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Jake, Bela, Mac and Lisa in "Stress Relief - A Brief Swordfight"
Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The loud, harsh clanging of swords smacking into and sliding against each other filled the air around the indoor running track. Macario and Jake were going at it while Béla and her daughter watched, cheering on their respective lifemates.

A second later, Jake’s sword went flying as his tired, numb hand was unable to hold out against Macario’s enthusiastic advance.

“Time!” Béla called. “My turn!”

She hopped off the bench and swooped up the sweaty pummel of her husband’s sword. Grinning, she looked at Macario as she approached him. He stood, grinning back at her, his bare, sweaty torso heaving sensuously as he breathed. Béla licked her lips and threw him an image of sliding her wet pussy around on his sexy, sweaty chest.

“Only if you win, little Puta,” Mac panted, catching his breath from having walloped her tired, old hubby.

If she lost, then Mac got to fuck her, so Béla figured that even if she lost, she won.

Jake dropped down on the floor at his daughter’s feet and leaned back against her blue-jean clad legs. Lisa reached down and massaged her dad’s sweaty shoulders as she watched her mom and her husband circle each other.

They attacked at the same time, their swords fiercely clashing as they met and separated. Jake and Lisa both cheered at the beautiful exhibition of skill and exhilaration. Mac and Béla were well matched. Macario’s hobby was sword fighting, and Béla had fought in several wars over the last four thousand years. When it came down to skill versus experience, each won about half the time. Although Mac outweighed Béla by at least a hundred pounds, Béla had no trouble fending off his powerful attacks. Her arm muscles were the same muscles she used for flying.

It was obvious to Jake, as he watched his petite wife spar with Macario, that Mac had been holding back when confronting Jake. The attacks he made against Béla were so swift and powerful that Jake could barely keep his eyes on Mac’s sword as the pair danced around each other.

He didn’t even see the slice that shredded Béla’s blouse or the one that marked a red line across Mac’s sweaty right nipple. From that particular cut, Jake knew that Béla was playing with Mac. In a moment, she made a matching cut on his other nipple. But in doing so, she left herself open and her left breast was sliced open.

Jake felt Lisa’s hands tighten on his shoulders as she massaged them. He knew Lisa was feeling her mom’s erotic broadcast as she went into ‘pain-separation’ mode. They both knew that if Béla got into a slicing contest with Mac, the sword fight would turn into a sexual mutilation contest.

“I call,” Lisa cried out, letting the contestants know that if her husband lost, she wanted the opportunity to carve on her mom. Then, the only way that her mom would get to fuck Mac was if Lisa lost the next match.

“Thanks for the… vote… of… confidence,” Mac panted as he parried another swift series of blows from Béla.

He’d won two matches with Béla. The first one had been Lisa’s fault for distracting her mother with an incredible orgasmic psychic broadcast as her father skewered her during their first sword fight. That had ended with Mac’s sword sheathed all the way to the hilt in Béla’s cunt, nearly slicing her in half lengthwise from the inside out.

The last fight he’d won after a long, grueling match during which they’d both carved each other up pretty good. He suspected that he’d won because Béla finally got so horny that she felt the need to be penetrated more than she felt the need to win. That contest ended with his sword shoved clean through her midsection and his personal, fleshier sword rammed up her cunt.

A minute later it was over. Mac parried to keep Béla from slicing open his midsection and lost his sword when Béla deftly twisted it around in his hand. In that odd position, his hand and wrist simply weren’t strong enough to hold on to his madly vibrating and twisted sword.

“Aha!” Béla cried out with glee as Mac’s sword went flying.

Before anyone could call out, her sword was stuck a couple of inches into Mac’s stomach. The dueling pair froze in that position for a moment, both sweating profusely and gasping for air.

“Yield!” Béla demanded.

With an evil grin, she shoved her sword in a little deeper. Mac looked at his wife to see if she was going to call. Lisa was watching with lust in her eyes, just waiting for Mac to get skewered. Macario, being less homophobic than her dad, had let Lisa tear into him a couple of times, just to understand what she experienced when she and her mom sexually tore each other apart. While he didn’t need pain with his sex, he was willing to tolerate it.

