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This is the second of a series I published a few years ago.
Training Mother and Her Daughters, Part 2

It had been a perfect start to the weekend. Carol and her daughters, 14 year old Jennifer and 11 (going on 12, as she reminds me regularly) year old Pamela had arrived Friday afternoon, and after dinner and a swim, were all settled in for the weekend. Carol had given me complete control of both her and her daughters for the purpose of both improving their behavior and in training them, as I saw fit. Carol, of course, was sexually experienced, but still not fully trained nor had she had all the sexual pleasure that life has to offer. Both girls were very curious and interested in sex, but like most young girls, had not had any true experiences, though I was pretty certain they were into masturbation and had perhaps had experimented with one another.

Pamela was too young, in my opinion, to begin sexual exploration beyond masturbation, as she had not yet reached puberty. Jennifer, on the other hand, was so curious and headstrong that she was going to seek sexual experiences outside the home, and that could lead to serious problems that she was too young understand, just yet. I needed to train both girls properly, and make certain that they learned the correct way and also needed to control their sexual appetites in such a way that they would not seek experiences outside of the home without my specific approval. This was possible, but would require work, and would require their mother’s consent, even though she had already told me I had “complete” control.

Friday night, I had introduced all three to the spanking stock, a kneeling device with an adjustable stock for neck and hands. I had shown them the special paddle that I used for the stock, and also shown them the leather quirt for the more sensitive areas, though they really didn’t know how that might be used. They were all wearing their velvet collars, as signs of submission to me, and each had been fitted for a body chain that also had a small stainless steel pleasure ball that hung down in front and could be inserted just inside their pussies and under the clitoral hood. The girls had both reached a small climax when theirs were put in place for the first time, and Carol clearly enjoyed the feeling. After the girls had gone to bed, I had Carol kneel in the spanking stock, and demonstrated the “other” use of the device by fucking her hard, long and deep, and for both of us, it was an extremely satisfying experience. The day had been filled with sexual tension, and we both needed release.

On Saturday morning, I slept in a little longer than normal after the prior evening’s experience, and got up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. It was a special mixture I put together of three parts French roast coffee and one part vanilla bean coffee that made for a wonderful flavor. I slipped on an Under Armor black tee shirt, black gym shorts and soft leather moccasins and walked out into the kitchen. I found Carol making fresh homemade biscuits, and the two girls were busy helping by fixing fresh fruit and Jennifer was making bacon and eggs. All three were wearing their velvet collars, but only the two girls had on their body chains, apparently liking the sensation. Jennifer was again wearing an extremely revealing pair of short shorts and a sleeveless tank top that made it clear that she had no bra or panties on. She saw me looking at her with a serious look (I had previously told her she would not be permitted to dress like that outside of the house), and she flashed a momentary look of fear.

“You said I could wear anything I wanted to, around the house, as long as I didn’t wear it in public and no one else saw it. Isn’t this OK to wear here?” she asked me with a soft voice. It was suddenly obvious that she was dressing for MY benefit, and I HAD told her that she could wear what she wanted around the house. Little did I know it would be so sensuous.

“Yes, I did tell you that, so I guess it is OK. You look…very nice” I told her, and watched her face light up in a smile.

Carol looked at me with a soft smile, then came over and gave me a kiss good morning. “You made quite an impression on them and I think this is all for your benefit” she whispered in my ear. I just nodded to her.

I turned to Pamela who was dressed in shorts and a halter top, but was not as provocative as Jennifer mainly due to her prepubescent body, but who was still cute as could be. “And how is Pamela this morning?” I asked her and held out my arms for a hug. She ran over and threw her arms around my neck, then surprised me with a kiss on the lips, though it was a chaste sort of kiss. “I’m wonderful. I REALLY slept good last night” she grinned.

We settled in for breakfast, and then I headed out for my workout. I came home about two hours later, tired and sweaty, to find the three ladies already in swimwear and lounging around the pool. Both Carol and Jennifer were again wearing the briefest of bikinis, and to my surprise, Pamela was wearing one, as well. Carol saw me look, and explained “Pam insisted I get her a bikini, so I ran to the store while you were gone. She was feeling…left out” she grinned at me.

“Let me change and I’ll join you”. I left and went to shower and change into my Speedo. My cock was already stirring, and it was still before noon. The sexual tension was back and even stronger. As I came out to the pool, the two girls were in the water, but they stopped to watch as I approached. Their eyes were glued to my crotch and it was obvious they were thinking about the day before. I glanced at Carol, and even she was staring at my crotch, and at that moment, my cock twitched and swelled just a bit more. I couldn’t help it; I was aware of the effect I was having on these three lovelies, the control I had over them, and it was one of the most erotic sensations I’ve ever had. I had to remind myself I had to be careful and not abuse the situation simply for my own gratification. I would get plenty of satisfaction as I conducted the training.

