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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.9:

Revelations Part 2

The only thing in the box was the CD wrapped in paper lying at the bottom.

I reached in and picked up the CD and took the rubber band off that held the papers to it.
Unfolding the papers my hands actually began to shake in anticipation of finding out and fear of

The first page was my brothers birth certificate the second my sister’s. The third and fourth their
death certificate my brothers cause of death smoke inhalation, my sisters listed as presumed
dead no body recovered. The next page was Lisa’s birth certificate but it had my grandfather’s
name listed as the father. Must be a typo He was I, my father II and me III so easy mistake.

It wouldn’t really be that huge a shock though considering my family. The next page had me
weak in the knees and I had to sit down to reread it several times before Its impact hit me. It
was my sisters adoption record I didn’t need to find her I already knew her. My hand trembled
uncontrollably as I turned to the last page.

It was a birth certificate for my sister’s baby. Mother’s age at time of birth 12, father listed my
father. The babies name I already knew before I read it but I read it several times over and over
before handing the papers to my lawyer.

I opened the CD case and it contained 10 CD’s just the labels caused my stomach to knot up.
2 were labeled with mom’s name, 3 with my oldest sister Amanda, 1 with my sister Lisa, and the
last 4 labeled Family.

My stomach was turning and tight as a knot as I puked in the trash can before walking weakly to
my truck with the CD safely tucked into my pocket. I drove around for about an hour before my
lawyer called me to meet at his office.

I wasn’t really in the mood to talk to anyone my head was still trying to get a grip on what I had
learned and what I was going to do from here but he had his father there and maybe he could
shed some light on things.

“Take a seat son” John says when I enter his office.

Jack his father was already sitting and hands me a jack and coke on the rocks.

“Well I understand you have questions son, I’ll tell you what I know but you should really be
talking to your father or sister” he says.

“I’ll start with you Jack then maybe talk to the others” I tell him.

Jack was the controller of the trust up until 5 years ago when he retired and John took over.
Jack’s father had actually created the trust system for my grandfather 63 years ago. Jack
controlled the trust for 40 of those years.

Jack took a long drink then began his tale of my family history.

My mother indeed gave birth to 4 children Me, Lisa, Amanda and Henry. The birth record was
correct Lisa was fathered by my grandfather. That’s where he took another long drink as he
decided if he should continue.

He did continue tell me how Lisa came to be adopted. My grandfather never knew about Lisa
after my sister’s death Mom and Dad cutoff all ties with him .He didn’t know all the details but
even though my sister Amanda was listed as killed in the fire he knows she survived but my
grandfather had her killed later.

My sister Lisa was keep from him for fear she would meet the same fate. My grandfather
believed unless there was a male child for her to be married to she was useless. Lisa was keep
but after 5 years and no male child mom had her adopted.

My grandfather found out about her many years later. The family that had adopted her worked
for my father and was very indebted to him so they went along with my grandfather’s wishes.
My Mother was pregnant at the time for me so my grandfather allowed Lisa to live but she was
to be breed by my father to bare a girl child to be my wife.

Lisa had the misfortune of hitting puberty just after her 11th birthday. The CD’s I’m sure were
her three months of hell it took her to get pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl just after her
12th birthday.

My Grandfather passed away shortly after her birth and he knew thru the years my mother had
keep in contact with her and helped her financially.

“That’s about all I really can tell you son” he says pouring himself another full glass of whiskey.

“So my sister is my half my sister and aunt and my niece is half my sister” I say downing my glass
and holding it out for a refill.

“Who else knows about all this” I ask

“Well as far as we know you, your father and sister, I doubt she told her daughter she was
conceived to be your bitch if that’s what your asking” he says looking at me.

“Well I got a lot to think about I’ll let you know what I decide to do” I say putting the empty glass
down before leaving.

I called Melody and canceled our date claiming food poison then called the girls to tell them I’d
be out for the night. I headed to the Alessa’s apartment there I could relax without the
possibility of being disturbed by family and think.

