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The awaited party begins
Brittany and Justin were an hour earlier than everyone else as the pair of them caravaned the alcohol to the party's location. After walking for quite a few long, awkward minutes, Brittany finally broke the silence.

"Okay, on a scale of one to ten, how pissed are you at me?" She asked, hoping to make Justin proud by the end of the night.

"I'm not pissed. I'm just hella disappointed. That strong-willed girl better show up to this party, because this weak little submissive is not very attractive at all," Justin tried to sabotage John's plan without giving it away. "But it doesn't matter what I think about you hun. How disappointed are you in yourself?"

"Look, I know I should be pissed at Johnny... But I just cant bring myself to yell at him. Don't worry, I won't let him get away with this shit tonight, alright? I promise," she said with a smile, hoping Justin would smile back.

He didn't. "You didn't answer me," he pointed out, continuing, "How disappointed are you?"

Brittany stopped walking, slouching over the cooler that she was carrying. "Probably... a seven..." she admitted. "Jay, I AM mad at myself. I mean, I let him get away with too much for too long. But I feel remorse for it. It will change, I promise," she replied, hoping to instill confidence in her friend, as well as herself. "That's the house, right up there," she pointed out, and the pair started walking again.

Arriving at the doorstep, Brittany rang the doorbell. Seconds later, it was answered, "Oh hey guys, come on-..." the voice dropped short as the greeter recognized his guests.

The boy who opened the door was one of the kids that Brittany and Justin had had the "pleasure" to meet in the lunch room, in particular the "back-up singer" that had rounded up his friends, convincing them to leave after Justin's little threat. He was black, but smaller than his asshole counterpart, as he only stood about 5'8. With buzz-cut hair, and a friendlier face, he grinned, hoping that his guests came in peace. "Shit, guys, I wasn't expecting you here. You're Brittany, huh?" he looked at John's girlfriend as if all the puzzle pieces were coming together in his mind. "Look, you're welcome here, I got no beef with you. But just so you're aware, most of the guys from the football team will be here tonight. If they cause you problems, you tell me, and I'll get rid of them. But I don't want you to start shit either, okay? Parties are peaceful places around here, you dig?"

"Yeah, so long as they behave, we're good," Justin added his condition.

"Great! My name is Derrick, most people just call me D. Mostly cause there ain't no wide receiver that can get the edge on me, know what I'm sayin?" He grinned as he offered a hand to shake, and Justin and Brittany both took it. "Good deal. Just set the booze in the kitchen. Just inside to your right. I'll go inform the boys that there's not to be any funny business tonight, and we'll all have a good ole' time, you hear?" he finished, walking away.

"Well, this should be fun," Brittany leaned into Justin playfully. He grinned back at her, the first time he had smiled in a long time that day. It made Brittany feel at peace, as if things would finally be alright again. She sighed in relief as the two unpacked the alcohol, stuffing most in the fridge, but leaving the warm drinks on the counter.

Exiting the kitchen and heading into the main living room of the frat house, the duo found that they were not as early as they had thought. Already there were a couple dozen people, a few already making out with their drinks, a few already making out with each other. Derrick walked up to them smiling.

"Alright guys, I've informed everyone to play nice, so this here should be an amazing party. Now you already know where the kitchen is with all the drinks, so feel free to get wasted, as this is going to be a lot more fun if you do. Bathroom is right down the hall, to the right. If you puke anywhere BUT the bathroom, you get kicked outside into the backyard for the rest of the night. We don't want that shit in here. We have the living room here, the dinning room, which is most likely going to host a bunch of striptease and wet t-shirt contests, right over there, and a pool in the back. We got bumpin' music, sexy sluts, and more booze than a French winery. The bedrooms upstairs are all for use, but make sure to lock the door, or you may get interrupted. Unless you like that sort of shit. One love, am I right?" he laughed at himself, finally pausing for a breath.

"Sounds great to me man," Justin praised the host. "Just let me know when the girls get here. I'm seeing mostly dudes. You promise me this isn't going to be a sausage fest, right?" he inquired, poking fun at Derrick.

