Tanya finds fullfillment on Kyles cock and relief on her sons as Lydia fuflfills her own dream of her brother
Rita awakes wrapped by Tera's soft thighs, her daughter's head lying on her breast as if a suckling baby. Oh my god she thinks as she see's her son's lifeless cock still impaling Lydia's tight pussy as they sleep. She wasn't willing to part with his dick she thinks, or Kyle fucked her unconscious which she could easily believe her virile son did. But what if Tanya had just walked in and found us like this she thinks, causing a shudder of fear to roil her entire being. She reaches over and shakes Lydia's ass saying, "Wake up Lyd, you have to get home girl".

Lydia stretches and when her hips move she moans, mmmmmmmm and begins hunching into Kyle's flaccid cock saying, "Oh damn I hate to give it up Rita, do I have time to cum on Kyle's cock just once more"

"No, you have to get going baby. Get right in the shower when you get home and make sure you rinse your undies out if they need it before you put them in the hamper.

"Yes momma", she says sarcastically as she extracts Kyle's dick from her pussy causing a pleasured moan to escape her lips as she feels his thick glans spreading her as it pulls along her tightly gripping walls. Its Rita's turn to moan as she sees her son's orgasmic juices mixed with Lydia's flowing from her young gaped pussy bringing back the memory of him filling her own womb so hotly. She can't help herself as she leans over and sucks his tip into her mouth and cleans it with loving licks of her tongue before untangling from Tera's thighs and beginning to avidly suck and lick her son's cock. She loves sucking him while he's hardening, she can fit more of his cock into her mouth with hardly any effort compared to when he has to force his hard dick down her throat. But soon he is holding her head pumping his cock into her mouth rapidly with his renewed need.

Tera is watching her efforts closely and asks, "Can I cum on his cock one time before I shower and get dressed mom", while squeezing her hand between her thighs.

"Hmmm, yeah I guess so but you have to hurry sweetie." Tera wastes no time mounting his dick and begins to press her young tight pussy down over his straining tip. They're both moaning and hunching as they work towards their common goal of impaling his cock fully in her hormonal driven cunt.

Kyle quickly tires of his sister's efforts to press him in her and he rolls her over and begins a forceful staccato of rapid thrusts that have her opening, accepting his cock deeply as she moans, "Yes, yes, fuck me hard like that brother....oh god're there again....oh damn...damn...fuck it hard Kyle..oh god yes..right there..oh fuck it hurts sooo good....arghhhhhcumminnnn...ungh...ungh

Rita's own pussy is screaming to feel her son inside her again and as Tera's hips lift, tense and outturn as she presents her brother her pussy to destroy with his pleasure giving dick she says, "Push it out baby girl, get it all out because its my turn now.", Tera gives one last straining moan and her body shakes intensely and then she falls back on the bed gasping, "Oh fuck I love you so much Kyle, we could stay home from school today mom", she says laughing as she wiggles her pussy on Kyle's dick.

"Get off her Kyle and come here and fuck your mommas brains out now, and you go jump in the shower little lady".

"Yes momma", she says, imitating Lydia's remarks and shaking her ass exaggeratedly as she leaves. Rita feels a rush of desire remembering her daughters taste and feel as her tongue had laved between those young buttocks. Kyle spreads his mothers thighs and positions his cum coated cock at her entrance and begins roughly driving it in her receptive pussy.

"Oh damn", she moans as she feels herself roughly opened and his fat dick head pounded deeper and deeper with each of his forceful thrusts. She loves it, her emotions at knowing its her son fucking her, filling her like no one else has or can has her quickly cumming and each inch he drives deeper brings a new onrush of intense waves of overwhelming pleasure that immobilize her body and grip her mind with a wonderful insanity. Her legs lock around his thin waist as she holds her pussy to his excited, rough fucking.

She can't think or respond as she holds her body to him. His hot thick cock fills her completely, throbbing, moving in her tightly gripping reproductive passage. Her body squeezes and massages his massive girth as he pistons forcefully within her, his dick stoking the flames that threaten to consume her completely. "I love fucking you mom, love the feel of your pussy squeezing my dick. I'm sorry mom but you're making me cum, I can't stop it".

"Doit baby, give it to me, fuck your cum into me hard, hurt me, oh god I need it...cum in mommas womb", and he groans unghhhh as the first of his many hot spewings bathes her womb with its seething heat.

Rita's emotions as her son fills her womb completely, stretching her painfully, has her uterus instinctively clenching, milking his dick with instinctual purpose. His fat shaft and thick glans throbbing, swelling, radiating his intention, has her moaning, clawing at her sons body with excited anticipation. Her hips hunch and her legs pull at him driving his swollen dick even tighter into her deepest, most intimate place as she begs him to scald her womb with his spewing seed. She needs this, needs to know she has afforded her son the pleasure of fulfillment as he has her repeatedly on his journey to her depths.

The feel of his cum spewing from his tip forcefully is like streams of molten lava exploding from his volcanic balls. Like flowing lava his cum seethes within her, burning its molten heat into her being, scarring her permanently in her mind as it collects in the cauldron of her womb. Each hot swelling as his cock ejects his molten love mashes his liquid like heat against her grasping womb and radiates its warmth to her entire body. She hopes it never comes to it but she knows she will give up Rob and her entire life to keep Kyle where he now resides. She can never live without these feelings now.

Kyle leaves her laying there gaped and empty wishing he never had to leave her body. She was laying there tormented by the person she had become, knowing she could never change the things that had occurred and not really wanting to. Tera stepped in the room wrapped in a towel and sees her laying there spread widely. Kyle's cum is just beginning to drip down the crack of her ass from her constant clenching. Tera grins evilly, kneels on the bed and lowers her head and begins lapping at her slick cunt.

"Oh no baby", she cries as the sensations Tera provides her instantly focus her attention on the tongue swirling within her and she watches as her daughter enjoys her pussy as her mind seethes at the knowledge her thirteen year old loves eating her pussy and drinking its juice. Her body lifts and Tera's hands hold her asscheeks up as her mouthing becomes frantic, licking her asshole, driving deep inside her pussy and then as she tenses in orgasm sucks hard while her tongue flies over and around her swollen clit driving her to crash pussy first through heavens gates and to reside there until Tera lifts her head and smiles and says, "I love you mom" and runs laughing from the room.

