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Science Class Fun

It was third period Earth Science and class had just started. It was a sub' that day so no one paid much attention. Jack was sitting next to a girl named Audrey. She was doing something weird today. She was resting her chin on the table. She had never done that before and she held her backpack up between her legs on the chair. Every time Jack looked over she would quickly pull her hand out from behind her backpack and write down some notes from the board. So instead of looking directly at her Jack looked at her from the corner of his eye. She had her hand in her pants. She was playing with herself. Jack thought that everyone would like to see so when she leaned back in her chair Jack quickly stuck his foot under it and flipped her backward. She landed on the ground with her hand stuck in her pants and everyone could see her. The sub' looked over and saw this.

"Audrey do you really need to play with yourself that bad" he said.

All she did was nod her head yes before returning to playing with herself.

"How many girls want to play with themselves right now" asked the sub'?

All the girls in the room raised their hand. The sub' just nodded and said to get on with it. And they did Audrey was naked first and she climbed up on the table in front of Jack and started to rub her cunt and tits. The next girl naked was Faith and she climbed up on the table next to Audrey and started to kiss her. The next girls naked were Maria and Elizabeth and they started fucking with Liz's strap on dick. That she pulled from her backpack. Then it was Kim, Maddy, Tori and Lily naked. They got together and started kissing and feeling each others tits and pussies. Melissa and Sophia were the last to be naked. Melissa just climbed up on a table and finger fucked herself. Sophia dragged two tables closer together she then got on these in a split position and used her pencil to fuck herself with.

The guys just moved to the back of the room and watched the fun. Whenever one guy had to cum they just walked up to a girl or group of girls and sprayed his load all over them.

Audrey and Faith were by this point oblivious to anything else that went on. Audrey had Faith on her lap sucking her tits. Her tits were a nice size not to big or small. Nice and round too and didn't need a bra to stay perked up. Audrey's cunt was nice and pink and very tight. Faith's tits were very small she had a flat chest and a tiny fuck hole. Her ass hole was stretched wide though because of her butt plug. Maria didn't have a flat chest but she didn't have large tits either. Her cunt was stretched from the constant fucking she always had at home or in school. Liz's tits were barely there and her cunt was so loose an adult man could stick both hands in and clap. Kim had large tits and her cunt wasn't tight or too loose. Just right. Maddy had huge tits but very tight pussy. Tori had large tits too and they could easily be used to smother a guy when she wrapped them behind his head. Her cunt was still tight even with the fuckings she gets at home. Lily had extremely large tits and a really loose cunt from the three to four dicks she has in her nightly. Melissa had smaller tits and her cunt was so very tight because she was still a virgin. But, wouldn't be after today. Sophia was the most idolized for her body. She loved being naked and wore almost nothing to school. But she had nice always perky tits with a tight pussy.

The sub' went up to Faith and laid her down on the table and started to fuck her cunt and he left her butt plug in. Audrey just climbed on top of Faith so she could have her cunt eaten out as Faith was being fucked. The sub' could only put in his head before he met Faith's resistance. He just plowed through that and started fucking her as she screamed into Audrey's pussy. As Faith was having her hymen ripped out she screamed into Audrey's cunt and she didn't stop for the longest time. We were afraid someone out in the hall heard her so I locked the door. And sure enough someone tried to get in but with the lock on the inside and it being jammed they couldn't get into the room.

Things just continued from there. Faith now having a monster dick in her tiny pussy just fucking her as hard as it could was enjoying herself again. She was on the verge of orgasm when she felt the dick inside her start to convulse and sprayed its cum all over her cunt. That just sent her over the edge and she came at the same time. Now she set into Audrey and ate her cunt like a pro. She would tease the labia a little before she stuck her tongue in her cunt and tongue fucked her. Then she brought her hand up and started tweaking her clit with her forefinger and thumb. Audrey by this point was so close to orgasm that she just wanted to cum so badly. So she started to grind her hips onto Faith's face and with that she came hard and fast.

When everyone started getting naked Maria and Liz just looked at each other surprised at first. Then they thought what the hell why not. They got out of their clothes as fast as they could. Then Liz reached into her backpack and pulled out her strap on and put it on. She then put Maria on her back on the table and shoved the fake dick into her best friend. For awhile they just fucked like that. Then Maria turned over and shook her ass at Liz. Liz started to fuck her ass hole. They got going fast and hard. They even moved the table across the floor. Finally, Maria started coming. Then because of the fake dick rubbing her cunt so did Liz.

Kim, Maddy, Lily & Tori always had a fantasy for having sex together. So when this opportunity presented itself they took advantage and started playing with each other. Tori undressed Lily and Kim undressed Maddy. Then Tori and Kim undressed each other. Tori took Lily's nipple in her mouth and started sucking. She gasped when Maddy started eating her pussy. Kim started to lick Lily's cunt while Tori worked on her breast. The girls didn't care what everyone else thought they just kept going. Tori would pick her head up to kiss Kim before she went back to Lily. Maddy would kiss Lily before she went back to Tori's pussy. Tori got really excited when Maddy would stop so she put Lily's entire tit in her mouth. Lily would feel this and start to squirm around which caused her pussy juice to go all over Kim's face. So Kim tried to get further into Lily's cunt with her tongue. Suddenly Tori started to feel really good and her pussy sprayed her juices all over the place. On Maddy and the table were Tori's juices. When she was done she had no energy left and laid down right there and let Kim finish Lily. Kim finished Lily in record time when she started to put fingers into Lily's pussy. Fist, it was one finger then three finally Kim had her entire hand in Lily's pretty pussy. With the help of her tongue Lily was cumming so hard that it almost literally blew Kim backward. Lily had no energy now so she laid next to Tori. Kim and Maddy now wanted to finish each other. So they got into a 69 position and ate each others pussy. Kim finally came and now she could really work on Maddy. She dove in and had fingers shoved all the way in. Then she used her tongue to play with Maddy's clit. Maddy started to buck her hips to get more of Kim's fingers in her cunt. Kim spread her fingers wide to open up Maddy's pussy before she spit in it and filled it to the brim. Then and there Maddy came and sprayed all over Kim's face.