“I call,” Lisa said finally, repeating her earlier, premature decision.

She wanted to see her husband skewered, but she wanted to do it herself. She was still annoyed about the previous time when the four of them had paired off, her mom and her husband got to fuck and she was stuck with dear old dad. She grinned as she realized the pun she just made…

‘Stuck with Dad – stuck on Dad, stuck by Dad… Incestuous fun any way you look at it!’

But she liked Macario better. Pushing her dad forward to free her legs, she swung free of him and trotted over to where her own daggers were laid out on the bench.

Béla withdrew her sword and pressed forward to kiss Mac. As she did, she rubbed herself against his belly wound and pressed her sliced breast against his torso – a friendly little ritual of smearing their spilt blood on each other, then let him go sit next to Jake while she walked over to the weapons bench to join her daughter.

Lisa had picked up a pair of stilettos, so Béla walked over and picked up a stiletto for her second weapon. Mother and daughter paired off – a sword and a stiletto against two stilettos. Béla kept her longer reaching sword even though it seemed they were unfairly matched because of it. But the problem with fighting Lisa was that Lisa never played fair and she also didn’t care if she took a hit. Because she was a phoenix, she could flame her body and instantly heal any wound inflicted on her (if she wanted). She could even get blown up and still be able to reform her body. She actually did that in Wichita several weeks ago fighting mutant spiders.

Lisa grinned evilly at her mom and projected an image of two sex-crazed vampires in heat carving on each other.

“Just like old times, Mommy,” she said quietly in a falsetto voice.

“Bring it to me, Beth-baby,” Béla cooed, “I’ve always been able to beat…”


Béla stopped suddenly, unable to speak. One of Lisa’s stilettos was buried in her chest. A second later she was on her back with Lisa savagely carving on her bare breasts and belly. She managed to shove her own dagger into Lisa’s soft belly and cruelly twisted it, carving on her insides and puncturing her central core.

Lisa curled up and rolled off her mom, yanking Béla’s dagger right out of her hand as it stuck inside her. As she stood back up, Lisa teleported her first dagger out of her mom’s chest and back into her own hand. Then she pulled the dagger out of her own side and stood, grinning in exhilaration and gasping for air while her insides healed.

Béla lay gasping on the floor, her stomach too ripped up to move. She was shaking, radiating her orgasm throughout the room.

Intently gazing at her mom, Lisa slowly wiped each bloody dagger clean, sensuously caressing her crotch right through her tight jeans with the flat of each blade.

Béla finally became cognizant enough to pull her daughter’s second blade out of her belly. She licked her own blood off one side of the blade with her tongue, then looked around for her sword.

“You want to fight some more?” Lisa asked, grinning down at her. “You’re getting slow in your old age, Mom. I can take you now.”

“Still as competitive as ever, I see, “Béla gasped, rolling onto her hands and knees and reaching for her sword. “But that won’t work twice.”

“Sure it will!” Lisa chirped.

She threw both daggers at her mom. One sank into the top of her shoulder, right into the soft flesh between Béla’s two shoulder bones and the other one got stuck in Béla’s ribs. As Béla toppled over from her half-crouched position, Lisa bent down and picked up her mom’s sword.

Without even waiting to see if Jake was going to call, Lisa dropped down on her knees and shoved the sword all the way through her mom’s belly.

Jake and Mac sat, both with their mouths open, staring at the macabre massacre. The scene was so brutally erotic that neither were willing or even able to speak up and end it.

Béla lay on the bloody floor, choking on the blood flowing into her lungs. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had in the last two minutes. She just lay, shaking and unable to control her body as one orgasm after another flowed through her and out into her daughter.

After a moment, Lisa pulled the two daggers out and dropped them beside her. Rather than pull the sword out, she simply teleported it. It vanished from Béla’s torso and reappeared on the ground next to the two bloody stilettos.

“Now you do me!” Lisa said excitedly, leaning back and thrusting her lean belly toward her mother.