Rita kisses her children good-bye at home where they can express their love as they wish and then drives them to school with Kyle's and her own cum leaving a large wet stain at her crotch. She grins as seeing it reminds her of her son fucking her so roughly earlier and the excited way Tera had eaten her. Her love of them deepens with each new experience they provide her.

Rita sits alone in her kitchen pondering how her life has changed in the last 24 hours. She is torn by disgust and elation at her actions. Not only has she engaged in incest with both her children and condoned their incestual relations, she has also brought her best friends children into their pleasure pit thereby confirming her legal status as a pedophile. She hates the fact that she doesn't feel guilt at her actions, instead she feels excitement borne of her awakening to the intense pleasure their big dicks provide her with. She feels reborn, alive and vital with a new understanding of pleasure and her reactions to it.

Tera revealed facets of her personality that she knows now she has always repressed. It took her thirteen year olds curiosity and willingness to explore to open her mind and allow her body to find pleasure in both sexes. She has found passion and an enhancement to the love she has always had for hers and Tanya's children. She actually feels closer and loves her children more after sharing such intimacies with them. All of them and myself have been so closely knit as a family and friends since their birth how could that love not lead to sexual desires she thinks as she tries to justify her craving for her son and now Jeremy, Tera and Lydia also.

Her memory of each of those encounters does little to quench the fires she knows should not be allowed to flourish any farther. She knew she was lying to herself thinking she could prevent any of this happening again. The forces and emotions that were awakened by each of her experiences with all four of them were addicting and intensely pleasurable. She has never experienced such overwhelming pleasure before, never knew cravings like she had experienced could be so intense and powerful in driving her actions. A part of her wants to cry and another more powerful aspect of her psyche wants her to revel in these newfound pleasures.

How can I ever look Brad and Tanya or even Ron in the eyes again while my secret seethes in my loins? How can I lay in bed with Ron laboring between my thighs and my mind with Kyle or Jeremy and not cry out one of their names accidently? She is about to find out if she can act normal around her friend that she is as close as a sister to because she sees her walking from her house towards her own with something shiny in her hand.

Tanya has to talk to someone about the abnormal stirrings she has experienced in her body every since seeing Rita's arousal and Kyle's huge white dick that prompted her incestual act with her son Jeremy. It is only normal to talk to her best friend, especially since it was her friends similar action that brought about her own despicable acts. Surely letting her know she knew of Rita's act with Kyle she could understand the forces that drove her to do what she did. She felt a trepidation at what her revelation would do to their long lived friendship but she has to talk to someone she knows she can trust. Before she can open the door Rita has it open inviting her in.

"Coffee", she asks Tanya? "What is that you have there, a movie, must be good if you want us to watch it."

"Not us Rita, you! And yes it is a movie, actually a part of a movie. Is anyone else home but you", she asks almost whispering?

"Just me, why, is it a porn", she asked jokingly? She sees Tanya in a new light for some reason. She isn't just Tanya her best friend anymore but a beautiful woman and her eyes roam her body as thoughts of making love to her began inhabiting her mind as she tries to prevent it.

"Yes I guess you could say that. Does your dvd player play dvd's burned on a computer", she asks?

"Yeah I'm pretty sure Rob plays the ones he burns on the TV, you want to play that", I ask her?

"Yes put it in and then sit down and play it. Before you do I want you to know that I am the only person to see this and this is the only copy of it.", she says, causing me to wonder what it could possibly be?

I set it up and sit beside her on the couch and push play on the remote. The screen is black for a few seconds and then a video of the beach begins playing. I recognize it instantly as the beach where I committed my first incestual act with Kyle. My heart seems to jump out of my chest as I see Kyle lying on the beach and see myself and Tera walking towards him. I know what I am about to see and I want to stop it but I'm mesmerized by the look on my face as my emotions are fighting my morals and the need I was experiencing. I experience those same feelings and emotions as I watch myself grasping his glans, squeezing it and see the effect it had on me as I watch my face fall under the spell of his cock.

I also see the effect it is having on Tanya as her thighs pump and her eyes are transfixed, staring, as she sees Kyles tremendous girth lifting and falling. I see Tera staring at Kyle's cock too, something I wasn't aware of before and probably explains why she lost her virginity to him. Tanya says nothing until we walk from the beach and the movie continues to record the empty beach until someone stops it. I sit there speechless knowing Tanya saw it all. How, who, my mind was flooded with questions but I was too embarrassed to speak.

My face felt flushed and I was grappling for excuses in my mind to explain what I did when Tanya says, "I forgot the camcorder and it was running. After I realized we had left it I drove back and got it and when I looked at it that evening I saw this. I made a copy of this part and then erased it from the camera. I played it a dozen times trying to understand how you could do that with Kyle Rita. I kept looking at your face and I could see your arousal and when I saw Kyle's cock I felt that same arousal. I mean, I can understand you being aroused by his dick any woman would be, but you're his mother and I couldn't understand how just seeing him could bring that out of you."

"I..I..I don't know Tanya, I just felt like my mind was incensed. I don't know about Brad but Rob is tiny compared to Kyle and Rob is the only cock I'd ever been with and when I started having thoughts of how he would feel inside a woman. How he would stretch me, hurt me....I...I..I just wanted to touch him so badly...I couldn't help was like my hand had a mind of its own and I wasn't controlling it anymore. Then when it began jerking and felt so powerful I...I...Oh god this is so embarrassing...I wanted to fuck it right there and couldn't let him go. The arousal I felt wouldn't even allow thoughts of him being my son to enter my mind, he was just a dick, a dick I craved so badly that if Tera hadn't been there I'm sure I would have mounted him right there. You think I'm a slut don't you Tanya, I know you can't possibly understand and our friendship is over but I swear I didn't want to do that I just couldn't stop myself. Are you gonna tell on me, tell Rob or the police?"

