Night camping
Please don't bother reading if you're not into b/b and young. You won't enjoy the story.

One more chapter after this one.


Morning came with our troop leader standing in the middle of our troop’s campsite yelling for everyone to wake up. The man reminded me of my father.

David had been sleeping backed up to my hips. To my other side, Hooper was spooned behind my brother Trace. I sat up and reached for my boxers. David sat up beside me and reached for his. He glanced at me, uncertainly as if wondering if I still liked him after what we did.

I gave him a shoulder bump. "You okay?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Me, too," I said. "Awesomely good."

He glanced at me. I smiled.

He smiled.

The four of us sat together in the mess hall for breakfast. "I'm moving my bedroll to your tent today," Hooper told us.

"You can put it next to mine," I told him. "I don't like being next to the tent wall."

Hooper grinned at me and I realized he probably thought I wanted him sleeping next to me for other reasons.

Trace was the first to finish. He stood up and gave David's shoulder a jab. "C'mon," he said. "Let's go to the archery range."

David glanced at me, looking like he wanted to hang back. "You wanna come, too, Aaron?" he asked.

"I signed up for the bee trail hike," I told him.

"You'll see him later," Trace told David impatiently. "I want to get to the range before there's a line."

Reluctantly, David got up and followed Trace out.

"Hey?" Hooper asked, "wanna help me move my stuff to your tent."

The way he smiled made my dick thicken.

"Yeah, I guess I have a little time before the hike."

As I followed him out of the mess hall, my eyes dropped to Hooper's small butt -- he really did look like a ten-year-old, at least from behind. That is, a ten-year-old with a cute butt. Little guy or not, my dick lengthened and angled up my belly toward my hip. I hoped it didn't show.

Hooper handed me out his bedroll and pillow, and then he came out carrying his bag. We walked over to our tent. He unzipped it, went in, dropped his gear, and knelt to zip back up after I followed him in. My crotch passed at his eye level. I stepped to the middle of the tent where there was enough room to stand up. He zipped the tent, came to stand up in front of me, and closed his hand over the front of my shorts. "You got a boner," he said.

“Yeah, I knew that.” I dropped his bedroll and pillow and grabbed the front of his shorts. "You got one, too," I told him.

He pulled open the front of my shorts and reached in to grab my dick. "You've got a great dick!" he whispered, looking down into my shorts.

I pulled open the front of his shorts and reached in to grab his. "You've got a good one, too," I told him, closing my hand around his soft-skinned boner. “It’s a fat boy.”

He reached in a second hand to cup my balls. I pulled his shorts and underwear down onto his legs and used both my hands on him the same way. He pulled my pants down and grabbed my dick and balls again. We explored each other with probing and stroking fingers.

I’d never played with another guy's stuff. The previous night, in the dark, I was occupied with humping Hooper and David and feeling our junk rub together. Now, in daylight and for the first time, I had one handful of dick and another of balls, and the size and weight of both on such a small guy as Hooper excited me.

Wanting a closer look, I dropped to my knees in front of him and came nose-to-nose with his little monster. I realized why I'd heard dicks referred to jokingly as snakes before. Hooper's shaft had a slightly flattened, snakelike body. His foreskin was paper-thin and peeling back off his glans as his dick grew completely rigid. The dark pink head of his dick even had a little mouth with what looked like miniature lips. Looking at it head on, he had a serious erection for a kid.

I liked feeling over it. Though completely rigid, his flesh was amazingly soft and slid easily up and down his shaft. I could smell him, slightly tart and a little musky -- smells aren't too strong at twelve, and I liked his.

"Suck it!" Hooper ordered me in a thick voice.

I looked up with a sharp glance, and his look softened. "C'mon, Aaron. I sucked yours last night."

He had, of course, and I really didn't need a reason other than I sorta wanted to. I closed my mouth over the end of it.

With a soft moan, Hooper grabbed the sides of my head. I guessed that my mouth felt different from him sucking the tip of it himself.

