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The hottest mom/daughter story I've ever written.
“Mrs. Lyon, you just don’t understand,” Julie Walker was saying, “I love my mother… we’ve got a really beautiful thing between us, you know?”

Julie lay on her back, the young blonde tilted her head lazily, her eyes searching the cloudless sky, her bare toes playing little games with the golden brown grass that covered Mrs. Lyon’s back yard.

“I mean, my mother doesn’t try to control me the way some mother’s do. She treats me like an adult, so there isn’t any need for me to set boundaries with her. I mean she’s my best friend, you know?”

Mrs. Lyons took in the full length of the sexy 13 year old in front of her, and smiled, “I wonder if your mother is as understanding as you seem to think she is.

“Of course she is Mrs. Lyons!” said Julie, turning over

“Yes of course she is baby, I know it’s true. We have been neighbors since you were a baby and even when you were older, your mom took you everywhere as if were some kind of teddy bear or something…”

“A teddy bear!? I don’t think so. Mrs. Lyons you have never had a daughter, maybe its hard for you to understand the kind of love that exists between a mom and daughter.”

“Perhaps you are right,” said Mrs. Lyons, who couldn’t take her eyes off Julie’s tight little ass, “Anyway, it’s Saturday afternoon, and the sun is shining… let’s talk about something else. Are you having a good summer?

Julie looked over at her as Mrs Lyons managed to look the beautiful girl in the eyes. Julie sat up, her long blonde hair was tangled with strands of grass, and she se smiled at Mrs. Lyons. Julie had always thought that for an older woman, she must have been almost fifty, Mrs. Lyons was beautiful with her long red hair and her slim figure. Julie noticed that Mrs. Lyon’s one piece fit her like a glove showing off her flat tummy and her firm ass. Julie also notice the slight camel toe in the crotch of her neighbor’s swim suit.

Mrs. Lyons was amazed at how Julie’s face was almost an exact replica of her mother’s, with the same soft brown eyes and delicately formed features, but lacking the coolness, the distance her mother had cultivated. Julie was so young, only thirteen, but girl had a body that made the older woman’s pussy twitch. Julie had firm, rounded breasts and gently flaring hips, and soft smooth thighs that were tanned a delicious golden brown. Her slender arms reached out around her shapely legs, and clasped together tightly around her knees.

Julie glanced over at Mrs. Lyons, and tried to decide if the older woman was checking her out. She decided that it was silly to even suspect that Mrs. Lyons wanted her.

“Mrs. Lyons, you’ve known my mom a long time. She never talks about my dad, did you ever meet him. I mean did my mom ever have men around when I was younger.”

Mrs. Lyons closed the distance between them, placing her hand on the girl’s tanned shoulder. “To be honest Julie I never met your father, and your mother never said much about him.” Mrs. Lyons let her hand run through Juile’s soft hair picking out the bits of grass..

“No, there were no men to speak of. But there were women. Your mother was very close with a number of women before you turned five, then she stopped seeing them.” Mrs. Lyons moved her hand down to Julie’s warm back feeling the softness of her young skin. “I was envious, of all of them of course. Here’s a secret for you Julie, I have lusted after your mother for many years,” said Mrs. Lyons with a sigh.

Julie looked at her in surprise, but saw Mrs. Lyons was serious. She’d wanted her mother as a love all these years.

“Oh, Mrs. Lyons, I had no idea. I know my mother is beautiful but… did you ever tell her how you felt?” her breath was growing heavy at the thought of Mrs. Lyons and her mother, together, fucking. Mrs. Lyon’s hand kept rubbing her back and shoulders and it felt so good. Julie could feel her young pussy begin to tingle. She began to think that maybe she was wrong, maybe Mrs. Lyons did want her, because she looked so much like her mother. Julie closed her eyes and whispered, “Do you want me too, Mrs. Lyons.”

Mrs. Lyons leaned over to her, and drew her supple young body over to her,

“Oh yes Julie… I want you so badly it hurts,” Mrs. Lyons moaned.
Julie sighed, and eased herself into the curve of Mrs. Lyon’s soft sensual body. She snuggled up like an infant against her large breasts, and worked her face up against the Mrs. Lyon’s cheek, sighing with pleasure. She felt the Mrs. Lyon’s press the pussy against her hip, as they both wanted closeness, and giggling Julie reached down cupped her tanned hand over the crotch of Mrs. Lyons one piece. She was surprised to feel that it was nearly soaked through with pussy juices.