Tanya rose and ejected the dvd and walked into the kitchen and got my scissors and began scratching the dvd viciously until it was thoroughly ruined. "I was going to do that anyway Rita and would have if something hadn't happened to make me understand how and why you did what you did. Like you, I was extremely aroused seeing Kyle's cock, and no, Brad is not that big and all last evening I was craving to fuck him also after seeing him. But he's not my son so I justified my desires that way. I guess at that point I really felt superior to you because I knew I could never do such a thing as you had and really felt sorry for you knowing you had succumbed to your cravings. Because Kyle hadn't awakened through all you did I knew you would go home and berate yourself and be determined never to do any such thing again.

I knew when I come over today you'd be sitting here almost crying knowing what you did and I knew you wouldn't tell me what was wrong so I was going to show you this and let you know that I know you're not a bad person and that if Rob hadn't been gone so much it never would have happened. That's why I originally didn't go on and destroy it. I really thought I was glad my family wasn't so dysfunctional and was thanking God for what I had. Then I made love to Brad and the whole time he was in me I thought of Kyle's white dick, the only white dick I've ever seen by the way, and when I cum it was so intense thinking of Kyle cumming in me and I felt so guilty when I realized Brad was cumming in me. Who would have ever thought that I'd be craving your son's dick after our family's being so close all these years, I mean hell I changed his diapers, and you know, he was larger than average even then, just like my Jeremy is. Have you got any Tequila or gin or something Rita I think I need something stronger than coffee to go on with this."

"Yeah after seeing that I can use something myself I say", as I rise and go to the bar and fix us a couple straight up shots of tequila and leave the bottle on the table between us. I didn't fail to notice Tanya had said "Is" when describing Jeremy's dick instead of "was" but thought it was just a slip of tongue on her part.

Tanya took a sip of tequila and says, "Ahhh liquid courage, where was I? Oh yeah, I got up after Brad went to sleep and was gonna masturbate and try and get Kyle's white dick out of my head. I never realized how seeing a white cock would turn me on. Just thinking of fucking a white guy is so much more intense that when I think of black cocks. Yes I do think of fucking other guys than Brad, I mean hell he's the only guy I ever fucked and I'm curious, if you want to call it that. I was sitting there thinking if I was so worked up over Kyle's dick how tortured you must be without Rob home and him being your son and all.

I filled with emotion thinking how good my life was having Brad home every night and two wonderful kids. My heart made me go look at Brad as he was sleeping and think what a good man he was. Lyd was over here and I really wanted to just hug her. For some reason I went to Jeremy's room and was going to just look at him I felt so much love for him. You know how you walk over to your kid and run your hand through their hair. Well Jeremy never allows me to do those motherly things anymore so I thought I'd just kneel beside him and run my hand through his hair as he slept.

Tanya paused, tossed the tequila down and poured another. I saw her eyes tearing up and her upper lip trembled as she tried to speak but couldn't. She seemed to plead with me for something with her eyes and tossed the tequila down and poured another. I said, "Whoa girl, you have to pick the kids up at school remember". I'd never seen Tanya like this, she was not a drinker and I knew in a few minutes she would be slurring her speech if she drank that next shot.

Tanya choked back tears and couldn't speak her emotions seemed to be welling in her so intensely. She tossed back the tequila and as she poured another says, "It was easy for you, you had a fuckin movie and didn't have to say it. Then the tequila began to calm her and give her the courage to go on and she told me her whole incestual story about how she, just as I had, succumbed to the effects of seeing her son's big dick. Only in her mind she was a thousand times bigger slut than I was because she had actually fucked and sucked Jeremy, her son.

I feel so sorry for her, especially when she says he never woke up and now she has to live with him and the memory of his dick and how it pleased her. I loved this woman like a sister and I searched my mind for answers to her plight, anything to make her know she is a good person just like she had planned on doing to me before her own incestual demise. At least I had the ability to have Kyle's cock whenever I needed it. She only has the memory to torture her every waking moment. I tossed a shot of tequila and stand and turn my back to her, I couldn't look at her as I softly say, "I fucked Kyle Tanya, I fucked my son's big cock and I loved it. He was awake and knew he was fucking me and we both loved it and plan on doing it again".

Tanya stopped crying and stared at me for a few seconds as what I said sunk into her alcohol buzzed brain. Then she picks the tequila bottle up and takes a long pull and says, "My God you felt that dick inside you on the same day I fucked Jeremy. We really must be melded at the mind sister. How could we both do such a despicable thing on the same day without even planning it. What is wrong with us Rita, we weren't raised to be like this?"

"That's the problem Tan, we've led sheltered lives and have practically no sexual experience other than with our husbands and everything effects us like it would a teenager. We're both in the sexual prime of our lives and our hormones are screaming for us to fuck every minute of every day and then we're both confronted by Kyle's dick and are walking around like sexual bombs looking for something to light our fuses. I don't know where my trip will end but Kyle and I love each other and we both love the sex so I'm going to just enjoy it and take it as it comes. Do you think Jeremy would fuck you when he is awake and knows he's doing it, would you let him, you know, do it consciously", I ask her.

"God I know its wrong Rita but I've never had a dick that far in me before, I literally loved it. I felt like, and was, such a slut. I can't believe I'm saying this, but yeah, I would let him fuck me in a damn second. Her body shuddered hard as she remembered the feel of her son in her pussy. But I can't believe he'd ever fuck me knowing he was doing it. That's just a dream", she sighed.

"Did you know he tries to fuck me and Tera all the time, flirts every chance he gets?"

"Tera's a virgin, I better not catch his long dicked ass fucking around her, I'll beat that boy within a second of his death", she says quickly.

I smile as I say, "Tanya, does it really get you hot thinking of fucking a white guy, having a white dick creaming your black pussy? I'm gonna be honest it really gets my pussy wet thinking of a black dick in me. In fact I've masturbated thinking of both Brad or Jeremy fucking me and you just admitted you got off thinking about fucking Kyle."

