Steve and Kit get to share a bed, while Erica's boyfriend visits

Steve got to Kit's house a little before 4 Monday afternoon. He leaned his bike up against the side of the house, took his laptop out of his backpack, and went through his Facebook page while he waited for her to get home. Everybody was getting together here this evening because his parents and hers were going to discuss the vacation trip they were all taking later in the month. It was really a last-minute plan – the parents had come up with the idea when they were driving home from a concert the day before – but Steve's Aunt Cathy, his mother's sister, knew a travel agent who was good at arranging last-minute vacations.

Kit got dropped off by a friend's mother. She was in the middle school choir, and choir was a serious affair here, holding weekly practices even during the summer months. And Mrs. Khan, who took it very seriously, insisted that the girls wear dresses and and the boys white shirts and ties, even at practice.

The two of them went inside, and Steve settled himself down on the living room couch while Kit went upstairs to change. She stopped at the top of the staircase. “Why don't you come up and keep me company?” she called down to him.


“Sure, why not? Erica won't be home for another half hour.”

It's true Steve had seen his 12-year-old cousin almost naked on Saturday night, but they'd never discussed whether they were ever going to do that sort of thing again. Steve certainly didn't have to be asked twice, though: if Kit said it was okay for him to watch while she got undressed, he was going to be there.

In her bedroom, Kit pulled the dress over her head. She felt a little more self-conscious than she'd expected to: even though she'd spent the whole night with her 13-year-old cousin wearing only her panties, and they'd fooled around some (it was not sex, she insisted to herself), he's never watched her actually getting undressed.

Now, Steve seemed to be fascinated by her bra. Even though he'd already seen her tits, he'd probably never seen a girl in a bra before. Boys are so weird.

“You know what,” she said, “I can go without this bra for the rest of the day. Do you want to help me take it off?”

“Really?” he asked again.

Kit suppressed a giggle. She knew she was teasing him, and it was a lot of fun. She remembered how hard his cock looked (and felt) inside his underwear Saturday night, and she was pretty sure it was getting just as hard now. Just a shame he didn't have some excuse to change clothes as well...

“Sure. You'll have a girlfriend soon enough, and it'll be good to already know how to unsnap a bra.”

She turned her back to him, and he unhooked it in about two seconds. Well sure, it's easy enough when it's right in front of you; try doing it by feel alone when the catch is behind your back.

She let the bra fall to the floor, then turned around to let Steve see her. Oh yeah, his cock was definitely hard now. It was too bad they didn't have much time before Erica came home, because she'd have loved to tell him to take off his shorts and then grind her pussy against his cock like they'd done Saturday night.

It's not as if Erica didn't know they'd fooled around, of course: she'd caught them sleeping in the same bed Sunday morning, she in only her panties and he only in his briefs. She probably had no idea they'd made one another cum.

But it was just fooling around, not sex: he hadn't touched her tits, they hadn't even kissed. They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, after all: just cousins who were wrestling around and it got a little out of control.

Of course here she was standing in front of Steve in only her panties...

Anyway, Erica had been cool about it: her father had asked her to check up on Kit and Steve, who'd been stuck alone Saturday night in Steve's house. When she found them in bed together she got in Steve's face for a moment (Are... you... fucking... my... sister?), but then she calmed down and assured us she wouldn't tell our parents. While she was driving Kit home (she's 16 and has her license), she gave her a quick refresher course on the birds and the bees, “just in case.”

Still, it wouldn't do to have Erica catch them fooling around again, or even just standing there half-naked, especially not in the bedroom she and Kit shared.

So Kit picked out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and then she and Steve went downstairs to the living room to wait for everybody else to show up; watching television, texting friends and surfing on their laptops, all at the same time.

At dinner, the parents announced that the two families would be spending a week at an oceanside resort a few hundred miles away: pool, beach, SCUBA lessons, windsailing, the works. Since it was a fairly expensive deal, four rooms for four nights, the four adults would be going out there this weekend to check it out. They'd stay over Saturday night, Steve would spend the night in the guest room at Kit's house, and Erica would stay home that night to babysit.