It was 5 pm when I arrived and Alessa was at the door dressed with Lily.

“Where you headed” I ask.

“Doctors appointment, that doctor you set up will only see me after business hours” she says

“Lily can stay with me and you won’t need them panties” I say smiling

Lily was naked and head towards the couch almost before I finished talking. I loved watching her
walk, she had a nice little brown but and wide hips for her age with short little legs so she
waddled when she walked making her little ass wiggle even more.

Alessa didn’t say anything just kissed me bye and handed her panties to me as she walked out
the door. I walked over and looked down at Lily, my cock was already getting hard from
watching her walk across the floor. Her looking up with her big round puppy dog eyes brought it
to rock hard.

Lily knew what the bulge in my pants meant and stood up to remove my pants. My cock hit her
forehead with a wet smack leaving a spot of precum. I removed my shirt and sat on the couch.
Lily wasted no time straddling her little legs on either side of me. Smiling as she took my cock
into her hands and pushing it down toward her little pussy.

“What will make you wuv me Daddy” she asks in her baby voice as she slides the tip of my cock
along between her little wet lips.

“You can make me special if you want” she says then bites her bottom lip while holding the tip
of my cock at her little hole.

“I’ll be a big girl promise Daddy, Ohhh” she says pressing her little hips toward me causing the
tip to begin stretching her little pink hole.

“Well Daddy promised mommy he wouldn’t do that but maybe if you be a big girl and do everything
daddy asks I’ll love you anyway” I tell her.

Her little lips drooped down into a frown but her eyes grew big hearing I might love her even if
she couldn’t be special. I leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the little show as Lily was
determined to make her Daddy happy.

She was ways smarter than her years or little 40 lb body let on I think as she spins around and
lays on my legs her little belly down with her little round chocolate butt looking up at me. Her
little head resting on my knees with her head tilted so one of her big brown eyes is looking back
at me.

One little hand squirms its way between up appearing between her spread legs and grabs my
cock and begins rubbing it between her little pussy lips. Her free hand reaches back and spreads
her little butt cheek revealing her brown little anus with a touch of pink in the center.

Her one little eye twitches nervously as I hear her little squeaky mumble.

“You can stick one finger in my poopy hole daddy. I’m a big girl” she says.

She was doing her best with my cock and had me hard as a rock. Each time it came to her little
hole she would push back with a little grunt then slid it back up and makes a little circle on her
baby clit.

Her little butt cheeks tense and squeezed tight when my wet finger touched her little anus.

“I’m sorry daddy” she whimpers trying to relax.

I started rubbing her little anus in circles using her pussy juice to lube it until her little body
relaxed and lay limp.

“So what if I wanted to put one then one finger in your little poopy hole” I ask pressing the tip
inside her tight little anus.

Her one little eye opens wide and starts to fill with a tear as she pulls her little butt cheek harder
to expose herself even more.

“I’m a B B Big girl daddy” she says holding back her fear.

I pushed my finger up to the first knuckle and started wiggling it inside her. She pushed harder
onto my cock and the tip slowly pushed inside, her little dark red turning pinking then almost
translucent as it stretched almost to the point of tearing.

I could hear her little whimpers and feel her tears trickle down my leg as she held the tip of my
cock pressed inside her stretched little pussy as her hand jerk me off. I probed her anal cavity
until my finger was all the way inside her.

“Shoot your hot cum in your little slut Daddy” Lily whimpers as my cock explodes shooting hot
cum inside her little pussy hole with enough force to make her grunt as each wave blasts against
her hymen.

Her little grunts became moans as her little body squirted cum of her own onto my pumping
shaft. No blood though this time I notice as Lily lifts her shaky weak little body up to suck my
cock clean. She made sure to suck my finger clean first as she starred at me with her big brown
watery eyes.