"Yeah, well if we're confessing our sins here, I've also cum thinking of Rob fucking this black slut pussy of mine. I may not want to have white babies but I know I'd sure like going through the motions of making them. Damn all this nasty ass talk of fucking our sons and husbands is making me want to fuck girl."

I picked up the ruined dvd and threw it away then turned to look at my lifelong friend that suddenly has become a very desirable sex object in my mind. I kneel in front of her and ask, "Do you have panties on Tanya"

"Well now that you mention it, no. What are you doing down there and why did you ask me that?

I push her thighs open and press her housedress up and begin running my hands up and down her calves and caressing her inner thighs as I say, "Guess what else I think of when I masturbate Tanya?" I lower my lips to her inner thighs and begin licking and sucking the soft skin I find there. The contrast of her dark thighs under my white hands instills a heat in me like I've never felt before thinking of her.

"Oh god girl, I don't...are you....Brad never.....oh shit're makin me hot...are you really, I mean do you.......oh damn I dream of this so often.", she moans as she presses her ass forward on the chair and I sit and lift her thighs with my hands behind her knees and lower my face until my tongue lightly swipes her swollen clit causing her whole body to jerk away from the intense thrill that runs through her as a loud moan escapes her mouth. She immediately lifts seeking my tongue again after the initial shock my lick gave her. The tequila has her pliable beneath my caresses and fulfilling a fantasy she obviously masturbates to has her lost to her desire.

"Get up on the table where your beautiful black ass belongs and let me feast on your cum baby. You're pussy is gonna be my lunch and I'm gonna wash your taste down my throat with your cum." I say. I see my words are exciting her and she rises, kicks off her flats and places her ass on the table and lays back with her feet on the edge of it. "Take that dress off Tanya, let me see you. I want to see all of you, feel all of you and taste every inch of you. She slides off the table and pulls the dress over her head and drops it and stands there silent as my gaze roams her body. I had known she shaved her pussy and its bareness made her clit appear even larger than it is and it is large.

Her face is beautiful and as I look at her my emotions well in my chest. We have been such close friends and now we're taking that friendship to a new and more exciting level. I place my arms around her and stare into her eyes as I say, "I love you Tanya and I'm going to show you how much with kisses, touches and slow licks and light sucking but first lets go to my bedroom. I follow behind her watching her buttocks squirm sensually and fill with desire for her. I'm amazed at how different I see her since Tera and I had experienced such sweet passionate lovemaking. It opened a new dimension of sex that now included females not just men. I saw everyone as a potential sex partner now. I undressed as we walked leaving my clothing strewn up the stairs and down the hallway.

Tanya stopped at the edge of the bed and put her arms around me and the feel of her bare skin against mine filled me with a throbbing need. My nipples touched hers, breast to breast and I think how perfect we are for each other. "Rita, I want this, I've dreamed of it so many years. Brad won't do oral on me and I fantasize about being with you every day but I don't know how to do anything. Will you be patient with me?"

I lie and say,"Me either Tanya, we'll learn together", and I place my lips on hers lightly as my heart beats quickly and my mind fogs with passion as the love I feel for this woman flows from my lips to hers. She sucks at my tongue imparting her desire to me and expressing the love she also holds for me. Our hands roam as we learn each other's bodies. My touches are sure and confident but Tanya's are timid, searching. I lay her down and decide to allow her to submit to me as my lips begin kissing her throat, sucking at her as my fingers find her large clit and begin lightly pinching it, rolling it between my fingertips as she moans loudly, hips writhing as my caresses become light upon her tormented bud. I love her body, her darkness excites me, fills me with a hunger to know her taste, her body's secrets.

My tongue makes slow circles around each breast from base to aureoles where I lick her dark rings, teasingly circling her erect nipples with my tongue but never touching them, instilling a craving need to be touched, fondled. My lips work down her beautiful body licking, sucking as her mind feels the torment of an unfulfilled craving. I gaze into her eyes and see a Tanya I have never seen in all the years I have known her. Her eyes burn with her need, her tongue slides over her lips sexually as her eyes silently plead for me to make her cum. Her chest rises and falls heavily and her hips hunch and roll sensually. I kiss her pronounced hip bones, tongue laving across her flat abdomen as her mound lifts, undulates with her desire to be touched, sucked, anything to still the craving within her.

"Damn Rita you're so good at this, I need to cum so bad. Your lips feel wonderful on me. Don't take this wrong but seeing your white skin touching me, excites the fuck out of me."

"I know sweetie, you excite me the same way", I say as my lips begin sucking at the skin normally covering her clit but now receded as her clit pokes visibly from beneath it, pulsing, straining with each touch of my mouth to her skin. "Think how excited you're gonna be when you see Kyle slide his big white cock in your pussy baby", I say knowing it will excite her.

"Oh god I can't do that Rita, do you think he'd want to, oh god Rita, would you care if I did. I mean, ohhhhhshit he's so big. Did he hurt you...I mean damn.....oh fuck I want that....oh god you had his dick in your much did you take?"

"He made me take it all, I felt his fat glans in my womb when he cum. He had my whole baby chute full from my vagina to my'll love it I promise. And I'll suck your clit while he fucks you baby so you'll love it even more when he breaks through your cervix and womb fucks you till he cums girlfriend"

"Ohhhhhhgod...why would you let your son fuck me Rita when you love him so much? You know I'll do it, fuck it turns me on so much thinking of a white dick in my pussy, especially one that big....oh damn...sooo..fucking're making me so hot just talking."

"You know why Tanya, think about it why would I want you to fuck my white son, I mean actually want you to?", I ask as I slip two fingers in her pussy.

"Oh my god, you want to fuck Jeremy don't want his black dick in your pussy as bad as I want Kyle's white dick fucking me. Oh yeah I know he'll fuck you, I've seen him look at you. I wish he'd look at me that way then I'd know he wouldn't tell Brad....oh damn that feels good......oh fuck you've got me so hot Rita....don't stop.....oh shit I'm so close....put another finger in me...please"

"You want to cum baby, I can make you. Close your eyes and imagine Kyle fucking you on this bed. Then imagine watching Jeremy's eleven inches fucking my pussy next to you."