"Fuck that man, I personally saw to it that it'd be a good ratio. Don't you worry your pretty little head, bro. By the time everyone gets here, you're going to have nine or ten women swarming on you like you were the last life raft on the titanic. Grade A pussy bro, you wait and see," Derrick assured him.

He wasn't lying either. Not long thereafter, party guests started arriving in swarms. Justin figured that the last classes of the night were being let out because the house was soon packed. Looking all around him, he saw kids ranging from 17 to 25. Brittany had run off and was talking to a larger group of girls, meanwhile Justin was actually making nice with the football team. The group of guys seemed to be bonding over drinks whilst talking about the decent year the school was having.

"All I'm saying is, if I go pro and skip my senior year, ain't no way Pixie is gonna pick up the slack," the large leader of the pack, Monte, was bragging.

"I dunno man," Derrick countered. "From the sounds of it, we might just have to recruit Justin here. He'll give our offence some bite, even as a freshman!"

"Yes, yes, we get it. You're big, tough men. You sit around and talk about sports," Brittany burst into the circle mocking them. "Now if I could steal your newest running back momentarily, boys? JUSTIN!" she beckoned, shouting at Justin who was only a few feet away. It was obvious she was already feeling the effects of many a drink. "Justin, hi! This is Sam!" She pointed to a gorgeous blonde who, in heels, stretched to be 5' tall. "Short for Samantha, not Samuel. Just in case you were worried," she giggled at herself before grabbing them both my the wrists. "Justin, Samantha, you guys HAVE to follow me!" She dragged them to the kitchen, away from the mass of people. Finally satisfied with their location, she decided to allow them to meet. "Justin, hi! Say hi to Sam-... Sammie, this is Justin, that wonderful guy I was telling you about. Quite a brilliant lover, if you know what I mean," she winked, leaning into the pair of confused teens.

"Thank you SO MUCH for your assistance, Brittany," Justin praised, trying to play along. "Now why don't you go look for John, since you have me at such a good start! You're the best wingman I could ask for my dear."

"Da-...damn straight!" Brittany muttered. "Good luck Justin. Oh, and I told her you were only six inches, so that she'd be surprised by the real seven!" she exclaimed, patting Justin on the back as she stumbled back to the party.

"Um... how long have you been talking to her?" Justin asked, curious as to just how much alcohol Brittany had consumed.

"Honestly, only about four minutes," Sam laughed. "She seems like a real sweetheart."

"Oh, she's one of the best friends I could ask for. Unfortunately, I haven't kept an eye on her so far tonight, so I don't know how much she's had to drink. I'm sorry about all this, it must have been fairly annoying... I had better go keep an eye on her," Justin suggested.

"Oh!" Sam seemed surprised. "Well, yeah, of course. You need to go watch out for your friend. I was kind of hoping we could chat a bit..." her voice trailed off.

Justin couldn't believe it. Even after Brittany's "help", this girl still was interested in him. "Oh? Well I suppose I can stay for a while. After all, John will be watching over her..." Justin said backtracking. "Is there somewhere a little quieter we can talk?"

Sam grinned and took Justin by the hand. Leaving the kitchen and heading straight to the staircase, Justin was amazed at how simple it was. As he climbed the stairs he looked down at the party, his eyes finding Brittany. She was dancing in between John and Cameron, completely oblivious to the fact that Cameron was even behind her. She was dancing provocatively with John, and despite the mass amount of booze in her system, was actually able to keep a beat quite well. Justin's focused turned back to Samantha as they reached the top of the stairs. Heading for the closest unlocked door, the two entered.

"So how long have you been going to school here?" Justin started, thinking he would at least have to make small talk before Sam would allow him to move any farther. This wasn't the case however, and as soon as the door was shut and locked behind them, Sam was already lifting her shirt up and over her head.

