him the info once they got back to the mansion. He sat down and typed in a list of clothes and things for Nikki. He wanted to go shopping around while he was here in case they had things that his usual places didn’t.

He heard one moan and looked over at the bed. Ying blinked a few times and saw Nikki. Squirming up to her head, she kissed the girl on the lips. Turning over, she saw her master watching her wake up to the day. “Good morning Master.” she said with a smile. “Did you sleep ok?”

“I did, like a rock.” he replied and then asked, “Did you have a good night?”

“Yes master, I slept good.” she responded and pulled the covers off her body.

“What do you think of Nikki?” James asked, wondering if she was a little jealous.

Ying smiled and said, “I like her lots. She really know how to eat pussy.” accepting the water and pills.

James replied, “I’m glad you like her, I was hoping you wouldn’t be mad about me getting her.”

She knew what he meant and said, “I no mad, she my slave too.” and ended that with a big grin.

“Well get over there and put your nipple in her mouth. Make her wake up with it there.” James said, pointing at Nikki sleeping peacefully.

Ying gave him a smile and did what he said and forced her nipple between her lips. She actually sucked on it in her sleep and still refused to wake up. James got up and slid his hands under the sheet then took a seat beside them. He had his own idea about getting her up and prepared himself to do it.

A woman has many talents, this he knew to be true. But one talent a woman seriously lacked lies solely in her pussy. No matter how hard they try, they cannot cover it all. They either give access to the clit from the front or the entrance from behind. One is vulnerable no matter how they place their legs; covering up both simply can’t be done.

He started in the back since her legs were curled up and rubbed her pussy lips. That didn’t seem to get any response so he stuck a finger in her. She did as expected and straightened her legs, plopping his finger out. That was ok because he had a backup and used his other hand and fingered her clitoris.

Now she was forced to curl her legs back up, giving him access to the back. Repeating his attention while he watched Ying’s nipple go in and out of her mouth, she straightened her legs back out again and he played with her clit with a finger.

Nikki’s eyes fluttered open while she smacked her lips, feeling a nipple there. When she realized what it was she sucked it in more and then felt something on her pussy. Her master had his fingers strumming on her clit so she jerked her legs back up just to feel a finger go inside her entrance.

She couldn’t laugh with a nipple in her mouth and at to release Ying. “Wake up girl! Are you sleeping all day?” her master asked.

“I’m up, I’m up!” she said with a jerk and felt his hands back on her clit. She curled and straightened several more times until she was forced to get away. Sitting up on the bed, her master let up off of her and let her catch her breath.

Come on girls, let’s go out for breakfast, I want to do some shopping afterwards.” James said, and they both heard the magic word that women gravitate to and sat on the edge of the bed to ask him a bunch of questions. Nothing gets the full attention of a woman than the word shopping does.

“Whoa now, hold up a minute. Let me explain why we’re going. Nikki will need some new clothes and I want to see what this area has to offer.” he informed them.

It was like the last time they went shopping and yes, they found an adult store. James had to scold Nikki more than once, “You can’t strip and try the stuff on in public! Even Ying knows that!” and turned around to find Ying trying out a Sybian sex machine with her skirt draped over it on the floor.

He gathered their purchases and got them out in a hurry. He hated to leave anything they were trying out and bought everything a nipple, ass, or pussy had touched.

They made it back to the villa and Cathleen called to say they were headed for the beach. James said they would meet them all down there as soon as he could get the girls to stop playing with their new toys.

“What all did they get?” Cathleen wanted to know and James rambled off a list. She seemed awfully interested in the Sybian he had purchased. He was willing to bet that would be the next thing she would confiscate but she would probably have to beat Ying up to get it.

He finally convinced the girls they had to wear bathing suits. He promised them that if anyone else was naked they could strip down naked too. They didn’t even make it to the sand on the beach before a topless Lisa passed them by. You can imagine the look James got from both girls as they each crossed their arms and looked at him.

They romped around on the beach and James enjoyed a drink in a lawn chair, sitting beside a topless Cathleen. Isaac could sure mix a drink and he savored the Tom Collins he was brought.