"Oh god Rita that would be so hot......oh damn I'd like seeing Jeremy's dick again..can we do that....please......oh damn touch me...lick it or something...fuck I need to cum"

"Tanya, we are gonna do that and we're going to do it today. After Kyle has made you cum many, many times and I've cum on Jeremy's big black dick a bunch guess what?"

"W..w...wha..what?....oh fuck...please make me cum"

"After we do all that, we're gonna swap and Jeremy is gonna cum in your incestuous pussy while Kyle cums in me"

"OHGOD.....I'M CUMMING!......oh yeah.....oh god can you do that Rita.....ohhhhhh.......fuck yes, I want that, oh god I want my son to drive his dick in me hard and hurt me, cum in me..aieeeeeeEEEE! fuck he felt so good inside me....unnngghhhhh.........unggghhhh.....aarrggghhhhhhhhhHH"

While she was cumming I pressed her thighs up alongside her perfect breasts rolling her pussy up where she could watch as I drove my tongue deep inside her and wildly shook my head as my tongue flailed her wet slick walls, fucking her with it stiffened and licking in pressured circles within her as her cries echoed through the room and she tensed legs trying to straighten but I held them down and licked strongly along her asscrack, tasting her aromatic asshole, biting her asscheeks as she gasps, "Oh my god that's good, lick my ass, oh fuck nobody's ever done that before....yes....yes oh god I can't stop cummin....ohgodddd....feels so wet...nasty....tongue it....put it in there....oh yeah..ahhhh oh god I wish Jeremy was here to fuck my asshole...ahhhhh..god.....I love you Rita...fuck I didn't know people could do this. Fuck, having a white woman make me feel so...ahhhh...ahhhhh.....oh damn I want to fuck Kyle so badly"

I love it, love making her cum so intensely in ways she's never experienced before. I love sticking my tongue up her ass, pressing its tip inside her sensitive ring of ass nerves and tormenting her there. When my eyes fall on her swollen taut clit pulsing, throbbing visibly I think how it looks like a tiny dick, its pink tip swelling, relaxing and then swelling again. I place my lips around it and suck it like I would a cock, drawing it in and out as my tongue slickly laves it as I suck it. Her hands grip my head tightly and her hips become agitated as she gyrates and hunches, shrill screams escape her as I lick her with a pressured madness, tongue returning to delve deep inside her as I drink of her sweet ebony body's nectar.

My mind is crazed with my own cravings as I devour her, hungering for her in every way as I show her the love she needs. I want to addict her to the cravings she has now, to make our small incestual pedophilic family her norm and bring her into it fully so she may know the feel of our daughters mouths and hands upon her body while our sons provide the deep pleasure we both now know we need. Jeremy's dick has her as surely addicted as Kyle's will once she experiences it. She is already a victim of Kyle's cock indirectly. It was the thought of his big white dick that had her aroused and ready to rape her son when she accidently touched him.

I allow her orgasm to subside and then lay beside her and kiss her with her juices wet on my lips and she seems to love it, licking at them, sucking her taste from me as we kiss passionately. Her agitated tonguing is exciting me and I want to feel her at my pussy licking and sucking in the same manner but I need to talk to her, to plan her demise at the hands of my two young lovers. I already have a plan but I want her at my house to implement it. I tell her that I will have Tera spend the night at her house with Lydia and get Kyle to have Jeremy stay here at our house. Then I suggest for her to tell Brad she is spending the night with me because we are going to a crazy days sale early in the morning and want to be there when the stores open unless he wants to get up and take her because Jeremy will have to take her car to ride the three other kids to school and then home.

"But how will you get Kyle and Jeremy to fuck me".

I know I can seduce Jeremy Tanya and I'll have Kyle pretend to be asleep because I know Jeremy will make quite a few trips to the bath room hoping to see me so he can flirt. He always does that and I just usually stay in my room because I wasn't aware he had eleven inches of young hard black dick or I'd probably already fucked him because I think about it all the time. Tonight I'll just walk out naked and go in the bathroom pretending not to know he's in there. When he's all over me I'll take him in Tera's room and have him fuck me in her bed and I'll keep bumping the wall with my foot to signal Kyle to come in to see what's making the noise because Tera isn't home. He'll pretend to catch us and get upset and tell Jeremy he's gonna go try and fuck you to get even. You just pretend that Kyle came in and began fucking you while you slept and when you woke up you were loving what you felt and I'll have Jeremy begging to fuck you by the time Kyle is though fucking you. In fact I might have him fucking your ass while Kyle is in your pussy. Oh, another thing, forget to bring your purse when you come over and try to get here without Jeremy seeing you or knowing you're spending the night.

Actually I was just going to tell Kyle to wait until he heard moaning from my bedroom and to tell Jeremy I must be playing with myself and to suggest they go double fuck me. When they came in I would be eating Tanya's pussy and boys will be boys and I'm sure when I suggest Jeremy fuck me and Kyle fuck Tanya, once he sees his mom fucking he will want to fuck her. One thing was certain Jeremy was going to fuck his mom and hopefully I can have him fuck Lydia too.

That evening I told Kyle and Tera what I had planned and what they needed to do to bring Tanya into our group so we didn't need to worry about her finding out and saying anything to anyone. I saw no reason to mention the movie or Tanya fucking Jeremy as he didn't even know it happened.

Right after dinner Tanya came over and I had her go to my bedroom and get in bed naked and to make sure the door was closed tightly. Then Kyle called Jeremy and asked him to spend the night and Jeremy said sure but he had to drive them all to school because Kyle's mom and his mom were going to do something tomorrow morning. Then Jeremy asks in a whisper, "Is it still on with your mom and Tera?"

We'll have to talk when you get here but maybe, things have gotten changed a little. Then when Tera sees Jeremy walking from his house to theirs she goes out the back door and in Lydia's back door. Brad was in the kitchen and Tera says, Hi Uncle Brad, is Lyd in her room? You know mom and Aunt Tanya are going shopping tomorrow and are gonna bankrupt you don't you.