Béla was still clutching her dagger. Lisa waited. After a moment, she realized that her mom was no condition to continue their violent sex play. Still on her knees, she moaned quietly in frustration and slumped forward.

“Okay,” Lisa said, stretching across her fallen mother. “Feed.”

Unable to catch her breath and unable to rise, Béla painfully watched her daughter present herself. As Lisa pressed her neck against Béla’s face, Béla bit down with her sharp little teeth and began to suck. Both girls moaned and sighed in the pleasure each was experiencing from the vampiric feeding.

A few minutes later, they were both sitting on the bloody carpet and Lisa asked what the problem was.

“You usually regenerate faster than that, Mom,” Lisa said, concern showing on her face. “Is something going on?”

“I don’t know, sweetie,” Béla replied, still feeling exhausted, although she was recovering and could feel her daughter’s blood revitalizing her. “I’ve seen this happen before, with you, I mean Beth, and other of my sisters. Sometimes, I guess, we just need a boost – some other sister’s blood – to, um, kick start? – yeah, that describes it. To ‘kick start’ our healing process. Then after that, it’s okay for awhile.”

“Yeah, I remember something,” Lisa admitted. “I was really old, once – I think. You nursed me back to health that way.”

“At least a couple of times, sweetie,” Béla added, smiling at her loving daughter sitting there topless with drying blood spattered on her neck and breasts where Béla had bitten her.

They hugged each other for a minute, then both got up, picking up their weapons to clean them properly and put them away.

“So when do we have sex?” Jake wanted to know as he and Macario approached their wives.

“Yeah! When do we get to stick it to ya?” Macario asked cheerfully. “The boys and the girls got paired off the wrong way this time.”

“You want me?” Lisa asked, a devilish grin on her face.

Macario stopped, as did Béla and Jake, realizing that Lisa was ready and willing to play some more.

“You know I do, Babe,” Mac said, waiting to see what she had in mind.

“Okay, pick a weapon,” Lisa said cheerfully.

Mac looked around at the swords and daggers. “Dagger, I guess.”

Lisa threw one at him. She laughed as he caught it right out of the air. The second one, which he didn’t see at all, got him right below his rib cage.

“Awh! Fuck!” Mac exclaimed as Lisa chortled. Painfully pulling the dagger out of his belly, he asked, “What are you going to use?”

“Nothing,” Lisa replied. She was sliding out of her blooded jeans. She wasn’t wearing panties.

“Nothing?” Mac asked, only half believing her.

Lisa shook her head.

“No weapons, no powers?” he asked.

Lisa shook her head again, an odd, mischievous smile on her face now.

“O-kay,” Mac said slowly. His stomach was about healed now. He looked at Jake. “Let’s get ’er!”

Lisa yelped as both her father and her husband rushed at her.

“Dibs on Mom!” she hollered as she dove to one side.

Since her mom hadn’t chosen sides, participated in the initial rush at her, or called herself out of the game, Béla had to be on Lisa’s side now.

“IEEE!” Lisa squealed as she dove underneath Mac’s blade as he slashed at her.

She scrambled and half-rolled by him as he spun around, barely missing his target. Mac continued his spin, having practiced a lot on missing punches and slashed at Lisa again as she was rising to her feet behind him. A deep red mark appeared in Lisa’s forearm.

“Fucker!” she laughed as she danced out of his range.

She stood, grinning and swaying from side to side, watching Jake and Mac carefully as she licked the blood off her arm. Jake rushed her and Lisa darted off the other way, almost falling over her mother.

“You playing or not?” Lisa asked as she stumbled by.

Since Lisa asked her, now giving her a choice, Béla said, “Not!”

“More for me, then,” Lisa quipped, then darted around behind her, using her mother’s body as a shield.

Mac was running up toward Lisa now. Lisa shoved hard against her mom’s back, shoving Béla into Mac as he ran toward the girls. One of Mac’s daggers got Béla in the stomach as she fell forward against him. The orgasmic sensation Béla radiated out distracted Lisa for a moment. She turned back to see what was happening just as Jake grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the ground.