“Was I good for you Daddy” she says with my cum dripping from her chin.

“Yes, but next time we’ll see if you’re a big girl” I say smiling as she takes my cock back into her

Lily had just finished cleaning my cock and I had her squatting over a bowl letting my cum drip
out for her to drink when the doorbell rang. I put my pants on and walk over.

“Can I help you” I ask looking at the young girl.

“Is Alessa here” she asks sniffling back some tears.

She had obviously been in a struggle her long brown curly hair was tangled and knotted in the
back like someone had twisted it and used it as a hold. She had almond colored skin definitely
of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern descent. She was young 15 or 16 at the most from her

Her blouse was ripped and just hanging over her body allowing me a nice view of her young
developing b cup breast as she stood shaking in the hall unaware . She had nice hazel eyes
although they were hazed over from her crying.

Her face was full and sexy with a small upper lip and slightly larger pouty bottom lip. I could still
imagine those little lips sliding down my hard shaft even with the recent split in her upper lip
with thick red blood not yet dried in it. She wore no makeup just natural innocence radiated
from her soft tear stained face.

Her tear rolled down her cute little pug nose, I could already see that little nose sliding between
a set of wet little pussy lips shining. Her wiggling on a little clit as her tongue explores the inner
depths of a hot little pussy hole.

“Is my sister here” she says almost demanding an answer and snapping me out my fantasy

“No she had a doctors’ appointment but your welcome to wait inside” I tell her and open the
door for her to come in.

Lily had been hiding behind me and seeing her aunt came out and ran up to hug her calling her
Aunt Auora. She knelt and hugged her but looked at me her eyes filled with questions as she
hugged her naked five year old niece. Her ass wasn’t big but in that position it was looking sweet
nice and wide I already had the head of my cock pressed against her pucker little anus in my

“Let’s go to your room until your mother gets home” she tells Lily.

“Ok Aunty Auora but you have to leave your clothes there on the table next to mine” she tells

“Come on” she tells Lily ignoring what she said.

Lily dug her little heels in and pulled her “No Aunty it JJ rules you have to or we get spanked”
she says begging her Aunt.

Auora stands and looks at me defiantly “I guess your JJ right”.

Her ripped blouse was open in the front enough to she several cigarette burns on her young
tender breast tissue. She about 5’9” but still has to look up enough that I can see the hand prints
on her neck.

“Yes you would be correct in that assumption” I say as I eye fuck her tender little body.

Although still standing defiantly full clothed in my mind she was naked and gurgling down her
first load of cum smiling with her split lip up at me.

“Look I’m not sure what’s going on here but I was beaten and nearly raped tonight so I’m not in
the mood nor will I play your fucking games, I’m not taking my clothes off” she says her voice
trembling even though her words were meant to be forceful.

“Well I gather you’ve already been to your mother’s from your appearance, so it’s my house and
my rules” I say dismissing her act.

“I’m waiting here and I’m not stripping” she says standing her ground.

“Is that your final answer” I ask chuckling and making her fume with anger.

“Yes” she says spit and blood flying from her mouth as her anger boiled.

“As you wish she’ll be home in a few hours” I say pushing her into the hall and closing the door.

I walk over and sit on the couch and flip open my laptop. Lily remained starring at the door as
her Aunt continued to knock for the 30 minutes until I had the build manager ask her to wait out
front in the cold.

I popped the first CD in while Lily licked her now cold bowl of cum clean. Although very grainy
obviously copied from 8mm film of the day mom has a hot little slut at 12 especially as grandpa
popped her little cherry. I know where I got my nice cock from and it wasn’t my dad. It’s hard to
tell on video but grandpa cock was definitely bigger then moms arm.

He didn’t hold back either as he gave her all 10+ inches hard then my father a young man at the
time took her anal cherry. I did notice as the videos went on in years mom needed to learn to
shave her hairy pussy.