"Yeah she's up there I believe, and then laughs and says, yeah I know all about those two and shopping. I'm just glad I have to work and don't have to go with them."

"Hey, Jeremy's staying over with Kyle tonight you care if I stay here with Lyd", she asks like its an afterthought.

"Why would I say no to a beautiful sexy girl spending the night here", he teases her. Tera notices his gaze follows her ass all the way to the living room and as she begins climbing the stairs she sees him rubbing what looks like a hard rod in his pants. She smiles knowing he does the same thing when her mom is around. She feels her pussy forming a wetness inside her as she thinks of how a black dick would feel fucking her and spewing cum inside her. That reminds her, she needs to take the morning after pill she got from the school nurse and to put the other one she had gotten just in case somewhere safe..

Jeremy is excited at getting to fuck Rita again and wants to know where she is. "She's around but first I have got to ask you something, do you care if I fuck Lydia?"

Jeremy smiles and then says, "Oh I get it, if I want to fuck Tera you get to fuck Lydia, that it? Why would I care as long as she wants you to?"

"That's good because I fucked her last night. But she made me promise her something and I did. She wants you to fuck her Jeremy, says she plays with herself about every night thinking about it."

"Oh man you lying, not Lydia, she hasn't ever done anything to make me believe that."

"Will you if she tells you she wants it", I ask him.

"Damn man that's my lil sis. You all playing a gotcha on me? Would you fuck Tera man? Tell you what, I'll fuck Lyd if you fuck Tera then we'll all be in the same boat and nobody can say anything."

"Thank you pal. They made me fuck them both last night, even mom got in on it when Lydia screamed so loud she come to see what was wrong."

"No shit, you fucked Tera after giving me all that grief about wantin to, man that's some nasty hot shit Kyle. You know what will happen if anyone finds this shit out?"

"Yes I do that's why you have to fuck them both too. We don't need Lyd getting hurt because you won't fuck her. While we're talking about all this I'm curious, would you fuck your mom, I mean hell she's as hot as my mom and I'd fuck her in a heartbeat?"

"Damn man, I wouldn't admit this to anyone but you, well maybe to your mom and our sisters too now, but yeah, I toss off all the time thinking of mom and Lyd. I didn't ever really think I'd do it though. It was just something to fantasy about, you know making them love my dick and all that."

"Yeah I know, I did the same thing with mom and Tera. Wouldn't it be nice to have your mom fucking with us, then all we'd have to worry about would be our dads finding out."

"Damn that's some sick shit but you're makin my dick hard as hell man".

"Could you watch me fuck your mom if you was fucking mine Jeremy"

"Fuck! I could watch you fuck my dad if I had my dick in your mom Kyle that's the best pussy I ever had, well hell you know it too. She loves to fuck. Wonder if mom loves it that much? Damn man now you got my dick straining to fuck my mom and my sister too. You're a sick fuck Kyle but I guess I am too cause it all sounds good. And I thought you were the normal one and I was the one fucked up thinking of fucking my kinfolk. Here I'm thinking of it and you done fucked three fourth of them. Damn!"

Rita is naked, her skin pressed against her black friends body and loving the sensations of their bare skin touching. It so sensual feeling Tanya's hands on her body. "I have cum a thousand times thinking of me lying in this bed under the sheet asleep and you creep in and lift the sheet at the bottom and crawl up under it and begin licking and sucking my pussy. I dreamt of waking up all excited and when I looked under the cover and saw your black body and your face between my thighs I always cum so hard. Would you do that for me Tanya, crawl under the sheets and leave your ass out so that I can call Kyle and have him fuck you while you eat me?"

Tanya didn't say anything, she liked the idea of being hidden under the sheet when she ate Rita's pussy for the first time because of her inexperience and the added excitement of knowing Kyle was going to penetrate her with his huge white cock. She didn't think she could look Kyle in the eyes and allow him to fuck her but she DID want him to! She gazed into her friends eyes as she lifts the sheet and crawls under it until her face is at Rita's shaved pussy. Seeing her whiteness excites her and makes her clit throb incessantly. She examines her pussy, runs her fingertip along Rita's labia and between them feeling the dampness there. She hears Rita moan as her fingertip traces her inner lips, slides into her pussy and feels her friends moist slick flesh. Rita's hips are hunching sensually as Tanya excites her without even realizing she's doing it.

Tanya feels Rita's pussy heat radiating against her face, smells her aroma and it draws her mouth to its source. She licks around her mound as she tries to command the nerve to place her tongue in that warm moist hole that beckons her. She sucks at the skin beside her friends clit and Rita moans loudly, her cry filled with desperate need as her hips lift as she glances down and sees Tanya's ass in the air swaying seductively.

Kyle hears his mom moan and knows its time so he says, "Damn you hear that moan, I bet mom is playing with her pussy. Lets go double fuck her but I get her pussy this time ok"

"Fine with me, I never seen a woman like dick up her ass like your mom does. If she can take you up the ass then she likes her ass fucked. I'm ready to fuck, all this talk about fucking Lyd and my mom has me needing to cum."

They open Rita's bedroom door and see a black ass and pussy staring at them and Rita has a look of anguished need on her face. She tries to smile but Tanya has finally found the courage to sink her tongue into the midst of her wet pussy and lick and suck strongly as she finds she loves feeling Rita hunch her white pussy up into her tonguing caresses. Both women are aroused and involved as Jeremy whispers, "Is that Lydia?"

"Just go fuck her, mom promised you would and she wants to see it." Jeremy walks behind his mom's black ass and stands there stroking his dick a few times and then places it at her entrance and begins fucking it into her. His mom lifts her head beneath the sheet and moans loudly as Jeremy wastes no time driving half his long dick into her pussy. Tanya thinks its Kyle but his dick doesn't feel near as thick as it had looked, it feels more like her son's. She feels her cervix pressured, forced open and her cries get deeper as her chest lifts and falls heavily. Tanya tries to lick Rita's pussy but each hard thrust of the dick in her pussy has her moaning as she feels it spreading her uterus and forcing into her womb. Her hips hunch frantically, driven like she was with her son but now she can express her need as she fucks back into the dick penetrating her mind. Her son fucks her roughly thinking he is owning his sisters pussy.