After the swim, we decided to go to the mall for lunch and a movie. Before we entered the movie, however, Jennifer started acting up and started an argument with Pam over what appeared to be nothing. I gave her a stern look and told her to behave, and she quieted down. In the movie, both girls decided they wanted to sit on either side of me. Normally, Carol sat next to me and the girls sat on her other side. Today, they caused a fuss, and Carol smiled and relented and Jennifer took the seat to my right and Pamela to my left. During the movie, Pamela put her arm around my arm and snuggled up. Jennifer dropped her hand to my thigh, slowly rubbed my leg, but did not go up to my crotch, though she definitely caused a stirring. I dropped my hand to her thigh, and returned the favor, letting my fingertips just graze the bottom of the leg of her shorts. I did not touch her crotch, but it was clear what she wanted when she scooted her ass forward a bit to try to reach my hand. I kept it away…all part of the training.

After the movie, we were all going to go for ice cream, but again, Jennifer threw a tantrum, and started yelling at her mother and arguing about what flavors they had and wasn’t making any sense at all. Finally, I grabbed her arm, and quietly told her to stop, because she was going to get a “spanking” when we got home. She tried to pull away, and screamed at me that I could do nothing and to leave her alone and she stomped off toward the car. I looked at Carol with an angry frown on my face, clearly upset, and she just shrugged her shoulders and nodded, then bowed her head. She knew what I was going to do.

We drove home in a stony silence, and once in the house, I ordered Jennifer in the bedroom and told Carol and Pamela to stay out, regardless of what they might hear. Both had a look of fear on their face, but I ignored them and followed Jennifer to the bedroom and closed the door. She turned with her arms folded across her chest and look at me in defiance.

“Jennifer, you asked for this, and you leave me no choice. Remove your clothes and get into the stock” I instructed her, as I retrieved the paddle. I also picked up the leather quirt, though I did not intend to use it, this time.

“What if I don’t take my clothes off” she asked me, a slight fearfulness in her voice.

“Then I will remove them, and I guarantee, you won’t like it when I do. The quicker we get to this, the easier it’s going to be on you” I told her.

She gave me one last nasty look, then turned around away from me and began to unbutton her blouse, and dropped it to the floor. Next, she reached behind and undid her bra and let it fall. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs and stepped out of them and then, slowly, pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. As she bent to push the panties down to her ankles, I glimpsed her anus for a brief moment and also saw the rear of her labia and the lips appeared slightly swollen. I instructed her to turn and face me, and when she turned, her small but perfect breasts were taut and firm, with a pink areola and small, but prominent, nipples which were erect. I noted that I had been correct when I glimpsed at her pussy the night before. She had shaved the lips, and only a light, wispy line of soft fur remained above her slit, exactly like her mothers. My cock was swelling at the sight, but we weren’t here about my desires, but rather, about Jennifer’s training.

I opened the stock, and adjusted it to the height I had set for her the night before, and when she knelt, I closed and fastened her in position. Sure enough, her hips and ass were slightly higher than her shoulders which made an especially erotic “presentation” of her entries. Her breasts hung down, and from the side, her nipples were fully erect. I walked around, admiring the view, and when I looked at her rear, her rectum was a nice tight pucker hole that was light pink, and looked to be slightly moist. I also noticed, with some surprise, that with her legs spread on the kneeler, the lips of her pussy were glistening with moisture, and in fact, a small rivulet of clear fluid had run down the inside of her leg, She was dripping wet! I could just see the tip of her little clit, still tucked between the lips, but her slit was partially open in this position.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that Jennifer had misbehaved on purpose. She WANTED to be put in this position, and take her chances on the pain to come. She was clearly aroused, and wanted much more than just a spanking. The little bitch, I smiled to myself. I wasn’t going to play by her rules, but at least I now understood the “performance” she had put on.

Her ass was in the air and presented a perfect target, and I smacked the birch paddle on her right cheek with a loud POP, and her ass jumped as much as the stock would allow, and she cried out in pain. I swung again and caught the left cheek perfectly, again lifting her ass up, slightly, and again, she screamed and started to beg me to stop. She promised to do “anything” I wanted, if I would just stop. A small stream of liquid was dripping from her opening, and I saw it was slightly yellow, so I knew it was urine. I walked to the bathroom and got an empty water cup, and came back and placed it just under her pussy and told her to pee into it. She was sobbing, softly and didn’t understand, at first.

