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curiousity is awesome
It seems I published my first story twice by mistake! I'm sorry! I'll have to take care of that sooner or later.

As I left you guys, my friend patch decided that she was going to scare me half to death after a cuddle-therapy session by grabbing the crotch of my pants. The issue is that she's a lesbian and had never been attracted to guys. I guess here and now is the best place to start again.

So patch has asked me how big my manhood was. Needless to say my cheeks were getting a little red at this point. It's not that I'm embarrassed about my size, I'm just as average as any white guy. I was just surprised at how forward my openly lesbian friend was being.

I swallowed hard and figured out what to say. "um...It's pretty average." Was all I could muster.

Patch giggled in my ear, squeezing the spot on my jeans. I felt blood wanting to double time it to that spot as my member started to get stiff. "I'm starting to understand," She joked, playfully running her hand up and back down the peak in my pants. "ya know, I've never seen one outside of porn, so I was just curious is all."

My cheeks were probably as red as her hair now. I turned my head back just a little. All I saw was the white shell-plastic of an eye patch I had made her two christmases ago. It sort of looks like one I had seen in that Kill Bill film, the one with a red cross on it. It was sweet of her to wear it. I was only realizing now that she had it on.

I was still feeling slightly awkward, but my confidence kicked in almost instantly. I rolled over, looking patch in the eye (no pun intended). She chuckled at me, licking her lips just spite me. She was my therapist. She knew every little detail I ever gave her, including the fact that red lipstick was one of the only outside turn ons I had. I went to ask her what she was trying to do. I think in the middle of the word trying she pressed her lips to mine. I caved, letting myself cup her cheek as that kiss became more passionate. Patch got greedy, letting her tongue part my lips, flicking against mine for just a moment before she pulled away slowly. I could tell she felt conflicted about doing that, but I was trying to shake the little bit of nirvana I was feeling off.

"hmm...dunno how I feel about that one, chief," she said to me, giggling a little. "but I'll admit, for a guy, your mouth doesn't taste nasty."

"That's probably cuz I don't want my teeth rattling out of my head." She giggled catching my bad joke. At least she laughed. I smiled a little, feeling a lot better than I had in a long time. I felt so good that I never noticed my belt buckle being undone or my pants being unbuttoned and unzipped.

I felt her hand softly wrap around the shaft of my member. I twitched in more ways than one, startled.
"what are you doing?!" Came stuttering out of my mouth. She giggled at my surprise, working my manhood up and down slowly.

"hey, calm down. I'm just curious," she said softly. "if you're uncomfortable, say so. It's not like I don't see this as odd, I've never touched anyone guy's dick, let alone actually see one. Yours is sort of...nice...I think."

"nice? What's that mean, huh?"

Patch giggled again, feeling me twitch in her hand. "it means shut the hell up and let me try this!"

I hadn't been played with or had fooled around with anyone in a long time. I don't exactly score in the sex department that often, but I was enjoying what was going on at this point in time. I slipped into the moment, kissing patch softly. She responded in kind, moving into it before I nipped at her bottom lip softly. I felt myself pushing not to end this early. Finally I climaxed, a hot pool of fluid gathering against the heel of patch's hand. She smiled a little, then pressed her lips to mine, a little moan escaping her.

"well, that was awkward, but fun," she said after breaking the kiss. She raised her hand to her mouth, licking just a little of my seed from a sticky bit on the heel of her palm.

I fixed myself up, talking to her just a little before we said out goodbyes. I drove home, completely forgetting my troubles from earlier.

I ended up getting home quite late, so I called an out of state friend named Lilly. Right awa she asked me the following.

"so, did she ask?"

I was puzzled. "who? What?"

"patch. Did she ask you?"

"how do you know about her?"

"silly boy. Check your messages."

So I did. Lilly and Patch had been texting on my phone the whole time I was asleep. Patch asked Lilly the same.thing she asked me. I grinned. These women were gonna be the death of me. I ended up telling Lilly everything that had happened. She is one of those people who talking about sexual conquest was really easy to do. In a way, Lilly was my therapist for a long time. Then my call waiting came on. It was patch.

"you left your wallet here. Pick it up tomorrow evening after you get off your Sunday shift?"

"sure. Okay. Goodnight!."

I got back on the line with Lilly, the realized I had my wallet. Two minutes after that, patch called again.

"okay, I lied. Just...come over after your Sunday shift?"

I didn't care if she was still curious or if she just wanted to hang out. "sure hun! Goodnight!"

I went back to talking to Lilly for a few minutes until I realized something.

"lilly, I didn't pay patch..."

"what? Just pay her for the session tomorrow!"

"It's not that. She usually checks her timer and tells me how much I owe her. She didn't do it this time and she NEVER forgets..."

"kin, she forgot. Just calm down shug."

"lilly, does this make me a whore?"

She laughed for a solid 5 minutes. Later i decided to put my head back and go to sleep, hoping to dream of my little encounter.

For now, I'll leave you with this little bit of a story. I'm starting a session with patch as we speak. I'll tell you about Sunday night later!

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2012-12-05 19:00:34
Yes it does make u a whore hehehe xxx

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