"Sweety, do you really want to chit-chat?" she threw her shirt at Justin, who caught it reactively. He quickly shook his head no, stepping out of his pants. "That's better!" she praised, as she too was soon wiggling out of her skin-tight jeans. She had a perfect lacy bra and matching thong that left little to the imagination. Justin pulled off his shirt, throwing it across the room. He walked up the blonde and embraced her, locking lips in a lust-driven kiss. He closed his eyes as his senses took in everything about her. Her mouth tasted of sweet white wine mixed with a foul beer, and Justin wondered how much she had had to drink as well.

At that moment, he didn't care, however. He gripped her barely covered ass, feeling her tight gluteal muscles tense as he humped at her pelvis. His mouth broke from hers as he trailed lower, to her shoulders. He bite, fairly hard against her flesh, causing her to whimper as she inhaled deeply. Her tiny body shook as his hands started to pull against her thong, tugging the thin material down towards her ankles. "Mmm, yes baby. You're making me sooooooo wet," she cooed, urging him to continue. But before he could, he felt her pull away.

Justin opened his eyes, only to find that Sam was lowering herself onto her knees. Although he enjoyed kissing the girl, he was not disappointing in the slightest as to where the turn of events were headed.

"Now, let's see this cock I've heard so much about tonight!" Sam ordered, tugging at his boxers. Soon, his dick sprang out of their confides and stood at attention, looking Sam in the eye. No sooner had Justin's dick been exposed than Sam had engulfed the entire length, wasting no time in deepthroating him. She grabbed Justin's hands, guiding them to the back of her head. Justin took the hint and pushed softly on the girl's head, forcing her down onto his dick. She gagged a little, causing her to retreat a bit. She bobbed down on the top, now using her hands to help with the oral simulation.

"Mmmm, what a nice cock!" she complimented. "And it gets hard so quickly! Are you ready to fuck me yet?" she asked.

"Has anyone ever said no to that?!" Justin asked, pointing out that the answer was quite obvious. He pushed her back towards the bed on the other side of the room. He unsnapped her bra, leaving her completely bare now as he leaned her back onto the bed.

"Mmm, do you have a condom?" she asked, kissing him once more.

"Shit, no. They're all in Brittany's purse..." Justin explained.

"Y'all might be a little TOO close," Sam said jokingly. "It's okay, I'm on the pill, I just am taking antibiotics too, so it may mess with the potency. Just be careful, okay?" she pleaded.

"Woh... antibiotics for....?" Justin asked, hoping the girl wasn't going to give him anything.

"Relax, it's just for a bad head cold I had 2 months ago. But I was told to keep taking them even after I felt better. I'm not going to contaminate you!" she giggled.

Justin nodded and was soon plunging into the girl. He had her wrists pinned against the bed, her body bent backwards as he fucked her at a merciless pace. Each time he slammed into her awaiting pussy, his ball sack would slap into her thighs as his dick would pound against her cervix. She cried out in pleasure as she begged him to continue.

"Oh fuck yes baby!" she cried out. "Faster! Oh yes! I love it!"

Justin responded with mere grunts as he used the tiny girl's tight fuckhole to his own pleasure. He gripped her breasts, which were large D's, despite her small body. Her tits bounced with every thrust and Justin couldn't resist playfully slapping and gripping them as the girl winced at the contact. "Yes! Fuck me like the little slut that I am! Use me! Oh YES baby!" the girl continued to plead.

Not long, however, Justin flashed back to what Brittany had said in the car ride to the campus. "I'll hook you up with a little hottie tonight at the party, and you can imagine she's me while you do your thing", she had said. In fact, there was little difference between the girl's bodies, save for the hair color and the boob size. Justin wondered if Brittany had done that on purpose. Closing his eyes, Justin couldn't help but imagine his friend. She would call out in her sexy american latina voice to keep going, to fuck her senseless. He leaned down to kiss her full, luscious lips. How long had he wanted to taste these lips? To glide his tongue against hers?

He continued thrusting into her, feeling her tight pussy contract against his invading member. He heard her moan as he picked up his pace, humping even faster than before. Pretty soon, he felt his balls tense up. "Baby, I'm gonna cum!" he declared.

