Hot wife likes to fuck and her husband encourages her and likes to help
Louise in the Breeze Part 1

This story mainly involves extreme forms of Male-Female sex. There is very little Bisexual or Male-Male action. Authoritarian and violent themes are explored.

Last year I was having a short holiday at a resort Island off the coast of my major city. I was staying on a lovely big cabin cruiser boat and was there with my kids. One afternoon I was walking along the beach, and the bay ended so I climbed up the sand hill and at the top found a hot looking 40 year old lady in a blue and white bikini. She asked me if I minded taking a couple of pics of her. I agreed and when she handed over the camera, she squeezed my bicep and said "nice". I had no shirt on and she could see my tanned muscles.

I took about 10 pics in various poses, then she flicked off her bikini top saying "hope you don't mind" I said "there'll be a fee" I took about 80 pics most very provocative and sexy, Particularly of her hard nipples and the little curves of her pussy lips you could clearly see outlined in her bikini. I noticed that there was a darker spot forming there now and thought she must be soaking wet to mark the bathers lycra. I formed a plan then said "fee time". I walked up and put my arms around her slowly but firmly pulled her close to me and kissed her. She responded enthusiastically, so I moved her a few meters down the sand hill to a semi private bay with no one around. After kissing her and squeezing her big brown nipples I shoved my fingers inside her bikini pants. She was soaking. She was shaking so hard from my fingers on her clit I was sure she was cuming. I lost it, span her around by her hips, so she could lean on a rock, pulled her bikini down just below her butt , got my rock hard cock out of my bathers and was balls deep in seconds. After a minute of fucking she went off big time, even squirted a little. I came hard pumping quite a few weeks worth of hot cum into her. As soon as she stopped cuming and convulsing she grabbed her top and began putting it on. Hearing laughter we both looked up at the path and 2 chicks around 30 years old had watched us. Off they went laughing. The lady thanked me, told me she was here for a few days and kissed me then went on her way.

The next day I walked to the store. Hoping for a repeat, I kept a good look out and went towards the huts she'd gone towards yesterday. She walked out of a hut and said "I've been hoping you'd cum by". We chatted a minute or so, then a guy who was obviously her husband walked up and introduced himself saying “I’m Louise’s Husband”.

I didn't know if I should run or not. He soon said "Don't worry, I know everything. Even what your cum tastes like".

Louise re-assured me he was cool with it all. They had fantasized about yesterday’s game for ages before they had set it up. I accepted a drink at their cabin. Within minutes I was given an open invitation by the Husband to repeat yesterday’s game. Louise needed no invitation and was sucking me hard right away. I was balls deep in her quickly, me sitting, her astride me reverse cow girl and him licking her clit. I'm sure it was no accident his tongue was also on my balls, cock and ass. After a few minutes he stood and shoved his modest 6" cock in her pussy alongside my rock hard cock. She was cuming constantly, then he also came setting me off. We both pumped a large amount of cum into Louise’s wet sweet pussy. At the end she sucked us both clean. I left and as I went past the window I could see him face into her pussy with her legs wide apart.

The next day I was at the Island pub having a drink with friends when they walked in arm in arm. She had on the tightest smallest pair of white denim shorts and a lace top showing her nipples.

When I went to the bar he stood alongside me and said "turn your glass upside down when you are leaving. Louise will leave too and you can catch her on the way home." After another hour or so I had had enough to drink and my friends were going to have dinner. I made a joke of it with them and said "no I'm finished" and turned my glass over.

Louise immediately rose from her chair at her table some meters away and walked for the entrance. She had such a sexy roll to her hips, 100 guys must have watched her go. I got up and said my good byes to my friends and walked out about 80 meters behind her. It was just dark and the place was getting deserted. All the day trippers had gone home and most people staying over were home getting dinner.

I caught Louise near the second play ground. She had looked around and knew I was close. She grabbed hold of a large climbing ladder for the kids, bending forward and shoving that sexy ass back at me in the tight white shorts. I reached around her and grabbed one of her nipples, crushing it in my fingers. She started cuming straight away. With my other hand I reached around the other side and grabbed a handful of her pussy lips through the shorts. I crushed them hard between my fingers. Louise was bucking and cuming very hard. My cock was swollen and demanding release from my shorts. I let her nipple go and undid my shorts with my left hand. Meanwhile my right hand got a button of her shorts undone. My cock sprang free just as her smooth tanned bottom was exposed. I shoved the fat head of my cock above her shorts into the little V her butt cheeks made. I pushed hard in. She pushed hard back. The cock head parted her pussy lips and with the amount of juice she had made, I slid all the way in in one easy motion. I fucked her hard squeezing both nipples, making her squirt so much she soaked her white shorts. I grabbed her hips and was hard fucking her with full deep strokes. Louise was convulsing and pushing back bending over further. I pulled out to far and my cock left her pussy on the out stroke and entered her pussy juice covered ass on the in stroke. She screamed in shock and pain and then started shuddering and cuming again. Louise’s ass was squeezing my cock like a vice. The view of her cute little ass with my big purple cock impaled in it was too much and I started shooting into her ass. After a few mega squirts of my cum into her, I pulled my cock out of her ass and pushed her down on her knees forcing my cock into her mouth. I shut my eyes as she sucked me and held onto the climbing bar I had fucked her on. She was cuming again just from sucking me and I could hear the squirts of pussy juice as she came. After a few minutes of fabulous sucking I realised she was now kissing me and I looked down to see her husband sucking my cock that had been in her ass. That freaked me a little so I got dressed and we all walked back to their cabin. They invited me in but I said I had to go. Her husband gave me a card and said “text me it’s my private number.”