“Mmmm… oh Julie, yes touch me, feel how wet I am for you…” sighed Mrs. Lyons.

“Yeah, this is amazing Mrs. L., I often think about you when I’m in my bed at night, and imagine touching you just like this. It makes my little pussy so wet, “ said Julie blushing.

Mrs. Lyons turned Julie over onto her back, and pressed her breasts back against her small frame, as Julie pushed back against her. Mrs. L. reached under her skimpy bikini top and ran two fingers over one soft nipple, raising it to an instant hardness then pinching it firmly, before moving on to the girls other firm little tittie.

“Oh Julie your little tities are amazing so firm and so soft at the same time,” he said breathlessly.

Julie moaned with the pleasure as Mrs. L began pulling on her hard little nipples. The young teen reached down seductively to slowly and pulled aside the thin material that covered Mrs. L’s cunt. Julie let her fingers part her neighbor’s slippery cunt lips and plunged two fingers inside.

Mrs. L, moaned and humped her pussy at the girl’s magical fingers forcing them deeper into her soaked cunt.

Ann Walker eased her SUV into the driveway. She noticed Julie’s bicycle was still locked by the garage. Julie had said she might go to the mall with her friends, but she must have made other plans. Ann opened the mailbox and was sorting through the mail when she heard sounds coming from the direction of her neighbor, Mrs. Lyons backyard. It sounded as if two small animals, dogs perhaps were rutting away with abandon. Silently, Ann moved around the garage and crouched by Mrs. Lyons fence. Peering through the fence boards trying to catch a glimpse of whatever it was making that arousing noice. She was soon surprised to hear what sounded like muffled voices as well, coming from inside her neighbors yard.
She crept around the side of the yard, and the sounds became more distinct. They were voices, she decided, and involved in a fairly intense discussion it seemed. If she just got a little closer she could perhaps just… Ann’s hand suddenly flew to her mouth, and she stifled a horrified shriek which threatened to burst from her constricting throat. As she stared through the fence. Her eyes grew wide with disbelieving shock, and she groped frantically grabbed the fence beside her to keep from falling.

For the words she had just heard distinctly were the unmistakable passionate tones of her own daughter, Julie, crying out madly: “Yes, Mrs. L, yes! Yes, I love your tongue in my tight little cunt! I love it inside, love it filling my cunt! Ohhhh! Fuck me, with that long tongue of yours fuck me like this forever! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Ann steadied herself and slowly lowered her trembling hand from her mouth. This can’t be true, she thought to herself wildly, I must have made a mistake! That’s not… it can’t be! She pressed her face against the fence, unable to break away.

Ann gasped almost audibly as her eyes took in the two people unaware of her presence. Her body tensed completely as she saw that they were both naked, and that the girl, with her legs spread wide, had long flowing blonde hair, just like her daughter’s. No, she tried uselessly to convince herself, it can’t be Julie!

But it was Julie, her face contorted in the twisted throes of a building passion, her long, slender legs draped over the shoulders of the woman who was eating out her pussy. Ann could see her little girls ass lift from the grass undulating grinding her pussy into the thrusting tongue of her lover. Ann sank to her knees, unable to even bear her own weight. Her daughter, her one love in life was making love to, to… Ann looked again, she was now certain, it was Heather Lyons, her long time friend and neighbor who was going down on her own daughter.

… Julie Walker lay flat on her back on the lawn as Mrs.L now lifted her head and twisted two of her long slender fingers in and out of her tight little cunt in a quickening rhythm. Julie groaned as her cunt walls slowly expanded her neighbors passionate probing. When her fingers were in her pussy as far as they could go Mrs. L lowered her mouth onto Julie’s throbbing clit, sucking it into her mouth then lapping it back and forth before pinching the love bud between her lips and teeth.

The tingling sensations coursed through Julies cunt and spread through her whole body sending little chills that began to run along the base of her spine as she felt the measured tempo of Mrs. L’s wet fingers push against her cunt walls at just the right place to drive her closer and closer to climax.

Julie’s naked body began to twitch and writhe under the assault of Mrs. L’s fingers and tongue, and she heard mewling sounds tumbling from her lips, incessant little noises of passion that bubbled uncontrollably from her sensually parted mouth. Mrs. Lyons came continued flick her tongue over and around the girl’s pink and sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck Mrs. L, you horney fucking bitch you are going to make my tight little cunt cum so fucking good! Don’t stop, don’t ever fucking stop!”