"You better cum on my tits," Sam demanded. Justin quickly pulled out, following orders. He started wanking his dick, trying to push himself over the edge. "Come on baby, give it to me! I want to be covered in your hot, sticky cum!" she cried out.

Picturing himself spraying his load all over Brittany's face and tits forced him to finally blow. "Oooooh fuck yes!" he cried out as his seed shot from his throbbing dick. "Ooooh yes. Fuck yeah, Brittany!" he exclaimed.

There was silence.

His dick was still shooting out cum, but Samantha didn't say a word. Justin had heard his mistake the minute he had said it. He could picture himself attempting to swallow the words as they formed, but they just flew out of reach and hung in the air above their heads.

Sam quietly took his cock in her hands, licking at the piss hole, cleaning it off from any cum that was dripping.

"I am... So sorry," Justin began.

"Don't mention it. It's obvious you love her. I don't mind. It's not like we were pretending this was anything more than sex. It was hot. It felt great. That's all that matters." Her voice was flat, and Justin couldn't tell if she truly didn't mind, or if she was pissed and simply hiding it.

"Well... alright. But rest assured, I didn't mean that. I don't "love" Brittany. And I most certainly was with you in my head. You're fucking sexy as hell," Justin tried to convince the girl, just in case it was the later.

"You aren't fooling anyone by saying you don't love her. Trust me sweety, everyone can see it. But thank you. It was fun, alright? That's all that matters." Sam had already started redressing. Grabbing a tissue from the box on the nightstand, she cleaned off her chest before readministering her bra. "Can you hand me my shirt?" she asked. The smile on her face told Justin that she really was okay with the events that had transpired. He smiled back, handing her her shirt.

Not long later, the two were going back downstairs. They exchanged numbers, since they both had had a fun time. Justin usually didn't give his number out to casual sex partners, but Sam seemed pretty chill, so he didn't mind it. In all honesty, he hadn't had that many one night stands, and wasn't sure about the protocol.

Brittany was just leaving the kitchen with both hands carrying a drink. She almost collided with Justin as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm so sorry!" she said as he dodged her. She was able to contain both drinks and coast to a halt. "Did you have fun up there, big boy?" she asked, winking.

"I did indeed! That chick was amazing," Justin reported. "And I couldn't have done it without you." He went in for a hug, thanking his friend, deciding not to tell her of the specifics. "Is that for me?" he asked with a grin.

"Well, uh.. it wasn't going to be. But you can have it if you want," Brittany allowed. Justin assured her that he was just kidding, allowing her to keep it for who she had in mind. "Okay, well Johnny is waiting for me on the dance floor. Want to come?" With that, the duo moved through the crowded hallway into what was usually the dining room of the house. They both froze as they reached the doorway.

As if it was no big deal, there was John, dancing with another girl, grinding up against her ass as he did so. "Oh! Thanks for the drink baby!" he called out as he noticed the two enter the room. He walked up to them to accept the booze-filled cup.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Brittany demanded, causing everyone in the room to turn. "You don't get this drink. I am so sick of being walked on over and over by you! I was treated better by the fucking football team womanizers!"

"Baby, what are you talking about? I thought you were getting me a drink," John asked, still attempting to get her goat.

"You fucking lying, cheating, son of a bitch! I'm so done with you. Want the drink? Here's your damned drink!" Brittany announced, drenching John in the face and chest with the cup. She slapped him for good measure, threw the cup on the ground, then waited to see what he would do.

John just stood there, thinking. He didn't look mad at all, Justin noticed. Finally, he inhaled, ready to speak.

"You were right Justin," he started. "She would lose it. Here's your 20 bucks we bet." He shoved a twenty in Justin's dangling hand, then walked out of the room. Justin didn't say a word, confused of what just happened.

There was silence for a few moments as Brittany's face slowly turned from confusion to anger.

"......What did he say...?" Brittany asked. "You... You fucking BET that I would be standing here sobbing?!" Justin was about to speak, but Brittany didn't wait for an answer. Instead, she ran off, pushing through the crowd of party-goers and out the front door of the house.

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