“Let me rephrase that,” Kit's dad said quickly. “She'll be here so if there's any emergency, somebody will be around who can drive.”

The children asked their parents a few more questions about the resort, but of course they'd all be looking the place up online later on. The conversation turned to other topics, they all finished dinner, and shortly afterwards Steve's parents tossed his bike in the back of their van and they all drove home.


Steve and Kit didn't see one another for the rest of the week – he had his friends and she had hers, of course – but Steve rode over to Kit's house after lunch on Friday. They were going to walk over to the town pool together (though again they'd mostly be hanging out with their respective friends), and then Steve was going to stay over in the guest room, so his parents wouldn't have to struggle to to wake him up early on Saturday to drive him over there.

Kit's mother, Steve's Aunt Kathy, was home for the day, and called upstairs “Kit, Steve's here!”

“I'm ready to go,” Kit called back. “Could you send him up? I want to show him something.”

Steve climbed the stairs, opened Kit's bedroom door, and saw her standing by her bed wearing nothing but her bikini bottoms.

“I was telling the truth,” Kit giggled. “I wanted to show you something.”

“Best... cousin... ever!” Steve said with a grin. “But you know, you also said you were ready.”

“Whoops. Forgot about that.” She picked up her bikini top and tied it on. “Okay, now I am. Let's get going.”

“Need to use the bathroom first,” Steve said, the bulge in his swimsuit more obvious than he thought.
Kit wasn't so naïve that she didn't know why Steve was in the bathroom longer than normal. And she knew that teasing her cousin like that was somewhat evil, but she couldn't help it.

Cold water, Steve thought, was the best thing that could happen to a 13-year-old boy struggling to keep from getting a boner in a swimming pool full of teenage girls wearing bikinis. Especially since now he couldn't help imagining most of them standing before him topless like Kit had.

When he occasionally glanced over at Kit and her friends, he was looking not only at Kit, but also her best-friend Helene, a very deeply tanned French-Canadienne girl who stood under five feet tall but with the figure of a grown woman. She wore a very high-cut one-piece that exposed a lot of leg, and Steve was surprised her parents would let her wear that. A lot of teenage boys came by to chat her up, and if I weren't so basically shy, I would have been one of them. Though it probably would have been too awkward anyway, what with her standing right next to Kit.

Maybe Kit could put in a good word for him later: he'd love to have Helene as his first girlfriend.

3They left the pool when it closed up at 6. Aunt Cathy served up a nice spaghetti dinner. Then Erica was off on a date with Timmy, and everybody else watched the ballgame on television. Steve wasn't usually so keen on baseball, or the whole family watching television together, but Uncle Carl had installed an enormous flat-screen TV, and the baseball game looked pretty awesome.

Not awesome enough, though, since both adults were asleep by the seventh inning.

Kit got up and turned off the television. “They'll be okay,” she said. “They always wake up eventually and make their way to their room.”

Steve went to the guestroom, while Kit went upstairs to her own room. She'd have liked to hang out in the guest room with Steve for a while – maybe without some of their clothing, because that was fun – but since the guest room was right off the living room, where her parents would be waking up soon, that would be a bad idea.

She logged onto her computer as soon as she changed for bed, and chatted with friends for about an hour. Then, noticing that Steve was online as well, she IM'ed him: “Greetings, far-off cousin”

He responded with the obligatory LOL, and they worked out what time they wanted to go back to the pool the following day – small town, hot day, there really wasn't a hell of a lot else to do – and all the time Kit was trying to think of a casual way to ask Steve to talk to her on Skype. She was going to surprise him by taking off her pajama top.

She'd never shown a boy her bare tits online, of course, but it always seemed like a fun, kind of dangerous thing to do – and showing Steve would be safe.

“Hey, something I meant to ask you earlier.”


“Do you think you can help me hook up with your friend Helene?”

Kit hesitated for a moment, typed “Sure,” then slammed down her laptop's cover.

4Meanwhile across town...