“Tell me James; are you ready for next week?” Cathleen asked innocently.

“I suppose I am; what do you have planned?” he replied, noticing her acting suspiciously.

“Oh, I think you have a busy week coming up, since most of it is your doing.” she replied, sipping on her own mixed drink.

“Really now, how is that possible?” he asked, trying to figure her out.

She smiled and filled him in, “I heard from home and it isn’t pretty. It seems most of the staff have servants now and want you there to train them.”

James jaw was dropping, “You can’t be serious.” he said in disbelief.

“Oh no, quite serious and that’s on top of your work.” she assured him.

That was what he wanted to know, “What work do you have planned for me?” he asked, watching the topless Jack and Jill play volley ball. Ying and Nikki joined in, adding their breasts to the scenery.

She sipped her drink so casually and said, “The Prime Minister called this morning, it seems we have visitors coming. You need to train two more servants, I believe their names where Jubal and Xenia.”

James was shocked and had to admit, “Man that was pretty quick.”

She agreed and said, “They woke them up last night when they got home and gave them their… choices.” and took another sip, “James, I have something to ask you, I hope you don’t mind if it’s a personal question.”

James was taken aback by her statement but said, “I don’t think I would mind.” hell; she’s seen him naked, what else is there?

“There was a bit of news this morning, something happened in the entertainment industry and I was hoping you could give me your thoughts on the incident.” she said, sitting her drink on the table.

James remembered them being at the airport and was sure she was referring to him being in the news. “They filmed me while I was waiting at the airport for Miss Blackstone.”

“Yes I know, but it doesn’t explain why your dick was in her mouth.” she said, picking up her drink again.

James choked on his Tom Collins. He couldn’t believe the woman released the video to the public. She was just going to show her ex-boyfriend. “She told me she would blur out my face and was only going to show it to her ex!” he fumed.

“Well, I won’t accuse her of anything just yet, but the paparazzi somehow got hold of It.” she said, and then broke a bit more news to him, “It seems you’re developing quite a fan base.”

James felt she was doing like she usually does, feeding him a little information at a time, “What fan base?” he asked, playing along with her trickle-down knowledge.

“You remember Dawn Gracie and of course the kidnappers; it seems that the media have you personified as a local hero of sorts. Spenco has been receiving mail and phone calls for you all week.” she replied, still sipping away at her drink.

James smelled something cooking, “I don’t want a fan base. You know I am no fan of publicity myself.” he replied.

“Well, it is a little too late for that now isn’t it? Besides, our stock has gone up two percent since your arrival. Our experts attribute that to you and that publicity you’re not a fan of.” she said, slurping at the end of her drink.

“I am certainly glad your portfolio has benefited but I still don’t want any publicity.” James reasserted, not falling for any plot she might have planned. She probably had delusions of him riding in a float in a parade somewhere.

“I can’t imagine what will happen now that you have gone national and soon globally too.” she pondered aloud, jiggling her empty glass at Isaac. “If insider trading wasn’t illegal, I would recommend anyone to get into Spenco-related stocks. They are bound to soar.” letting Isaac take her glass.

‘She planned it… she planned the whole thing.’ he realized, “I didn’t go national, or international for that matter! You sent me after her. You had to have known what she wanted. If anything, you forced me go… national.” shaking his finger at her.

“My! You certainly give me a lot of credit James. But if I recall it was your dick in the girl and don’t tell me you didn’t know a camera was recording It.” she paused to let out a sigh and said, “So, about that personal question I wanted to ask.”

James gave up on it, there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it anyway, “Go ahead; hit me with It.” he relented, then stared at his topless slaves helping the twins while trying to get their ball back from a naked Mike and Link. The girls piled on the two males and wrestled them to the sand. There’s power in numbers; that was for sure but the guys sure weren’t complaining. If you had to get slapped, a tit doing the slapping was definitely the way to get it.

She smiled, watching him surrender to her will and turned her head to the ocean to asked, “Do you have an investment broker?”

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