Hope you enjoy
this is not my normal type of story but my mind goes where it will go all my fingers can do is type and follow along for the ride.

There is no sex in this chapter so if your looking for that i applogize for wasteing your click.

Also i wrote it from a womans POV so be easy on me ladies i'm trying lol.

Finding My Daddy.

Part 1: Getting to Know Daddy

It started out innocent enough a little surfing here and there, I was young after all, curious what the world
had to offer. What I found scared and excited me in the same breathe. I spent weeks sucking in all the
different life styles and things people do. I knew they existed, I wasn’t that young or naïve. I wasn’t even
a virgin; that I lost some time ago.

I was just beginning my sexual awaking. My age isn’t important since you could find yourself at this point at
any age. My looks, well as my daddy told me later I was beautiful to him. Sexy in my own special way, I fit his
idea of prefect and he mine. To the rest of the world I was your average young girl, not over weight but not
skinny, pretty but not the girl the football players wanted.

I meet my daddy on a story site. It offered stories on all subjects and life styles, not just one thing. Plus I
wanted to feel the stories, not just look at one guy after another fucking a young cheerleader. I read
several of daddy’s stories and they peaked my interest in a variety of things.

Daddies stories had a little of everything; you never knew what he was going to write next, even the scat
stories I disliked so much I found myself reading as I waited for him to release another chapter. He wasn’t a
great writer, he definitely couldn't make a living writing but his stories had me intrigued.

I laid in bed many nights dreaming I was one of his characters until I worked up the nerve to post and leave
the fake name I had made for myself. I had posted before but always anonymously. Daddy replied as he
always did and I posted a few more times before I created an account.

Daddy seemed nice as we chatted off over the weeks. I was a little nervous when he asked for a picture the
first time we chatted, I must admit. I had been down this road before but I posted one of my face as he
asked anyway. I waited day after day for the request as we chatted but it never came. He never asked for
naked pictures of me nor did he post naked pictures of himself. His pictures on his profile were just him being

I had to laugh when I asked daddy to KIK with me so we could talk easier. It took several emails to explain to
him what KIK was and how to use it before he was on my phone. We chatted a lot over the weeks that
followed. I had even said half serious and half joking that I wanted him to come meet me several times. My
stomach always knotted up as soon as I hit the send button.Daddy just ignored it for the most part and
teased me but never took me serious.

I knew from our talks and daddies stories he was the very dominate type but he was nothing like what his
stories portray. I was slowly getting a growing interest in a daddy/ daughter or maybe Dom/ slave lifestyle I
had always been the submissive type and the daddy thing was interesting.Daddy didn't steer me either way
he just helped me along where he could.

By his own admission he was no DADDY or MASTER. He was just like me learning as he went. He had
many, many more years dabbling in the life then I, though. In fact his real children were close to my age
which I think was an internal struggle daddy faced though he never said as much.

Daddy, unlike me, was very open in his life about his choice. Me, I had to keep mine hidden my family
wouldn’t understand even if it was just talk and stories. I was young so to me my life would be over or
atleast changed forever. I know the people that loved me would look at me different if they knew.

We continued to chat and I continued to joke about meeting him, less joking and more serious as time went
along. I was still scared. The last time I asked, however, he said yes and told me to pick a date. I thought I
was going to puke my stomach knotted up so fast and hard. I had never even heard Daddy’s voice and only
those few pictures on his profile.

I wanted to back out and take it all back, delete my account and hide. The next day daddy chatted like we
always did no pressure just his relaxed self as daddy always was. It put my mind at ease but my second fear
started to consume me as we set a time and place to meet.

Daddy had already told me how our first night together would be if we ever meet; I had laid in bed dreaming
of it many nights. In the safety of my own bed in my house it had made me cum many times but this would be

I laid in bed that night looking at daddy’s email from weeks ago about our first meeting. I would arrive at the
motel alone and go to the room. Once inside I would be alone. The room would already be prepared with a
laptop and web cam so daddy could watch. The bag of toys on the dresser and restraints already fixed to the

Daddy wouldn't be in the room until I was done though, I would have to strip myself as he watched on the
web cam, then lay on the bed and strap all but one arm in. Daddy also had a ball gag I would have to put on
and ear plugs. The last item would be the blind fold before I was to lay down and wait for him to strap my free
arm down.

