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A son finds a box with video tapes of his parents having sex. After this, he goes after his mom wondering what it would be like to enter the same womb that bore him.
Family Harvest: Replanting Seeds within the Same Soil


In the year of 1986, my father, Gabriel, age 25, made love to my mother, Miriam, age 25, up in the mountains of Fresno California. Before they made love, they prayed that she would get pregnant with a boy. They got naked, Miriam climbed on top of Gabriel, and he pounded his dick in her vagina over and over again while her fat breasts bounced up and down. He made a gruff moan, gripped her ass tight, and shot his load deep inside her. Miriam’s head flew backwards, and she made a load moan as she faced towards the sky. Several months later she got pregnant with me, and my father stood over her hospital bed, gripping her hand. “Push, Miriam! Push!” He said. Her legs were spread wide while she grunted in pain, and moments later, I was delivered out of her vagina. They named me, Josh.

Chapter 1: Discovering the feeling of incest

In August, 1999; my father, Gabriel, was killed in the war at the age of 38. I was 13, and my Mom, Miriam, was the now also age 38. One morning I was lying in bed, and Miriam came into the room in mourning of my Dad’s passing. She was about 5ft.6, 240 pounds, C-cup breasts, large ass, and black hair with brown eyes. Even though she was 38, she looked really young for her age and could pass for 33. We both grieved for days, but finally got over it when we figured he was in heaven. One day I snuck into my parent’s bedroom when I was bored, and I was curious to find anything interesting. I opened the closet door and saw a brown wooden box that was on a high shelf in the corner, so I grabbed a chair to reach it, and pulled it down. There was a thick padlock that locked it tight, so this made me more curious to find out what was inside. The first thing that came to mind was to check the garage, because I remembered that there were sets of key rings hanging on the wall somewhere. I opened the garage door and found all sets, so I took every set with me. I tried each key into the pad lock and….eureka! When I got down to the last ring, the brown key worked! The padlock clicked open, I slowly opened the lid and it made a creaking noise. It was dusty with cobwebs inside, and I found a set of black VCR tapes; condoms; sex toys; outdated birth control pill bottles with one or two pills still at the bottom; lube; and other miscellaneous items. When I saw all this, I started getting stimulated because I found the forbidden wooden box showing that my parents were having intercourse when I was at school. I checked out the VCR rapes, and each one had labels titled Gabriel and Miriam with a number next to it. I rushed over to their TV, turned it on, and inserted the first tape in. To my surprise, a homemade porn video came on showing my parents having sex on their bed. My face went into shock and I got stimulated even more seeing my mom completely nude, and my dad’s penis penetrating her vagina. The bed was rocking; the springs were creaking; the bed’s frame was smacking against the wall; her huge white ass was facing the camera; and it was making a smacking noise over and over again while they moaned.

I was so stimulated that I quickly unzipped my jeans, kneeled on the floor, and pulled my underwear down to my legs. My dick was as hard as a steel pipe, and red with a tiny bit of semen leaking from the top. I grabbed my dick, squeezed it a few times, and within just seconds, I shot an unusually large amount of semen onto the carpet. The reason why the semen amount was larger than average is because I never felt this stimulated before. Right before my eyes, my dad was fucking my mom! I didn’t know if I was just sick in the head for liking it, or the arousal was normal. The video was showing how I was brought into this world! Years passed and I finally turned 16, my father wasn’t around anymore, so I thought about who would take over in his place. Since I saw that porn video they made, strange thoughts always came into my head about me being the man of the house, and mom being my wife. I imagined her having sex with me, and enjoying it as well. She would say “Oh Josh…” while she was on top of me while I pushed my dick inside her pussy. I imagined her wearing her black stockings with no top on, and smiling with her huge breasts in front of me.

The thought was so dark and twisted that I developed a huge lust and fetish over her. What made it even worse is that I knew it was a sin, so it gave her the image of the forbidden fruit. The question was how would I get her to sleep with me if she followed our religion very closely? Many methods came into my head, including getting her drunk, cuffing her to the bed, and locking the door. Getting her drunk wouldn’t work because she never drank; cuffing her to the bed would constitute as rape; and locking the door with a padlock was too much trouble. However, I knew my mother like a book, and I figured that she would not report me because she loved me too much. I then came up with a brilliant idea on what I thought I should do. When she goes into the basement to get something, I will lock the door with some tight security locks, and then refuse to let her go until she has sex with me. That way, the sex would feel more consensual without the use of handcuffs.