Julie spread her legs even further, her buttocks moving provocatively against the softness of the grass, her seething pussy contracting as the bliss-building sensations increased unbelievably with every stroke of Mrs. L’s fingers, and tongue.

With her free hand Heather Lyons reached between her own legs and parting her legs traped her throbbing clit between her knuckles and began grinding back and forth on the sensitive nub like a wild woman. Julie’s young pussy was amazing and the older woman cojuldn’t get enough of it. Julie cunt-flesh clasped at her thrusting fingers, and the girls juices ran down from her cunt and over her sweet little ass.

Julie began mewing and purring sounds filling the air as the hot young girls head rolled from side to side on the grass. Mrs. Lyons slipped a third finger into the virgin cunt and immediately Julie’s her hips started a slow, rotation around her thrusding fingers as the pushed deep into her young cunt. Julie clenched her teeth tightly, sensing she was close, so close.

Ann couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her i young daughter thrusting her beautiful, hungry young pussy lewdly up against her neighbors face and fingers. Part of her wanted to scream out, to rush in and tear them apart, but she couldn’t. All the strength in her had instantly evaporated in the burning realization that Julie was feeling no shame, was in fact aggressively accepting an older woman’s passionate attention with an abandon and ecstasy that reminded her of herself when she was that age. Ann couldn’t take her eyes off Julie and Heather couple, her eyes riveted on the glistening area her own daughter’s cunt, how fiercely, Heather finger fucked and sucked her little girl.

Ann’s own body beginning to tingle with the unwanted vicarious thrill of Heather’s fingers sliding, in and out, of her daughter’s set young cunt. Her had went immediately under her short skirt ripping aside the thin crotch of her thong and plunging two fingers deep into her slick cunt hole.

She had been Julie’s age when she had her first affair with an older woman, the lady that sold cosmetics door to door to her mother. On one occasion her mother wasn’t home, and the beautiful redhead asked if she could paint her toe nails.

Ann too was in her bikini as she led the woman to the couch let her paint her nails the perfect shade of pink. Ann closed her eyes as the lovely woman kissed her way up her leg, and thigh and kissed her pussy through the thin fabric of her bikini. In seconds the woman had the bikini off and her tongue lodged deep inside Ann’s young cunt.

Ann thought about the incident as she peered at her daughter and Heather. Heather’ legs were spread giving Ann a perfect view of her shaved cunt. Heather was now fucking herself with three fingers as she worked three fingers of her other hand deep into her sweet little daughter’s pussy.

Ann remembered how the redhead smiled at her as if she were the most important girl in the world as she slowly eased her middle finger into Ann’s slick little cunt hole. Ann loved it, all of it and she came for the first time as the lovely cosmetic sales lady licked her stiff little clit and pounded her fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

Ann realized that she needed Julie in the same way, she need all of her, to love her that much. Then she heard her sweet girl cry out.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it, bite my fucking clit you, hot fucking bitch, you are going to make me spill my little girl juice all over your fucking face!” Julie was now slamming her wet cunt flesh onto Heather’s fingers.

Julie’s eyes widened, as she felt an abrupt new wave of sensual saturate her whole tingling body. A maddening electric-like prickle began deep in her little cunt, spreading relentlessly over the raw nerve ends of her satin smooth flesh. She knew that a mass of exquisite sheen of sweat covered her body. She rotated her hips excitedly from side to side around Heather’s, plunging fingers. Heather plunged her fingers in to the hilt then circled the sensitive g-spot inside Julie’s cunt. Heather was herself approaching climax and pinched then twisted her throbbing clit to speed its coming.

Julie let her trembling, impassioned body hump up to meet every thrust of heather’s fingers.

Ann wanted to cum with her precious little girl and she pushed three fingers up against her own g-spot and let her thumb press hard on her stiff, pulsing clit.

Ann watch, fascinated by the lust in her little girl’s body as Julie’s moist, grasping cunt took Heather’s fingers, the thin pink ridges of inner cunt flesh pulling out and clinging to her neighbor’s graceful fingers as her luscious buttocks humped off the grass Heather’s tongue lashed mercilessly over Julie’s clit, and as Julie began to moan, like a bitch in heat, Ann could feel her climax begin to build deep inside her cunt.

Overcome with her own lust, Heather thrust her fingers wildly into her cunt and came squirting cum all over her lawn. Heather sucked down hard on her young neighbor’s cunt and let her teeth scrape over her tender clit flesh.