That last night of her life I recall it was shaved as I fucked her little ass. Kind of ironic grandpa
was the first in her pussy and dad the first in her ass and me and my bro were the last I think
watching her at about age 16 in her first gang bang with 8 of grand pa’s friends. Only thing that
stopped me from skipping thru was the fact that she was huge with leaking tits about ready to
pop my brother out.

My father was a little bitch I noticed as I watch. I don’t mind sharing and making my little sluts
be whores but no way in hell I would have let grandpa run my little whore thru her paces and
with old geezers that were lucky to get it up much less fuck her hard like she needed.

The remainder of mom’s two CD’s were more of the same mostly her pregnant in gangbangs. I
started on my sister Amanda’s CD’s little Lily was lying in my lap slowly licking my cock as we
watched. Amanda was a pretty little baby and that was pretty much when her story started as

My father was definitely in charge of her course in life, licking her little bald pussy as she shook
her little rattle and sucked on her pacifier still too young to talk. She allowed to age until she
was at least walking albeit barely before Dad started sticking her little pacifier in her little pussy
then letting her suck on it. It wasn’t the only thing he was sticking in her little holes or letting her
suck on though.

Mom breast feed her well past age 5 and it seemed that in her case she reached the age of
puberty when she quit breast feeding. I guess she was at least lucky my dad was only about 8”
but from her screams you’d have guessed 10. My brother was a teen and he took her little anal
cherry that same night.

They didn’t even bother to clean the dried blood from her little body between fuckings. I atleast
always had one of the other girls lick them clean while she sucked my cock clean. Lily was just
starring in awe as that fucked her little limp body even after she passed out.

She was lying with her little legs spread wide and rubbing her little clit to tease me as she sucked
my cock but now her little legs were closed tight and her eyes as big as silver dollars. Her legs
were closed but in her position her little brown anus was winking at me. I licked my finger and
pressed it to her little puckered hole.

With a yelp her little naked body jumps and falls to the floor with a loud thud. Her little head
slowly peaking back over the couch cushion at me.

“Maybe I’m not ready to be a big girl yet” she says her little bottom quivering nervously.

I just laugh and pick her up and lay her head back in my lap and press my cock to her little
mouth. Most families had an album of firsts for each child but Amanda’s went a little beyond
her first step or even her first blow job. At age seven she had her first gangbang with Grandpa.

By age nine it started to get darker including her first dog, a Shetland pony and pig. I thought I
had seen the worse but when next video came up she looked several months pregnant her
abdomen was so dissented but it was moving, something was inside her moving in her swollen

Amanda’s little body was strapped to the bed as she squirmed and cried begging my father to
remove it. The camera zoomed in on her little bald pussy I was admiring her fat swollen wet lips
when its head popped the slowly began to slither it body from her pussy whole.

The snake was at least three feet it’s head past her feet before the tail left her gapping little fuck
hole. The last video took it to the final level at age 10 when she had her first period. They didn’t
even let her wear a pad only a dress as they walked her out to the building.
ew the place in fact I was just there a few days ago getting a Christmas present for Jenny. It
was a kennel and dog training farm for lab hunting dogs. I already knew this was not going to be
a happy day for little Amanda. She actually was a very pretty girl but in all the video’s I never
once seen even a hint of a smile.

Today was no different she walked in and removed her dress revealing her small developing A
cup breast and her slim body and firm round ass. She had milky white skin and the prettiest
green lifeless eyes I ever saw. She would have been the girl the best friends killed each other for
she was a prefect vision of innocence except when she laid on the bench. The blood ran down
both thighs and her pussy just hung permanently gaped and her once tight sweet little pink lips
were large and hanging loosely and slightly brown in color.

Her little ten year old body had the worn out pussy of a 50 year old street whore. It didn’t stop
old man Johnson and his three boys from dropping troll and fucking her hard before the dogs
got their turn though.