I would be completely defenseless from then on, unable to stop or change my mind at the last minute. That’s
what scared me most and made me cum the hardest in my fantasies, giving up power and control to daddy.

It wasn’t what you would expect, I know. I thought he would describe some romantic candle lite dinner where
we went back to the motel and role played as we made love. Not my daddy though he was real, not just a

I prolonged the meeting making up excuses trying to build my nerves up but daddy never complained and
acted as he always did after each canceled date.

Part 2: Meeting Daddy

I had run thru all my excuses, my internal struggle was over and my little demon side had won, though
barely, and the final date was set. It took some doing to get away from home for a night I would be missed
and questions would definitely be asked if I just left. I lied to everyone about what I was up to, where I was
going, and whom I was meeting.

I was so busy making my cover story It hadn’t even dawned on me until I reached the hotel, if I died tonight
nobody would even know where I was or who to look for. I almost turned around and went home then but the
bad angel was in charge now.

There was no daddy there to meet in the parking lot or to walk me to the room. The trip was longer then the
100ft should have been. My legs were slow and heavy but my heart was racing; it was a cool night and I was dressed as daddy instructed a dress nothing fancy and comfortable shoes. No make up daddy said I
wouldn’t need it; I had a natural beauty to him.

I had bought a new dress and shoes even though daddy said I didn’t need it. I would be naked the first time
we meet but still I knew he would be watching me walk to the room and undress on the web cam. I wanted
daddy to like what he saw, for him to want me desire me as I desired him.

I looked around for him as I walked to the room looking for any sign of movement in a near by room. A
curtain moving, a crack in a door, somebody sitting in a car even, but nothing; not one glimpse of daddy as I
look back one last time before turning the door knob.

The laptop was on the dress as daddy said it would be and a bucket of ice with my favorite drink next to it.
Daddy had left me a little note, my heart raced as I read his words. It wasn’t a romantic poem or confession
of his dying love for me, it wasn’t even romantic in the least bit but it was from my daddy.

All it said was: Drink, relax and do what feels natural, the door is open to leave anytime you want. Before
you lay back on the bed be sure you have resolved all your issues and struggles inside because there is no
turning back once you lay your head on the pillow. There was a paper clip with a polaroid of daddy on the

It was daddy sitting in the room I was standing in, I had feared his pictures might be fake but that fear was
gone and my heart raced now sure that my daddy was near. I slowly undressed as I sipped my drink to ease
my nerves, daddy had only left enough for that anyways, he didn’t want me drunk.

My panties were already soaked as I sat on the bed and felt their dampness against my thigh. My jacket was
already on the dresser, it was the first to go. I already felt exposed sitting in front the camera. My young firm
breast were still covered but barely by the low cut dress I had wore to look good for daddy. I wished now I
had worn a bra looking down at my hard nipples straining against the thin material.

I know daddy is probably nearby zooming in on them seeing my excitement. I wish I could see daddy, see if
I’m turning him on or not, I think as I toss my last shoe to the floor. I sit, sipping my drink for several minutes
before I stand to take the dress off. I could easily step to the side out of camera view, I think as my face
burns from the embarrassment I’m suddenly overcome with.

Looking in the mirror my embarrassment is obvious and I know daddy couldn't miss it unless he’s blind.
Daddy said I had to stay in camera view so I did as I slowly pulled the straps over my shoulders. I couldn’t
blush any more than I was now, I thought to myself, but I was wrong as I stood there only moments later
naked except for my white panties.

My arms trying to cover my breasts as I look in the mirror and my legs wobble in weakness as a rush of
heat passes thru my body. I thought the white lacy panties were sexy and made me look pure and innocent
for daddy, what I saw in the mirror was the dark wet crouch were my kitty and soaked my panties thru.

I look like a horny little slut not the innocent baby girl I wanted him to see. I turned my face so daddy wouldn't
see the tear in my eyes and quickly removed the panties and place them on the pillow as daddy had told me

I look like a horny little slut not the innocent baby girl I wanted him to see. I turned my face so daddy
wouldn’t see the tear in my eyes and quickly removed the panties and place them on the pillow as daddy
had told me too.

