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thinly sliced fruit eaten from her body
We have taken two days off. He takes me to an apartment complex. It is late and dark when we get there. I have on a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, light blue blouse and a collar on my neck. I am following him up some steps and he knocks on a door. Another man answers it. I keep my eyes on the man I am with, although I can feel the man in the apartment looking at me.

They talk for a brief moment. The apartment is darkly lit. There is a drop cloth on the floor, something a painter would use. There isn't much furniture so it was either moved before we came, or this person lives very simply with only a couch, television and stand. He asks if I want something to drink I shake my head no but do not make a sound. I am looking around while my friend puts down the bags we have brought.

My friend turns to tell me to take off my clothes and lay on the cloth so they can prepare me. I shake my head no. He asks if I have changed my mind, I shake my head no again. I look at his belt buckle and he understands. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the cloth. I drop to my knees and he pulls his semi-hard cock from his pants. I drink it down. I can see the man in the apartment watching from the shadows. I focus on the cock in front of me. I am licking it, tasting it. I can hear his moaning and feel his hands holding the back of my head. He grabs a fist full of hair and thrusts deep into my throat, then he pulls back out he pulls out of my mouth completely.

Panting, I whisper, "more."

He tells me to take my top off. I pull my shirt over my head and I can see the man in the apartment from the shadows as my bra falls to the floor. His cock comes back to my mouth. This time he is taking the lead. Fucking my mouth, not hard but steadily. Pushing further down, listening as I choke on him. I hear his moan, spit dripping from my chin, he pushes hard down my throat and then pulls away from me.


"Take off your pants." he commands. I am unbuttoning and out of them quickly. I open my mouth and see his pulsing cock right in front of me. I see the veins hard and feel the pulse of his blood running through him as I swallow him back down my throat. I know he will cum soon and I want to swallow it. His hands in my hair holding me still as he thrusts deep one last time before he cums. I hear the scream of the release as I feel the warmth of his cum shooting down my throat. I lick him off as he takes his time pulling from my lips.

I see my mask in his hand. I am still while he puts it on my face. He strokes my hair and tells me he wants to feel my ass. I bend over and he begins to spank me. He calls his friend to come over. He tells him it is ok to touch me, and spank me a little. I feel his hand rubbing my ass and thigh. He spanks me gently, My friend walks in front of me reaches for the ring on my collar and asks if I am ready to start. I nod.

I lay on my back. My friend sets up the camera and gets the containers of fruit while his friend begins to rub a light layer of honey on me There are a few other men expected to come over and as they arrive, they begin to help with the honey and fruit. The fruit is thinly sliced watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and whole grapes. The fruit is placed on the honey and every so often one of them tells me to open my mouth so they can drop a grape in it only to suck it out moments later. It is being placed on my neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs. The final piece of fruit will be a strawberry inserted in my pussy.

When I feel the strawberry being inserted I know it will begin soon. The filming has already started. I am as still as I can be while I feel them all licking and sucking the fruit from my body. There are five of them. They are being gentle. Their tongues running over me, teeth lifting the fruit from me. My body is tingling with pleasure and my pussy is so wet. I am stroking a cock with each hand. I hear the sound of their voices, but I can't understand what they are saying, my mind is in another place.

I feel lips, tongues, and teeth on my breasts, thighs. I open my eyes to see a cock coming down toward my mouth. I open it and reach my tongue up toward it. I feel lips and tongues on my nipples, stomach, thighs. I am starting to vibrate. I am already on the brink of orgasm. I feel the strawberry being pulled from my pussy and a tongue pushing deep inside after it. My clit is throbbing feeling like it is about to burst. I am being pulled up to a sitting position. A cock pushes deep into my throat, balls hitting my chin and balls pushed against my nose. Each of my nipples is in a mouth and my hands are stroking cocks.

I will not be able to swallow the cum because he's wearing a condom. The plastic feels strange in my mouth but I feel the tip fill with cum. I let go of it and I'm being pushed to be on my knees. Another cock is in front of me while one is filing me from behind. My pussy and mouth filled. I am moaning and crying. Someone is licking my nipples, slowly, teasingly. I am shaking from the pleasure. I hear the moans and cries of male orgasm only to feel my pussy emptied of cock and the tip of a hard one rubbing gently against my ass. I want to cry as my mouth is filled with another one. Someone is guiding me down on a hard cock. My mind is lost, my body is responding, having a cock in my mouth, ass and pussy is more pleasure than I can bear. I am shaking and pulsing. I feel the thrusting of the cock in my ass while I ride the one in my pussy. The one in my mouth is gagging me. Soon I feel them orgasm one after another. I lay down on my back gasping to catch my breath. Someone is rubbing my pussy gently; others are caressing my breasts paying special attention to my nipples. I lay there, enjoying the moment and the attention. Someone is rubbing fruit between my legs and feeding me my own cum, others are dipping the fruit and eating it themselves. I am lost in the feeling of all of it.
I am there open and willing. I will stay that way until all of them have been satisfied. Giving them whatever they want. I like knowing their cocks are limp from satisfaction.

When it is over, my friend gives me the tape to keep for my personal archives.
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