I sucked more in, like a baby sucking on a finger. I took it to the back of my throat before I almost gagged and backed a little. Sucking, I remembered what Trace had done to me the night before, and I rubbed under Hooper’s dick with my tongue.

Hooper moaned and his knees weakened.

He liked my tongue. So holding on to the base of his dick, I licked my tongue over his glans like I was licking an ice cream cone.

Hooper gasped and his legs buckled. He did something of a slow motion collapse onto my head and then down onto his back on the ground with me hanging onto his dick most of the way down. When he pulled from my mouth, I went ahead and jerked off his shorts and boxers.

Hooper let his bare legs fall out to the sides, and I pushed them apart farther, all the way, so that he was wide open. His knees were flat out to the sides and his bare wet boner pointed straight up his belly. At the base of his boner, his balls had pulled up into a tight, ripe fruit. Bending over him, I licked them.

Hooper grabbed my head again as I nuzzled in inside his left leg. Following his scent, and wanting more of it, I dragged my tongue down under his balls and onto the smooth damp skin of his perineum. Hooper groaned and his knees came up. His butthole rolled up, too, and my tongue accidently slipped into his crack. I jerked my head back -- I had no intention of licking him there, though the smell had made my dick twitch.

So his butthole was right there in front of me, and he had talked about wanting to try "cornholing". Of course, he probably meant that he wanted to cornhole one of us, but it also meant he was probably willing to be cornholed. So while I pressed my face to his perineum again, nuzzling and licking him there, I also pushed my own shorts and boxers down onto my legs, and then kicked them off. Once out of them, I knelt up at Hooper's bottom and pointed my dick down at his opening.

He had dropped his legs, though and it was hard to line up, so I pushed his legs up again and stuffed his wadded up shorts under his tailbone to keep it up. That made the height right, and I pressed my dickhead into the V formed by his buttcheeks and pressed it onto his rosebud.

"Don't you have to grease it?" Hooper asked, keeping his knees up for me while fondling his dick with one hand and his balls with the other.

"Grease it? With what?"

He shrugged. "Something I heard once. I thought you had to grease up."

I tried pushing in and decided he was right.

"I've got suntan lotion in my bag," he said. Hooper sat up, fished it out and handed it to me, then lay back again, pulling up his knees.

"Grease you or me?" I asked.

"I dunno. Why don't you do both?"

That made sense, so opening the lotion, I rubbed some on his butthole and then lathered my dick with it. "Whoa!" I murmured. "That feels good."

"Have you ever jacked off with lotion?" he asked.

I stroked. "Not before."

"I like doing it that way."

"Yeah, me, too," I agreed. I held up the backs of his legs and lined up my dick with his hole again. This time when I pushed my glans against his sphincter, my dickhead disappeared and the snug ring of Hooper's sphincter closed around my shaft.

"Oh, geez!" I murmured.

"How's it feel?" Hooper asked.

I eased my hips forward and his tightness slid down my shaft. "Good," I said, then added, "You're warm inside." I scooted an inch or two forward on my knees and eased in deeper. Then again. I don't know how deep I expected to go, but I didn't expect to see my dick completely disappear inside him and my belly flatten on his butt. His tightness squeezed at the base of my shaft and I felt his butt with my balls.

Nor did I expect the perfect fit of his bottom between my thighs, or the excitement of being tight with Hooper, or the heat inside his body, or that I would be able to feel the articulations of his colon slide on my shaft.

I backed my hips and pushed in, and then did it again. Instincts took over and my hips began to pump. I fell forward on my hands over him and thrust, banging in, banging my pubic bone on his perineum. Hooper grabbed my biceps, bit his lip, and closed his eyes. I pulled back and short-rocked my hips, rubbing his tight ring higher up on my shaft. Then I banged deep again, and the slaps of my lap on his bottom alternated with the sound of Hooper's soft grunts.