On their second date, Timmy tried to put his hand on Erica's breast. On their fourth date, she let him. Yeah, a lot of girls her age had let their boyfriends go a lot further a lot quicker, but having her breasts played with over her shirt was all she'd felt comfortable with.

Sometimes, when the weather was warm, she didn't wear a bra, and that felt waybetter.

Last Saturday she made sure to wear a bra, because when they got into Timmy's car after the movie, as they were driving to their favorite private spot, she undid a couple of buttons on her shirt. When they were parked, Timmy noticed right away and took the hint, slipping his hand under her shirt and cupping her breast. She was wearing a very thin bra, with no trim, so he could feel her hard nipple. He pinched it gently, and she almost came right then and there.

She was sure this was his first experience playing with a girl’s nipple, but he certainly had a knack for it.

It was pretty deserted here, so she unbutton her shirt the rest of the way and slipped it off. Even if somebody saw her from a distance, it would look like she was wearing a small summer top.

Timmy was stroking both of her breasts now, and she was in heaven. Why hadn't she let a boy do this to her sooner? She probably wouldn't be doing this even now if she didn't know her little sister was doing god-knows-what with Steve.

She remembered the sight of Steve's cock, pushing out against his briefs as he and Kit, having just woken up, were holding one another. If she hadn't caught them, she wondered whether a few minutes later they'd have been fucking. Kit had told her later that all they'd ever done was press their bodies together, and hadn't ever been naked together, but who knows whether that was the truth?

She did know that a 16-year-old's cock was probably a lot more impressive than a 13-year-old's, so she slipped her hand up Timmy's leg, and under his loose-fitting shorts. She tried to wrap her hand around his cock through his underwear and when she couldn't, slipped her hand inside his underwear and grabbed it.

“Ohhh,” he gasped as she began slowly jerking him, and he took his hand from her bra-covered breasts and was just placing it on the crotch of her shorts when he said “Ohhh” again, this time a lot harder, and began cumming all over her hand.

When he finished, and finally caught his breath, he said “Sorry/”

She knew he meant sorry for cumming so quickly, but she said, with a smile, “you don't look sorry at all.”

“No, that was the best thing I've felt in my life. Let me do you now,” he said, leaning forward and pulled her shorts down past her knees. She lifted her ass to make it easier for him. But when he started pulling down her panties, she suddenly said “Don't. I'm sorry, no, I'm not ready for that, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, disappointed. Even in the dim light, he could see her pink bikini panties, and the wisps of hair escaping from the sides.

“Tomorrow night,” she said, “come over to my place. My parents will be gone, and I'll be babysitting.”

“But your sister...”

“Not a problem. I guarantee it.”

5: Saturday

Scott and Susie came by to pick to Carl and Cathy about 8am.

None of them really knew what to expect from tonight: last Saturday night, they'd found themselves sharing a motel room, which led to the two couple hearing one another making love, and then in the morning seeing one another naked (Scott and Cathy had also touched one another very intimately, but their spouses didn't know that). Was that just a one-time fluke? Or if they found themselves in close quarters again tonight would they all feel okay about seeing one another naked again? Would they want to take it further?

It was on all their minds as they drove to the resort hotel... but that's a story for the next chapter.


At 9, Steve came out of the guest room wearing a t-shirt and swim shorts. Erica was just finishing her breakfast, dressed for her job at the mall. “Is Kit down yet?” Steve asked her.

“She was still passed out when I left the room, but she's probably up by now.”

“Thanks,” he said, and bounded up staircase two steps at a time. “Kit?” he called out softly. “Are you up?”

“Don't come in,” she called back. “I'm getting dressed.”

Okay, Steve thought, that's kind of strange after what happened yesterday. He went back downstairs, poured a bowl of cereal for himself, and one for Kit, and waited for her. She came down a few minutes later wearing, as she usually did when she went to the pool, a thigh-length t-shirt with her swimsuit underneath.

They ate breakfast without much conversation, and Kit was also very quiet while they were walking to the pool. Finally Steve said “Kit, is something wrong?”

“Nothing's wrong,” she said, sullenly.