Kyle waits until Jeremy is in his mom fully, his big balls hammering her clit as he pounds her hard. Tanya is cumming unceasingly, begging for his cum when Jeremy thinks he recognizes the voice coming from the body he's dominating with his dick. Just then Kyle pulls the sheet from her body and Tanya glances around and her eyes grow wide and her chest begins heaving and her eyes close and she begins tensing hard at the realization her son is womb fucking her powerfully, stretching her like she's dreamed of all her life. "Fuck me baby, oh god it feels so good, hurt me, fuck your momma hard Jeremy baby....ohhhh sons fucking my pussy Rita..thank you...oh god thank you for this. Do you like my pussy baby? Do I feel good to you son. God I love your dick Jeremy! Oh fuck, you're so much bigger than your dad...oh god I can't stop cumming on your dick....please fuck me...oh god I need your cum....give it to your momma boy....n.n..need you to fill me up right there...oh god...ahhhh......ahhhhh..unghhhHHHHH...yes....yes oh god its getting bigger have to fuck Jeremy sweetie...fuck my boy."

"I already have baby, I fucked him yesterday Him and Kyle both fucked me real good. I just love you so much I wanted you to have them both too."

"Kyle, your mom is one sick puppy, she planned this didn't she?", Jeremy asks as he moans and says, "Oh damn mom, yeah squeeze my dick like that, oh god you're gonna make me cum...oh fuck...oh fuck yeah....gonna give you this cum slut, you're my slut mom...gonna cum in my sluts pussy. Tell me you want your sons cum in your slut pussy mom. Fuck me, fuck me slut...oh god I love your pussy mom."

Jeremy's words excite Tanya, she likes him calling her his slut, she is a slut now and she loves it loves knowing she's gonna entice his balls to give up the incestual cum she needs to bathe her womb hotly. She could never have imagined how much she'd love having her son stretch her out while white people saw and heard her begging for his hot nut juice. Her son owns her pussy now, his father has never given her what she knows she is about to be gifted from Jeremy and when he slams his dick into her forcibly and holds it there as his balls begin flooding her she thinks she will pass out from the wonderful pain he inflicts but she begs him to give her more, to pound his cum in her, to PLEASE never stop.

Tanya is up on her hands and knees fucking her pussy back into his forceful fucking frantically, squeezing his dick tightly on both forward and rearward strokes of his dick as he repeatedly spews liquid heat within her womb screaming, "Ohhhhh........aieeeeeEEE......unghhhhh with each forceful meeting of their bodies. Their bodies smack loudly as they both hammer together, her thrusts as forceful as his as they meet together, grinding, fucking, hunching together as he spews and spews, his balls churning, emptying as his excitement at fucking his mother's pussy drains him into the womb he came from at his birth.

Tanya begins eating Rita's pussy wildly, sucking and licking with no inhibitions as she feels the freedom of having already committed a woman's most intimate sin and can now indulge in anything she wishes sexually with no fear of added guilt or consequences. Jeremy rolls to the side and watches his mom devour the woman he has called Aunt Rita his entire life. Kyle's dick is hungry for Jeremy's mom and as she lays supine on the bed between his mother's thighs he begins pressing into Tanya's tight pussy. Jeremy's dick is already pulsing, jerking as he watches his best friend pressing his dick into his mom's pussy.

Tanya's head throws back and she screams as her pussy opens, burns with the extreme stretching he causes at her inner labia. Tanya's hands pull at Rita's hips as she tries to get away from the pain at her entrance moaning, "Oh god you're too big....oh damn you're ripping my pussy....please don't....oh god Rita make him stop", and then began crying, sobbing. Jeremy would have been killing someone that made his mom scream in pain like that but now he sits mesmerized as he watches, Rita's lips caressing his dick as Kyle continues forcing into her until she moans loudly, "Oh yeah, oh god its in me....don't move...please wait....feels so Rita I d.d..don..don't think...I can take much of your baby's dick. Ok Kyle, fuck me slow...don't get in no hurry baby...we got all night...ohhhh damn I'm so full already.....oh fuck...I.I..I'm c.c.cum...cumming......ohhhhhyeahhhh..oh oh fuckme...fuck me....harder....oh god too much...too much....oh fuck...sooogood...still cumminggg"

Rita calls Lydia and tells her to bring her mom's purse over because she has something for her. Jeremy's dick is again stiff and ready only this time he knows what Rita is doing, knows that Lydia his thirteen year old sister is coming to cum on his dick and he now knows she does want it as badly as he does. He knows she's on the pill too so he can fill her young pussy with no worries. He is looking forward to this. Rita continues to suck his dick to have him good and hard for Lyd's pussy but more because she just likes the way she feels with a black dick in her mouth and hands. She could easily suck his cum from his balls repeatedly and be happy and probably cum while doing it.

Lydia is shocked when she sees Kyle fucking her mom and Tanya is just as shocked to hear Rita tell Lyd she has a present for her and point to Jeremy's cock. Lydia's eyes instantly glaze over and she smiles a lewd knowing smile as she sees Jeremy watching her with anticipation as she undresses. It excited her seeing his dick jerking strongly as his gaze wanders her nude body. She feels so wanted, desired, as his eyes burn with the knowledge he wants her pussy. She kneels on the bed and takes his dick in her small hand and begins stroking it, small shudders racing through her as she realizes her dream is coming true. His dick feels hard inside but spongy around its circumference and she is drawn to taste him and she does. Her pussy fills with moisture and need as he moans as her lips engulf his glans and her tongue laves it. She adores his dick with her mouth. Her mouth sucks him warmly, slowly riding his shaft as her head bobs with her enjoyment at tasting him. Her moans become excited sounding as his precum flows from his fat tip and she sucks and licks it up, drinking his cock fluid and loving it.

