Walking inside the club I felt fabulous and sexy, you can never go wrong with a little black dress and stilettos. This particular dress accentuated my petite but perfectly round breasts and plump ass. Walking in all eyes were on me and I was loving the attention. I was meeting a good friend of mine to celebrate her promotion at work so our intentions were to get absolutely smashed and to have a good time after all it was a Saturday. I spotted her by the bar, she looked absolutely gorgeous, a blonde like me but with bigger breasts and a voluptuous body, i could see my glass of champagne was already set by the bar stool ready for me.

Talking and dancing i realised that I was on my third glass and I was getting very tipsy and very horny. The club started to get really packed and I now on my 5th glass was getting very drunk and really needed to get some fresh air, I spotted an exit at the back of the club so I left my friend who now was grinding her ass on some gorgeous guys cock. I found my way out and sat on a wall taking in the fresh air it was cold and I could feel my nipples getting hard. After 5 minutes I see one of the DJs of the club walk out, he was tall had green eyes and black hair which was styled perfectly, he was gorgeous and it wasn't because I was drunk. He came and sat next to me claiming he needed fresh air too, I could see his eyes kept on going to my breasts trying to visualize what they looked like under my dress, this made me giggle and I asked him if he found my breasts that interesting and he replied saying I find every inch of you interesting would you care to prove that what I think of you is true? That was it, I loved challenges and this was a challenge..I got up and asked so where to now?

He grabbed my hand tightly and we went back into the club but this time it was up some stairs that were on the side of the club, this felt so naughty. As we stepped inside the room it looked like the VIP section of the club, it had flat screen TV’s all over the place, 3 bars, chandeliers from the ceiling and big black leather couches scattered around, the only source of light was the big window at the front of the room which looked down into the club. I heard the doors close and I turned around and looked him, I still didn't even know his name but that was the last thing on my mind right now, he grabbed my hands and pulled me close he held me around the waist and kissed me passionately on the mouth, our tongues started exploring each others mouths.. he tasted so good.

As we were kissing I could feel his hands feeling for my breasts and then slowly going up my dress dying to get a feel of my pussy. He then wrapped his arm around my back and started to unzip my dress, as it dropped down to the floor I was now standing there with my black lacy underwear and my stilettos, I could feel his hard cock press against my pussy, this made me want his cock even more. My nipples were so hard, he started to suck on them gently while his other hand wandered into my knickers touching my clit and slipping one finger into my tight little wet pussy while I moaned wanting more. I bent down and started taking his trousers and his boxers off while he proceeded in taking his top off.

His cock was rock solid, I took his warm cock in my mouth savouring the taste, just like his mouth his cock tasted so good, I started sucking on his cock giving all my attention to the head licking and sucking it hard. I could hear him moan and start tugging at my hair pushing his cock harder in my mouth, the feeling of his cock in the back of my throat made my pussy even wetter, he face fucked me so hard I started choking as he began thrusting deeper in my throat. Trying to breathe he pulls me up by my hair and asks me how bad I wanted to be fucked? Looking at him with spit dripping down my chin I begged for his cock in my tight little pussy.

I'm naked now except for my stilettos he orders me to walk a little in front of him and orders me to bend down and spread my ass cheeks making sure I give him full view of my wet pussy and tight little ass hole. Next thing I know he is finger fucking me so hard its hard to keep my balance, I wanted to cum so bad but he would not let me. He dragged me across the room towards one of the black leather couches and bent me across it and started spanking me until my ass was red raw with hand prints, I loved the way my ass was tingling with heat and pain. After spanking me he gripped me tight around the waist and pulled me hard into his big throbbing cock that was still wet with my spit, he showed me no mercy as he started slamming into my pussy.

I couldn't control my self I was moaning so load I wanted to cum all over his cock. He pulled out of me and I turned around and start sucking and licking my juices off his cock. I then pushed him onto the couch while I straddled him riding his cock fast and hard, moving my hips in all the right directions, going faster and faster I pulled his hand and put it around my neck demanding to be choked, I was ready to cum...I exploded my pussy juices all over his cock I couldn't hold it any longer. I got off of him and started sucking his cock hard and fast taking all of it in, he was moaning and breathing faster, he then pushed my head right onto his cock and started cumming, I could feel the warm liquid trickling down my throat as I swallowed all of his delicious cum. I laid there for a little while before getting up and putting my underwear and dress back on. I watched him as he put his clothes back on, he had such an amazing body. As we walked towards the door he kissed me on the lips and said ''that was fucking insane we should do it again sometime'' , he then opened the door let me out first, we walked down the stairs, he went one way and I went the other. I walked towards my friend with a dripping wet pussy, a head full of sex and a big smile on my face.. what a night.

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2012-12-20 18:49:20
45 years later, and I still love Petula songs, voice, and music.. Like many of that ERA, she just fills my soul and with happiness, from a simeplr and much happier time.She, and many of the are now, and will always be my permanent time period, of my childhood and your adult memories..Add mollydog1 for some trial runs and if ur good enough I will record some of your gameplays in HD (hd pvr)Peace out


2012-11-28 20:18:39
Wow, beautifully written, nicely laid out with some spelling mistakes, but well worth a Positive Vote - so that's what I gave you. But I am really pissed that there weren't any sluts like you around when I was capable of doing anything about it. LOL

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2012-11-28 13:01:14
Short,hot,and fuckin sexy!I loved it...

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