This is a gay rape story
10 year old black boy lured in a car. (This story is just a fantasy.

As I sat in my car at the age of 25, I watched as the little black kids played in streets I noticed that some of the little black boys would stay out a bit late
I wondered why a 10 year old boy would be on the streets at 11:00 at night. The nabiorhood I lived in most people would call the ghetto. Everynight I would see the same black boy walking down the street by himself. I pulled a few feet in front of him and parked. When he walked past, I asked him if he wanted to make some money. He asked me how much and what do I have to do. I told him I would pay him 200 bucks, but I told him to get into the van so we could talk about what I needed him to do.

He opened the door and got into my van. He was so cute. He had to have been 4 foot 9, light skinned, and I could tell he had a sexy body under his clothes. He asked me again what he had to do. I gave him 50 bucks just to start him off. Once he had the money, I told him all he had to do was set on my lap, and give me a kiss on the lips. He said no Im not gay. I then hit the locks on the door, and he could not get out. I also had sound prouff windows. He begged me to let him out, but I had far bigger planes for him. As he looked for the lock I punched him in the stomach just enough to knock the wind out of him. Then I told him to sit on my dick and give me a kiss. He got up and sat on my lap. When he finally got his breath back he turned his head and gave me a kiss on the lips. I told him to open his mouth and I stuck my tongue in. I tought him right there how to tongue kiss.

I then told him to go into the back of the van. He was crying and asking why I was doing this to him. I said I'm going to teach you why you should not get in a car with a stranger. As we both sat on the bed in the back of the van, I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. I told him to grab it, and put it in his mouth. When he grabbed my dick it felt so good, but when he put it in his mouth I had to stop myself from shoving my dick down his throat. Has he kept sucking, my dick got bigger. His mouth was so wet and hot I was on the verge of busting a fat nut. I told him to go slower and suck harder, when he did this I exploded in his mouth. I told him not to stop and I told him to swallow all of it. With a big gulp I heard my cum going down this throat. He got up and asked if I was going to let him go now. I told him no, I'm gone keep you with me all night.

I then told him to take off his shoes ,socks and shirt.Then I told him to take off his pants. When he had his pants off, I told him to just stand there for a second. While he stood there, I got fully undressed. I then told him to take off his underwear. After he was naked I told him to sit on my dick and give me a lap dance. As his soft ass moved back and forth over my dick I had gotten hard again. I told him to get on his knees and hands like a dog. When he did this I started to squeeze his ass. Then I started licking his ass hole. After only two minutes he started to moan. I kept licking and riched around his waist to find a nice sized hard dick. I then got up and told him to put his knees on the ground and lean over on the bed.

When he was in this position, I put my dick to his butt hole and shoved it in. His head went back and he screamed to the top of his lungs. I started fucking him hard and fast. The faster I went the louder is cries got. His hole was so tight yeat so wet. Before I knew it, my entire 7 and a half dick was balls deep in his ass. As tears flowed from his face it only made me fuck him even harder. After about 20 minutes he stopped crying and was just laying there taking every bit of my dick.

I felt I was about to bust another nut so I pulled my dick out and started to jack off over his ass. When I busted a nut it shot all over his ass cheeks. His ass looked so sexy with my cum all over it. I whipped all my cum off his ass with my hand, and made him lick all of it off. I then told him to lay on his back and I started sucking his dick. It only took about two minutes when he busted a nut into my mouth. His nut was so good I had to swallow it. I then told him to lay on his stomach so I could rub his butt. He laid on his stomach and I grabbed some lotion. I rubbed some on my hands and started to rub it onto his sexy 10 year old ass.

His ass was so smooth that again my dick was getting hard. I told him to get up and I laid on the bed. I then told him to get on top of me and put my dick into his ass. He got on top of me with his dick facing me. He grabbed my dick and put it to his ass hole. He sat down on my dick just a bit and cried out I can't, it hurts. I told him if he did not sit down on my dick, I was going to turn him over, and shove it in. Even with tears in his eyes he was still a very cute sexy 10 year old light skinned beauty. Again he put my dick to his ass hole and started to go up and down slowly. Soon the head of my dick was in, and soon after that I was almost all the way in.

I told him there was still more dick that needs to go inside him. He said I can't take anymore, it hurts. I sat up and rapped my arms around behind him and grabbed his shoulders. I pulled his shoulders down as hard as I could while pushing up with my dick. Again he yelled to the top of his lungs. I then laid back on the bed and told him to move his hips. I told him to ride my dick and he better love. He started to move his hips very slowly. His cries stopped and he started moving a little faster. Soon he started to moan and he was enjoying himself. I grabbed some lotion and started to jack him off.

As I was jacking him off he started going faster and I could feel the tip of my dick hitting his young boy walls. He started moaning really loud so I jacked him off faster. His ass clenched my dick and he shot cum all over my stomach. Watching the nut shoot out his dick and his moaning made me unleash another fat nut. Every bit deep in his ass. I told him not to move and we both sat there for ten minutes, with my dick in his ass. After that I told him to put his knees on the ground again and lean over on the bed.

As he posed in the doggie style postion I took two of my fingers and pushed them into his ass. They slipped right in with no problem. Again his dick got hard and he was moaning. I then put three fingers into his ass hole. At first he said ouch a few times then he started to love it. His ass hole started to loosen up, so I added another finger. Now four of my fingers was going in and out his ass. He started to yeal a bit, so I finger fucked him even harder. I then pulled my fingers out his wet black ten year old ass.

I tied his hands up and his feet, he could not get out. Once I had him tied up I put lubricant all over my hand and slowly I started to put my entire hand in his ass. I put four fingers in him again and then added my thumb. I could feel my hand inching into his ass hole. I went slow then fast, then I shoved as hard as I could. To my amazement my entire hand up just past my wrist bone, was in his ass.

The scream he let out made my ears ring. I slowly pulled my hand in and out his ass hole. Each time I pushed my hand in his scream got louder. I kept going until I was hard again. I then got up and shoved my dick into his ass hole. This time I was standing and giving him every inch of my dick. I was fucking him so hard that the van started rocking. I had to slow down a bit so no one would know we were in the van. I fucked his little black ass for about a hour and a half before I felt myself about to bust a nut. When the nut shot into his ass I started fucking him harder then I ever fucked anyone before.

When I was done I told him if he tells anyone what I did to him, I would find him and kidnap him until he turns 18. I told him if you tell. I'm going to fuck you for the rest of your teenage years. I then took my 50 dollar's back kept his underwear and I told him to get dressed. After he was dressed, I unlocked the doors and let him go.

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You fucking sick you asshole

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by the way my computer is broken so i wont be able to accept it immediately

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anyone wants to be my friend on face book add me my name is david junior don callender i forgot if its dan or don try both

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i know its a fantasy but it sounds so fucking messed up ......dude your just a gay creep who sits in the dark all day long fantasising about raping kids dude ur messed

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this is the best story i hope u can do that to me and im still fresh u no wat i mean im a horny as fuck man got a 10 inch dick i want to get my ass fucked hard from any one still i think i will love having it with a stranger but you need to at least have a 6-9 inch harrry dick

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