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When I agreed to take care of daddy, I didn't expect this...
My dad is in his 60s, in top shape and quite handsome. We have always had a close relationship, but I never expected a minor surgery would bring us close in a way I couldn't imagine.

Growing up, I caught dad jerking off a few times, but never thought much about it other than acknowledging he had a beautiful large cock.

Last winter, dad had knee surgery and needed me to stay the weekend to help him out a bit while he gained strength. I packed a bag, grabbed some old movies and groceries, and hurried to his place that Friday afternoon. We spent that night watching movies and cuddling on the couch before dad was ready to lie down. I got him his medicine and went to get in the shower. When I got out, I heard moaning coming from dad's room, and went to check on him. Imagine my surprise when I saw him pulling his long cock while licking my panties. I hurried to the guest room and pretended not to have seen it, but, to my horror, I felt my pink pussy lips begin to swell and throb. I tried to put the image out of my head as I laid down, but it was hard to do.

I was sleeping well when, around 3 a.m., I felt a warm sensation on my clit. I thought at first that I was dreaming, but my pussy was dripping and I could hear my own heavy breathing in the darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I realized my dad was there between my legs, gently licking the juicy folds of my pussy and flicking his tongue across my clit. I could tell from the movement that he was stroking his cock as well. I was afraid he would stop if he knew I was awake, so I quietly reveled in the wet warmth of his tongue while watching the silhouette of his self-pleasuring. Then, he began to get up and I worried he had finished, but he slowly worked my legs apart, as if trying not to wake me, and pressed the tip of his cock against my tight hole. He began to jerk his cock as he placed just the head inside me. It was so big and so hard I wanted to slam my pussy down on it, but resisted the urge. I heard his breathing get heavy as he jerked his cock, and I gently squeezed my pussy around the head of his throbbing cock. Immediately he began to stroke harder before pulling away and cumming into a pair of my panties. He left the room and I lay there the next 2 hours panting and dripping.
I got up around 5, and dad was still asleep. I got a shower, made breakfast, and decided to try luring daddy back to bed where he could give me all of his cock this time.

We finished breakfast and I told him I was texting my boyfriend, but I was actually "accidentally" sending dad a pic of my juicy pussy, with the words "look how ready my little pussy has been throbbing all morning, and I don't know why". A little later, we hear dad's cell chime that he has a message. I struggle not to smile as he makes his way to the table where his phone sat. I stood at the sink washing dishes, watching his reflection in the dining room mirror. As he opened the message, he made a slight grunt before clearing his throat and asking, "Hon, are u sure u sent that picture to the right number?" I noticed his bulging hard-on as I turned to say "What picture?". He said nevermind and I said I was going to the den to read. Within moments I heard dad locking his door and I knew what he was going to do. I grabbed a butter knife to open his door with and made my way down the hall. As I quickly got the door open, I saw dad sitting on his bed, my panties around his cock, and his phone in his hand. Precum was already glistening on his thick mushroom head.

He saw me and tried scrambling to cover up and explain, but I took off my nightgown, revealing the panties he came in last night and bent over in front of him. "Daddy I know you want to give it all to me. Don't tease me like last night" He looked like a deer caught in the headlights as he started to protest, but his cock betrayed him as his thick 9 inches jerked on its own at the sight of the cum stained panties on my swollen cunt.
After a few seconds, I couldn't take any more. "Daddy please take it. Please show your baby girl how bad you need this pussy. I need daddy to stretch me and fill my little cunt." He let out a moan as he reached for my hips and pulled me backwards, toward his throbbing cock. He reached up and gently brushed the palms of his hands across my hard pink nipples. I inhaled sharply as the juices from my hungry pussy began dripping down to my tight ass. Daddy began pinching my nipples, slightly rolling them between his fingers. I leaned back onto his chest, watching his hands bring every nerve ending to life as I felt his cock against my ass and lower back. He worked his way to my pussy, where he hesitated just millimeters from my clit and whispered in my ear "Daddy's little slut wants to be fucked doesn't she? You're a bad girl, and I have to punish you now." With that, he slapped my aching clit, causing me to yelp a little. He continued spanking my pussy and telling me how I was making him do very bad things before he bent me over and began spanking my ass too. My juices dripped down my legs as his hand met with my tender skin over and over. Then without warning he shoved me face first on the bed, spread my legs wide, and rammed the full length of his shaft into my pussy. I moaned and bucked beneath him as he stretched me and pounded me, but he held me down, telling me to take it like his good little girl. He then slid two fingers deep into my ass as he pounded my pussy and began ordering me to cum. He threatened to tie me up and watch him give his cum to someone else if I didn't give him my cum. As the image of daddy fucking another tight pussy as I helplessly watched filled my head, I felt my orgasm building. I began squirting all over daddy's dick and down my legs. Upon seeing my pussy gush, daddy couldn't take anymore and began to shoot deep inside me.

We fucked endlessly the entire weekend, and to this day we meet at least once a week (usually in public places) and fuck every chance we get.

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