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The New York night life was bustling as heaven and hell. From every corner you can hear the club Dj and can see the night lights. The city lanes were packed with commuters, hookers, vendors, cops and everything you can imagine of present in New York. But far down in the country side it was a different story. The moonlight was silently shining every tree every house in the countryside. Everything was as eerie and quite as it can be. The mansion was standing between the trees. Tall and stout like a ogre between many thin vampires.
The moonlight was entering the bedroom through the gaps in the curtain. Michelle woke up with a jerk as it fell on her face. As she came to her senses she became aware that she was sweating badly and was thirsty. She went to the kitchen, and to her amazement drank three bottles of water increasing her thirst ten times. Her throat was burning like hot iron. She ran back to Angelina. “What is it hon, its not even 9 pm.” “Wake up. I don’t know what to do. I am bloody thirsty.” Angelina sat up with a jerk. “Ok, hon. I know. We will go out after sometime, then I will show you something. First fuck me hard. Your tits always turn me on.” She moved forward and broke into a passionate kiss with Michelle. Michelle was aware of some of her thirst going away. Slowly Angelina kissed down her throats to her tits. She started sucking the tits with great sucking noises. For the moment Michelle forgot the thirst. Angelina saw her eyes and was relieved to see the mist, which meant she had forgotten the thirst. Michelle started mewing as Angelina sucked her tits harder. Before Angelina reached her cunt, Michelle had already gushed out a litre of blood already. Suddenly she was wild as a beast. She caught hold of Angelina’s neck and rammed her on the bed on her back. “I am thirsty. I want to drink whatever will lessen it. Tell me now.” Her voice was hoarse with mixed anger and lust. Angelina struggled to breath. With all her might she kicked Michelle in the crotch, which only tightened the death grip. “ me … i….wil..l…tel..l..” Michelle loosened the grip. Angelina breathed a sigh of relief. “Look, Michelle. You are a newborn.” “Now what’s that fucking thing.” Michelle bellowed. In an attempt to keep Michelle calm, Angelina gushed out some juices from her cunt, filling the room with sex smell. Seeing that it calmed her down a bit, she started, “You might have seen the twilight series. What they have said in it is almost true to an extent. Newborns, like you, have no control over their thirst for blood first and lust second. This is your first night as vampire. So you will be very thirsty so you go and hunt humans. Hunt as many as you want today. But from tomorrow you will be trained how to control your thirst. Because today is your firs night. And please don’t do that again to me. You people are the most powerful of all the vampires. You newborns can kill a whole lot of vampires in a blink. So go, and hunt. But remember to return before it 4 am.” As she said that, Angelina took Michelle’s hand in hers. After caressing it for sometime, she looked at her in amazement. She dressed up even before Michelle can blink. “I am going to the jungle to hunt, coz I am bored of human blood. You go wherever you want.” “And yeah, keep a check on your speed.” With this Angelina went out of the window and was gone in seconds.
Michelle’s thirst was increasing. She dressed up and ran out. Just a she was ready to try her first jump off the mountain, a car came and stood under the oak tree some yards ahead of her. Just as it stopped, she was hit a strong scent, which almost made her limp with thirst. She was beside the car in no time. She pulled at the back door taking it completely out along with its rudder. A college couple inside each other were staring point blank at her. Another more stronger scent hit her this time. She dragged both of the guys without much fight. She was on top of the girl in no time. As she started fingering her she became aroused. And after only some seconds, in her excitement she rammed a complete fist inside the girl’s already bloody cunt, instantly killing her. Scared his hairs out of himself, the guy started to run away complete naked. Michelle saw him running. But the only thing that caught her sight was his hanging dick which was hard as a rod with fear. She looked back at the girl. And within a blink the corpse of the girl was shrunk into age old woman, devoid of the blood. The boy was running frantically looking back time to time to make sure that the maniac was not following him. He was just about to look back ahead after running almost a mile, when he hit crashed into something which was hard and cold as ice pillar. He looked up, and to his horror Michelle was standing in front of her. She was breathing heavily. Slowly she bent down and started stroking his hard cock. He was so scared that he let out a gasp and a moan between fear and lust. Slowly she took the dripping cock in her mouth, and started to suck him. But before she could do anything further, the cock was in her hand. Only blood was gushing out from the place where it had been attached only some seconds ago. The boy looked in horror as his manhood was snatched away while sucking, and that too before he can blink twice. And it took only another minute for him to get a heart attack due to the fear and the blood loss and another to let him die. There was not much blood left inside her body. Michelle sucked up whatever was left inside him and ran towards the city within seconds.

Angelina was sitting at the top of an adjacent mountain, nude with Louise. They have been watching Michelle throughout. They almost shrieked with ecstasy as Michelle sucked the boy’s cock almost at the same time as they orgasmed. Louise said, “Don’t you think that you should tell Michelle, that we cannot fuck with humans?” “Yeah, I will. But let today go. Anyways, there are more humans on this Earth than vampires. So there is no harm in some of them to go less. I will be back in a second, let me burn the bodies.” In a jiffy Angelina was near the used corpses. She flicked her fingers and the bodies were on flame instantly. “Do you know one thing Louise, Michelle is unreadable.” “What?” “Yeah, today I tried to read her mind, but couldn’t get a thing off her.” “You mean, she is the one in a millionth?” “Maybe, But I read a prophecy in her eyes. She is going to bring someone new to our clan today.” “Who?” “You will see.”…………………………………………………………………………………………
Michelle ran towards the town, as fast as she could, from the only road leading from in front of her house.

Hey guys, this is a long one. I thought I will complete the foreplay in this part only and keep the better part for the rest........

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hey looks like no ones commented on these storys and they have been up for a while just wanted to say I think there pretty cool and hot lol you should keep it up

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