“Auuugghhh… ooohhhhh… ooohhhh,” Julie grunted she saw the cum squirting from Mrs. L’s cunt. “Oh… Ohooohhh… yes! Yessss! Here it cums! Oh my God! Now… Nowwwww! I-I-I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

Julie screamed and thrust her tight little ass off the grass and came so hard her whole body began to tremble and jerk uncontrollably, for the first time in her life her cunt began to squirt cum like a fountain, Drenching Heather’s face and body and flowing into the green grass of the lawn.

Julie’s beautiful mother let her fingers flash over her clit as she leaned against the fence for support; she bit her lower lip hard as she came like she hadn’t cum in years, sending a fine spray of cum down her legs and over the lower part of the fence, like a bitch in heat. Ann’s eyes wide with lust as she watched her thrashing young daughter in the throes of her climax.

Julie’s soft, lovely body seemed suddenly drained of everything and her limbs collapsed loosely on the matted grass as Heather crawled up to lay beside her. Julie lay spread-eagled and spent.

Ann Walker suddenly became aware of where she was, and what she had witnessed. She felt a strange sense of guilt invade her being; she had told herself that she wanted Julie, her own daughter as a lover.

Ann peered through the fence one more time, and saw that her daughter had reached over and cupped Heather’s cunt gently, as though it were a cherished doll she loved to play with.

She would need to leave and come back, and pretend she was aware of nothing. It wouldn’t be easy.


Ann Walker looked once again at her watch, and then rose from couch and went to the window to peer out into the darkness of the moonlit summer night.

Ann closed curtain softly, and began to pace nervously up and down the living room. She should have never have let Julie go to a party with Suzy, not after what had happened between her and Heather their next door neighbor. But of course Ann couldn’t let to Julie that she had seen the whole torrid fuck session, and that it had made her cum harder than she had cum in years.

Ann’s thoughts were centered instead on a growing worry about her young daughter, Julie. She looked at her watch once again, but it was only a few minutes later than when she’d last looked at it. She suspected that Julie and Suzy “were an item”. Ann had heard moans and giggles through Julie’s door when Suzy slept over. Suzy was a petite and sexy little thirteen year old, who had beautifully large breasts for her age that pointed straight out from her chest. Ann’s mind flashed on images of Julie, licking and eating Suzy’s sweet little cunt. There it was again, Ann felt her clit stiffen at the very thought of her daughter with another girl, or woman.

Ann was wearing her satin house coat, with only a lacey black bra and panties underneath. She couldn’t help herself; she reached inside the house coat, and rubbed her throbbing clit through her panties.

She hissed, “Fuck, Julie I need you, I need my tongue in your hot little cunt… ” under her breath

She wondered if Julie was out cruising the lesbian bars this very moment, trying to connect with an older woman who knew how to do her right. Ann crossed to the couch, and sat nervously, trying desperately to calm herself. She still felt flushed and aroused, images of her daughter’s body arching to take Heather’s fingers deeper into her tight little pussy. Ann groaned and pushed the delicate fabric of her panties into her wet slit and rubbed the fabric against her needy clit.

It was 11:30 Ann stood up and crossed to the window. She thought to herself, Julie, I need you baby… please, please come home.

The suddenly Ann heard Julie’s laughing voice saying good night to Suzy. Her heart leapt into her mouth, and her cunt tingled. Ann moved to the couch, and picked up Cosmo, not wanting to appear too anxious.

Julie came in and smiled at her mother. Julie came straight over to the couch and sat by Ann, and without a word placed her head on her mother’s shoulder. Ann’s hands caressed her child’s soft back and shoulders Ann hugged her instinctively, smelling wine on her breath and the sweet fragrance of her mango shampoo in her hair. Ann took a slow deliberate breath as she felt her daughter’s firm, round breasts nudge her own swelling mounds, nipples against nipples.

Julie, was wearing a slinky top and a short jean skirt. Ann glanced down between her daughter’s legs to see the crease of her pussy lips outlined in a yellow thong. Ann bit her bottom lip to keep her composure.

“Julie, I love you more than anything in the world, you know that don’t you? You’re my light, my life…”

“Of course I do mommy!” pressing her small tities more firmly into her mother’s.

“I don’t know what I would do without you,” Ann said feeling the emotion in her voice and letting her fingers trail over Julie’s soft, warm back.

“M-mother, can I talk to you?” Julie asked in a soft whisper.