“Aaaaarrrrr!” Lisa hollered in playful defeat as she flailed the air with her arms and legs.

“I got ’er!” Jake crowed triumphantly, holding his slippery daughter off the ground with her arms pinned tightly against her sides.

“Hold her still!” Mac called out, grinning and scrambling to his feet.

Raising a dagger, he threw it at his wife’s midsection.

“Here’s the other one,” Béla grunted as she handed Mac the bloody dagger her loving daughter had run her onto.

“This one’s from your mom,” Mac announced, and threw it at Lisa.

Lisa grunted in pained excitement as the second dagger thudded into her midsection right next to the first one.

“What should we do with her?” Jake panted, still holding her helplessly up off the ground.

He was in direct contact with her and could feel her orgasmic sensations from the knives in her belly. He was getting really horny for his little girl as she struggled so sensuously against his strong grip.

Her struggles increased as Mac picked up the sword and walked toward her.

“Yield,” she yelled, knowing that it wasn’t an option – she knew what was going to happen to her because of her failure to offer her mom a chance to yield before skewering her earlier.

“If ye give no quarter,” Mac announced, raising the sword and pressing its tip against that sexy indentation in her sweet, soft belly, “ye can ask for no quarter.”

“Aaaaaaa!” Lisa cried as Mac shoved forward with the sword. She kicked and jerked and grunted as her darling husband slowly shoved the sword right through her belly button and out through her back.

“Holy fuck!” Jake called out, still holding her slight body out in front of him. “She having a hell of an orgasm!”

Fascinated by his wife’s spasms as Jake displayed her in front of him, Mac shoved a hand between her trembling legs, lubricating her with the blood flowing down from her sword and knife wound. Her orgasmic sensations flooded through him, as well, now that he was in physical contact with her. He could feel his cock pressing against his trouser leg as it grew. Looking down at Jake behind his wife, he saw that Jake also had a hard-on that was threatening to tear right through his jeans.

“Let’s double fuck her!” Mac decided, grinning at his wife’s captor.

“Oooooohh!” Lisa grunted as Mac pulled the sword out. As Jake set Lisa down on her feet, Mac dropped the bubbling blade to catch his bloody, naked wife as she fell forward, her long, sexy legs unable to support her.

Jake pulled off his jeans while Mac held his wife upright. As Lisa leaned against him, she weakly put her arms around him and moaned into his ear with each breath she took, “Oh God… Tha wz… so good… sill coming… Oh God…”

“You’ll be coming a lot more in a minute,” Mac promised her as he brushed his lips along her sweaty cheek.

Jake was ready, so Mac lifted his wife up. Jake moved forward and Mac lowered her down, slowly so that Jake could position his hard cock up against her anus. Lisa cried out weakly and stumbled back against her dad as she sank down, skewered in her ass.

Macario moved forward, pressing his hard-on down to point straight at Lisa’s bloody cunt. He shoved the head of his cock up against her vulva.

“Raise her… up a bit,” he gasped to Jake, his arms weary from holding the bleeding girl upright.

Jake put both arms around Lisa’s ribcage to hold her up. He gallantly bent backwards, almost losing his balance as he lifted his darling daughter up so that Mac could slide his long, hard cock up her slippery, bloody cunt.

“Oh, God!” Lisa cried out as her father let her slip down onto her husband’s giant cock. “Shit-shit-shit! Eeeeeeaaaaah!”

With her dad in her ass and her husband’s giant cock rammed balls deep into her pussy, Lisa was sure she was being torn in half. She was pinned between them both and couldn’t move. She couldn’t even twitch. Her dad’s cock in her ass and that giant cock in her pussy were holding the entire weight of her body.

“Oooooohhrrr!” she cried, her body trembling at the wonderfully incredible pressure she felt down there.

She started to come again, holding on with her arms around her husband’s neck as she shook. As another orgasm crashed through her body, her arms tightened around Mac’s neck, enabling her to raise up a little.

“Yeah! Oh, God! Yeah!” she cried out as she suddenly realized she could move again and began pumping up and down against the cocks ripping her insides apart. “Just like flying! Oh, fuck! I’m cumm… Aaaiiiieeeng!”