“Pee” I said. “You’re leaking pee onto the pad, so you have to go, now just pee, and I’ll hold the cup. We’re not going to finish until you do” I told her. She started crying a little harder and I smacked her ass with a half swing of the paddle and I was rewarded with a little stream into the glass until it was about half full. When I was sure she was finished, I took the glass back to the bathroom, emptied and rinsed it out, and then returned to the kneeler. I could see she was sopping wet, and it was not from peeing. I picked up the quirt, and just gently tapped her on one nipple, and she tried to jerk away, but couldn’t move. I moved to the rear, and again gently tapped her anus, and then lower, to her pussy lips, and she was whimpering and begging me, but the words were unintelligible. Finally, I tapped her other nipple, just lightly and then moved around to the front, and bent close to her ear.

“You set this up by intentionally misbehaving. You WANTED to be put into the spanking stock, didn’t you?” I whispered into her ear. Suddenly, the crying stopped and though she was still gasping, slightly, she was trying to control herself.

“What did you think was going to happen? Did you think I was going to PLAY with you? Did you think I was going to touch your pussy? Did you think I was going to make you cum, again? Did you think I might FUCK you? IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT?” I yelled at her. She didn’t answer me immediately and I hauled off and hit her with the paddle across both cheeks. It was not as hard as I could swing, but it was a solid blow and both cheeks were showing a flaming red color.

She screamed, again, and then started begging once more…”I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise. I’ll do anything you want.” The words were said over and over, and clearly, she was starting to get desperate to get out of the stock. But she wasn’t quite ready for that, yet.

“Young lady, I’m not through with you, yet. Before you get out of there, we’re going to have a talk. I have some questions, and you had BETTER answer me truthfully, or I will keep you here all night, and spank you again and again. Do you understand me?” I whispered in her ear.

“Y…Yes sir” she stammered.

“Did you set this up today, thinking I would make you have an orgasm?”

“Sorta…I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think it would hurt like this. I’m sorry” she answered.

“How often do you masturbate and do you always climax when you do?” I whispered.

“I do it almost every night…sometimes more, and I usually cum.”

“Have you let any boy or man touch your pussy, or make you cum?”

“No, sir. A couple of boys have touched my titties, but I don’t let them do anything else. When you put the ball in me last night, that was the very first time I’ve cum when a boy…er, a man, has ever made me come. I was just hoping you might do that again. I’m sorry I started this, now. Please, can I get up?” she whispered fearfully.

“Not yet. I’m still not finished with you, young lady”, and I got up and went to the bathroom and got the bottle of lotion. I returned to her, and poured lotion into my palm. I got both hands covered in lotion and then started to apply it, gently, to her ass cheeks. The redness would remain for a bit, and perhaps the tenderness beneath, but the stinging she was feeling would quickly go away. As soon as I had coated the red area, I put a small squirt of lotion on my middle finger, and gently massaged it into her tiny anus. It twitched when I touched her there, and almost involuntarily, she tried to push back against my finger, but the stock prevented that, and she let out a gasp of pleasure.

I put another droplet on my finger, and reached lower, and ran my finger up and down her slit. I didn’t need the lotion; she was oozing a slippery fluid, and it was flowing down her legs. She was moaning, again, but this time in pleasure, not in pain. I let the tip of my finger just flick her little clit, and her whole body jerked. I put my finger in her pussy to the middle knuckle, but made sure not to reach her hymen. I did curl it up behind her Mons and felt for the soft spot, but I didn’t want to go too far in that area at just this moment. She was clearly ready, so I began to massage her clit with one finger and used a finger on my other hand to work it up to the first knuckle into her anus. Theses sensations were enough to set her into a violent orgasm that seemed to go on for almost a full minute. I was worried that she might accidentally hurt herself on the stock, and as soon as she began to relax, I loosened the stock and released her. She lay on the floor, her legs open, gasping for breath, and a small puddle of fluid was seeping from her pussy. I brought a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom, and opened her legs wider, and began to clean her up. Her young pussy was puffy and slightly red and her upper chest area showed a slightly red rash, which is often the sign of a sexual release.

Needless to say, my cock was totally at attention, and was about to push through my pants, but though it would be easy to satisfy myself with this young lady, I knew I had to wait. When she had sufficiently recovered, I sat Jennifer up against the foot of the bed and made certain she was listening to me, carefully.

“If you EVER pull a stunt like that again, I will paddle you until you won’t be able to sit down for a week, and I will make certain you do NOT get a sexual satisfaction from it. Do you understand me?” I said sternly.