The following morning came, and I was sitting at the table watching her in the kitchen make food. She was wearing black stockings and a night gown that was see-through, allowing me to see her nakedness. I took a look at her ass and it looked so fine to me because of how large it was. Because she was slightly obese, her ass was larger than the average woman’s, and this made it look so much hotter. Before me, it was like watching two large saggy clumps of white play-doh that was ready to be slapped, molded, and pushed against. I then took a look at her breasts and she had large thick C-cups with two thick pink nipples. I had thoughts about placing my hands on top, rotating and squeezing them. My penis then started erecting in my underwear, and I grabbed it.

“Patience boy…..patience….” I said as I squeezed it.

“Alright, here you go” said Miriam as she lifted the plate of food on the table.

“Mom, do you think you will get married again?”

“No, sweety. Your father and I had a beautiful marriage and I don’t even have any feelings of wanting to get with another man. I was happy for many years with him, and I don’t think anyone else can replace that.”

“I am sad that he is gone too. I just wish he could have stayed longer because he left when I was really young. I wanted him to stick around so he could see me, my future family, and spend time.”

“Well, you have to think that he’s in a better place right now. He was suffering down here on earth, so it’s best that he rests. Also, don’t worry about a girlfriend right now because you still have your whole life ahead of you.”

I then got up and took my empty plate to the sink when I was done eating. Miriam smiled at me and then said “You know, you’re pretty sexy, so you won’t have trouble finding a woman either.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah, you’re tall and dark! You will have the women wrapped around your finger in no time!”

“Thanks. You know, you’re pretty hot yourself! You don’t even look your age.”

“Hey now, talk to your mother with more respect!” She sarcastically replied while she smiled and tapped on my head with a wooden spoon.

Minutes later, I noticed that she walked down to the basement, opened the door, and went inside. I was now ready to make my move, so I went down the stairs and inside the basement after her. When I walked in, the place was a little dim with light coming from the windows, and there was dust on the boxes and other materials. She was slightly bent over going through some things; and after she heard the basement door shut with clicking sounds, her smile slowly disappeared from her face, and she slowly rose up. I stood by the locked door and put the key in my pocket with a serious look. She turned around, looked at me, and took a few steps forward.

“Josh….what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong my dear.” I said with a deceiving smirk on my face.

“Why did you lock the door? ....And why are there big padlocks all over it? What’s going on here?”

I started walking towards my mother as she stood there with a look of confusion and wonder on her face and in her eyes. I then stopped to put my hand on her shoulder.

“Mom……………I want you……….to have sex with me.” I said.

As the sound of those words traveled out of my mouth, into her ears, and registered in her brain; she paused there for a moment, slightly widened her eyes, and slightly opened her mouth with a shocked look on her face.

“What......what are you talking about!?” She said.

“Exactly what I just said. I want to lie with you, and make love.”

“What do you mean you want to lie with me!? I am your mother! What is wrong with you!?” She said with a slight frown on her face and slightly stronger tone of voice.

“Ever since dad passed away, I’ve been holding this secret from you and its time I told you.”

“I cannot sleep with you! Do you want me to show you in the ures where it talks about this!?”

“You don’t need to; I already know what it says.”

“Josh……What’s gotten into you?”

“I cannot hold my urges anymore, it’s driving me nuts. I have to have you, mother, in my bed; and today is the time.”

“You know what? You need to stop this and you need to pray. Something has jumped into you controlling your hormones, and you don’t realize what you’re really doing. You need to stop this right now!”

She bumped me aside and ran passed me towards the door. She tried to open it, but it was locked by high level security padlocks. She then turned around and pressed her back and arms against the door, looking at me worried.

“I am going to get what I want. I have the door locked and the key; you won’t be getting out of here until you submit to me…… even if I have to keep you down here for days!”

She then kneeled down on the floor in a prayer position, clasped both of her hands together and closed her eyes. I had a slight feeling of guilt inside me when I saw this, but my hormones overcame me. I then walked over and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up.