This time, Jake came, too. Gripping his squirming, lithe daughter tightly just under her ribcage, he dug his fingers into her tender flesh as he felt his cock explode up her hot, pulsing ass. He rammed his cock into her as hard as he could as he exploded up inside her again, coating the insides of her ass and his cock with cum. After two more spurts, cum was running out of his daughter’s ass and down his balls.

As her dad slid out of her ass, Lisa dropped her head back to rest against his sweaty shoulders, still holding herself up with her fingers dug into Mac’s shoulders.

“Love you, Daddy…” she moaned as she caressed his shoulders with her long, dark hair.

She turned her head sideways to kiss her dad’s cheek at the same time that Jake turned to kiss her. They both smiled contentedly as their lips met in a sweet, tender, slippery kiss. Jake loosened his grip, letting her slide down the front of his body until she was sitting on the artificial grass, then backed away.

As Jake moved away, he heard his darling daughter tell her husband, “Lay me down and shove that thing up my ass! It’s all lubed up and ready, Baby – Hurt me! Split me in half!”

Jake sat down, noticing how squishy and sweaty his naked ass felt against the hard bench. Then he gasped as he saw Béla. Each of her breasts were decorated with the hilt of one of the long stilettos, Béla having shoved the blades through her soft flesh until the pointy ends stuck out over her breastbone. Jake’s eyes followed the little rivulets of blood trailing down from her breasts onto her stomach and legs as she knelt on the floor.

Jake felt his cock twitch as he gazed at his wife, her tiny breasts skewered with those two long daggers. She was fucking herself with the handle of the third knife, ramming it in and out of her cunt. Blood flowing down from her breast wounds made little splashy sucking sounds as she rammed the knife handle in and out, in and out.

Mesmerized, Jake found himself kneeling in front of his wife, staring into her pain and lust-filled eyes. She stared back at him, fucking herself madly with the knife handle. Fascinated, Jake looked down at what she was doing. There was a lot of blood on the floor between her legs and he couldn’t see the knife blade sticking out in front of her like it had when she’d masturbated with knife handles before.

‘Holy shit!’ Jake realized, his cock springing up to full attention now. ‘That long-ass blade’s INSIDE her! She's carving her cunt out!’

Shocked, terrified and incredibly aroused, Jake reached forward and grabbed Béla’s shoulders to shake her out of her pain-induced trance. The intensity of her orgasmic sensations flooded into him, the impact almost knocking him unconscious. He fell on top of her, knocking her flat on the floor.

They both screamed as he fell on the blades in her breasts, shoving one almost completely through her chest and shoving the other one sideways so that it carved a new path up and out. It slid out and down to the fake grass floor beneath them.

“Fuck me!” Béla gasped, panting with pure, pain-induced lust. “Fuck… ”

Her body was shaking. Jake could feel it – she was having one long, constant orgasm as she lay trembling beneath him. She was so badly carved up that she couldn’t stop coming and needed something extra to finish her off. His cock was already responding to her and he shoved it up between her legs.

Béla’s shriek nearly deafened him as he sank his cock into the raw, shredded flesh between her legs. When he tried to pull away, she grabbed him and dug her nails into his back and his rump, holding him against her as she pumped her shredded torso against his cock and pelvis. He could feel her hands, slippery with her own blood, trying to hold him against her as hard as she could.

Then he noticed that Béla and Lisa were mind-linked and broadcasting their orgasmic sensations through each other. Lisa was split open with Macario’s foot-long happy stick shoved up her ass and Béla had already carved herself open, her raw cunt nerves now being agonized by Jake’s hard cock.

‘They’re feeding off each other’s psychic emanations!’ Jake realized as Béla kept mooshing her shredded insides against his cock, trying to maximize her sensation down there.

He was amazed at how good her bloody insides felt against his hard-on. If he didn’t think about what he was fucking, it felt better than her cunt or her ass ever did. He began hammering his cock in and out of her, feeling pieces of flesh drop away, her sticky, shredded insides becoming looser and looser as he pounded deeper into her than he could have gotten if she weren’t already sliced open.

