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A cosmetic surgeon in Dallas specializes in enhancements, mailny penis enhancements. One day, a man walks in and says,"Doc, my wife and I are naturalists, and we want something closer to nature. Can you give me a wooden penis?" The doctor tries to talk him out of it, but in the end, he does the surgery.

The next day, a man walks in and says,"Doctor, my girlfriend wants sometihng more exotic in the bedroom, so could you give me a glass penis?" The doctor tries to talk him out of the idea, but does it anyways.

The next day, a man walks in and says,"Doc, My girlfriend says I'm too small and I wanna impress her. Could you give me a 50 yard penis?" The doctor tell the man his idea is absurd, but the man is persistent, and the doctor does it.

A week later, the man with the wooden penis walks in and says,"Doc, I was havin' sex with my wife and my dick splintered in her pussy. We had to go the emergency room and it was way too embarassing. Can I just have my real penis back?" The doctor, trying to avoid a lawsuit, does it.

The next day, the second man walks in and says,"Doctor, I was banging my girlfriend and my cock broke in her ass. We had to go the hospital and I want my old penis back!" The doctor performs the surgery and the man leaves.

The next day, the man with the 50 yard penis walks in. The doctor says,"Lemme guess, you want your old penis back?" The mans says,"Hell no, I love it. You see that hot chick way over there?" The doctor nods. He unzips his pants and with a quick thrust shouts, "Bang! GOT HER!"

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2012-09-21 20:07:27
OMG IM DYING. ( this is said sarcastically )

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2012-02-19 21:50:05


2008-05-17 11:36:16
2005-12-31 07:32:10
OOOO... U suc
i say:
you suck you friggen 11 yr old ur porblably half inch!


2008-05-13 17:12:00
That fuck was so fucking funny!

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2008-05-08 05:33:39
its a bull shit

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