Baby sitting my naibhors 8 year old daughter.

I was about 15 when my mom dad and the next door naibhors where going on a vacation for the weekend. My mom told me that she and the naibhors would pay me to watch Tracy for the weekend. They were going to bring Tracy over to our house any minute. Then bell rang and Tracy and her family walked through the door.

Tracy was so sexy for a 8 year old black girl. Her skin was light and her figure was just right. When she stood steal you could see her developing pussy right through her pants. She had a fat pussy for a 8 year old. Her hips came out just a bit and no matter what she had on, her butt was lovely.

There had been a few times when I seen Tracy bending over. It seemed that she wanted to to look. My dad told me not to have any friends over. It was not long before Tracy and my parents were long gone. It was just getting dark and I told Tracy it was time for her to take a bath. I sat down stairs while Tracy took her bath. After she was done she came downstairs and sat next to me.

We watched tv for awhile when a sex seen popped on. As we watched the sex seen, I could see Tracy glance at my dick a few times. Then Tracy said Devin can you do that to me. I sat amazed and hard as fuck, when she asked me this. I told Tracy no it would not be ok if I did that. Tracy said its ok I wont tell anyone. I knew I was getting myself in trouble but I did not care. I was hoping Tracy was telling truth, I hoped she would not tell anyone.

I told Tracy ok and she put on the biggest smile. As I sat on the couch I told Tracy to stand in front of me and take off all her clothes. Peace by peace Tracy took off her clothes and her sexy 8 year old body was unvalied. All she had on was her panties. I told her to turn around with her ass facing me, when she pulled down her panties. Tracy slowly pulled her panties down. As I saw her ass jump out her panties my dick also jumped. I could not believe this was happening. Tracy bent over as she pulled her panties down to her ankles. I told her to stop and I took a video of her small pussy looking back at me. I then told her lets go to my room. Tracy grabbed her pajamas and started to walk up the staris. I let her go first so I could watch her ass as she walked up the stairs. The sight of this made me rock hard, as if I wasn't hard already. Even at the sweet pure age of 8, her ass still giggled as she was walking.

We finally got to my room and Tracy climbed onto my bed and laid on her back. I told her to open her legs, when she did I felt precum at the head of my dick. This little bitch was bad, and I was going to make her remember me. My bed was rather lows so I got on my knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I then took a huge whiff of her pussy. It smelled so good. I then stuck my thung out and licked from the bottom of Tracy's ass hole, to the top of her pussy. As I licked, Tracy's body moved uncontrollably and she started moaning.

I split her pussy lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. Tracy closed her eyes and her moaning got louder. I pulled my tongue out her fresh tight virgin pussy and licked her rather fat clit. I licked as fast as my tongue could move. Tracy grabbed the sheets as I pleasured her little body.

As I kept my speed up Tracy shot a small amount of pussy juice into my mouth. Her juices tasted so good, I wished she had shot out more. I then stood up and took of my clothes. When I was naked Tracy just stared at my dick as it was pointing strait into the air. I sat on the bed and I told Tracy to get on her knees. I told Tracy to grab my dick and lick the tip.

As her hot tongue licked the tip of my dick, Tracy seemed to be liking this. She opened her mouth and closed it once my dick was in. Tracy's mouth felt so damn good. Tracy's teeth hit my dick a few times until she got the hang of it. Not before long, Tracy seemed like a pro. Tracy sucked and sucked and I blew a fat load into her mouth. I told Tracy not to stop. My cum came running out her mouth and down my dick. I never busted a nut so fat in my life, until I met Tracy.

I told Tracy to get up and get on her hands and knees on the bed. I then pulled Tracy's ass cheeks apart and started licking her ass. Immediately Tracy pushed her ass into my face as I pushed my face into her ass. Tracy was moaning again so I went back and forth, from her virgin ass to her still virgin pussy. Tracy could not help herself as she shot more of her lovely pussy juice out. I licked up and swallowed all of it. By this time I was hard again, but first I had to prepare her pussy and ass hole, for my 7 and a half inch dick.

I slowly pushed my endex finger into Tracy's pussy and to my amazement she shot out more pussy juice. My finger was deep in Tracy's pussy and she was only getting wetter. Tracy's pussy felt so good I could no longer wait. I stood up and rubbed my dick on Tracy's pussy lips. Again her body moved uncontrollably as my dick pleased her 8 year old vagina. Slowly I pushed the tip of my dick into Tracy's pussy. She jumped foward and let out a cry. I told her it would only hurt for a minute, but then its going to feel really good. Tracy got back into the doggie style position and once again I pushed the head of my dick into Tracy's pussy.

I pushed and pulled the head of my dick in and out her pussy, going a bit deeper with every stroke. Ouch, ouch Tracy kept saying as my dick had reached the half way point. I started going a little faster and deeper. By this time Tracy was screaming in pleasure. Every now and then I would hit her walls and Tracy would say ouch. After ten minutes Tracy was ready for the rest if my dick. With each pump I went as deep into her hot wet pussy as I could. Each time hitting her walls, and sometimes going past it. I slowed my paist down and Tracy loosened up. As I kept pumping I grabbed some lub and put it on my endex finger.

I then shoved it right into Tracy's ass hole. The moment I did this Tracy's ass clenched my finger and I could feel her pussy juice shoot out her pussy. Now Tracy was really moaning and again could not control her body. I then put two fingers into Tracy's ass and this made her move even more. Tracy was having the time of her life, and so was I. Tracy's ass hole was getting loose, so I pulled my fingers out her ass, and I pulled my dick out her pussy. I then placed the head of my dick to her ass hole. I slowly pushed in and Tracy jumped a bit. I inched my way into Tracy's ass hole in about five minutes.

Once I was in, Tracy started moaning louder then when I was in her pussy. She was really loving this so I shoved the rest in. I could see Tracy's face and I knew it was hurting a bit. So I went faster and harder. Tracy's ass was giggling so much just the sight was go to make me cum.

Tracy was moaning and moaning, her ass hole was so wet, yeat so tight. I felt the cum traveling up my nut sack, so I went even harder. With each pump Tracy would scream ouch, and that turned me on even more. I then came into Tracy's ass hole pushing my cum and dick all the way in. Cum came gushing out Tracy's ass and dripped down to her pussy. I kept pumping until all the nut had went into her ass. I then pulled my dick out her ass. Tracy laid down on the bed and fell asleep rather fast, and I could not wait until tomorrow.

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You know it's legal if this became public to the parents they cousin not call the cops neither of you were adults so it's not pedophilism and she wanted it so its not tape buddy your good to go.

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What, hope you all die from a severe case of diarrhea. Please keep a close eye on your children and away from these pedophiles.

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The best and tightest pussy I have ever had was my Ex black girlfriends. Stepdaughter Tenesha. She was 9 yrs old and about 4'9" and 75lbs that little girl was soo Naughty and was a Virgin til I snaooed that Hymen of hers after taking my time with her and going slow I teased her tiny pussy til she was dtipping cumm all down her skinny legs I seen that white cumm all over her little black pussy my cock was soo hard it Hurt knowing I was gonna fuck her tiny Ass I teased it til her pussy had the head of my cock siaking wet as soon as I got the first Inch in her pussy I grabbed her tiny buttcheeks and held it there for just a few minutes and let her quit crying then I said ok Babygirl U ready to be Naughty? She said Yes Daddy but please be easy Ur sii big so I said ok get ready Daddy is gonna make you feel good but relax that pussy. As soon as I felt her soread her tiny Legs I Drove my Cock to the bottom of her pussy she screamed and cried the she had me soo horny I couldn't stop I fucked h

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