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A new slut in the family
She had been spending almost every weekend at our house for years. Sort of a routine…I’d get off work, stop by my aunt’s house for a visit, maybe get a new recipe to try and a little gossip as I waited for my cousin to finish packing her overnight bag. Teenagers…as I waited, resisting the urge to yell up the stairs at her, my boyfriend texted that he had made it home. He had a couple of the guys over to watch the game and asked if I was picking up Kat. I answered yea, but that we hadn’t left if he had other plans for the weekend. He just sent a text telling us to pick up some pizzas on the way home. What was taking her so long up there? I finally yelled that I was leaving without her! That worked and the sound of her running down the stairs made me look. Holly shit! When did her tits come in? Was that my mini skirt she was wearing? Her purvey dad wouldn’t say anything, but how was she going to get past her mother? Luckily she had gone out for a smoke and we were free to head to my place.
Kat! What’s gotten into you missy? Is that MY skirt? I asked, not fully aware of how good she filled out the skirt. She blushed and admitted that she knew my boyfriend was having company and wanted to be looked at like they looked at me. Flattered, and still wondering when the fuck she got that knockout body, I decided to go along with her little flirty game. It would be arousing to see Levi and his horny friends’ trip over themselves as I walked in the door, followed by a 16 year old dressed and acting 21, carrying pizzas. I’d have her bring them in to you guys, and watch as all 3 of your jaws drop as she bends at her hip, forcing her skirt to ride up and exposing her ass cheeks. Hell ya I thought to myself, she follows instructions so well…and she likes the attention. This was the start of a whole new weekend sleepover! I’ll admit I’d gotten used to having her complete chores and her help with errands, but I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed her teenaged sex drive! Her young, innocent eager to please, do any chore or crappy job around the house was OVERNIGHT replaced with her desire to be noticed, maybe even sexually desired. She was curious, and I could definitely see the wonder, sex, all over her. I thought about myself at that age, the older sister, cousin and older men that I had to teach me, and realized Kat didn’t have that. But she did have me. And I’d wanted some excitement.
As I watched her make her way back to me, I momentarily wondered if what I was doing was wrong…she was just 16. But the excitement and arousal in her voice and body language as she eagerly asked me how she did quickly diminish that thought. There was nothing wrong with a young, horny teen exploring her sexuality. I was already fucking and sucking my father’s friends at her age…and if she’s anything like me, my little cousin wouldn’t be holding back much longer. I could see she was ready. Tonight, I’d let her cock tease the boys, even show her a few sexy moves to really get their attention. Making sure they have cold beer, Kat, is very important. I want you to go check, but come here first. I put my hand down her shirt and pull her perky b cup titties up and out of her bra, not leaving much covered. Then I grab her skirt and roll it up, til her tight little ass cheeks are showing…and so that her pussy mound would peek out from behind when she bent over. Remember I whispered, don’t bend your knees and keep your legs together. Do you remember what you’re about to do? I ask. She noddes her head yes and says “I’m just getting them more beer…but the sexy way…like you do.” Great answer…I pause and then ask her an important question…and her answer, little does she know, determines how the rest of the weekend will go. Do you feel sexy? Do you like being desired by those men? I wait for her answer…hoping to hear what I want her to say. OMG YES LACY!!!!! Can I go in there now? Please please please?? I’ll do it exactly how you said…plus I’ve watched you get their beer for ever…I’m dying to be looked at the way you are! She was practically out of breath from her pleading and excitement. Go on, I told her, and I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the little sex kitten in the making as she tried out her “sexy.” I didn’t have to tell her anything, the hard cocks in every pants let her know she had gotten their attention. She was grinning ear to ear, proud of the response she’d gotten.
She stopped and surprised me when she set the cold beers down and said she had a question, but was a little embarrassed. I was caught off guard, not knowing what was about to be asked. I took a breath, and told her lay it on me. She reiterated her excitement, but that her panties were wet. She had a tingle down there, and wondered what the boys would think. She didn’t want them thinking she peed herself! My panties got wet hearing that…She interrupted my thoughts when she squealed I’m serious Lacy! I asked her if that tingle made her want more attention, and she said yes. I quickly explained that her pussy getting wet was a sign she was doing “it” right and that men go crazy for wet panties…even pay for them. With that I smacked her little ass and sent her and the cold beers into the awaiting horny thirty men. After that little display of teenage sex, I sent her upstairs to shower and turn in for the night. She was gonna be a fire cracker. I guess slutty, sex craving, eager to please sexuality runs in the family.

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2012-12-03 18:36:15
anything with smoking in it is gross.

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2012-11-29 03:27:26

That Is ALOT Said In TWO L-o-n-g Paragraphs That That Run Together. . . Very Dificult To Read.

YOU Are Off To A Good Start On A Good Story That Has GREAT Posablites!
Take Some Time To Find A Format That Woks Well For YOU and Keep Writing!

THUMBS UP! ~ Eagerly Watching For 'The Rest Of The Story'

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2012-11-28 20:27:55
I second the first two comments. The block of text is hard to deal with.
From whit I have seen recently the funny As are a problem with the site.
Keep it going.

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2012-11-28 17:41:37



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2012-11-28 17:15:21
Good start. If you put conversations on lines by themselves and make your paragraphs shorter it will make it easier to read. keep at it.

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