“Let go of me!!” She said as she pulled away. I was a lot bigger and stronger than her, even though I was only 16. She was strong as well, but I used my male strength to my advantage to get her to do what I wanted. I then took her over to a mattress that was by the wall next to a mirror that was able to rotate. “Take your gown off.” I said. She knew her strength was not enough to best me, so she started cooperating.
With a look of guilt, she unbuttoned her night gown; it dropped down to her feet and she stepped out from it. I kicked it over to the side, and she was now completely nude except that she still had her black stockings and panties on. I grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down her waist, revealing a very hairy black-colored un-shaven pussy on her. It dropped down to her feet and she stepped out of it. I then kicked it over, walked to the mirror, and rotated it so that it was facing the bed; and then I grabbed a heart-listener from the shelf, some string, and placed them on a nearby box. I got on the mattress, pressed my back against the wall, and then told her to come sit on my lap. She then paused for a moment looking at me, and then she put one leg over my body and slowly lowered herself and onto my lap. My dick started getting hard because I saw her white fat saggy play-doh ass right in front of me, and my dick was right next to her hairy vagina. I then grabbed the heart-listener from the box, placed it into my ears, and then I put the round part on her heart. Her heart was beating faster than average, and when I heard this, a smile slowly appeared on my face. She was now frightened and started breathing a little heavily because she knew she was about to commit incest with her son, and there wasn’t anything she could do. We saw ourselves in the mirror, her slightly obese overweight body on top of me, and my dick positioned in front of her hairy un-shaved vagina. She had her fat thick legs in black stockings in a bent position, and her feet were faced flat on the floor. I grabbed the string from the box and placed the round part of the heart-listener against her heart again, and tied the string to the round part. I then wrapped the string around her body and then made another knot, so that it would stay in that position. I did this so I could continue listening to her heart while I freely moved my arms and hands. I put both my arms under her legs and lifted them up with her feet dangling in the air, pushing her body upwards. My dick was right below the entrance to the hole of her vagina, and I then started to speak to her.

“Well Mom, how do you feel right now? I can tell you look worried, so what is wrong? Are you worried because you are about to have sex with your own son? The one you gave birth to many years ago?”

Her heart started to beat fast.

“Josh!! DO NOT do this! I, your mother, am begging you to stop what you are doing! I understand your frustration and hormones, but if you truly loved me, you would let me go and listen to me!!”

“Mom, I love you very much, but my hormones are already going out of control and I cannot turn back right now. I cannot stop what I am doing, but I feel as of right now, we are about to bond.”

As I slowly lowered her body, the tip of my penis lightly touched the entrance of her vagina. We both saw this in the mirror, and I heard her heart beating faster and harder in the heart-listener while she watched in horror.

“You are 16 years old; you have your whole life ahead of you! You should save your virginity for your future wife, not use it on me!” She said.

“You are my future wife, and baby…...your son is no longer a virgin!” I said.

Continuing to watch in the mirror, I quickly dropped her body down and my penis slid right into her vagina. Within that split-second, we both gasped with shocked looks on our faces; and she said “Oh my god….” in a hushed tone as her eyes opened up really wide.

My penis went all the way inside her, and we had now officially committed the act of incest; the sin mentioned in the ures where it says a son shall not lie with his mother. A 16 year old cock went inside a 41 year old pussy, and like the ures said, any man who has intercourse with a woman is considered husband and wife. Her pussy felt really wet and the grip was of course loose around my dick due to her child-bearing, but that didn’t bother me. Her fluid was really warm, and I could feel my dick completely covered in it. This was the best feeling in the entire world! Her heart continued to beat fast, and then I smiled.

“Well, now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin shall we?” I said.

“I……I’m coupling up with my own son!? Oh… awful!!” she said.

I then took the heart-listener out of my ears, untied the round part from her and placed it back on the box. I grabbed her legs and then moved her body up and down; my dick was sliding in and out of her vagina, over and over again. I could also see the fluid covered on my penis every time it came out, and when I saw this, I felt like I was in heaven. I could also smell the fluid and it had an odor to it, but this turned me on even more because her vagina was the off-limits area. There was a smacking noise every time her body came down on me, and this was constant while her large plump breasts flopped up and down like no tomorrow. Our faces no longer had the shocked looks, and she now had a plain look on her face while I had the look of arousal. This was because the suspense had died out, and we both acknowledged that we were now having intercourse.

