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My night with lovely Emma. The Whole Story
A true encounter with a sexy friend!

Emma invited me out for drinks. It was her friend’s birthday. I was happy to attend. I hadn’t seen her since last year before she went travelling. I had seen the pictures she had posted, she looked incredibly sexy on that Thai beach. Her curves were well tanned and her eyes green as the ocean behind her. I never even pretended to myself that she would like me in that way. It was always clear I was just a friend. Someone she’d call when her BF was being mean and when she wanted to borrow money.

I arrived at the restaurant early. They were already there. I was introduced to her friends, all of which she had met travelling. What a beautiful bunch they were. Where were all the men I wondered? It wouldn’t be long until they all turned up. But no, in the end, the only males turned out to be one gay guy and myself. He was fun and the girls all laughed at his jokes, I made small talk with Emma and bought the whole group shot after shot. We ended up dancing on the bar after the place had closed. We soon calmed down and the owners had us drinking nice wine and the lights went down. I fell in love with Emma’s eyes once again. Just like I had this time last year. When the owners decided it was time, we left the place very happy, fed and very drunk.

Let’s all go to my place! The words every drunken group wants to hear. Only three made it back due to cabs, other parties and drunkenness. That was fine! Emma was here in my house. The gay fellow was going through my vinyl and was dancing away as he mixed up some classics on my decks. Emma was dancing with her eyes closed, her hips were calling out to me. I danced behind her and held on to her waist. She almost fell over twice, I caught her both times. The second time being the most fun. I felt her breasts and made eye contact, she smiled and asked me what I thought of them. I was happy to report they were firm. She laughed and gulped the last of her wine. She then asked me where she could sleep. I put her in my spare room. The other guy was crashed on the sofa with some music playing. I left him with a duvet and went to bed. I could here Emma undressing in the next room. I slept with the lamp on still had my jeans on. I was a little drunk and happy to lay on top of the bed.

It was probably two hours later when I heard Emma get up. She came into my room half asleep and asked me for water. I got up and went downstairs to get her a glass. When I returned, she was in my bed. She had taken off the robe I had given her and was sound asleep. I left the glass of water on the side table and got in next to her. I lay there watching her for a while. She woke for a moment and asked me to turn the light out. I could still see her in the light coming in from the window. She had pushed the covers off and was lying on her side facing away from me. Her ass looked good in the green thong, it matched her eyes. Her tanned ass was peachy and round. I could feel my arousal and sneakily started rubbing my hardon over my tight boxer shorts. I decided I was making a move.

As I moved close to cuddle her she rubbed my leg with her foot. It was a welcome sign for me. My body and hers were now connected. I kissed the back of her neck. She didn’t respond. I placed my hand on her hips and my hardon was now pushed on her ass. She pushed back a little. I kissed her neck. That was to be the stopping point. She turned around and said ‘I’m too sleepy, I need to sleep’.
This was not what I wanted to hear. I decided to go to sleep. I still had her in my arms but sex was not what she wanted.

There was a little day light coming in the window when I woke up. Emma was sound asleep. I was horny. She had turned me on. I wanted to fuck her. I was confused, almost still dreaming. I couldn’t see right from wrong. I was going to fuck her. I was going to fuck her now. My cock was hard. I must have been dreaming about her. I started rubbing myself hard. I was so hard my dick wanted to explode. Emma was still on her side. I rolled her gently on to her back. She was still fast asleep. ‘She wants it’ I told myself. I slipped my hand down her thong. She was not wet. Not all all. I came back up to her clit. As I rubbed circles into her, I could see her face. I wasn’t sure if she was still sleeping or awake. Was she dreaming or was she aware? Whatever it was, she was enjoying it. Her mouth was slightly open. Her breaths were becoming deeper. I ran my fingers down her again to find, this time that she was soaking wet. My fingers became soaked instantly. I took out my hand and rubbed her wetness onto myself. Then I licked my fingers. Kissing her breasts was nice. I slipped my hand under her and undid her bra. Her nipples were large. I took one on my mouth as I ran my hand down her hips, catching her thong on the way as they followed my hand down to her knees. I could see now that she was a natural brunette. I ran my tongue down her belly and back up again. She let out a little groan of delight. I got into position between her legs. I pushed her thighs apart to reveal her wet slit. It was gleaming with her juice. I made my tongue onto a flat soft shape and pushed it hard against her clit. I could feel her heart beat on my tongue. As I entered her with my two fingers she let out a sigh of relief. I was hitting all the right spots and Emma was now dripping into my mouth. She was cumming! In my mouth! Her taste made me drunk with passion. I felt her shake as she gasped for air. I slowed down to let her orgasm finish. She lay there, not moving.