Fucking is different from rubbing, and I was blown away, but I remembered the feeling of our bodies lying together on each other the night before. So I lay down on Hooper, wrapping my arms under him to hold him while I moved my dick inside him. He rested his hands on my back. Our cheeks pressed.

Hooper's hips started to rock with me and I realized he was rubbing his boner up my belly, so I tensed my belly for him. His hands slid onto my butt and he squeezed on my butt cheeks with his fingers. I moaned softly because I liked having my butt squeezed.

Our bodies were together now like when I was rubbing with him and then with David the night before, but this time, I was inside Hooper. His tightness milked my shaft and it felt so good to bang balls-deep. I liked fucking. I liked the feel of Hooper's smaller body under me. I pressed my lips to his cheek and he turned his lips to mine. He opened his mouth. I opened mine.

Our tongues wrestled, and for a brief moment, we got into our mouths and forgot the other end of things. My hips quit moving and Hooper's stopped, too. But then his butt ring gave my dick a reflexive squeeze as if to remind us of pleasures to be had there as well. I eased my dick all the way in and then out and then in. Hooper pulled on my butt with both hands.

"Does it feel okay?" I asked in a surprised whisper.

"Yeah," Hooper said, as if surprised, himself. "It feels good."

I ground into him.

Hooper squeezed my butt. "Yeah, like that," he whispered.

"I like when you squeeze my butt," I told him.

He squeezed again. I circled my butt under his hands, grinding my dick inside him. Pulling on my butt, Hooper ground his perineum onto the hardness of my pubic bone. We ground together and his tight ring massaged the base of my dick.

I made more thrusts, banging him, then ground again. I covered his mouth with mine and banged him while our tongues wrestled. Hooper's breath came faster. I felt my balls tightening.

Hooper gasped, "I'm gonna come!" He grabbed my butt, pulling hard, and arched back under me. I ground hard because making Hooper come was going to make me come, too. His sphincter started clenching on my dick as he squirted and I pressed in as deep as I could. His tightness clamped hard, low on my dick, and I began to shoot.

Holding him tightly in my arms, I squirted my cum deep inside another boy for the first time.

Our breath rasped in our ears, then slowed. I relaxed onto him and he patted my back.

"I didn't know that would make me come," he whispered.

"Did you like it?"

"Well, duh!"

I nuzzled the side of his face, experiencing a sudden rush of intimate feeling for the boy in my arms who I had just fucked -- my first fuck. "I'm gonna wanna do it again sometime," I told him.


"You can try doing it to me if you want."

"Yeah. I want to," he murmured, tracing his fingers up my back "But I like this. We fit good -- our bodies, I mean. We fit together good."

I lifted my head. "Yeah," I agreed enthusiastically. "It's like we're perfect like this."

"And last night, too," Hooper said. "When you were on top. We fit good then, too." He extended his legs on out on either side of mine, relaxing. My softening dick slipped from inside him. I lay on him enjoying the moment.

We heard footsteps and I quickly rolled off him, but the footsteps passed.

I sat up and looked at my watch. "I gotta hurry," I told him. I glanced down at his cum-slick belly. He really did have a ten-year-old size body with a fourteen-year-old size dick and balls. His dick was flaccid, but still fat and lying out toward his hip. His scrotum had relaxed and his balls hung between his legs. I couldn't resist laying my hand on them, feeling their soft warmth, shape, thickness.

"You like my stuff?" David asked.

"Yeah," I said, taking my hand back and reaching for my boxers. "I like your whole body, dude."

Hooper sat up beside me and laid his palm on the stretched skin of my back as I bent forward to get my shorts. "I like yours, too," Hooper said. "Sorta gay, huh?" he asked quietly.

"Who the fuck cares?" I said with more bravdo than I felt. It worried me, too -- the feelings stirring in me for Hooper and how much I liked we had done. "I'm cool with it," I said more quietly.

"Me, too," Hooper said, and gave my back a buddy-like pat.

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