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Finding My Daddy 2

My heart sored as I felt his hand on my wrist wrapping the cuff around it. I was scared
there was no return for me but my fear was overwhelmed with the relief. Daddy hadn’t
deserted me here.

Part 3: No Return

I wasn’t scared anymore I was in daddy’s hands now each little touch as he adjusted the
restraints gave me goose pimps. I must admit I wasn’t even paying attention to what he was
doing I was caught between fantasy each time he touched and longing during the absence of his

My arms were stretched out at a 45 degree angle and taunt, it didn’t hurt but I had no move at
all I find as I tugged lightly against the binds. My legs I knew would be next I knew as I waited
and longed for daddy’s touch.

My whole body shivered as the chill raced up my spine when I felt my daddy’s hand on young
tender thigh. I wanted his hand to slide down, it was only inches from kitty but it didn’t. I was
ready for the other side anticipating his touch. It seemed like forever before it came, kitty
twitched as his hand squeezed my thigh and move it into its position.

I know I was supposed to just lay there and not move as daddy had instructed. But kitty was
twitching, vibrating she was betraying me. I tried to think of anything but daddy and where I was
anything to stop kitty. It was an exercise I futility in the end and kitty took advantage of my
distracted mind to betray me even more.

I hadn’t released my hips were moving it wasn’t me but when I felt daddy skin rub against my
exposed wet lips I knew kitty had betrayed once again. Daddy paused releasing me it seemed
like forever, but I knew he was still between my spread legs. I hadn’t felt him move from there,
he was just inches from my exposed wet kitty I’m sure.

What was he thinking, was he mad kitty and made me move and touch him. Kitty was still
pulsing lightly, she didn’t care she got what she wanted and I’m sure daddy could see the cum
leaking slowly down kitty.

I squirmed a little as it leaked between my cheeks and across my puckered asshole. I could feel
each agonizing movement of the little drops as they moved slowly down. Kitty had betrayed me
but she was far from done. My stomach was tight everything inside me was actually those small
drops of cum were only the beginning and the dam was ready to break any moment.

Daddy must have known it as well, I’m sure the subconscious little humping movement my hip
were doing let him know. I didn’t even know they were moving at the time, it wasn’t until
months later when I watched the video that I became aware.

Daddy’s put a stop to it though all it took was that hard firm slap to my sensitive tender inner
thigh. I stung and burned I could feel the heat in my skin sure he had left a red hand print of my
tender young flesh.

It was only inches above kitty so close that as his hand past I felt the cool air created blow across
my exposed wet kitty. Kitty opened the flood gates before I even felt the sting of his hand on my
tender flesh. That broke the dam and my cum flowed and squirted out uncontrollably. I wasn’t a
squirter really it only happened a few times like today when I had built up this far.

Daddy’s hand was still on my thigh holding the hot stinking spot as he firmly squeezed and
massaged my sensitive flesh. I was too lost in my orgasm to care about the pain or even notice
daddy. It wasn’t until after I had squirted my last little cum that I could feel his warm breathe on
my exposed wet sensitive lips.

Did I squirt on daddy, or in daddy’s mouth? Just the thought that daddy was drinking down my
cum caused one last hard squirt to shoot from me. The latter was true the video would later
reveal, and give me yet another great orgasm as I watched.

His mouth never touched kitty, though I longed for him to, his hand firmly held my thigh until it
had stopped shaking and I felt a wave of sadness rush thru me as I felt the bed move. Daddy had
sat up I’m sure, I could no longer feel the warm moist air of his breathe gently caressing each
little fold of kitty.

As he continued strapping my legs into place my mind was on the email, Daddy’s email of the
step by step plan for tonight. I wanted, needed to know where his next touch would be as I
strained to remember.

My legs were strapped in but not as I had imagined or least it didn’t feel like it. My legs weren’t
pulled on a 45 degree angle as my arms were and as I had portrayed myself in my fantasies. I
had two straps now on each leg the one I had put on my ankles and a second daddy had put.
Daddy’s was wrapped carefully around my leg just above my knee.

They were all still loose though as daddy still sat between my open legs. I wanted so badly to
close my legs, squeeze them around daddy, but I knew the rules and kitty was just purring
quietly having already satisfied herself getting me in to trouble in the process. She didn’t care
though it was just about her and what she wanted.

