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Stephan had been getting into work earlier and earlier in order to get the project done. It was a complicated bit of coding that required him to go through old code and data. All the while the boss was breathing down his throat to get it done.

It was now the week between Christmas and New Years and none of the regular people were in the office. There was a bare staff of analysts during the day and a minimum of office staff and technical types. Support people like Marie were working double shifts to fill in for the people who were out on vacation. Marie, being both single and new was getting the most one.

Stephan rolled into work at 6am and handed Marie a coffee and a cruller. She had been in since midnight and had only been going home for 3 hour stints to get a bit of sleep.

"Thank you." Marie said looking up from her terminal. She was the only one working the help desk. She opened up the coffee and looked at it. "It looks like it could use some more cream."

Stephan looked confused. "I thought you took it black."

She gave him a devilish smile and sat her coffee cup down on the desk. Marie pulled Stephan's hips toward her and then worked his zipped down.


"You really do need sleep don't you? I've been feeling lonely and neglected. When ever we sleep together recently, we've just slept together. I've taken to raping you in the middle of the night."


"Yep. I wait for you to get the sleep boner and then mount you. It's not the best sex since I have to do all the work, but it keeps the kitty fed."

She pulled his flacid cock out of the fly hole and then started licking the tip as his erection started to build. He cock started to bulge and swell. As it stood up Marie took her doughnut and stuck his dick through it. His hard cock tore the hole in the doughnut larger.

"This is how I feel some days. Torn apart by your cock." She said as she started to lick the tip of his cock. Soon her mouth was replaced with her hand. She started jacking the end of his cock, her hand slid along the length and then off the end. As she slid her hand off the bulging purple tip she would squeeze it slightly.

Stephan placed his hands on Marie's hair and started to gather it up in his hands. She had long black hair that almost reached to her waist. Stephan gather it up into his hands and smelled it. It still had the bubble gum scent. He pulled her hair and she moaned.

Marie started to eat the doughnut off of Stephan's cock as she continued stroking him. He stood there stroking her hair and pulling it. She took a bite of the doughnut and gave him a stroke. With her free hand she twisted the doughnut around and held it in place as she was eating it. It took her two full passes to eat the full doughnut. All the while he could feel her hot breath on his balls. When the doughnut was gone she started to lick the glaze off of his penis.

"I'm about to cum."

She pinched the tip of his cock with her thumb just below his piss slit. She then started to suck on the very tip of his cock and it started shaking. She could feel the cum building up behind her thumb, but her tight grip kept it from coming out. When the spasming died down she took her thumb off the tip and held her coffee under the tip. Stephans cum dribbled out into the steaming coffee. She squeezed the base of his cock and pulled her finger along the underside, milking his cum into her coffee. She stuffed Stephan's cock back into his pants and zipped him up.

She sipped the coffee and said, "Just how I like it."

Stephan walked back to his office and logged in and started to work on his project. He was fairly confident that he would have it working by the first of the year. He was at the point where he was testing it. This was where most of the problems usually occurred.

He loaded in some test data and started running the program. While he was waiting to see if it would complete or crash he started messaging Marie.

S> I noticed you still smell like bubblegum.
M> Is that a problem?
S> I like bubblegum. I like most food scents actually.
M> Good. I just get so turned on thinking about our activities at the restaurant.
S> The daddy daughter bit?
M> Yeah. It's so taboo. So freaky and doing it in public. Oh! So hot!
S> It is fun to squick people.
M> :)
S> Well not in a literal way.
M> ?
S> Google it. Add alt.tasteless.
M> Ewww ewww. Squick. Ick!
S> :)
M> That's like sending someone to 2 girls 1 Cup.
S> And to think I can get that reaction with just text.
M> Can you get other reactions with just text?
S> I once had a woman claimed she orgasmed by just reading some of my stories.
M> No touching?
S> She said no touching. She might have been stroking my ego.
M> Or her pussy.
M> Fuck! HR is here.

Stephan checked his program and saw a stack dump. It was an array bounds error. He took a look at the data file and it seemed there were some l's for 1's and O's for 0's. Motherfucking piece of shit OCR software. Motherfucking clueless users using the wrong settings. Flipping through the datafile it looked like the corruption was fairly extensive and the file cut off in the middle.