“Just stop waking for a minute,” Steve said. “Kit, if you have some problem, tell me. I don't want to sound mushy or anything, but you know I'd do anything to help you, right?”

She finally began to smile, for the first time all morning. “Yeah. Yeah, I know that. It's okay. And you're the best cousin ever, I mean that.”

“Well duh,” he said, “I knew that.” And then he said “Ow!” as she punched him in the arm, the same way his mother punched his father and his aunt, Kit's mother, punched his uncle. It must be genetic. “Cousin abuse,” he said.

“Deal with it.”

When they got to the pool, they split up and hung with their friends like usual. Steve kept glancing over at the girls in their bikinis, thinking about Kit whom he'd seen almost naked and Helene whom he wished he could see almost naked.

A while later, when his attention was elsewhere, he felt something hit both of his legs underwater, and he almost lost his balance. Kit and Helene popped to the surface, grinning, water dripping from their wet bikini tops. “What are you doing next Saturday night?” Kit asked him.

“Um... I don't know, but I have a feeling you're about to tell me.” Actually, if I could work up the nerve to ask her out, hopefully I'd be on a date with Helene.

“Helene's cousin is coming to visit next weekend, and she's trying to fix us up. But I told her my parents would never let me go out with some out-of-town 14-year-old boy they didn't know, so I suggested you and Helene come along, a double-date. I think my parents would be okay with that.”

“Sounds great,” Steve said. And suddenly he had a date with Helene and he didn't even have to ask. Kit was absolutely the best cousin ever!

7: Evening

After dinner, Erica said “Timothy's coming over, and it's time for you two to disappear.” When Steve seemed confused, she added “Kit and I talked about this the other day. You two can hang out upstairs tonight. Grab your laptop from the guest room, your jammies, your toothbrush, whatever you'll need. I'm not going upstairs at all, and you two don't come downstairs at all.” She looked at Kit sternly. “And that other thing we discussed? I'm dead serious about that, all of that. If you fuck up there, we're both dead meat.”

“What other thing?”Steve asked Kit as they went into the guest room to gather his stuff.

“Never mind. If it comes up, you'll find out.”

When they came out, Erica was just coming down the stairs. She'd changed into a denim skirt, and she was wearing a button-down blouse.

“Remember,” Erica said, gesturing at the staircase: “No-man's land.”

When Steve and Kit got upstairs, Steve tossed his laptop onto Erica's bed. A t-shirt and bra were lying on the bed near the pillow. Steve picked up the bra gingerly. “I don't think I'll need this,” he said jokingly.

I guess she figured she won't either, Kit thought.

Steve was a bit intrigued by both the bra's size and the fact that it still felt warm.

“Why don't you help me with mine?” Kit said. “We might as well change for bed.”

She pulled off her t-shirt, and Steve unsnapped her bra, watching her tits come into view.

“Hey,” he said, as he was reaching into her bureau for a nightgown, “Erica doesn't come up here no matter what, right? That was the deal you made with her?”

“That's right.”

“Then why don't we just wear what we wore last week?”

“Sure!” Kit said, pulling off her socks and her shorts and watching her cousin strip down to his briefs.


Timmy made it to the house at 9 sharp: after what had happened last night, he felt like camping out at Erica's doorstep all afternoon.

He was 16, but he'd never gotten a hand inside a girl's shirt before. And he'd certainly never had a girl jerk him off.

At the very least, he hoped to get Erica down to her bra and panties again tonight, this time with enough light that he could actually see something.

It didn't seem likely that Erica was going to take a step back today, based on the fact that her shirt was unbuttoned low enough that he was surprised he couldn't already see her bra.

She pressed her body against his as they kissed, and then she whispered “I want to pick up right where we left off last night.”

“What about your sister?”

“Not an issue. We won't leave her room no matter what. Guaranteed.”

When he still seemed hesitant, she dropped down on the couch. “We can just sit here and watch a movie,” she said, undoing another button.

And now Timmy knew why he hadn't seen any trace of her bra.

He joined her on the couch, and slipped a hand inside her shirt, grabbing his first-ever bare breast. “That feels nice,” Erica said softly as she unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way, letting it fall open, exposing herself to him.

