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this is a true story of me & a fb friend whom i later on started dating(edited)
.this is my first sex story!!iedited this 1 a bit,hope u guys like it I came to know Rachael through facebook.We had so many similiar interests that we hit it off instantly.As time passed our bond grew stronger and stronger.I would ask her to send me sexy pics of herself and she would gladly do so,but she never sent any nude pics,no matter how much i insisted.One day we had a huge fight over it and then she told me she's a virgin. Since,the day she admitted to being a virgin i would fantasize having sex with her.We have become really close over time and we used to share EVERYTHING with each other.She even used to tell me when she felt aroused while watching a movie.I told her about my fantasy of meeting her and maybe making love to her.I hadn't least expected the kind of response she gave me,she told me she also wants to lose her virginity to me but was feeling very shy of asking me first.

Before we go any further,let me describe Rachael to you.She was breathtakingly beautiful,5ft 5in tall,beach blonde hairs,blue eyes,long smooth sexy legs, perfect round and full 34C boobs.An awesome flat tummy and a very firm,round ass.I hadn't met her then but i persuaded her to send pics of herself in her underwears and bra,so i knew all these.

I, on the other hand was average looking,5ft 10in tall,dark hairs but i regularly worked out at the gym so,i was pretty muscular than most of my friends and i had perfect 8pack abs too.You can say i am pretty much addicted to my workouts and never skip them .

We fixed a date to meet at a coffee shop near my apartment.On that particular day, i was supposed to be alone in my house since my parent's had gone to my grandparent's place and they won't return until the next two days.She lived with her mom and she told me that she'll tell her mom that she's going to stay overnight at a friend's place.

But she insisted me some shirtless pics me myself with only jeans on and in one particular pic she even insisted on showing my butt to her.I am kinda shy person but i was soo desperate to meet her that i eventually agreed and sent her the pics

Finally,the day to meet her came i was sitting on the table waiting for her when she entered the shop,wearing blue skirt and black tanktop.She looked even more gorgeous and sexy in person.We talked for an hour and then i took her to my place .I toured her around our apartment before settling on the bed.I just love telling jokes to her,so i cracked on a few jokes(mostly adult) and she laughed a lot.
She had a beautiful smile and its quite hard to control myself from kissing her when she smiles.
She was laughing on one of the jokes but she suddenly stopped when she noticed that i was staring at her.
I moved in closer,closing the remaining gap between our lips and we kissed .
At first i was the only one kissing and honestly i was kinda scared that she doesn't want to do it anymore but after a few minutes she started responding to me.Our kiss became more passionate as i pushed the hairs falling on her face backwards.Rachael ran her fingers through my hairs and opened her mouth,i grabbed this opportunity.I pushed my tongue into her mouth and our tongues wrestled.She tasted very good somewhat like mint.
She was an extremely good kisser.I let my hands outline all over her body while kissing,i pressed her boobs over her tanktop before going for a thorough ass feel.She had perfectly round butt and very firm also.
I removed her tanktop and her gray bra,and led her on to the bed.Rachael had beautiful boobs,round,full with pink nipples.
I leaned towards her and started kissing her neck,she responded with moans.When i reached her boobs,i took her left nipple in my mouth and the right one between my fingers
I encircled her left nipple with my tongue while twisting the other one in between my finger. I encircled her left nipple with my tongue while twisting the other one in between my fingers.Her nipples became erect as i took it in my mouth,sucking on them one by one making them bath in my hot saliva.I am pretty good at sucking boobs,thanks to my ex-gfs who have trained me well in that.
I moved downwards on her kissing en route I stopped kissing when i reached her waist,i unbuttoned her skirt and took it out to reveal the most gorgeous pair of legs i have ever seen.

Trust me,she had the most amazing legs;long,toned and perfect thighs too.Now,she was left only in her black lacey panties while i was still completely dressed.So,i removed my cloths leaving just the underwear on.