Béla was screaming constantly and gripping him tightly, not letting him ease up as he pummeled her. One final, incredible orgasm was building up inside her – the building sensuality not bleeding off into the constant orgasm she was already having. She arched her back, almost bucking Jake off as it broke and crashed through her, setting every nerve and muscle in her body on fire. It radiated out through Jake, making him come instantly. Mac and Lisa cried out in orgasm as Béla’s orgasmic flow flooded through them as well, ending their violent sex play with the most powerful orgasm each of them were going to have that night.

Jake lay on top of Béla, gasping for air. Remembering what his dick was shoved into, he pulled out and dropped down beside her so she could heal. He was surprised to find that he’d torn her open halfway up to her navel.

“Oooh, God,” he gasped, looking away from the gore and up toward his wife’s face. “You curled my toes with that one, Babe.”

Béla didn’t answer. She’d passed out completely. Jake chuckled to himself, then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. He could hear Mac and Lisa moving around and looked over at them.

“Good fuck?” he asked, grinning at his daughter and her husband.

Macario chuckled and nodded, completely sated. Lisa looked like she’d been gang raped and thrown in front of a truck. Still lying on her stomach with Mac halfway on top of her, she glared at her parents, seeming upset about something.

“She beat me… again,” Lisa gasped, attracting Macario’s attention.

“What?” he asked her.

“Mom…” Lisa grunted, exhausted and exerting herself to be heard, and still a little surly. “She's unconscious… fucked unconscious.”

“So?” Mac asked, not understanding.

Lisa rolled halfway over and pulled out from under her lifemate.

“It’s a game… we play,” she explained, more alert now as her strength gradually returned. “You fuck until you can’t anymore. If you’re still conscious, you keep going. Mom passed out first, so she won.”

“You wanna fuck until you’re unconscious?” Mac asked, willing to go for it if that’s what she wanted.

“Nah, Mom’s already won,” Lisa sighed. She reached an arm up toward her husband so he’d help her up.

“Hey, Pops, does Mama ‘B’ always go out that way?” Mac asked, looking at his stepfather as he pulled on Lisa’s arm.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Jake admitted. “But it takes a lot of firepower to get her there. You know – guns, knives, whatever you’ve got that’ll make a hole in her – that’s what it takes.”

“Hon, how long have you and your mother been competing like this?” Mac asked his wife, wiping her down so that she could get dressed. “You really laid into her, tonight.”

“Well, I’ve been…” Lisa thought for a minute. “I don’t know. I’m remembering my life before – when Mom and I were sisters. We did stuff like this a lot. I remember that if one of us could move at all, that one would spend what little energy she had left shoving something sharp into the other one. It was sooo fucking wild! I don’t know how many times we fucking killed each other!”

“Well!” Mac said, not wanting to know half of what she’d just said. “Okay, then. But I hope you’re not grooming me for something like that.”

Lisa grinned and kissed his cheek. “You’re coming along very nicely.”

“Dad,” she said, slipping into her T-shirt. “Is Mom okay? Does she need a quick feed or anything?”

“Probably,” Jake admitted. “She carved herself up pretty bad. What the hell was she thinking?”

“Oh, nothing serious,” Lisa said, kneeling down next to her mom’s bloody body. “When we bounce our sensations off each other like we did tonight, we both sort of lose control. She was sacrificing herself. It was a game we played.”

“I sacrifice my hot, willing cunt to the Goddess of Lust” Lisa laughed. “It was incredible!”

Lisa scooted her legs up under Béla’s head while she was talking and then bent over, using her knees to raise her mother’s face up to her neck.

“Okay, Mom,” Lisa cooed, “feeding time.”

“Uuuhh,” Béla muttered as she was forced toward consciousness.

Then her mouth was against her daughter’s neck and she was sucking; feeding for the second time that night. Jake and Macario quietly wiped themselves down and began putting their clothes on while they waited, listening to the quiet moans and swallows of the two vampires they were married to.

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