That’s how I ended up here strapped to a bed naked, helpless and exposed to a man I have
never even seen with my own eyes. I’ve never even heard the sound of his voice with my own
ears, yet here I lay. He could rape, torture and murder me here tonight but kitty doesn’t care it’s
as always with her about her needs.

Daddy gently raised my hips next and paced two pillow under my ass. This had two obvious
affects it exposed me even more and made daddy’s access to kitty easier. I knew that cause
daddy told me it would make it easier for him to eat kitty later if she were elevated. The second
affect or course was my quietly purring kitty was now stirring.

No longer her peaceful little sleeping kitty purr, now it was her aggressive pet me purr rub me
play with me momma purr. Knowing daddy was moving her to eat later only fueled her need to
be petted. Thankfully daddy tightened the leg straps rendering my legs useless before kitty
could act and cause more punishment to be taken out on my body.

The straps at my knees pulled my legs wide apart for daddy hold them at a 90 degree angle from
my hips. The ankle strap held my foot at a 45 degree angle toward the bottom of the bed. I
hadn’t even felt the waist strap daddy most have put on me as he tucked the pillows under me.
My mind was busy though trying to stop kitty and her mischievous ways.

The waist strap was snuggly around my waist just above my hip bones it was tight causing my
stomach to suck in slightly but it didn’t hurt. I could feel daddy move from between my legs and
sit beside me.

He tucked on the straps and I could feel the belt pull me toward the bottom of the bed. Then as
he continue moving slightly the belt pulled toward the head of the bed. They were pulling
against each other but the result was as you would expect I couldn’t move at all.

I felt the bed move once again and I know daddy was between my legs. Atleast that’s the next
step I remember kitty was already purring with anticipation of the feel of his tongue. He was
there I could fell the bed move his warm breathe sending chills thru my spine as he exhaled.

Even as wet as kitty was I could still feel the moisture in each of his breaths as the air softly blew
across my exposed lips. The bed moved as daddy place a hand on either side of my hips. What
was he doing why hadn’t I felt his tongue on me yet. I felt his warm breathe slowly, painfully
slowly moving up my body.

I squirmed as he paused for several breathe at my now sore little clit. I was already so hard it
hurt, his warm moist breathe were like tiny needles each time it hit my little clit. I was begging
now, screaming at daddy.

Lick, suck me, make me your baby girl it was so loud it echoed back at me. It was only in my
head though daddy couldn’t hear me. All he would hear is the muffled sounds of my whimpering
under this torture.

My belly button broke my concentration although somewhat erotic it tickled more then turned
me on. I welcomed that relief at this point though my body was already beginning to ache for
being so tense. I could feel his body hovering over mine even though daddy was careful not to
touch me.

I could feel his warm breathe on my nipple next. My hard aching nipple he tortured them the
most and longest with his breathe. I couldn’t figure it out until later as I watched the video what
he had done. All I knew was it was torture his warm moist breathe piercing my nipple like
daggers as he exhaled and the cool soothing air rushing past with each inhale.

Daddy had his mouth open wide, my firm little breast and hard nipple was inside his mouth but
it never touched me the video would later reveal. After what seemed like an eternity daddy did
move up to my neck. That almost made me cum again I was in heaven his warm breathe on my

I wanted to touch my daddy, feel my daddy’s skin on mine regardless of the consequences. I
twisted my quickly as I felt his warm breathe on my neck. Daddy didn’t move or pull away as I
made contact. I couldn’t hear it at the time but daddy was laughing when I did.

I made contact with daddy but I still couldn’t feel him, the mask on my face was all I felt. My
heart sank wondering what punishment I would receive after not even getting my reward. Kitty
was laughing at me in my head atleast she had got her reward for the punishment earlier.

I was still lost in my own thoughts when I felt the cold wet material against my nose. It took a
moment before I remembered the panties. Was I really that wet I thought as they were wedged
into the mask so the wet crouch was covering my nostrils.

I knew my smell well and had taste myself a few times when I was in the heat of lust and
passion. I wasn’t prepared for what the panties did though. Each breathe I inhaled aspirated my
cum from the panties into my nose.

It wasn’t longer before my nose was dripping my own cum as the wall became saturated with
my cum. I inhaled deeply trying to force the mixture into my throat. It worked as I swallowed
the mixture, but left the taste of my cum lingering in my mouth.

Daddy had gotten of the bed and sat in the chair beside the bed according to the video. He was
watching me torture myself with my own cum saturated panties.

Part 4: Daddy’s Touch

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