The bench had straps to hold her in place and a little chair at the front. The chair I found was for
sitting as she sucked each of the Johnson’s clean of her blood while the next fucked her. Looking
at the bench I put that on my Christmas wish list. My Old man Johnson will sell me that bench as
a family keepsake.

Mom and another lady took their turns as well using strap-on's after the men were done. That
was the only time little Amanda made a sound as mom fucked her hard with a fat black dildo at
least 12” long. There was plenty of blood now and the dogs were howling and raising hell in
their cages.

The three boys each went retrieve a lab and walked them over. The first one licked her for
several minutes before mounting her. My father moved around to the chair at the front and
filmed as Amanda sucked his cock. I heard a second yelp from little Amanda as the dog cock was
pounded into her cunt and the huge knot slipped past her opening.

Amanda was only about 80 pounds so each thrust from the 130 pound beast as it tried to force
the knot inside her deeper caused the air to be pushed from her lungs. Her breathing became
fast shallow breathes to keep pace with the beast riding her back.

I came in Lily’s mouth as the beast on my sister’s back made her his bitch and filled her with
puppy seed. After Lily finished milking my cock I got up to stretch my legs and get the toy bag I
had brought over the other day.

Lily looked at me nervously as I sat back down and put the toy on the table.

“What’s that for Daddy” she asks looking at the anal butt plug with a baby rattle on the end.

“That’s for your little poopy hole so you can be special” I tell her.

She looks at the rattle and her little head drops as she climbs on my lap and puts her little butt
in the air. She looks back with her puppy dog eyes as she spreads her little cheeks wide. It was a
small plug but long and once inside could be inflated to fill her little anal cavity and stretch it as
much as I wanted.

I lick her little hole and probed it with my tongue then inserted a finger into her tight little pussy
before easing the plug into her ass. She only grumbled a little until it started getting deep into
her little bowel. It was 8 inches long and as I started to expand it her little belly started to grow.

She looked pregnant as she waddled to the door her ass rattling as she walked to meet Alessa as
she came in. Her sister was with her as well and seen the little rattle sticking out her little niece’s
ass surely didn’t win any points with her from the look on her face.

It had been several hours in low teen weather for the poor girl her little nipples were hard as

“Wait here” Alessa tells her then comes sit next to me on the couch.

“Look JJ she’s my sister and her father just died so she has nowhere to go can she please stay
here” Alessa says begging.

“How many sisters do you have, did your mom hit a Rain Bow convention or what. She’s Italian
and Irish, your older sister is white trash of the whore variety with mixed little mutts. Your half
black and that little slut is not any of those so what the fuck is she” I tell her

“Her father was from Afghanistan but she’s American raised here her whole life” she says

“Well that’s her problem, maybe her daddy should have took Afghanistan and taught her some
lessons she’s got a sassy little mouth on her” I say.

“Please JJ” she begs.

“Well she has to follow my rules and I doubt she will agree to those anyway” I tell her and go
back to watching the video’s on my laptop.

Alessa went back to her sister still standing at the door freezing. As the beast on Amanda’s back
finally broke free of his bitch and pulled out a gush of cum and blood followed out her gaping
hole. The mixture dripped into a bowl at the ground beneath her.

After the next hairy beast was released to mount her little body mom pour the mixture into a
baby bottle and feed it to Amanda as the chocolate lab on her back pounded his hard cock into
her 10yo body.

After the fourth dog had made Amanda his bitch the men were ready for another round and
little Amanda tight ass was on the menu for round two. She took it with almost the same lifeless
expression as she did before except when mom used the huge black strap-on in her little ass.
She actually cried out as it was rammed into her in one hard stroke.

After mom finished ripping her ass little Amanda laid there with tears in her eyes as the next
beast mounded her little body and made her his bitch. The men took turns having her suck their
cocks as mom pounded both her holes after the dog had finished with her.

Alessa came back and knelt at my feet and Auora knelt beside her naked.

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