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The story of a teen transsexual
The hottest girl in school. Everyone envies her. Would they if they knew everything about her? As a now college student, I am looking back at my high school drama to give people the story of a lifetime. Here's how it started.

John David Wagner was born on January 1, 1994. After birth, a botched circumcision had happen to me. That's when I was born. My name is Lara.

Now my parents had a choice. Give him a fucked up penis for life and never have sexual relations with anyone or raise me as a woman. The chose the latter of the two. My mother, beautiful and bright. My father, handsome and athletic. I had perfect genes. As a child, I grew up like everyone else. I learned to use a women's restroom, play with the girls, and live like everyone had a penis.


It was 5th grade. Girls were getting mature. Getting their boobs and hips in already. Sure some of us got it later on but some just didn't look right. After some hormone treatment as a child look the same as every other girl. But I had a boy butt, and no chest whatsoever. Guys had their hormones going and started getting "boners". Their weren't the only ones. My penis had grew from 3" to over 5" in two months. My mother had to get me some serious estrogen in me. By 7th grade I had C cup boobs. My ass looked like I was in high school already. My penis grew to 8" long. I was getting horny from both boys and girls. As I started looking online, even though I knew I had something girls don't, I was worried. I got turned on my myself. My big tits, big ass, and massive cock. Middle school was rough. Tucking in my penis every day. Not mention wearing skinny jeans, yoga pants, and booty shorts. I started having sex in 8th grade. I started sucking my bf's dick. He was only 5" but I was more than pleased. That's when he wanted to return the favor. I had to let him take my anal virginity for that.

You just asked, "how did he not find out?" Well when I'm flaccid, I'm only 4" or so. I tuck my scrotum in but tape my penis to the taint and it looks like a pussy. During sex I left my thong on and I but my penis facing up. So he fucked me doggystyle so I didn't let him see my erect cock. But one problem. He was good. So good I came all over myself in the process. I had a wet spot on my yellow thong. Thank god he was to stupid to find out.

High School:

My boobs got bigger. D cup and they are big enough I can titfuck people. So here's the rundown. 5'7" 125 lbs. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. Size 2. 8" dick. Star student. Student council president. Basketball star (they have no testing). Guys touch my ass all day long. They love my tits. They want to get in my pants. But if they found out what I was hiding, I would lose everything.

Kelsey... My bestfriend. The second hottest girl in school. She was a replica of me, just no penis. She was my P.I.C. Parter in Crime. She was sexy. She was one of the first people to find out about my secret. She didn't mind. But my hormones always have got the best of me. You see, while I was with a friend at a party, I met a girl. She was hot. "Big ass hips goddamn" as the great T-Pain would say. We went to a room together. She thought I was just a hot lesbian. But as she could see from the big thing coming from my dress (you stick your penis in between your legs and if big enough will be near your ass), I was something else. We fucked for over an hour. We did everything. 69, blowjob, anal, I even ate her out. I knew right there a then, I wanted Kelsey.

Gym... Oh how much I hate changing. Except for Kelsey, no one else ever found out. So for this unit we had swimming. I was in a sexy bikini (we can wear them now) as was Kelsey. Guys were getting hard looking at us. I keep managing to somehow not show my stick around at this point. I was lucky. I gym as the last class of the day. For this we have to take showers. My gym teacher always keeps the locker room open to showering if we don't have time. For me, I wait until after school to take mine. Kelsey was coming over to my house that night so we decided to wait until class was over to take our showers. Some how through all these years, Kelsey had never tried and touched my penis. This was about to change. As we always shower together, Kelsey was putting on soap when she dropped it. She bent over; I had to look (I never look nor does she in order for things to get not awkward). I looked at her perfect ass and knew this was my chance. I got my semi-erect cock and shoved it in her pussy. She screamed as she thought she was getting raped. She looked behind her to see me fucking her perfect body. I saw blood as I find out now... She is a virgin. I fucked her rough in the shower. Her pussy bleeding, Kelsey saying my name. I have her as my slut. I do what I want to her. Force her to deep throat me. I stick it in her little ass as she just wants more and more. It finally end with the largest cum shot I've ever had. Guess what we did when we got home to my house later that night... She got my cock at least once a week during my senior year. Kelsey is now a model believe it or not. All I know is that she is a little loose after everything I've done with her.

The End!

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2012-11-27 00:25:42
should have named the story "my life as a teenage troll'

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2012-11-25 14:12:32
I hope that you are olny full of do you expect anyone to jerk it to this shit?

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2012-11-25 13:11:27
I have read better graffiti on the shit house walls

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2012-11-24 21:06:11
سكس عربي

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2012-11-24 14:21:41
well that was short and to the pointless

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