As her breath came back to her, she lay there still not moving. After a minute or two she sat up and drank some of the water. Wiping her mouth with her hand, she lay back down slowly. Her hand was above her head. The other hand was placed on her pussy. She was still horny. I was being ignored. This wouldn’t do. I got upright onto my knees facing her. I pulled down my underwear to my thighs. Emma noticed my cock. It was hard! Very hard!! She whispered ‘That’s so thick, I want it in me’ not so fast I thought to myself. I wanted those eyes looking back at me as she sucked me. I got on her and kissed her hard. Our tongues met as we gasped in passion. I could feel her wetness on my cock. The temptation to wait was too much. I slid in the first half easy, she was so wet there was only a short stop when she said ‘careful, not too deep’ I eased the rest of myself in. She was moaning. I gave it to her harder and harder. I worked her up until she was actually moaning so loud, my neighbours would later report they thought something was wrong. I wanted to cum so badly but something was on my mind. I wanted those eyes. I stopped for a second and asked her ‘Will you suck me, please? suck me, just for a minute?’ she smiled and pushed me over onto my back. Those eyes!! I finally had those eyes. She looked up as she flicked her hair back. She took me in her right hand and flicked me with her tongue. I was sticky from our last 20 minutes worth of play. She licked it all up. Soon she took me in her mouth. Wanking me hard and fast. Jesus, I wanted to cum. I wanted her to swallow me whole. She stopped to get her breath. Leaning over me she reached for the water beside the bed. Another big gulp and she lay on her back. She hadn’t finished me. I was now about to explode. I wanted more. As I got on top she stopped me entering her ‘Get a condom, we need a condom’ I didn’t have any. FUCK! This was a nightmare. I got up and pulled my shorts on. I went downstairs and shook the guy ‘Sorry! Condoms? Do you have any condoms?’ he smiled and pointed to his jeans. I lifted them up and handed them to him. He reached in and handed me one. ‘Thanks mate, you’re a legend!’ He smiled again and pointed to my cock. ‘That’s awesome!’ I replied with a cheeky smile. ‘Yes, and I’m about to put it to some good use’ I winked at him and returned upstairs.

I slammed the bedroom door closed. Off with my shorts I ripped open the condom. I stood over the bed as Emma played with herself. I could hear how wet she was. The condom slid over me as I rolled it down. I was already sticky with pre-cum. Good God! I needed to shoot my load. Emma stood up and grabbed my cock. We kissed hard for a while. She turned around and bent over the bed. ‘Give me your fat cock’ YES! I did, I spat on my hand and rubbed it into the condom. Again, it was easy going in. Emma gripped me tight. I pulled her close and her ass with firm against me. She was so tight. Her pussy was dripping onto my bed. My balls were slapping against her. We moaned loud together. This was it, I was cumming. I was cumming in Emma. She felt so good. I didn’t want this load wasted on a condom. Fuck it. I want to cum in her pussy. I pulled out quickly and pulled it off. It was already kind of full. I went straight back in and started pounding her hard. ‘No Johnny, don’t cum in me, no!’ there was no time ‘I want to cum in you, I’m cumming in your pussy’ I did! She couldn’t stop me. I had her held tightly. She couldn’t escape. ‘Do it, fuck me, cum in me, give me your load’ YES! YES! I came hard. She came once more. I could feel her shake with delight. I gave her everything I had. Three weeks worth of my joy. It was a massive load.

We lay on the bed gasping for breath. ‘Fuck that was good’ she said. After a minute or two she stood up and walked to my bathroom. She shouted in ‘Can I have a two large towels?’ I took them to her. She was already in the shower. I joined her. She washed us both with lots of soap. She cleaned herself as women do after sex. She smiled as I watched ‘Don’t look!’ of course I would look! I love this kind of thing! We dried each other off.

She needed to be in work in half an hour. We went downstairs. Matey had made himself some breakfast. He laughed and said ‘Well, you two have had some fun. I thought you’d never let him finish’ He had been listening. They both agreed to share a cab to the station. I kissed Emma goodbye and closed the car door as they drove away. I changed my sheets and cleaned the place. My wife would be home in a few hours from work. I needed her to be in a good mood. If she wasn’t happy, I might not have gotten out that night to meet Emma, after work.


2012-11-28 11:49:33
Hot stuff! =)
Awesome true story

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