"Put me in your pussy Lyd, I been wanting your pussy for so long baby girl. I need to feel your tight pussy sucking at my dick like your mouth has been"

Hearing her brother say he's wanted to fuck her as badly as she has him seems to melt her mind and drives her to stand flat footed over him as he lays down. Their mothers loud cries and screams seem a thousand miles away as she lowers her pussy to her brothers dick and begins pressing him into her. She stretches easily to accept him after the stretching Kyle gave her the night before. Too easily in fact and her body slides down his long dick and impales her pussy deeply bringing passionate moans from her as he penetrates all the way to her uterus. "Oh my god, she screams...oh yeah Jeremy...oh brother you feel so good....oh damn you're right there...fuck me....oh damn....I'm gonna cum already."

Lydia's hips hunch in a blur as she slams down onto her brothers dick. "Yeah Lyd make that pussy cum girl, drown my dick with your cum like mom did...fuck it like the slut you are...don't hold back. I want it all from you, I'm gonna cum in your asshole, mouth and pussy whenever I want to from now on. You and mom are my fuck sluts and you're going to eat each others pussies while I take turns fucking you both."

Lydia's mind is trying to comprehend what he said about fucking mom, he fucked his mother and now he's fucking his sister and he's gonna make her eat her mom's pussy. She begins cumming hard as she knows she wants that, wants to fuck him and even suck her mom's pussy. She sees her mom's hips lifting into Kyle's dick and knows what she is experiencing, her total lack of awareness of her surroundings as she experiences the deep thrusts of Kyle's fat long dick. He has addicted them all to his dick now, all four women of their two families. Kyle and her brother now completely control their pussies, providing them all pleasures they have never experienced before.

Jeremy reinforces her thoughts by laying her down and pummeling her deeply, driving his dick into her young fertile womb and an insanity into her mind. Her young emotions are not yet equipped to handle such intense sensations of pleasure and fullness and soon she is lying there moaning and cumming in waves of pleasure as his physicality expresses itself with an incessant array of deep thrusts that leave her weak and unable to restrain her body's movements as it jerks, bucks, hunches and twitches as she cums hard one time after another until her mind blurs and her body relinquishes its ability to move until she feels his glans throbbing in her wombs grasp.

She felt Kyle throb like that right before he exploded hotly within her. That thought drives her to pull her pussy up to his hardest thrusts and fuck him with hips seeming to shake on his glans as she fucks him against her deepest walls until he groans and fucks her unmercifully as she cums with his cock stretching her like not even Kyle had and spewing liquid fire inside her until she falls back exhausted. "You better get back over there baby", Rita tells her, knowing she feels as if she may never walk again but she smiles and crawls off the bed and begins dressing. Before she leaves she walks back to Jeremy and says, I love you Jeremy, thank you for giving me what I wanted big brother. Jeremy puts his arms around his sister and kisses her like no boy should ever kiss his sister. When their lips parted She turned and started walking away slowly, obviously aroused exclaiming softly, wow!

Tanya's pussy feels alive, rife with a myriad of thrills and sensations that cause waves of pleasure to permeate her. She can't believe Kyle has managed to impale her so deeply. Fucking his fat dick is like having a stream of babies being born sliding from her birth canal only to be rammed back up inside her to repeat the process. She loves his white cock. Knowing he is white and his dick is subjugating her to him with each new deeper penetration is unsettling to her sensibilities. She understands now why there are many black women mothering the children of white men. No black man can give a black woman the mental stimulation of seeing a white cock penetrating her pussy and feeling the taboo nature of his sexing her, especially when his dick is the size of a horses cock.

When she finally became aware of Jeremy fucking Lydia her mind cried, No, No, not your little sister, but then seeing how she was fucked senseless and loved it she felt a closeness with Lydia she had never known before. They were both Jeremy's sluts now, both carrying a secret that bonded them together forever no matter how old or how much distance was between them.

Tanya feels Kyle's cockhead pressuring her cervix, stretching its tiny hole and imparting an excruciating pain. The more her body resists the stiffer his cock grows until she feels her body relent and his dick enters her deeply with a sudden surge of intense pleasure. It has been thirteen years since her uterus has been opened and caressed by Lydia's birth and never by a man's cock. The pain she endures is a small price to pay for the excruciating pleasure she feels now with him pulsing inside her. His presence there has her body responding instinctively, her uterine ridges constrict, clenching his girth as they draw him even deeper as he continues his hot journey to her womb. His thickness fills her womb completely and throbs there driving her to madness as his heat radiates hotly into her clasping uterine walls.

Every movement even the smallest roll of her hips has her so inundated by streams of profoundly exquisite sensations her body feels pressured from within not only by the outward pressure of his extreme thickness but by the compounding pleasure that fills her like an inner madness. When he rolls her to her back and she looks up into the face of a boy whom she once had anointed his cock with oil as a baby and realizes she is now anointing it with her flowing cum her eyes close, back arches and she screams at the exquisiteness of her torment. Seeing his whiteness pistoning as she feels the insanity he causes in her mind has her lost, unable to process thoughts and then seeing her sons blackness thrusting deep into Rita's white pussy her mind seems to seethe with the carnality surrounding and filling her.

Kyle's balls batter her ass as he buries his glans as deeply as possible. He loves fucking Tanya, her hips roll and gyrate, pussy squeezing, massaging his entire dick as her body relaxes, stretches to conform to his size and she begins fucking him, his dick sliding easily through her birth canal to stretch her womb as his thrusts quicken, become more forceful, his glans massaged, squeezed until it swells its intention to flood her with the juices from his animal like cock.

Her moans become gutteral as she feels him throbbing, growing and her legs hold her pussy to his increased urgency until he fills her pussy with the pain of his release as he screams out in agonized glory. Her body tenses as she clings to him as he rams into her hurtfully, over and over with each molten release within her until they lay in each others arms kissing, tongues entwining as their bodies jerk and twitch with their waning ardor. Tanya thinks to herself, I love you Kyle and you have addicted my black pussy to white mans seed as surely as your mother is addicted to the seed spewing inside her as they lay and watch Jeremy's ass clenching as he rewards his mother with his black mans sperm.

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