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I had a pretty normal childhood growing up in the country backwoods of Kentucky. I learned to hunt and fish and enjoyed playing sports like football and baseball. I was a normal teenage boy who liked girls of course. I wasn’t gay then nor do I believe to be gay now. You may feel different after reading this.
As someone who has spent a lot of time playing sports and working out I’ve spent a lot of time in locker and shower rooms as well. Therefore I’ve also seen a lot of naked men. I’ve seen them change clothes or maybe washing or drying themselves and it ‘s no big deal. The sight of a naked man does nothing for me. If that is totally the case however, How did I find myself in this position?
Many years later I am a happily married man with a beautiful young wife by the name of Beth. I still love to hunt and fish . I still believe in my heart that I am straight but my current position may suggest otherwise. I am currently lying on the soft carpeted floor of our living room. My lovely wife Beth is setting on my face while sliding her mouth over a hard dick. The dick belongs to our next door neighbor Doug. Doug and I have always got on well but apparently not as well as Beth and Doug. I watch from below as she swallows Doug’s cock deep. I see his cock head disappear and his long shaft follows suit. Her mouth begins to water as little drops of spit begin to fall from his shaft to land on my face. I do not break stride however. I continue to dart my tongue in and out, tasting her insides. I shove my tongue in as far is it will go. I hear a gargled moan from her mouth and am pleased with her pleasure. She continues to work her mouth furiously on his cock and begins grinding her pussy into my mouth. More spit and slobber falls onto my face as she swallows him. I begin working my tongue over and over on her swollen clit. She begins shaking uncontrollably and gripping my head tightly with her legs. As she begins to cum on my mouth I hear Doug begin to moan. I look up just in time to see his balls draw tight as he unloads his jets of hot sticky cum into my wife’s waiting mouth. She tries to keep it all in but it begins to drip down onto my face. What a wonderful feeling I thought as I felt the warm thick liquid splatter my face. I watch as Doug pulls his cock from my wife’s face and leaves the room. Beth unstraddles my head and brings her face down level with mine. She opens her mouth and releases the contents of it into mine. She begins kissing me deeply as I swallow Doug’s sperm. She scoops up the remainder on her finger and places it in my mouth. She tells me I am a good husband and that I can have more later.
We both got dressed and joined Doug in the kitchen for some snacks and drinks. While mixing the drinks I noticed I could still feel some of Doug’s cum in the back of my throat. I try to swallow once again but cum is thick and hard to swallow. We talk over drinks like nothing had happened. It wasn’t weird or anything. With one last drink from her cup Beth looks at me and says “I think it’s time you took your rightful place. Knowing what she meant I returned to the living room undressed and laid upon the soft cool carpet.
A few minutes later Beth and Doug enter the room holding hands. Beth once again straddles my head but this time leans forward on all fours. She tells me to get her ready to receive Doug’s cock. I begin to eat her pussy while she takes me into her mouth. My cock springs as I began to feel the hot wet suction of her mouth. She deep throats me as I ravish her pussy. I can feel and taste her wetness as she is graciously thanking me for the cock she is about to receive. She starts to quiver as my cock begins to throb. Moaning at the pleasure of her own orgasm Beth swallows me deeply as my balls dump wad after wad of hot cum down her throat. She swallows it all graciously. My limp cock falls from her lips that should have been that. Husband and wife entwined in a 69 pleasing each other to orgasm. But the fun was just getting started.
After seeing me finish Doug was ready for more. He spat on his hand and rubbed it down the length of his amazing cock. He moved in and started to rub his cock up and down the entrance of my wife’s throbbing sex. He slowly slid himself in and with me still down below drug his large meaty balls right across the length of my face. The smell of his balls was amazing. He pulled back and gave a few more strokes. His balls continued to slide back and forth across my face. I watched as my neighbor stretched and filled my wife’s cunt like never before. As if she could see what was going on below Beth spoke softly,” lick his balls” I thought she would never ask. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over the underside of his testes. I could taste my wife there. She was so wet from the fucking she was receiving from Doug’s giant cock. Doug began to pick up his pace and my wife was cumming . I continued to lick his balls and was really enjoying the taste and smell when his cock sprang free from her and fell on my face. His momentum pulled his dick across my tongue and lips. I loved it. The taste and smell of my wife on him was amazing. He plunged his cock back into the deep, wet warmth of my wife’s pussy. He seemed intent not to let it spring free again. I began to lap at my wife’s clit as he continued to pound her. I was pleased to hear her moaning louder and knew she was about to cum again. As she reached the brink of another orgasm I started concentrating on Doug again. With Beth screaming in orgasm and my tongue happily returned to his balls Doug had all he could stand. His balls began to tighten once more. With my tongue on his sack I could feel it contract. Deep ridges were forming and my tongue tried to explore each and every one of them. He shot rope after rope of hot semen deep into Beth and before my tongue had enough time to trace them all. The ridges were gone. Doug slowly pulled out of my wife making a small “pop” as his large cock left the warmness of her tight slit. I continued to lay there as she rose up placing her pussy once again onto my mouth. I plunged my tongue deep inside her tasting her juices and Doug’s cum. I sucked out, licked up, and swallowed down all the cum I could reach. Only after she was satisfied I gave it my best effort did she graciously squeeze out the remainder of his load into my mouth.
What would the boys from the football team say about me now. I am not gay. I couldn’t take Doug behind closed doors and suck his cock. I definitely wouldn’t let him fuck me in the ass. However I do realize one thing about myself as I lay here in the floor, my wife on my face cum in my stomach, throat, and mouth. I am a cum eating husband. I am a cuckold in his rightful place!

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2012-11-28 03:24:36
Everyone is happy...A good story!


2012-11-27 03:47:44
Yeah, A Little Dificult To Read, , , BUT I'm Glad I Stuck With It.....
I Like It!!!


2012-11-26 20:47:07
You need to reformat after uploading to eliminate the text wall that makes reading it difficult. Other than that it was OK.

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