I looked in the mirror once last time. My young body made to look even younger as I stood there naked,
pussy shaved bald and smooth like when I was a little girl. I could feel the shiny wetness before I saw it,
though I saw it plain as day. I wondered if daddy could see it as well. My hair in pigtails with the little red
bows to match the dress that now laid on the floor.

I finish the last of my drink in one gulp before heading over to the bed. It was a king size bed and I looked so
small as I slid to the middle. Even though daddy would see all off me soon I felt self-conscious about
spreading my legs keeping my knees together as I attached the leg straps.

I forgot the steps daddy had given me as I fumbled with the earplugs and ball gag trying to remember which
was next. I know it wasn’t important but I wanted it to be prefect for daddy just the was he told me it would
be. Ball gag I remember breathing a sigh of relief, the ball was much bigger then I imagined.

I had to stretch my mouth as wide as I could and force it in, it hurt my jaws at first but as I tightened the
straps it wasn’t that bad just different and slightly uncomfortable. Looking toward the mirror I looked like
a pig ready for roast with the red ball sticking out my mouth. A chill ran up my spine and kitty twitched at
the thought that daddy would be eating me soon.

I squeezed my legs closed tighter as I felt kitty twitching wildly as I fantasized for a moment. The ear plugs
were next as I slide them into my ears I thought about cheating leaving them out just enough so I could still
hear a little. Daddy wouldn’t know. But what if he did? What if he found out and just left as he said he would

Eagerly, I accidently push them in too far hurting my ears and I had to pull them back out a little. They were
in correct; all I could hear were my own thoughts now and breathing. The blind fold was next so I moved the
arm cuff close so I would be able to find it easily. I looked at the cuff making sure I knew how it work so I
could do it blind in a few minutes.

The blindfold wasn’t what I thought. I had seen one before and thought it would be like the others and I
would be able to see little shadows and movements. But daddy made sure I wouldn’t with this one, it was
more a hood than a blindfold with little hole in the top for my pigtail to stick out.

It zipped down the back and covered my face almost completely. My hand was a little shaky as I pulled the
zipper and my world went black. I was shaky and having second thoughts even as I fumbled with the cuff to
strap my left arm in. I sat breathing heavy now as my heart and mind raced. I wanted daddy more than
anything now but I was as scared as I have ever been.

All I had to do was lay back and daddy would take over in a few minutes. It sounds easy enough just lay
back I tell myself but my body doesn’t move. I made my decision it was over I was giving myself to daddy
but still my body didn’t move.

I felt like I had a gun to my head getting ready to commit suicide my mind unable to control my body and
follow thru with my decision. Even though all was dark with the hood on I closed my eyes and imagined
daddy’s email. As I was imagining all the things daddy was going to do to me, my head slowly lowered
to the pillow as my fantasy ended.

I felt the warm wetness between my legs, I must have cum during my fantasy.
How could I have and not know though?
How long was I there in my fantasy?
How long has my head been on the pillow?
Where is daddy; why isn’t here yet?

My mind raced thru the sequence. Had I done something wrong out of step and daddy was mad and left. I
began to shake my eyes filling with tears as I walked thru each step. Step by step until my heart nearly
jumped from my chest and I started to panic. The panties how could I forget the panties.

Daddy told me that the only smell he wanted me to smell was my own little pussy. I had forgot to put the
panties so the cum soaked wet spot was on my nose. I laid there as tears filled my eyes with nowhere to go
inside the mask. I tried to listen if daddy was there but I could hear nothing but my pounding heart and

I laid there forever; it seemed like hours. Daddy laughed later when he told me it was only ten minutes. My
body ached I was so nervous as I finally gave up. Daddy wasn’t coming. I had messed up, I think as I
slowly raise my arm too began the process of removing my binds.

My heart sored as I felt his hand on my wrist wrapping the cuff around it. I was scared there was no return
for me but my fear was overwhelmed with the relief. Daddy hadn’t deserted me here.

Part 3: No Return.

should i continue or make it no return of the story????????????

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