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A devious plan for my new roomate
Elaine, or Lanie as her friends called her had been a sorority friend of mine since college. She always had a way with the guys, and didn’t spend too many weekend nights alone if you know what I mean. She was witty, had a dangerous look in her eye, and was drop dead gorgeous. I always wondered what she must do to guys to keep her in such demand at school. We had been out of touch for a while, but I got an e-mail from her a few months ago saying she was relocating to New York in November, and needed a place to stay until she got her feet on the ground. Hell we were college friends, and I had a fold out sofa in my apartment, so we put it together.

She hadn’t changed a bit since school, and her sex drive was still in high gear. We caught up quickly and went out for a drink at the bar around the corner. She could still pound the vodka tonics, and by about 9:00 she was half in the bag. Knowing we had to get up the next day, me going to work and her looking for a job, we decided to call it a night. Back at the apartment, I tossed my clothes in the hamper and pulled on a big t-shirt, she ducked in the bathroom, and came out with long v-neck t-shirt as well. We chatted a bit then I headed off to bed and her to the sofa. After being in the apartment alone for the last year, I was used to the apartment being quiet, so I could hear her roll over on the sofa, go to the bathroom, flush, etc. I was about to pull the pillow over my head, then I heard a low humming noise coming from the TV room. I peeked out my door to see what the fuck was going on, and through the ambient light, I could see Lanie laying on the bed, and the noise seemed to be coming from under the blanket….ok, now it made sense. She was horny as ever, had to get off, and with no man in sight, the vibrator was her next best friend.

I let it pass, and didn’t say a thing the next morning, just went about the morning routine, but all day long I thought about Lanie, the vibrator, and how she must have looked under the covers when she came. I was thinking about her when I was on the toilet at work, and when I went to dab myself, I realized that I had gotten wet just thinking about her. Then I paused, and the most devious, dirty plan passed through my little blonde head. I couldn’t wait to get home.

That night, after dinner, we went down to the same local bar for a night cap. When she went to the ladies room, I talked to a few of my guy friends about Lanie, and that I wanted them to lead her on, then dump her near the end of the evening. That night went as planned, and when we got back to my apartment, she had some frustration in her eyes. I had scoped out where she hid the vibrator in her suitcase, and replaced the good batteries with spent ones before we went out. I wanted her to finger herself to an orgasm instead of having a power tool do it for her. I left my door open a crack that night and listened intently as she shifted around in bed. I thought I heard the snap of an elastic waistband, then I heard the rhythmic movement of her hand under the covers fingering herself. It got real fast real quick then stopped abruptly. Once again, morning came, I said nothing, and just went about the morning routine. Off and on during the day I thought about the frustration Lanie must have felt when after being dumped, having her vibrator fail.

It was Thursday, and I’m sure we would go out again, and of course we did. We headed over to another local establishment, where of course I knew one or two guys. I set up the same deal as the night before, get her worked up a little then dump her near the end of the night. Once again, it went as planned, she was a bit drunker (but so was I) and I could see the sexual frustration in her eyes as we walked in the apartment. Knowing that she probably replaced the batteries in the vibrator that day, I slipped in spent batteries again before we went out. I left my door open a little wider so that I could see the sofa from my bed. I had a decent vantage point as the bed was quite a bit higher than the sofa bed, and my view was not obscured by the back of the sofa. I watched as she reached for the vibrator, and saw her reaction when it again failed to work. But rather than lay it aside, she pulled it underneath the covers and began to work on herself. She pulled her knees up, and the covers came down around her waist, so I could see that she had both hands between her legs, one no doubt pumping the vibrator in and out of her cunt, and the other frigging her clitoris. By this point my hand was in my panties and my fingers were buried in my own wet pussy. I watched intently as she pulled one hand out from the covers and put those fingers in her mouth. The sight was too much to bear, and I came on the spot muffling my breathing in my pillow. She went back to her pussy with a vengeance, causing the covers to rest on her knees, and I could just make out her neatly trimmed bush. She was probably just drunk enough to not think about the noise she was making, but she did try to muffle her own orgasm with her pillow.