My eyes caught Rachael staring at my body as i undressed,i winked at her and said"like, what you saw babe??"
She said"ya...i more than like it,i love what i am seeing,how about you??"
I replied "i have never ever seen such a perfect female body before" . Although,laying almost naked on my bed,she blushed when i said that to her.I got down and started kissing her again but this time my hand moved downwards until it reached her crotch,i rubbed her pussy over the thin layer of the soft cotton panties hiding her treasure.I stuck my finger in the waistband and pulled it out of the way.
I moved my hand slowly over her small and trimmed pubic hairs without breaking our kiss,i could feel her breathing getting heavier in anticipation I pushed my index finger into her love hole,this sudden intrusion of her pussy kinda shocked her,so,she opened her mouth to moan and I pushed my tongue in.We french kissed while i added another finger into her body.The to and fro motion of my fingers made her really wet,thus making the penetration easier
I took out my fingers and broke off the kiss after a few moments .I reached down for her foot,lifted it up and started kissing it while moving upwards towards her love hole. I kissed her calves,thighs,then inner thigh and gave a small peck over her pussy.
I licked her clit before inserting my tongue up against her pussy while massaging her clit with my right thumb.
Rachael was moaning in pleasure and i loved the sounds she was making.She moaned"ah..omg...that feels really amazing...don't stop that babe...ah".She holded my hairs very tightly and shoved my head on her pussy in ecstasy.

I wasn't planning on stopping any time sooner and i knew she was cumming cause i could feel so.I licked her pussy harder and rubbed her clit in circles simultaneously.
I felt her shiver as if a chill went through her spine and i knew what it meant.
I moved away from her pussy and looked at her face as Rachael had her very first orgasm(ya...first cause,she had always thought of masturbation as a really gross thing)
She had her eyes closed but the look on her face made it quite apparent that she was ecstatic.When she opened her eyes,i smiled at her,she smiled back at me and said"i love you...i love you so much".I removed my underwear.(ya...first cause,she had always thought of masturbation as a really gross thing)
I removed my underwear revealing my now, 'rock hard' cock and said"i know babe,i know".
Her eyes were fixed at my manhood,thats the first bare,erect cock she has seen and it was the one to which she would lose her virginity.
I could see a hint of fear in her eyes,so i said to her"don't worry babe,i would be very gentle to you" to which she replied "i know,i trust you"
I took my cock in my hand and holded near the entrance of her pussy,rubbed the head of the dick over her slit and slowly started pushing it in.
Her hymen caused some resistance but thanks to the lubrication caused due to her orgasm it slipped into her without much trouble.She led out a huge moan as she took whole of my meat into her,i stood still for a few second so that her pain could subside.I asked her "you okay,babe??" to which she nodded.
I started the to and fro motion with my dick, first very slowly then increasing my pace with time.
I kissed her again and my hand squeezed her boobs,playing with her nipples,humping her all the while. Rachael moaned and put her hands over my back.After a few minutes,i felt her vagina walls convulse,she delved her nails into my back making it bleed as she had her second orgasm for the night.I increased my speed as her hot juices bathed my dick,a few moments later i cummed inside her.
She had taken her pills so i wasn't worried about getting her pregnant and neither of us wanted a 'condom' in our first love making session.
I fell on the bed beside her.
This was how Rachael lost her virginitiy to me,she went back to her place in the morning.
We met several times later but i'll tell you guys about those nights some other time.

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2013-10-30 16:18:08
I wish some of these "authors" would get some pussy, especially virgin pussy, before writing this garbage!

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2013-10-25 06:03:14
SnXQF6 Wow, great post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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2013-06-26 01:59:17
Why name all charactees racheal?

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2013-06-22 20:15:01
To the guy who commented just below me...i am the writer and ThANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!
Yes it kinda feels bad when people criticize your work but it's okay cause they don't know the amount of hard work you put in it.:-P

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writer u r awesome

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