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We never really spoke of that night much after that, although we all had thought about it plenty of times. It seemed like a dream, like it had never happened, We hang out alot so I know eventually it would happen again. Every day or so we would all go into the woods and play games. This is where this one takes place :).

Tony and I were just hanging around our houses looking for something to do and Kassie walked by. We decided to go roam the woods. So we went to get Brittany. After the night Tony's mom had suspected something weird going on so we it usually wasn't all four of us hanging out, incase something did happens and she happened to be there. We started walking to the woods and all took a glance around us before going down the path into the woods. There was a path down then a path up and a hill down. When we started the path up I was last and it was a pretty steep path so I got a good glance of Kassie and Brittany's ass cheeks moving back and forth as they swayed their hips on the way up. I started to get a hard-on and I knew this was going to be a good day.

Brittany, who was walking in front of Kassie then dropped something and bent over, while Kassie was coming up steepest part of the path went face first into Brittany's ass. I had a full hard-on, and I knew I had to jerk off or something, since Kassie and Brittany didn't look the least bit horny. I told them I had to use the bathroom and they all made gross faces and I ran a bit away and found something to sit on. I whipped out 7 inches of raw meat and started yanking on it. Ah, I was so horny, it felt so good. I then heard quiet footsteps coming closer.

I peered up, and it was Tony's mom! I was busted. Her eyes stared deliciously at my dick. Walked over and grabbed my dick and whispered in my ear "Your in big trouble, unless you give me a taste of that raw meat". Tony's mom was alright looking for her age, so I said yes! She dropped onto her knees and pulled her golden hair behind her ears and stuck her mouth onto my 7 inches. Her tounge teased my dick for a couple minutes and finally she enclosed her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. I was beyond pleasured and I started moving my hips to hump her in her mouth. I felt the cum rising in my dick already, she sensed it and stopped immediatly. "I'm not done already!" she whispered sexily. She started pulling up her shirt and two beautiful mounds of skin with tiny hard nipples bounced out. I was in heaven and she knew it.

Just at that moment Tony, Brittany, and Kassie were walking by and spotted us. At first Tony walked a bit closer, and saw his mom, he turned around, looking like he was about to barf and then turned around. Smacked right into a tree, knocked unconscience. Brittany and Kassie walked over and told Tony's mom they would handle me, and for her to go over and do what she needs to do with Tony. As Brittany and Kassie kneeled down and started sharing my dick I watched Tony's mom walk over to Tony and pull out his cock and rub it till it got hard. I then lost concentration and couldn't focus because of the pleasure.

Brittany stood up, pulled her pants and panties down, and straddled my dick with her tight, small pussy.. At the same moment Kassie stood right in front of Brittany facing me, she pulled her skirt and thong down and started moving her hips back and forth with her hands holding her ass cheeks open. Brittany and I catching drift of what she was doing both stuck out our tongues and everytime her hips went back and forth my tongue penetrated her pussy and Brittany's tongue licked her anus a bit.

Brittany started moving up and down on my dick, we started a really good pattern and I was already about to ejaculate when Tony's mom came up with Cum all over her and started shoving Brittany down harder on my dick and then put her face down to the front of Brittanys pussy where my dick was going in so she was licking my dick and her pussy. My cum just started shooting out in huge loads, it was dripping out of Brittany's pussy and down my cock. Tony's mom, and Kassie both started licking and slurping it up while Brittany kept riding, after about 1 more minute she couldn't take it and she came.

Tony's mom and Kassie licked that up also, I came once more and I couldn't keep going any longer. I layed back for them to do what they needed to do. I fell asleep after lots of moaning. I dreamed of nothing but sex, fantasies and what had just happened.

I woke up with a hard-on and Brittany, Kassie, and Tony's mom were over to the side a bit all licking eachothers pussy. Tony was nowhere to be seen, so I walked over to Tony's mom, lifted her ass a bit and stuck my dick in her pussy, it was really juicy and slid in no problem. I started pumping and about 50 seconds later I couldn't take it, which I was thinking was understandable since while this was happening I was watching 3 girls have sex also. I came all over her pussy and then my hormones settled down I realized it was time for me to go home, In fact I was late.. it was 9:30, but Tony's mom told me I could spend the night, so I slowly walked home to ask...


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to short but it was ok didnt suck balls!!! infact the reader that said it sucked balls infact sucks balls so :)
gd 5/10

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