“Of course, baby girl,” Ann whispered, feeling tears well up in her eyes.

“Mommy... I… I don’t want there to be any secrets between us, so I’m just going to come right out and say this. I did it with Mrs. Lyons…today…sex I mean. We made love in her back yard…oh fuck this isn’t easy.”

Ann stared at her lovely daughter, into the other’s lovely eyes, and decided the time had come for her to drop all the barriers, be honest and frank.

“I know you did sweet plumb, I saw you. I saw you with Heather. I saw the whole thing,” Ann said softly.

Julie’s eyes grew wide with amazement, “Mother, you’re kidding me right?! Really? Oh fuck this is awful!” whined Julie, burying her face in her mother’s hair.

Ann took Julie’s chin and pulled lifted it so she could see her eyes. Ann smiled ruefully, “Yes, baby, I wanted to stop it, but I couldn’t. You…you were so passionate, so turned on…and besides it looked like you were having too much fun.”

“Wow mom, that’s kind of hot?” Julie said in disbelief. “I mean, did you like…see everything…I mean…mom you watched us…hey did we turn you on?”

Ann drew her daughter to her, firmly.

“I loved it, dear…” Ann lowered her eyes and touched the tip of her nose to the tip of Julie’s nose. “And yes, if you must know, it did turn me on. Oh Julie, I have to be honest with you. All these years I’ve never been truthful with you about my sexuality. Julie, I’m a lesbian. There I said it.”

“Yeah I know, and I think that’s great mom,” Julie said compassionately, becoming aware for the first time of the tremendous burden her mother had carried for so long.

“I didn’t want…” Ann said softly. “I didn’t want you to know I loved women because I thought it might influence you…” said Ann haltingly.

Julie’s comforted her mother by taking Ann’s trembling hand and pressing it to her smooth rounded breasts. “But mommy, I’m a lesbian too.”

Ann let her hand curve around the shape of her daughter’s lovely breast. Julie wasn’t wearing a bra and Ann could feel Julie’s nipple grow stiff under her touch.

Julie looked gently at her trembling mother, loving her more at this moment than ever before, feeling infinitely close to her

“Mommy, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, dear,” Ann said, drying her eyes, “anything.”

“I don’t really know how to put this, but… I mean you have gone so long without love… I mean, well, sex, you know, because you wanted to protect me…” Julie was encouraged by Ann’s nod of the head, and went on. “Well, if you were never with any women, in all that time… I mean… how did you… get off? You must have gotten very frustrated.”

Ann smiled and answered her daughter with a simple nod of the head.

“Well,” Julie went on, “what did you do? I mean how did you handle it?” Julie watched as her mother’s eyes turned away from her, and stared intently at some undefined point on the wall opposite them. She knew her mother was embarrassed by her question, but Julie had to know. It would bridge that last gap, and make her mother more human to her.

“I’ll tell you something, Mom,” she said quietly, taking the first plunge, “I have been dating Suzy for months now but she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s bi and she won’t go all the way with me. When I would come home after making out and petting with her…” Julie looked at her mother and saw she was listening, “… sometimes I’d go up to my bedroom and I’d be so… so frustrated, like you must have been, that I… I would get undressed, lay on my bed, spread my legs, and touch myself. I would spread my pussy lips and rub my clit until I came hard. It would relax me. And I somehow always felt bad about it, but… but I think now that… that maybe you did that too, did you mommy?”

All the time her Julie talked Ann let her fingers trace the stiff little nipples through her daughters silky top.

There was a pause, and then Ann heard herself whispering, “I did baby. I rubbed my pussy off all the time. You know it kind of builds up inside you. You see women, women you want, maybe she even smiles at you. You fanaticize, you imagine what it would be like to be with them, to touch them, to have them touch you. To be honest I do it quite a bit, especially in the summer when there are so many hot women around. It’s how I get relief.”

“Have… have you ever use a handle of a hairbrush or something like that?” said Julie softly loving her mother’s gentle touch on her nipples.

“Oh yes baby, I guess you haven’t found mine yet.” Dizzy with her confessions, Ann first stared at her hand as it caressed Julie’s breast, then down at her daughter’s panties, which outlined the pussy she longed to touch.

Ann opened her house coat and spread her legs, exposing the black lacey underwear. “Oh mommy, you are so beautiful,” Julie sighed

Julie noticed her mother was looking at her pussy lips outlined in her yellow thong and opened her legs wider to give her a better view. It made Julie’s pussy wet to see mother’s sexual desire for her.

