Sorry this may be a little slow in the beginning but it will get better. I do not own Naruto. I just wrote this story for the fun of it.
Naruto was a yellow-haired ninja. He lived in the Hidden Leaf Village, training to become Hokage. Naruto knew he would have to become the strongest ninja ever if he wanted to become Hokage. While he studied at the ninja academy as a young boy he learned that there were two older boys that were better than him; a raven-haired boy by the name of Sasuke Uchiha and a brunette boy by the name of Kiba Inuzuka. Well really there were three boys but the third, a boy named Shikamaru, was too lazy to do anything.
Now six years later Naruto is 12, Sasuke is 13, and Kiba is 12. They are all very skilled ninjas but each has their own ability. Naruto is an expert of Shadow Clone Jutsu, Sasuke is good at everything but amazing with his Chidori, and Kiba was like a tag team with his pet dog Akamaru.
Naruto woke up one night and he felt strange. His prick was rock hard.
“What the hell?” Naruto said. He touched it and felt a shiver run through his dick. Naruto touched it some more, then wrapped his hand around it and started to move his hand up and down. It felt so good that he kept on doing it until he felt an intense pressure in his balls.
“Oh God, I’m gonna pee.” Naruto said, but after a few more seconds, some white stuff shot out of his penis and landed on his naked chest. It was really warm and creamy. He put a bit on his finger and tasted it. It was really salty. Naruto cleaned himself up and thought about what just happened. He had heard some of the older boy talking about what just happened a few days ago. He thought they called it masturbation or jacking off. Naruto beamed; maybe his was growing up to be like the older boys.
He thought to himself ‘I wonder if Sasuke or Kiba masturbate?’ The thought made him hard again.
The next morning Naruto was walking down the streets when he passed an adult store.
‘Maybe I could find out more about what happened last night.’ He thought. Naruto ran into and alleyway and transformed himself into a middle-aged guy. He walked into the store and looked around. There were tons of magazines on the racks, most of them women. But near the back of the store he found one with guys on it. Naruto picked it up and flipped through the pages.
“Hey!” I voice yelled. Naruto froze afraid he had been caught, an under aged boy in an adult store is not a good thing. Naruto looked up to see the clerk glaring at him.
“This isn’t a bookstore! Buy or leave!” He yelled. Naruto bought the book and ran all the way home. He walked into his bedroom and opened the magazine. He was staring at a huge man. He is muscles were bulging and his huge penis was rock hard. Naruto looked at the picture, and then he stripped and looked at his hard penis.
‘I wonder if I will ever become that big.’ Naruto thought, and then he heard a loud knock and a voice yell.
“Naruto you moron, get out here!” Naruto’s heart skipped a beat. It was Sasuke. Naruto threw on his clothes and flung open the front door. Sasuke was waiting and when he saw Naruto he grabbed his arm.
“Idiot! I told you that I needed your help today. Now come on.” Sasuke pulled Naruto all the way to the Training Grounds outside of the city.
“What am I doing?” Naruto asked, glad that his loose clothes were covering his hard penis. He watched as Sasuke stripped off his blue shit to expose his six-pack abs. Sasuke also pulled out a scroll and spread it out on the ground.
“Strip to your underwear.” Sasuke ordered. Naruto looked around nervously but one glare from Sasuke and he did. Naruto’s face went bright red as he saw that his penis was clearly visible under his boxers.
“I’m trying out a new jutsu.” Sasuke said, followed with...
“Will Possession Jutsu.” Naruto felt his body go ridged.
“What’s going on Sasuke?” Naruto asked his eyes wide.
“Come here.” Sasuke said and Naruto felt his body respond without doing anything.
“What the Hell is going on?” Naruto screamed.
“A new jutsu. This one allows me to force my will upon anyone I choose. Now silence and on your knees.” Naruto’s body obeyed and he knelt right in front of Sasuke’s whit shorts. Naruto could easily tell that Sasuke was hard.
“Remove them.” Naruto saw his hands raise and begin to undo the button and zipper. The white shorts fell to expose a six inch penis.
“Lick it.” Naruto stuck out his tongue and moved closer to Sasuke penis.
‘Damn’ Naruto thought ‘not only is Sasuke stronger, faster, and smarter than me; BUT he is ONE year older than me and two inches longer than me. He even has hair growing at the base. Naruto licked Sasuke up and down; he spent time licking Sasuke’s flared head too.
“Open wide.” Sasuke ordered. He placed his rock solid member and quickly shoved it down Naruto’s throat. He pulled moaned and pulled out. Repeating this process for quite some time. Finally Sasuke pulled out and blew his hot cream all over Naruto’s face.
“You know you liked it.” Sasuke said, his penis still rock hard. Sasuke stood there for a moment and then commanded Naruto to bend over.
“Whatever you are gonna do…FORGET IT YOU BASTARD!” Naruto yelled. But Sasuke ignored him and pulled Naruto’s black underwear off to reveal his hard penis and white but. Sasuke spread Naruto’s butt cheeks and put his penis at the entrance of Naruto’s ass hole. His pushed but nothing happened.
“I’ll need some lube. I know I’ll just use some of your cum.” Sasuke quickly grabbed Naruto’s penis and started to jack him off. Naruto, not being able to last that long, shot his gooey cum into Sasuke’s hand. Sasuke rubbed it onto his dick and then pushed again. This time him slipped in, causing Naruto to grimace in pain. Sasuke slowly pushed his penis all the way into Naruto. Then he pulled out. Then he pushed in. Then pulled out again. He kept doing this for some time. Each time he pushed in he tried to get deeper and deeper. Sasuke then pulled out and rubbed his dick on Naruto’s crack. He blew his cum all over Naruto’s sweaty body.
“Release.” Sasuke said. Naruto fell to the ground not wanting to move. Sasuke was about to say something when they heard a voice scream out…

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