Once again, morning came, I said nothing, and just went about the morning routine. I thought about her licking my pussy all day, and thought it would be a great way for her to pay rent. I had thought through all kinds of perverted ways to get her tongue in my cunt, before I came upon the grand plan.
Knowing she had an interview at lunch, I stopped home to disconnect the heater. November in NYC is cold, and without a heater, we would have to make accommodations in order to stay warm. It was Friday, and being in sales, I could take off early if I wanted, and I did, so we both got home at about the same time. Lanie’s interview did not go well, and she was a bit in the dumps, but I cheered her up, saying, let’s get a hot shower, and head out for happy hour, and paint the town red. She perked up and we both started getting ready. God she was hot, she slipped out of her dress, revealing an awesome body, nicely shaped breasts, and a round tight ass. She walked into the bathroom as I was creaming my panties. Of course I had to get in the bathroom as she was showering behind a clear plastic shower curtain. She gasped as I walked in, and I apologized, and mentioned something about changing out the shower curtain, as it was ok when I was alone. As I played around the sink, I caught great views of her soaping up and caressing the soap off her body. I lingered a bit, after she turned the water off, hoping she would pull the curtain back, but it was starting to get awkward, so I ducked out to let her finish up.
I jumped in and out of the shower, and we were out of the apartment before any one of us was too aware of the growing chill in the apartment.

When we said paint the town, we meant paint the town. We hit 2 happy hours, and three other bars between 5:00 and 11:00. Lanie got hit on a few times, but think she was a little burned out from the nights before and we settled into just having fun between the two of us. We were both pretty shitfaced, and thought we could muster one more stop, but when I almost fell off the sidewalk, we decided a walk home was probably best. On the walk home we talked about guys, and making it different ways with different guys, and joked about how all the fraternities joked about us sorority girls being a bunch of live in lesbians. We laughed about how lesbians must satisfy each other without a cock, but agreed that it was a bit erotic. I think by the time we got home we were both thinking we should go find some guys to bring home, but were too drunk to be selective. As we walked into the apartment, we realized how cold it was. Lanie looked at me, and I went over to the thermostat to check the heat. When I said the heater isn’t working and its 57 degrees in here, she immediately asked where the extra blankets were. I said I didn’t have any extras, and stood there looking around thinking (but I already knew what the solution had to be). I suggested that we combine the covers we had, and use my bed for the night. Between the extra covers, and our two bodies, we should be OK. We were drunk, she was agreeable, and when she began putting on heavy clothes to sleep in, I almost freaked. I had to convince her that to share body heat, we had to let our body heat warm the bed, the covers and each other. T-shirts and panties should be enough…

We climbed into bed, but the sheets were cold, and we had to warm up. We snuggled together, and complained about the cold for a while. But after 5 or 10 minutes, it warmed up, but we didn’t want to get to far apart cause the rest of the bed was cold. God she smelled good, her hair, her skin, and that musky smell of pussy…I think it was her’s, but maybe she thought it was mine. We were starting to get drowsy, and after two nights in a row of Lanie fingering herself, I wondered if she would do it tonight. She was just a little restless, and each time she shifted her weight, I wedged my arm under her’s forcing her arm on her stomach and her hand between her legs. She moved her hand from between her legs the first few times, but later, just left it there. I used my other hand to adjust her hand above her waistband, and angled her fingers under the waistband of her panties. Then it was fairly easy to push on her elbow, guiding her fingers past the waistband, through her pubic hair and to her pussy. Then I rested my hand on the outside of her panties, on top of her hand, and massaged her fingers into her pussy. She either got wet real fast, or she was wet when she went to bed, because her fingers slid in and out of her pussy with ease. I quickly sneaked my hand inside her panties to help her explore her sopping wet pussy. Getting my fingers soaked in the process, I pulled my hand out of her panties, raised it to my nose, and breathed in that heavenly smell, then without thinking, sucked her juice off my fingers. When I went back to her panties, I could feel her fingers moving, and realized she was fingering herself right beside me.
I figured it was now or never if I was going to have my way with Lanie.

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