“Do you like my bright yellow thong mommy? See how it grabs at my pussy lip?” Julie sighed.

Julie let one finger slide over top of the thong, pushing the fabric into her slit, “See how wet I am mommy? This is where she’d seen Heather pumped her fingers in and out, and made me squirt my little girl juice,” said Julie in a sexy baby voice.

Julie loved it when girls or women stared at her ass or her nipples and breasts but this was different. This was her mother, her own flesh and blood. Julie couldn’t take her eyes of the crotch of her mother’s lovely panties, noticing how wet the fabric at the crotch had become.

Julie was instinctively attracted to the womb, her mother’s cunt, which had produced her; there, so close that she could touch it, softly protected by the fabric of her panties. Julie’s cunt began to tingle in response to her words and thought.

“Mommy, you know that yellow hairbrush you gave me for Christmas? I started use on my little cunt when I was nine,” Julie murmured in a fevered hush. “Then, when I was eleven, one of my friends stole her mother’s vibrator, a round, candle-shaped one made of plastic and that ran on batteries. In was kind of cheap, and when I used it, on my clit and pussy lips it made me cum so hard mommy.”

Ann swallowed hard, turned on by Julie’s dirty talk — and her own perverted admissions. Ann’s stomach was a thousand butterflies, her breath seemed to grow harder to draw into her lungs, and she realized that as Julie talked about what she did with that vibrator, her hips were beginning to quiver and her breasts were actually throbbing in response to her own daughter’s words.

“Mommy, remember you sent me to visit Aunt Pamela last summer. One night I heard some sound coming from her room, and I snuck out into the hallway and I peeking in her open door way and there was your sister mommy, using a dildo on her wet, spread cunt. It was so hot to see mommy, I watched until aunt Pam squirted her juices all over her bed, then I went back to bed and used three fingers to fuck my little cunt. The next day when Aunt Pam was out I found the dildo and rubbed it up and down my tight little pussy , and I pushed it in mommy, just the head of it, but that was enough to make me cum hard.”

Julie sexy voice went on, lost in her memories as she reached out and pulled the crotch of her mother’s panties to one side. Now she Julie was staring openly at her mother’s wet, trembling cunt. She let her fingers trace her mother’s thighs as she talked

“Mommy at night when I sit on my bed in my room and read my homework, and when the urge hits me, I’d turn on this little “pocket rocket” Suzy stole for me and I run it up and down my cunt lips on the outside of my panties. I just play with my cunt mommy, letting the vibe buzz and tickle like crazy until I when I can’t stand it any longer, and then I’d push my panties aside and spread my legs on the bed and slide the tip of the vibe up and down my puffy cunt lips. When can feel that I’ close mommy, real close, I’d throw the book aside and jam the round, smooth tip of the vibrator up inside my cunt as far as it would go… and I’d squeeze it and squeeze it and squeeze it! And Oh mommy all the time I’m thinking of you, of your beautiful body, of your mouth and your tongue and your cunt mommy, I think of touching your cunt like this.”

Julie suddenly slipped two slender fingers into her mother’s soaked cunt, past the first knuckle and swiftly all the way inside. “Oh fuck mommy, your cunt is so wet, tell me you want your little girl to fuck you, to finger fuck your mommy cunt!”

“Oh fuck baby girl, yes, oh yes Julie, fuck mommy’s cunt with your fingers, oh baby it feels so good!” Ann moaned, feeling her daughters fingers probe deep into her thrumming cunt. Little droplets Ann’s juices began to form on her shaved and swollen pussy lips. She groaned clenching her cunt walls on her little girl’s pumping fingers. “Oh baby see how wet I am for you, I’ve been wet since I saw you with Heather today. Oh fuck me little girl, fuck mommy’s pussy.”

“Oh mommy, let’s get undressed for each other!” said Julie jumping off the couch to throw off her top and push her skirt and thong down over her perfect little ass.

Ann took her time undoing her bra and slipping her soaked panties down her legs. Then Ann took Julie’s hand and led her to her bed, stopping first to run warm water over a terry wash cloth. She asked Julie to lay on the bed where she could get a good look at her.

Ann smiled at her young teenager’s face and then looked down past the slender column of Julie’s throat, across her smooth, tanned shoulders, her perky breasts, down to where her hips swelled from the slimness of her youthful waist. Ann drank in the loveliness of her creation, admired her child’s naked belly and legs, and then turned her attention to Julie’s velvet-smooth thighs, which for some reason were now slightly trembling.

