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this is a continuation from my first story. let me know what you think. the title is pretty self explanatory
As Emily and Seanna finished licking Mikes cum off of each others faces Mike continued to try and get his hard on back. He wanted so desperately to have a piece of Emily's ass.

"Now its my turn. I need to cum." Seanna said desperately.

After watching her sister and Mike enjoy blowing their loads her sexual tension was huge and she needed a release. Seanna laid down on her back on the couch and opened up her legs.

"This should get you back up" Emily said as she took Mikes hand and guided her towards her waiting sister.

Emily and Mike got on their knees in front of Seanna, and Emily brought her hand and opened up Seanna pussy lips. She leaned in and spit into her sisters pussy. Mike went in after and started to lick Seanna clit. Licking up both Seannas juices and Emily's spit. He circled her clit faster and faster with his tongue pushing Seanna closer and closer to the edge. Now Emily go in and slid one finger into her sisters tight pussy. Seanna was in heaven her clit was being licked and her pussy fingered but there was something she longed for.

"put something in my ass." Seanna said. Begging for something.

Emily took her other hand and spit on one finger. She took this finger and slowly started to massage Seanna's ass hole.

"ohh yes! Now shove it in!" Emily pushed her finger into Seanna's tight ass hole while still continuing to pump fingers in to her pussy. Mike at the same time continued to lick her clit and started to massage her firm C cup tits.

"ohh fuck yes! I'm gunna cum keep going! Ahh!" Seanna screamed as she reached her climax and her tight cunt squeezed Emily's fingers and she squirted on Mikes face. Mike licked her cum up and Emily slowly slid her fingers out of Seanna's holes.

"let me taste" Seanna moaned while pulling Emily's hands up to her mouth. She sucked each finger tasting her own pussy and ass hole. Mike now wanted one last lick. He started at the very base of her ass and slid his tongue right over her ass hole and from the bottom of her pussy right up to her clit. Seanna shuddered as her overly sensitive clit was stimulated again.

"it looks like he's ready again!" Emily said cheerfully pointing to Mikes ragging cock. He hadn't even noticed. He was hard and horny already.

"its time" said Seanna moving toward her younger sister.
"yes finally! How was it in your ass Seanna?" Emily asked her sister.
"it felt so good! Why do you want to try?"
" I think I do. Does it hurt?"
"A little bit but it wont if I warm you up for it" Seanna gave a wink to her sister and left the room to get something.

"lets fuck while she's gone" Emily said standing up.

Mike had no objections. He laid back down on the couch and Emily got up on top of him. She grabbed his rock hard cock and started to prod it into her tight cunt. Emily moaned as she sat down on his dick. It slowly impaled her and her tightness drove Mike crazy. Mike wanted to just impale her all the way and get it over with he needed to max out inside of her. He placed his hands on her hips; he wanted so much to just trust upwards into her, but it would probably hurt her.

"do it… I need you inside of me" almost as if she had read his mind Emily grabbed Mikes hands on her hips and impaled her self onto his hard stick. She screamed as his cock buried all the way inside of her.

"what the fuck happened?" Seanna came bursting through the door. "ohhh hahaha" she chuckled as she watched her younger sister ride Mikes cock.

"what are those?" Emily said pointing towards the anal beads hanging from Seanna's. Emily continued to ride Mike's prick and Seanna walked over to them.

"these" Seanna held up the beads "are for your tight little ass you slut"

Emily laid down onto Mikes stomach now her tits pressing warmly against his chest. Mike started thrusting upwards into her now. Going at his own pace he was able to get deeper with each thrust causing Emily to moan often. Seanna got behind her sister and spread her ass cheeks open and started to lick her tight ass hole. She flicked her tongue up and down and circled it.

"ohhhhh that feels so weird. But so good" Emily said as her sister started to push a finger inside her ass hole. Mike continued to pound her pussy getting turned on even more knowing Emily was taking something in the ass. Seanna had worked two fingers into Emilys ass when she started sucking the beads. She placed the first one at the entrance of her ass hole and slowly pushed it in.

"ohh fuck! That feels so good." Emily moaned as both her pussy and ass were penetrated. "put more in!" she screamed. Seanna continued to work her sisters ass. Pushing more and more fingers in and beads. She got up to one of the largest ones and Emily screamed as it entered her ass. The beads stayed in her ass for another 3 minutes as mike continued to pound her pussy.

"I think her ass is ready Mike." Seanna said extremely seductively looking at Mike.

He was elated. He pulled his cock out of Emily's cunt and got behind her. He watched as Seanna pulled the beads out of her ass. Seanna licked a few and then told Emily to taste them. Emily sucked on a bead tasting her own ass.

"are you sure your ready?" Mike asked Emily.
"yes do it Mike!"

Mike placed his raging cock at the tip of her ass hole and slowly started to push inwards. Her ass was so tight Mike didn’t think it would be able to go into her. He kept pushing though wanting so much to take Emily's anal virginity. He continued a solid pressure into her and finally got about half his cock into her. He started to push back and fourth slowly thrusting.

"I don’t know how much more I can take!" Emily screamed.

"that’s ok im gunna blow!" mike said feeling the tingling in the base of his balls. He continued to pump.

"that’s ok Mike just cum in her ass!"

Seanna telling Mike to cum in her sisters ass was all he needed to blow. He thrusted another inch into Emily and started cumming. Emily screamed by the extra penetration and the new feeling of cum in her ass. Mike pulled his cock out and pumped it with his hand spurting some cum onto the outside of her ass.

After he came down. Seanna went behind her sister and started eating the cum that was on her ass and the cream pie coming from her sisters ass hole.

"ohhh so good Mike!" both the girls commented Mike.

"ohh shit! You were supposed to be home an hour ago!!" Seanna started to panic and Mike quickly got dressed and rushed out. Before he left he kissed the still naked Emily on the lips and told her thanks you.

"next time I'm gunna make you cum." Mike said to Emily and gave her a wink.

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2013-06-03 11:01:15
Good story and you write quite deively, just double check some of the grammar/syntax... Good job though!

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-14 02:58:37
Very poorly written. Please learn some writing skills before another posting.
If you continue to try to write, at least learn to capitalize the FIRST letter of each sentence. Are you a middle school drop-out? Very amateurish writing.

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2012-11-30 01:45:07
Nice story line, just work on your spelling and grammar a bit.

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