Melissa didn't care what the others were doing she was already playing with herself. She did in every class anyway and never got caught. She climbed up on a table and turned to the boys. She then stood up and started to strip first her shirt came off to reveal her bra less tits. Then her pants came off to show off her panty less pussy. She then sat on the table with her legs spread wide open and started to play with herself. She rubbed herself first before she opened up her pussy lips. When she did that she took her other hand and put two fingers in her cunt. Melissa then started to fuck herself with her fingers. She started slow then increased her speed little by little. When she got going as fast as she could she would then start to slow down until she was stopped. Then, she added another finger and did this for awhile. When she was up to all five fingers she just balled her hand into a fist and opened her pussy wide. She then stuck her entire fist in her pussy and started to ram herself as hard as she could. While doing this she was playing with her tits. Which got her nipples hard before she tweaked and pulled at them. Her nipples were so hard they had to be sucked. So Jack walked over put her hand on the table and took both tits in his hand. He then bent down and put one nipple in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could then released it from his mouth before he took the other and did the same thing. Then he licked them before he sucked the left nipple like a baby would and it drove her crazy. While he was doing all this she was still pounding her pussy and all the tit attention caused her to come so close to orgasm that all she had to do was flick her clit before she could cum. When she did with her fist still in her she sprayed all over the room the boys were coated before she was done. When she did stop she was so tired she just lay down and fell asleep right then and there. But, before she was completely passed out all the boys came over and turned her over. They put her feet on the ground so she was bending over the table. Jack was trying to get in her pants all year anyway so he figured what the hell why not. So he took his penis and shoved it in her asshole and it took only a couple thrusts before he came in her tight ass. Jack then turned her over again so she was facing him and shoved his dick in her pussy. Melissa couldn't do anything to resist she still had no energy. So Jack pushed in little by little. Finally he reached his goal her hymen. The protector of her innocents was going to disappear and become the entrance to an earthly heaven. Jack plowed through her cherry in one thrust and started fucking her without any mercy to her cries and whimpers. She came three times before he even started to get close. So he went faster and faster and she came again and again. Finally he was getting close so he fucked as hard as he could and he came all over the inside of her pussy.

Sophia wasn't surprised at all when everyone got naked. But when no one came over to her to fuck is what surprised her. So she dragged two tables closer together until they were about two feet apart. She then got up on the tables in a split. After that she took her shirt off to show her beautiful tits. But she had a bra on. She took a pocket knife out of her bra and cut that off before she cut one leg of her pants, then the other. Then she cut of the front of her pants and connected the cuts so the front of her pants fell off. She wasn't wearing any panties so her pussy was bare. And very much bald. She then took her pencil and shoved it in her little pussy. Sophia did this for about ten minutes before she was obviously bored. So she grabbed her entire pencil pouch and started to shove a pencil in one by one. At first it looked if she only had a few pencils but she just kept pulling more and more out and stuffing them in her lithe pussy. Suddenly she went from one pencil to ten to almost twenty before she had to stretch her pussy to fit more in. When she ran out of pencils to stuff in her pussy she had forty- five in there all eraser first. Sophia then grabbed them all and started to fuck herself with them. She played with her titties at the same time she fucked herself so she could cum faster. She knew the bell for next period class was going to ring soon so she went faster and faster with the fucking and playing with her nipples. She was close but it looked as if she needed some help so one of the boys walked over to her and stuck four fingers in her cunt and sucked on her nipples. Both of them at once. Then it happened she came so hard that that all the pencils in her pussy just flew out and she arched her back so it'd have more room to gush out all at once. The boy kept his fingers in her pussy and his mouth on her nipples and kept finger fucking and sucking her nipples. He gave her multiple orgasms and she didn't stop gushing right up to the bell.

At the bell everyone walked out of the room as they were. Faith still rubbing Audrey's pussy and Audrey still playing with Faith's tits. Liz with her strap on still on and Maria still holding it. Kim, Tori, Maddy and Lily walked out of the room hand in hand naked as jay birds. Melissa still tired had blood running down her thighs and cum coming from all holes. Sophia picked up her pencils and stuffed them all back in her pussy before going out into the hall and was playing with her nipples. As they walked everyone got hard or wet and wished they were them and cleared a way for them to walk through. Now whenever that sub' is there it's a sex party until the end of class and no one cares how anyone looks as long as they get fucked.

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2013-12-08 00:43:09
To reader 11-27 thats why its fantasy

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Good. But few mistakes. Make more

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2012-11-29 21:38:00
Hot! Please do more stories like it!

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Lol this is obviously some guy fantasizing about girls in his school

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Hot, but the premise is completely ridiculous. It would never happen.

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