“Open your thighs a little more, baby girl,” Ann said, and found that her chest was suddenly constricted and her throat tight. An inexplicable sensation tickled Ann’s stomach, as if she was anticipatorily excited by her daughter’s cunt. She couldn’t understand it, she could only try to clear her head of the unwanted stimulations. With a soft moaning hiss, Julie rolled her legs aside, and Ann gasped at the enticing sight of her tender, pink slit with its fleshy lips a reddish color as if swelling with desire, and her shaved mound.

Ann took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves, and she raised the washcloth to her daughter’s wet, soft cunt and stroked it back and forth.

“Ohhhh mommy,” Julie moaned from the delicious contact. Julie’s cunt tingled with every cleansing stroke of the warm, rough-edged cloth.

Ann continued to brush her daughter’s cunt tenderly with the damp cloth, drying the moving down one soft inner thigh and up the other. Intense stabs of desire radiated through Ann, overwhelmed by the love she felt for her little girl, she took the cloth back to the moon-shaped buttocks and the barely mature long pink valley of her young daughter’s cunt, and unable to resist, she began to stroke Julie’s stiff little clit.

The girl shuddered and gasped for air, her pulsating legs spread still wider for her mother to touch, one leg bent in the air as Julie turned and arched her cunt upward, as if she increase the pressure of her mother’s touch. Ann could see the puckered mouth of her little girls ass opening now, and shuddered reflexively. Here was something wrong but very hot. She never been as excited by another woman as she washer own daughter! She was couldn’t take her eyes off the dainty pink flesh of her baby’s pussy and nestling clit which had suddenly seemed to become even more erect in the sweetly trembling folds of her little girl’s cunt.

Julie’s eyes opened wide as she watched her mother’s passionate fingers touched her inflamed pussy lips, and parte the soft, moist crevice. Julie’s body trembled with pleasure as her mother began to gently stroke the open cunt letting her sharp fingernails run quick circles around Julie’s clit. Julie’s hips began to undulate slightly the hot young teen could feel juices drip from her puffy cunt lips. She gazed wide eyed at her mother’s pussy beside her, at her enticing pink flesh and the honeydewed, sparkling droplets which Ann was unaware of having formed uncontrollably on her own soft, shaved pussy lips.

Julie breathed in the musky, scent of her mother’s cunt and reached out once more letting her fingers and brush over her beautiful mother’s lower belly and inner thighs, circling the coral edges of her own mother’s cunt. Julie loved the feel of her mother’s cunt flesh skin was so soft, so warm, so wet and satiny… so good to touch. Julie realized that she would not rest until she had tasted her mother’s cunt.

“Oh fuck Julie!” Ann gasped with a groan. “Oh baby, that feels so good.”

Ann jerked, her body convulsing from the lancing touch. It was undeniably pleasurable, and an electric shock rippled through her from her child’s softer, lighter touch. Ann took in the sensitive pink flesh before her eyes, at the taut ruby lips of her child’s pussy. The way that her lovely little girl’s delectable young cunt was flowering open as Julie widened her legs still more.

Ann trembled and moaned with the incestuous lust she felt for her daughter, as Julie’s fingers stroked her pussy. Ann was unable to stop from arching her buttocks and letting one leg slowly rise and bend in response.

She suddenly felt a pang of guild. “Julie… oh baby girl are you sure this is what … Ohh, Julie, Julie… is this wrong, oh baby the way you touch me it’s so…so!” Her second thought died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh and her body pulsed.

Julie was beside herself now, and she extended her middle finger and ran it along the partially open slit of her mother’s heated pussy, up and down, entranced by the way it slowly parted and made a slight sucking motion for more. Julie found the hard nub of her mother’s clit and tweaked it, rubbing it around and then suddenly sliding two fingers from her other hand into the throbbing mouth of her mommy’s cunt.

Julia’s mind was a whirlwind of dreams and passions. It was as if she was fingering herself.

Ann rolled her head from side to side, and asked, “Oh God, Julie, you’ve my baby girl, tell me is this wrong?”

“How could it be mommy? We love each other, don’t we?”

“Yes, but…”

“If we love each other, and we want each other, then that’s when we should enjoy sex… It must be that way…”

Ann shuddered, and groaned for Julie slid two fingers up inside her throbbing cunt and was twisting them in and out.