He headed off to the vault to rescan the documents he needed. His badge scanned him into the old data vault and he grabbed the folders of data he needed and took them out to copy. As he carried them out of the vault he heard 2 beeps from the scanners for the 2 folders he had. He went to the massive copier, set the settings properly, loaded in the paper and hit scan. The papers zipped through the machine and Stephan noticed how pristine the paper looked. Especially odd for papers that were 12 years old.

Back at his office he saw a message from Marie.

M> Printer jam.
M> They were printing out someone file. It looked like they were prepping for an execution.
S> Possible. Any idea whose?
M> No. That's the funny thing. Usually they are okay with us seeing who is about to the get axe because we lock down accounts at the first whisper.
S> Then blame it on system errors.
M> Or blame HR. Claim it's the database.
M> Oops you slid out of the Auth database. HR needs to add you back in.
S> That's a bit of a bastard thing to do.
M> Yeah well. HR hid the file from me so they deserve it.
S> How thick was the file?
M> It was in 2 or three folders.
S> Not yours, maybe mine.
M> That would be a way to get out of giving you the bonus.
S> Hmm. I've got to run out to get some things. Want anything for lunch?
M> More coffee. I'll add the cream myself.

Stephan came back with a lunch and a couple of small hard drives.

"Do you feel like being a naughty little girl?" He asked.
"Will I get spanked?"
"Only if you don't get caught."
"What do I have to do?"

Stephan handed her a hard drive and explained how it fit into HR's copy machine. He was going to trigger a printer error remotely and she was to go up stairs and swap the drives under the auspices of "fixing it" Stephan in the meantime was swapping out the hard drive by the archive room.

Later that night in Stephan's apartment Stephan and Marie were going over the two drives. They had an unusual working posture. Stephan sat on a padded stool naked. While Marie sat on his lap facing him. They combined work and intercourse. Their genitals were linked and each time either one of them moved Stephan's penis worked it's way in or out. They each type away around the other, looking over the other's shoulders. Occasionally they would steal a kiss.

Stephan was looking at the disk from the archive machine. He had a simple program running that flagged when files looked the same. He was particularly interested in when something was printed and then scanned.

Marie was looking into whose HR records were being printed. It turns out that it was in fact Stephan's.

"They are firing you. The cover letter says something about an SEC investigation. Some sort of improprieties going back to when you were hired."

"If I were doing anything inappropriate, I wouldn't leave a paper trail, and I would get caught. I'm not stupid enough to get greedy."

"There is an investigation coming down the first of the year. There is a letter here from your boss supposedly notifying you of an upcoming compliance check. Something about after the first of the year, when you get back from vacation."

"So I am supposedly on vacation. They have me scurrying around in the vaults, pulling out old files, running unusual calculations on them. I'm being framed. Well nothing to do about it now."

Stephan bent over and started sucking on Marie's chocolatey brown nipple. She sighed in pleasure and started to pull his hair. She tightened her thighs around his waist and he started rocking back and forth his motions driving his cock into and out of her. He slid a hand between them and started to massage her clit. He started to massage it and she moaned in pleasure.

Marie tightened her legs around his waist and leaned back. She raised her arms and her breasts lifted up and tightened into her olive skinned body. Stephan leaned back and raised his hands to her breasts, take a small globe in each hand. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs.

As they leaned back she felt his cock start to rub against her g-spot. He felt her wetness suddenly increase. She rolled slightly to the side rubbing his cock against it. Stephan moved his large hands more to he sides. His hands were so large and she was so slight that he could rub her nipples and still have enough purchase to pull her toward him. He rocked back and pulled her with him. As she came upright she slid further down onto his cock. She was twisting side to side and then leaned back and he rolled foreward.

They continued their movements. Stephan was rolling forward and backwards while Marie was twisting side to side. Marie was moaning. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming!"

Her cunt tightened against his cock and her copious fluids flowed down over his cock. When Stephan felt her pussy tighten his cock started shooting off inside her. She collapsed into his arms. He carried her to bed and lay down next to her. They feel asleep spooned together.

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Kind of an odd place to end a series. Good story, though.

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