“See? Isn’t this romantic? Who cares what that book says? You are a woman and I am a man.” I said.

I French kissed her and rotated my tongue inside her mouth, on her tongue, and around her teeth. As my lips pulled away from her lips, a small string of saliva was connected and it slowly went towards the ground.

“I am only doing this because you are forcing me. I am hoping that you receive mercy for this.”

I started to moan as she continued to fuck me, and then I switched my hands from her legs to her breasts while my cock rapidly went in and out of her vagina as she bounced her body up and down on me. The feeling was so intense and arousing that I felt like I was a fighter pilot. Not only was I feeling the insides of her pussy, but my hands were holding her large plump breasts at the same time. I told her to start moaning with me, and she did. We both started moaning together, it was the song of lust. When I saw her bouncing on my wet cock, my own Mother; 41 years old; black stockings; huge ass; large breasts with my hands on them; both of us moaning and panting; this was all too much for me. There was no way this was going to continue without getting an orgasm, and unleashing semen into her vagina. “I…..I’m gonna cum!!” I said.

“DO NOT cum inside me! Pull out!” She said.

“No! Let me cum inside you! It feels SO good!”

“Because I will get pregnant! I am not going to bare a child from my own child!”

“You won’t get pregnant because you’re 41!! Aaaargh……it feels SO fucking good!.......................I’m gonna do it……….I’M GONNA DO IT!!”

“NO!! STOP!!!”

My testicles got a tingling feeling, and I could feel my orgasm starting to kick in. With a loud moan I made and her eyes squinting shut, I did a final thrust and slammed my dick all the way inside her. A loud plop sound was made, and she stopped moving as well. I kept this position while my body nervously shook, and she started breathing hard again. My sperm went from my testicles through the tube of my penis, and I shot an unusually large load deep down inside her vagina.

“YOU FUCKING DUMBASS!!! I told you not to cum inside me!! A woman can get pregnant even in her 40’s!!” She said.

The reason why I shot such a huge load inside her is because I had acknowledged four things. One, I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to my 41-year-old mom; two, my penis entered and shot cum inside the same exact pussy that gave birth to me; three, there was a slight chance of her getting pregnant; and four, I was officially given the title of a mother fucker. This now meant that any time a person used the insult against me; it was no longer an insult because it was true. I did, in fact, fuck my own mom; my own blood that was also running through her veins. With each shot I jerked my body upwards to make sure that it went deep inside her, hoping she would get pregnant. My sperm traveled through the canals of her body and it swam fast towards her egg. One sperm was ahead of the others, and it swam until it finally reached her egg, pushing its way inside. My own sperm had successfully entered the same egg system that created me! The other sperm died and got washed out of her vagina. Getting back to us in the basement, I slowly pulled my penis out of her vagina that was hugging it. I pulled out all the way, her vagina-lips discontinued to hug it, and went back into a normal clitoris position. There was a stream of cum that was connected from the tip of my dick to the entrance of her vagina, and some of it oozed out as well. Our panting started slowing down and I smacked her ass and said “Had the same pussy of the pussy that had me.” I moved from under and lay next to her with my arm resting on top. She lay there next to me with her eyes closed, and a dissatisfied face.

“I hope you are satisfied and realize what you have done. I can’t believe you did this to me, I am SO angry at you right now! I don’t even feel comfortable living in this place knowing that you pretty much just raped me. Not only that, but I am probably going to get pregnant because of your stupid ass!! Do you want to be a father AND a brother!!??” She said.

“What are you going to do then? Send me to prison?”

“No……I don’t think I can do anything to you. I am just very ashamed of you as a mother and I’m going to have to schedule an appointment with our leader because I am afraid you will do this again.”

I then started to stroke my hand up and down her body.

“Then……how about you and me get married, baby?”

“Are you out of your damn mind? I think you have been deeply possessed, and we’re going to have to take care of this before things get worse.”

I rose from the mattress with cum dripping from my dick, grabbed my clothes off the floor, and put them on. Miriam slipped her panties and bra back on, along with her gown. We walked back to the living room and Miriam walked outside with a cig in her hand. She lit it up, and puffed out some smoke into the air.

End of Chapter 1

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