“Love me, mommy,” Julie breathed urgently. “Take me in your arms and love me, for I’d rather be loved by you than Suzy or Mrs. L…oh mommy I want you so bad…”

A gasp erupted from Ann’s throat, and she was unable to control herself any longer. Ann straddled her little girls lovely face and dipped her head forward and her hot breath blew searing flame into the open, pink well of her daughter’s cunt. Ann let her tongue snake out and made tingling contact with the sweet little baby’s wet cunt, and she heard her Julie gasp and shiver, “Oh fuck yes, mommy eat me, eat your little girls cunt!”

Ann groaned as Julie’s wildly pounding fingers entered her again and this time she felt her daughters mouth latch on to her throbbing clit and suck hard

Unable to control her incestuous desires —Ann wanted to love her daughter, and sex was a part of loving — she lashed out with her moist tongue and licked and kissed Julie clit — and Julie in turn parted her pussy lips and lashed her tongue back and forth over Ann’s sensitive clit while her fingers still pounded in and out of Ann’s dripping pussy.

Julie let all thoughts of right and wrong, immorality or depravity sweep away as she clutched the excitedly quivering ass as she removed her fingers and stabbed her tongue deep into her mother’s cunt hole.. Julie licked at the juices that flowed over her tongue sucking them into her mouth as she let her tongue flash over her mother’s fleshy clit. Wanting to taste every inch of her lovely mother, Julie let her quick long tongue, slip right down to her mother’s tiny puckered anus, then back up again, to where she nipped the quivering clit with her sharp, white teeth. Julie was in heaven smelled the beautiful bouquet of female aroma coming from her mother’s hot pussy.

“Ohhhhh fuck baby what are you doing to mommy,” Ann moaned in a muffled voice as she slipped her own tongue into her little girl’s hot little pussy.

. “Ohhhhhh.” Ann moaned, sending shivers through her daughter’s pussy. Ann’s body heaved and pumped against her Julies flicking tongue and fingers mouth, her thighs widening as she thrust her tongue deeper into her precious little girl’s cunt.

“Oh mommy, I’m on fire… ohhh mommy, this may be wrong … oohhhh fuck but it’s so good,” Julie moaned and sucked her mother’s throbbing clit into her mouth.

Ann’s squeeled and slid her tongue along her daughter’s smooth, moist pussy then slipped her middle finger into her little girl’s tight cunt. She began to flick her tongue over the pink stiff little clit while fucking Julie harder and faster, sliding finger deeper and faster into her cunt hole

Julie whimpers and moaned as she in turn swirled and flicked her lips and tongue around her mother’s stiff velvet clit .
Ann brought her hands around Julie’s hips, pushing her thighs up and took young girl’s saliva-drenched pussy lips completely into her mouth. Nibbling at her daughter’s cnt lips and flicking her tongue tip back and forth over Julie’s trembling little clit.

Mother and daughter were totally absorbed in their writhing, undulating hips, as they sucked and licked each other’s cunts and licking and sliding their tongues over stiff clits and the tender pink buds of their anuses. Julie was the first to plunge her tongue into her mother’s bum hole and Ann immediately followed suit.

Julie moaned buck her hot little pussy against her mother’s hot mouth. she was close, she could feel a volcano of a climax building inside her. She was desperate for her mother, her hot sexy lover, to cum with her. Without warning she sucked her mothers clit through her teeth letting the sharp edges excite the tender flesh.

Ann screamed into her little girl’s sweet cunt, and played tit for clit, letting her teeth scrape over her little girls soft clit flesh mercilessly until Julie’s body jerked uncontrollable, mashing her cunt hard against her mother’s face as an eruption of girl cum splashed forth from her convulsing cunt soaking her mother’s face and breasts.

Ann’s cunt could take no more as she closed squeezed her thighs uncontrollably against her sweet baby’s head and sent a food of mommy cum cascading over Julie’s face and chin. Julie moaned loudly and came again this time Ann was ready and captured all of the creamy nectar in her mouth. She clamped her mouth over Julie’s convulsing cunt and spit the hot cum back inside her tight little hole. Julie groaned to feel her own cum slip back inside her.

Ann then wrapped her little girl’s body in her arms and pulled a duvet over both of their trembling bodies.

“Oh baby girl…you are my light…my live…I love you so much… and did you know your little cunt tastes of peaches…” Ann murmured as mother and daughter fell into a long deep sleep.

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