“Y…Yes sir”. She was clearly a little afraid.

“I intend to train you, sexually, but in MY way and on MY schedule. If you try to interfere or change that schedule, I will stop your training. Is THAT clear?”

“Y…You mean you won’t…touch me anymore?” Now she did look worried.

“That’s right; I won’t pleasure you…ever again; unless that’s what you want…for me to stop. Then we can quit right now. What do you say?”

“Oh, NO…please don’t stop. Don’t EVER stop. I’ll be good, I promise. I want you to train me however you want, whenever you want. Twice a day…or more, if you want” she blurted out.

I laughed. “It won’t be that often, I assure you, but it will be fairly often. Now get dressed and let’s go see your mother. You must apologize to her and to Pamela, for spoiling their day, and then I want you to go to your room, and think about what you have learned. And Jennifer…you may NOT masturbate again, without my permission. Just quietly ask me, and I will tell you when you may, but do NOT touch yourself again unless I tell you it is OK. Is that clear?”

“Y…yes sir.” she said, with a disappointed look on her face, as she got up and got dressed. I almost couldn’t stand up, my cock was so painful.

We walked into the living room, and Carol had a worried look on her face. Pamela looked curious, but said nothing. Jennifer apologized to both of them, sounding very sincere, but with a very flushed face, and then excused herself to go to her room. Carol looked confused, and then smiled a big smile for me. Pamela didn’t look very happy, for some reason.

I was about to take Carol to the bedroom to take care of MY frustration, when Pamela walked over to me, and asked me to bend down. She whispered in my ear “Don’t I get a spanking, too? You did it for Jen; why won’t you do it for me?” She had a hurt look on her face. I looked at Carol, and she just laughed and shrugged her shoulders and said “It’s YOUR training program. You fix it”, and walked into the kitchen.

“Do you WANT me to spank you?” I asked little Pamela, with a smile.

“Wellll…I want what Jen got. She seemed to kind of like it. Don’t I get it too?”

“OK…let’s go see what we can do for you”, and I took her into the bedroom.

“Take off your clothes, and get onto the kneeler”. I picked up the paddle, and smacked it into my palm, lightly. Pamela looked afraid, but without hesitation, stripped naked, and walked over to the kneeler and got into position. I put the stock in place, and walked around to look at her little pink anus. Her pussy lips were hairless, but were slightly swollen and moisture was showing in the slit. I could just see a hint of pink, wet flesh near where her little clit would be. I kneeled down next to her head, and whispered “You don’t REALLY want me to spank you, do you?”

“Nnnn…No, but I thought that’s the only way you would do the other thing” she whimpered to me.

“Well, Jennifer deserved to be spanked because she misbehaved, but you didn’t, so I’m not going to spank you, this time. But if you want, I will pleasure you in a special way. Even Jen didn’t get this. Is that OK?”

“Oh, yes…that would be wonderful” she said, with relief.

I moved behind the little darling, and spread her cheeks with my thumbs, and her little pucker hole was right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked it. Her body convulsed with pleasure as I tickled the little hole. Then I licked further down, reaching into her slit with my tongue, and tongue fucking her gently. I could just reach the nub of her little clit and her whole ass was quivering with pleasure. As I stroked the length of her clit with my tongue, her whole body began to shake, and suddenly my mouth was treated to a flood of slippery liquid as she gave me a huge orgasm, and the waves continued as I kept licking and tonguing her pussy. She was moaning and gasping, and finally collapsed in the stock, and again, I was worried she might hurt herself, so I quickly released to stock, and held her in my arms while she slowly recovered.

“How was that, my little lady?” I asked her softly.

“Ohhh…that was wonderful. I’ve never felt anything that wonderful in my whole life. Can we do that again?”

I laughed, and told her not right away. I started asking her the same questions I had asked Jennifer, and of course, no boys had yet touched her body, but she confessed she had let a couple of boys kiss her at school. She said she touched herself, sometimes, and sometimes had an orgasm…she called it cumming. She said she had been doing it often, the last few months, and since I had been seeing her mom, she had done it every night, and imagined I was watching her.

I gave her the same instructions that I had Jennifer. She was not to masturbate or touch herself unless she asked my permission. I told her I would be training her, and there were a number of things she had to learn, but anytime she wanted to masturbate, all she had to do was ask me. She promised me she would, and assured me she would be a “very good student”, and promised me she would try to get all A’s. I laughed at this, and told her I was sure she would. I had her get dressed, and we returned to the living room. Carol was waiting, but relaxed when she saw the huge grin on Pamela’s face.