We had lots of sexy texts and pics going back and forward that night. Louise had never been ass fucked before that night. She wanted it again after the massive orgasm she had had. Hubby was most insistent that as they were going the next day I would have to come over the next morning.

I hit the beach at 8am and walked over to their bungalow. I knocked and heard hubby call out “Door is open”

Inside in the semi dark I could see Louise leaning forward over the table. Her hands were tied behind her back. It wasn't just handcuffs or a scarf. There was about 30m of black rope. All carefully and artistically looped around her arms and tied in very neat obvious knots. Her feet were bound in the same way. Her throat had been as well and she was tied down to the table and her mouth was gagged. She was naked. I noticed small gold clips on her nipples.

Hubby was behind her obviously licking her anus.

He said “Hope you don’t mind, she needs a little moisturizer to begin with. Make yourself at home. Get started when you want”

I dropped my shorts and started stroking my half hard cock. My cock hardened very quickly. Her curves were beautiful and I was even more turned on how she had been tied up. She was there waiting like an offering to the sex gods. There was a little morning breeze was flowing through the room from the bay. The cool breeze was making her skin prickle with tiny goose bumps. My mind flicked to the thought that perhaps it was anticipation and not the cool breeze.

I moved over to where hubby was licking her ass. He turned and tried to suck my cock but I frowned at him and he moved away. I aligned my nice fat cock head at her small pink wet anus. I pushed in a little and held my cock still. Her ass was warm in contrast to the room. Imperceptibly Louise pushed back. My cock pulsed. It wanted in this gorgeous woman. I placed my hands on each side of her gorgeous hips and started pushing into her ass with steady force. Her anus had relaxed a little from his tongue and it was nicely wet. I kept pushing and my fat hard cock slid slowly ever deeper into her beautiful tight ass.

Suddenly she started shaking and her back muscles were flicking and tightening. Her ass spasmed and I knew she was cuming. Her pussy squirted and she smacked her face into the table. Hubby was over quickly and placed a towel between her face and the table. I started pumping her ass with my nice fat cock. I fucked her with long deep hard strokes. She kept having massive orgasms and her ass kept clenching my cock. It was all too much for me and I started to pump her really hard and fast. My cock exploded in her ass and the pleasure was so intense I almost blacked out. I withdrew my cock and leaned against the table and her hip. After a minute or so of recovery I became aware my cock was being sucked and looked down to see Hubby devouring my cock.

He immediately stopped and said “Sorry, I just can’t resist her”. He then moved back to licking between her fabulous firm butt cheeks.

I wasn't too cross. I could see why he loved her so much and worshipped every part of her. I wasn’t into him doing me. I wasn’t disgusted either as I understood it was motivated by his feelings for her. I bent down to Louise and kissed her cheek. I said “Farewell Gorgeous Lady”. I nodded to Hubby, put my clothes back on and walked out of the room and went back to the beach.

We texted each other many times after that. We tried various ways of setting up another play, but we were all so busy it never happened. After a few months the texts tapered off.

I got a new job and one day invited a gorgeous sexy blonde colleague for a drink after work. We were in a pub, on a jetty, sitting over the river. There were lovely water views, a good setting and a great menu.

I got a text from the Husband saying "How are you, where are you?"

I said "I am great, just having a drink with a colleague on the river".

His reply was "We know, look over to your right".

There they were, sitting together nearby. He was in a dark suit. She was wearing a slim fitting tailored dress that showed her nice tits to perfection.

The next text was "Louise says you’re looking good. Want to fuck her here, now?"

I replied "I’m with a work colleague".

He replied "It won’t take long. Go get drinks and follow Louise".

I finished my drink and said to my friend "Just need to make a call and get some more drinks".

She smiled and picked up her phone. She said “I have messages to reply to, that’s fine”

I stood at the corner of the bar out of view out of view of my friend. Louise squeezed past me rubbing her large tits over my arm. I followed her around another corner, past a large shrub tree and into a little storage area that was open to the outside.

I immediately kissed her and she said "Take me now, fuck me".

I did my usual with her, span her around, lifted her skirt, no knickers, slipped my cock out of my suit pants and it was hardening already. I shoved my thumb into her pussy, and pushed hard against her G-spot. She started squirting straight away. Using her squirt as lube I rubbed my cock.

She pushed back saying "Fuck me now".