Timmy stroked both of her breasts now, forcing himself to do it slowly and gently rather than just grabbing handfuls of tit as his instincts were crying out for him to do. She had her head back and her eyes closed, clearly enjoying it. Timmy was no fool: he knew the more excited she got, the more likely it was that she'd let him go further.

Finally he took one hand off her breast and lifted her skirt above her waist, uncovering her panties. They were light pink, and sheer enough that he could see the hair underneath. He put his hand on the crotch of her panties, feeling around for her pussy. It was easy enough to locate, even with his lack of experience: it was the center of big damp spot.

She groaned softly as he used his right hand on her breast and the left on her pussy. She might even have cum a little, he had no way of knowing.

Finally he moved his left hand up to the waistband of her panties, where it had been last night, and stopped. She opened her eyes and showed him both nervousness and lust.


There was far less hesitation upstairs: as soon as Kit and Steve were both almost naked, she said “That's not all I remember about last weekend.”

Steve didn't have to be told twice: he scooted over to Kit's bed, and pressed his body against her. She rubbed her hard nipples against his hairless chest, and he ground his cock hard against her pussy. He could have sworn she was wearing thinner panties than last weekend – which was possible, if she knew they'd probably be doing this.

He moved his hands down her back, reached her panties, and decided to chance slipping his hand underneath them, grabbing her bare ass, and pulling their two bodies even tighter together. Like last week, Kit was going “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” as he ground against her.

She slipped her hands under his briefs now and as she shoved her hands further down to grab the bottom of his ass cheeks, she accidentally pushed down his briefs, just a little at a time, until his hard cock sprung free.

“Sorry,” Steve said at the same time Kit said “That's so hot.”

He continued to thrust against her, and now his naked cock was feeling both the smoothness of her panties and their wetness. It was sliding along her pussy lips, and sometimes it was poking against her bare skin right next to the panties' crotch, so very close to her pussy.

She could feel her panties shifting over as Steve's cock pushed against them and his cock was hitting her naked skin so close to her pussy. It was making her crazy, but she knew her panties would never shift over far enough on the own. So she took one hand from Steve's ass, and pulled the panties to the side, exposing her bare pussy.

Steve continued pushing his cock against her pussy, and two or three times the shaft slid between her pussy lips and it felt so good she couldn't stand it.

And then with the next thrust, he pushed straight into her wet, virgin pussy.

Oh God!” she shrieked.

Steve froze in place, and then a few long seconds later he pulled out. “I'm sorry,” he said quickly. “I didn't mean --”

She grabbed her discarded shorts, and reached into a pocket. “No, it was incredible. It's just that...” she handed him a condom. “Erica gave me a few of these. She said we could do what we want, but she didn't want me getting pregnant on her watch.”

Not believing his own luck, Steve pulled off his briefs, and managed to work the condom onto his cock.

Kit pulled off her panties, spread her legs, and a few seconds later gasped as Steve's cock slid easily into her tight, wet pussy. “Oh God,” she groaned. “You're fucking me. You're really fucking me.”

“I'm really fucking you.” It felt so good, pumping his cock in and out of his cousin's pussy. He wished the moment could last forever – but he'd jerked off enough to recognize the feeling in his balls. “Kit, I'm sorry, not going to last much --”

“It's okay, I already came like a million times. I want to feel you cum in me.”

Steve's cock twitched as he came over and over again, in the condom. It was such a strange feeling, the cum pooling up against the head of his cock.

“I'm cumming ag-- ohhh,” Kit said, feeling Steve's cock let loose, wishing she could feel his hot cum shooting deep inside of her. And vowing that someday she would.


“Wait,” Erica said as he took the waistband of her panties in his hand.

“Okay,” he said. Damn.

“No, I mean... not here. The guest room's right over there. There's a bed.”

Okay!” He took her hand and almost dragged her into the next room. She barely managed to grab her purse from the coffee table.

“Slow down!” she said with a laugh. “We have all night.”

