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my daughter gets a wild fuck
as I rammed her with my monstery meat (10 inch long 4 inches wide)she moaned loud her mixed skin (asian and black) glistened in oil in the fully lit house "daddy awggghhhhh fuck me awwghhh harder faster awwwwwwwwww yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" this motivated me to do as I was told Mei and I father have been fucking raw since her mom left when she was 12. "yeah bitch get this dick" I said yanking it out slaming it hard in to her tight ass hole. "ahhhhhhhhhh" she screamed as I shoved it hard in and out her as I slapped her as "ohh ohh treat me like a true slut daddy slap this ass" I did as I was told slapping her ass constantly while ramming her hard I shot my load in her ass.We were done for the night. and I laid in my king sized bed with her leaving with two gaping holes

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2013-01-19 11:43:18
Are there really people in this world stupid enough to misspell Désirée as Deseray?

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2013-01-06 16:10:37
سكس نيك

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2013-01-05 04:01:19
Work on a longer story. Dads dick in my ass was always the best. He knew I liked it too.

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