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He bent over and spread his ass cheeks
Thomas and I were friends for as long as I could remember. We did everything together from stealing oranges from Mr. Walker’s backyard to sharing a keyhole to spy on my sister in the shower and when she came out to dry herself. Our relationship took a turn one day when we got lucky. My sister left the bathroom door ajar.
No need for the sharing a keyhole on that day, Thomas and I peered in through the crack watching her as she slowly lathered her skin paying close attention it seemed to her breasts and her pussy. In fact too much attention to her pussy.
We watched as the darkened figure behind the opaque plastic raised a leg and with one hand holding the rod another slid down to her crotch. Detail to what her hand was actually doing was hidden in silhouette but our imagination and the hand holding the rod and tightening coupled with her moaning as she approached climax was enough to stiffen my shaft and I’m sure Thomas’ as well.
Twenty minutes after we took up positions the water stopped and as aroused as we both were our hands eager to further stimulate our members we fled down the scarlet carpeted gall to my room.
Locking the door once inside my room we leaned against it breathing hard more from sweet arousal and the desire for more than exhaustion from the sprint down the hall. I had a serious hard on. At eleven I was already masturbating daily and so was Thomas though we never discussed it. It was just merely common knowledge between us.
“Do you have as much a wood as I do?” he asked.
I glanced at his pants. He was rubbing his orange shorts and I could see the imprint of his shaft as he pressed down on it. I felt myself stiffen and a chill rush over me when I did. I wanted to touch myself and did.
“Are you going to jerk off?” he asked.
“Yeah I think so.”
“Good me too.”
Before I could really think about what we were doing I had my hand down my pants and rubbing the length of my shaft as I walked over to my dresser to get some baby oil to enhance the stimulation.
In the mirror I saw Thomas bending over pulling his shorts off his ass towards me. His butt was sweet chocolate brown, smooth and unblemished and something I’d seen many times before but at that moment there was something else. It could have been his little asshole small and red like a cherry so inviting or it could have been the sight of his balls whatever it was it sent a surge into my shaft that had it upright and pushing past the top of my shorts.
He straightened his cheeks hiding the delicious view of his anus from me and turned his eyes meeting mine. He caught me.
“Were you checking my ass out?” he asked though not accusing me.
I reached for the baby oil and lathered my hand dropping my shorts with a flick of a button, “No.” I said.
“Yes you were,” he insisted moving towards me.
I began to caress my shaft.
“Do you want to see it again?” he asked.
I didn’t answer.
He bent over and spread his ass cheeks. “Do you want to put it in? It’ll feel just as tight as your sister I bet.”
My shaft now wet with baby oil was throbbing and hot in my hand.
I moved towards him slowly my head brushing against the flesh of his ass before resting in his ass crack and rubbing against the puckered opening to his ass. I saw it tightened then relaxed. I pushed against it and felt him push back against me. My head slipped in assisted by the oil on it my shaft following soon after.
He was tight and hot inside and I felt my shaft get even harder if that was possible. I began pushing into him as he pushed back against me.
“Let’s get down on our knees and you jerk me off.” He said.
We both slid down to the carpet my dick still deep inside him. I slipped my hand around and took hold of him. With oil still on my hand for lubrication I began to stroke him as I pushed into him my balls rubbing against his smooth ass feeling his anus tighten as he grew closer to the orgasm that I was also approached.
He took in a deep breath.
I held mine as I felt an eruption from my shaft into his ass to soon follow with warm sticking cum oozing onto my hand and dripping to the carpet.
When I pulled my dick from his ass I saw his hole oozing cum and closing slowly as the wedge inside that was my shaft no longer filled it.
“That was good.” He said.
I felt somewhat ashamed at that moment but he was right. It was good and it seemed unlikely that that was the last time we’d share a moment like that when we were aroused and I didn’t think it would take my sister to arouse us either.

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2013-04-10 21:00:51
Haha my names Thomas


2011-04-22 10:42:48
Awesome, hardened me right up!


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Pretty good story please continue on about these 2

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2009-02-04 21:10:19
My first time was similar only I was violentley raped...


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great story

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