I told Carol I needed to see her in the bedroom, right away, and we went in and closed the door. Carol anticipated my needs and was almost naked before we got the door closed. She just leaned over the bed, bracing herself with her hands and “presented” her openings to me, to use as I liked. Clearly, she was becoming a great sub. I rammed into her pussy from the rear, with no subtlety whatsoever. The images of the tights little anuses and those wet little pussies were clear in my mind, and though I was fucking Carol, in my imagination I was fucking Jennifer, then Pamela, then both of them at the same time, and then fucking Carol, Jennifer and Pamela in turn. I exploded in climax in a very short time, and squirted cum like never before. While Carol got little pleasure from this particular coupling, she seemed to know I needed release in the worse way, and stood still while I pounded into her until I was empty.

I collapsed on the bed, gasping for air, myself. Carol lay beside me, stroking my chest until I had recovered, and then asked me what had happened. I told her the whole story. She didn’t seem surprised that Jennifer had schemed to get a “spanking”. She had been worried about Jennifer’s sexuality; the way she often dressed and the kids she hung around with. I told her about the masturbation restrictions I had placed on the girls, and that made her curious.

“Won’t that make them want to do it more? And what if Jen is out with a boy and they get to fooling around. If she hasn’t been able to release, she might give in…” she told me.

I got up and went to the dresser, and retrieved another package; one I had not shown them the night before. I pulled out two slender, wrapped items, and opened the paper. There were two small dildos, battery operated. “I intend for them both, but especially Jennifer right now, to want as much sexual pleasure as they can get, but to make certain ALL of it comes through me. I intend to make it clear that if they violate my rules, they will be cut off from my “training” and I can assure you, no young boy will EVER be able to please them like I can and will. I intend to give these to them later this week, along with one or more “lessons” on the proper use and care of their new toys. I think this “carrot and stick” approach, along with a healthy dose of satisfaction at home, will serve to help them control themselves outside the home. What do you think?” I asked her.

Carol looked thoughtful for a few minutes, then smiled at me and said “I wish I had had YOU to train ME when I was a young girl. I’m almost jealous of my two daughters” she laughed.

“One thing does concern me, though. I wanted to fuck Jennifer in the worse way this afternoon, and to tell you the truth, at some point, that is going to happen. She needs to learn, and I need to teach her. I want to hold off for a bit, and Pamela is at least two years away from more serious training. How do you feel about that?” I asked her, seriously.

“Like I said, I beginning to get a little jealous of my daughters, but you’re right. Jennifer is going to lose her virginity sometime, and I think you will do it the right way. I have just one thing to ask.” she said.

“What’s that?”

“I want to watch, the first time you fuck her. I want to make sure you don’t…hurt her too much. Besides, I may be able to give her a few pointers as you do it.”

“I think that may be arranged, although it may happen on the spur of the moment. God, you don’t know how close I came to fucking her today, but I want to make sure it’s not for MY satisfaction but that it’s for her training.” I told her, seriously.

“Oh, I have NO doubt you will get plenty of satisfaction when you do it, but I’ve come to learn that you usually give as much as you take in the satisfaction category. I’ve NEVER cum as hard as you are able to make me” she smiled at me.

I was hard again, and I simply motioned to the kneeler stock, and Carol moved to it to put herself in position. By not adjusting the height, Carol’s shoulders were lower than her ass, much like Jennifer’s, and her “presentation” was much more wide open. I fished two fingers into her pussy, and gathered some of the slick juices which I then massaged into her anal canal, and put more on my cock, which had again grown hard and solid. I put the tip against her tight hole and pushed and was met by a slight push back, limited only by the stock. The head of my cock popped past her sphincter muscle, and with only a couple of strokes, I was fully buried in Carol’s ass. I reached around and began fingering her clit with one hand, and pinching her nipple with the other, and began a slow, steady stroke; in and out of her ass. This lasted for several minutes, and Carol had one minor orgasm, but it was only a prelude to one that was coming. She started groaning and straining, and finally told me to fuck her as deep as I could; she was cumming.

And boy, did she ever. Her whole body convulsed and her sphincter muscle almost squeezed my cock off. I couldn’t hold back any more, and I thrust as deep into her ass as I could as my semen gushed into her. I quickly released her from the stock, because she had nearly passed out, and we both lay on the floor recovering.

A soft knock came on the door, and then Jennifer stepped into the room, and saw us both lying naked on the floor. She blushed for just a moment, then with a quick glance at my cock, she bowed her head and looked at the floor, as she asked “Would you like me to start dinner, and if you would, what would you like for me to fix?”

I think the training is progressing quite nicely.

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