I went to push into her well lubed pussy and she said "No, NO, ass, fuck my ass"

Not needing a second invite I lifted the head of my cock an inch to the little pink star of her anus and started pushing hard. She pushed back very hard and in I went. She screamed, and seconds later I noticed a woman’s face through the outside shrubs. I could not see who it was. I kept shafting Louise deeply and she was soon cuming again. That sent me off and I shot 6 or more huge spurts of cum, by shot 3 she pulsed and pushed me out of her lovely tight ass. A few shots went on her pussy lips. This time she span around, dropped to her knees and sucked me. I could see the woman behind the tree trying to stretch her neck and see all that Louise was doing. I still couldn’t see the woman’s face.

We quickly cleaned up and got dressed. I went back to the bar, bought drinks and went back to my table. My work friend was still there but looked a little flushed.

I said "Are you ok"

She replied "Yes, its just a little hot here. I just saw a... a.. Oh don’t worry"

I thought the chances of her seeing me, if I couldn’t see her were remote. I left it and wondered if she was the woman who watched. I was fairly certain she was. Louise had rejoined her table, and I watched as she locked eyes with me and lifted two wet fingers to her husband’s lips. He sucked them clean. She repeated the process 3 more times and I was sure she was feeding him her cum mixed with mine. My friend was also watching her and getting even more flushed.

She said "That woman there, she looks very sexy and flushed. She has that just fucked look. I wonder if her partner knows, or if it was even him."

There followed quite a long discourse by my friend about the sexual energy involved in a random fuck with a stranger where you are just open for being taken.

After about 15 minutes Louise and her husband left. My friend said, "Oh look she's left something behind".

My friend got up, went over to the table and picked up something white and lacy from under the table. I was sure it was Louise's G-String.

I asked my friend "What is that?"

She said, "Oh nothing just something personal, you know lady stuff"

I was on a kid’s pickup deadline, so I had to leave. As we walked out I could clearly see the outside storage area was dark and although you could see shapes, there was no way I could have been recognised. My friend walked me to my car, as hers was further away. We shook hands goodbye and she walked off giving me a nice view of her womanly round ass and nice black stockings with high heels.

I followed quietly behind. As she came up to her car I moved forward quickly. I pushed her onto the car’s back section firmly and grabbed her mouth so she couldn't scream. The other hand got a nice handful of her D cup tits. I lifted her skirt, found she had stay up stocking on, giving me full access and pulled the G-string aside. I didn’t know if she knew it was me or not. My blood was up and I wanted her. I tore her G-string off and shoved them in her mouth to keep her quiet. I then shafted her soaking wet pussy with my cock in one move. She pushed back and moved her hips to massage my cock. She was into it and wanted to be fucked. I held her nipples and kept squeezing harder and harder to make her cum. She was pulsing and cuming on my rock hard cock. I released her nipples and grabbed her hips fucking her harder to cum myself.

Suddenly my cock slipped out of her soaking wet pussy, and slammed into her tight ass. The head missed her hole and went up the side. I slipped a hand down to guide my cock head back into her wet pussy. She pushed back hard wanting my cock. I hadn't quite aligned it to her wet pussy so I missed and my cock went 3 inches of the length into her tight smooth ass.

She screamed "No, No, not ass, not ass, I can’t”.

The rest was lost in another scream as I forced the full length into her tight sweet ass. I started pulling out and pushing in. She was not moving or breathing. I kept the rhythm up, I felt her body lose its rigidity and she sighed. She was getting into the ass fucking, so I began to really fuck her ass hard. She started cuming again. As the spasms took hold of her, I came hard pumping my cum deep in her sexy ass. When spent, I pulled out and stepped away putting my suit back together. She didn’t even turn around. She had slumped down to the ground near her cars back tyre.

I walked quickly back to my car thinking I'd text her or call. As I came up to my car the phone rang. It was my kids telling me not to bother picking them up for another 2 hours. As I was talking my friends car pulled up near me. She looked rather flushed and smiled a beautiful big smile that had her white teeth flashing with her perfect blue eyes.

She said "Oh Hi. Haven't you left yet?"

I answered "Just on phone to kids" and smiled.

She smiled back and I noticed her red lipstick was smudged over her lips a little. She had a little mascara running down her eyes.

I said "Are you ok?"

She answered "Never better! You know how when something happens that you didn't expect, and it was the most exciting thing that ever happened in your life. I love finding out something about myself that I never knew."

Part 2 is now posted. I hope you enjoy

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lJ82Ym I am so grateful for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

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more, MORE!!!!!!!!


2014-06-12 04:43:12
Would anyone like me to write the part 2 of this story? It is also true and involves my friend getting together with Louise while Hubby and I watch, then I join in.

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I took my wife's anal cherry while she thought I was out of town. I enjoyed it more than she did ! Teach her to go out with the girls and get piss drunk and pass out in the backyard.

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Thanks for the comments, it is a true story, and I very much enjoyed it all. Some of the liaisons with Louise and her Husband formed the sexual direction I have since gone in.

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