He closed the guest room door behind them, and she took off her skirt, then walked over to him wearing just her panties. They were silky-looking and covered very little, the sort of underwear he'd only ever seen in Victoria's Secret catalogs.

She walked over to him and lifted his t-shirt over his head, then brought her lips to his as she rubbed her breasts against his hairy chest.

He backed her over to the bed, and dropped both of them onto it without breaking the kiss.

Then she pushed his head down to her left breast, and he didn't have to be told she wanted him to suck on it. While he was, going crazy with lust, she reached down and undid his shorts. He somehow managed, while still sucking her breast, flicking her hard nipple with his tongue, to help her push down not only his shorts, but his boxers.

Erica rolled Timmy over on his back, and admired her first hard cock. She knew he'd probably be thrilled if she jerked him off again, but that wasn't enough for her tonight. She took a condom out of her purse (she knew he probably had one in his wallet, like most hopeful teenage boys, but God knows how long it might have been rotting away in there), opened it up, and rolled it onto his cock. Very carefully because he looked so excited: a little too much hand contact might be enough to set him off.

She stripped off her panties, and gave him a few seconds to look at what was probably his first naked pussy, then said, softly, “You're the first boy who's ever seen me naked.”

She straddled his body, and slowly lowered her pussy onto his hard cock, enjoying every moment. “You're filling my pussy so good,” she groaned, wondering why the fuck she'd waited this long.

She bottomed out on his cock, and ground her pussy down hard, trying to fill herself up even more. Timmy made a noise that sounded like “Ennnnnn,” and then his whole body jerked as he came inside her. Even with the condom, she could feel it.

When he was done, she very carefully lifted herself off of him, relieved that the condom had stayed in place. “I'm sorry,” he said. “I didn't make your first time very good for you.”

“All men cum quickly their first time,” Erica said. “Didn't you know that?” It was a deliberate exaggeration, but she didn't want him to feel badly. And more importantly, she didn't want him to lose confidence, because she wanted her turn to cum. She pulled the condom off his softening cock. “That's why we have more than one condom. And if I can't get you hard again real quickly, there'd have to be something wrong with both of us.”

She pulled handful of tissues out of the tissue box, and placed the used condom on top of them for now. Then she leaned down and gave the tip of Timmy's cock a kiss. It tasted... well, she supposed, like cum. Weird, salty, but she could get used to it. She's certainly like to suck his cock one of these days.

She moved her head lower and gave the shaft of his cock a quick lick. There we go, didn't take much to get the boy ready for action again.

She tossed him another condom, and rolled over on her back. He slipped it on, moved between her legs, and thrust his cock into her pussy. He held it there for a few seconds then smiled, a confident look on his face, knowing he was in control of the situation this time.

He lasted for at least ten minutes, and Erica came twice before he did. If sex could always be this good, she was going to be doing it as much as she could.

She wished Timmy didn’t have to be home by midnight, because she'd have loved for him to stay the night with her and do this all again in the morning.


Kit and Steve did it again in the morning.

He'd slept with her in her bed, and she woke up in the middle of the night feeling his hard cock poking at her. It was a good thing she'd put her panties back on before they went to sleep, and he his briefs, because otherwise she'd probably have woken up with his cock deep inside her pussy, and she doubted she'd have had the willpower to push him away, and that could have ended badly.

Just the thought of it made her panties even wetter, though...

She ground her pussy back into his cock, and somehow fell back asleep.

When he woke up, the sun was streaming through the window. His briefs had been pulled off of him and Kit was equally naked, leaning over him, her mouth over the head of his cock. “That's nice,” he said.

She sat up.“I was just getting myself used to the taste. It wouldn't be right to let you sleep through your first blow job.”

All Steve needed to take away from that was She's got plans to give me my first blowjob!.

“I want to try something different,” she said, handing him another condom. He opened it up and slipped it on, and she said “No, just lie there.”

She threw her leg over him, lined up her cock with her pussy, and lowered herself onto it. “Oh wow,” she said, as he felt his cock go deeper inside her than it had the night before.

“Yeah,” he said.

She began bouncing on his cock, faster and faster as she really got into it, panting and groaning softly (and so was he). He tried to put his hands on her cute, sexy tits, but she was moving too wildly.

There wasn't much he could do other than lie there and enjoy it, and he certainly did enjoy it. This time his balls were in no hurry to give up their cum, and it was a good, long while before he shot this load into the condom.

She fell off of him in happy exhaustion, and he quickly grabbed at the sides of the condom because she almost took it with her – and that could have ended badly.

He pulled off the condom and placed it on top of last night's dried-up one.

“You'd better go downstairs and get your clothes,” Kit suggested. “I'll get rid of those things and get dressed.”

Steve put on yesterday's shorts and t-shirt, and went downstairs. Passing the living room, he noticed a blouse lying on the floor next to the couch, the blouse Erica had been wearing last night. He walked into the guest room to get his backpack, where he had his clean clothing...

… and saw Erica lying on her back, naked, asleep on the still-made bed.

Holy shit!” he cried out, without thinking. Erica woke with a start, remembered where she was, realized her younger cousin was staring at her... at everything, and grabbed wildly for the blanket to cover herself up – but everything was still neatly tucked in, so she couldn't get the blanket, bedspread, pillow, anything loose.

And Steve, mesmerized, clearly wasn't leaving.

She sighed, realized all her flailing around was just looking silly, and decided he'd already seen everything anyway. Besides, it was kind of hot the way he was looking at him so lustfully.

“Um... just came in to get my clothes,” he said.

“Well, I assumed you didn't burst in here just to see me naked.”

“I'm sorry. I should have realized you'd slept down here. Sorry.”

“It's okay. I'm guessing you had other things on your mind.”

“Um...yeah... and thanks for giving Kit those things.”

“Things?” she asked, enjoying his discomfort more than she should have.

“The rubbers. The condoms.”

“You used one, huh?”

“We used two.”

“Good for you,” she said, and when he picked up his backpack, “Wait.”


“You said you needed to change. So do it.”


“You've been staring at me for the past five minutes. My tits, my hairy pussy... you've never seen a pussy with hair, have you? My sister still doesn't have anything there.”


“So fair's fair. Let me see you. We can tell Kit I was already out of the room when you came down here. But you'd better hurry, before she comes downstairs. Or if you'd rather...”

He stood there as if in shock as his naked older cousin got off the bed, walked over to him, and lifted his t-shirt over his head. “Do you need help with your pants as well?” she asked him.

“Yes,” he said hoarsely.

One of her tits brushed against his chest as she crouched down to pull his shorts and briefs down. He knew he should have been embarrassed when his cock sprung free, hard again and pointing straight out, almost hitting Erica in the face, but he wasn't.

Then she gently took his cock in her hand and gave it a quick kiss, taking part of the head into her mouth. If he hadn't just had sex with Kit, he was sure he'd have cum instantly. “Okay,” she said, standing up and giving him a quick slap on his ass, time to get dressed. And we probably shouldn't mention any of this to my sister, huh?”

Steve nodded, still slightly in shock, and he pulled fresh briefs and a fresh short out of his backpack. Erica put on her panties and her skirt, and looked around the room. “If you're looking for your shirt, it's out there,” Steve said, gesturing at the living room.

“Damn,” she said. “I'll have to borrow this,” she said, grabbing his used t-shirt and pulling it on.

The slim 13-year-old boy's t-shirt strained to contain the well-developed 16-year-old girl, and it made her breasts seem even larger.

As she ran out to the living room to retrieve her blouse, Steve wondered whether, if he went back upstairs right now, Kit might be willing to fuck him again...

Coming soon: “The Second Weekend in August (Part 2),” in which Steve and Kit's parents share a room again, this time on purpose; and then “The Third Weekend in August (Part 1): The Double-Date” in which Steve, Kit, Helene and Helene's cousin go to a concert together.

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2015-04-29 22:56:49
Second week part 3 is nonexistent

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2014-06-14 09:58:38
I hope the government lets kids do this that's life learn early the will have pleasure everywhere


2013-01-27 02:01:18
Oh, I'm SO FUCKING wet right now!

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