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So, is Jake now one of mine, or is he Jen's? Or is Jen his?
Milk of Desire, Book II

By EFon

Chapter 5 : Jake's confirmation.

After washing up I returned to my room, satisfied to hear the sounds of lust still coming from my sister's room. Jake, like Katey, liked to be loud. The occasional "Oh Yea!" was almost comical. I was smiling as I entered my room and slightly puzzled to find it empty.

My covers were covered with some blood and lots of cum and even a little shit. I pulled it up and off my bed and headed downstairs to throw it in the washer before my mother got home. Now not in a rush I heard the water running from the downstairs bathroom and poked my head in. Katey and Lisa were washing up in the shower. I could hear what was obviously some pain from Lisa through the speckled glass.

"Lisa, are you okay?" I asked honestly with concern to Lisa.

The left sliding speckled glass door slid open and her wet face poked out. "Yes, I'll be fine," she said with a forced smile. "Just going to be sore for the little bit."

"Well, don't worry too much about it," I tried to cheer her up. "I'm glad I got to share that with you, but I think I'm more of a pussy man than an ass man."

She giggled, "Glad to hear it, it really hurt, but also felt good getting poked in a different."

"Maybe I'll try it next," Katey chirped in from inside the shower.

We all laughed and I took their washcloths as they got out to towel dry while I left them and went into the basement to wash the offending bloody linens. After the washer was going I got back upstairs Lisa and Katey, still stark naked, were making food in the kitchen. "Have a seat and enjoy a show and a meal!" Katey quipped. I did, and I admired their sexy asses and breasts and watched them jiggle, sometimes a little too much as they playfully exaggerated their movements for me, as they worked on a big brunch meal.

When it was nearly done Lisa said, "Go check on Russ and Jen and tell them food is ready and to wash up."

I nodded and pounced up the stairs. I started to wonder if Jen would still be under my control now, or if any male could really make women act this way. I'd never heard of it, but I was a virgin until recently. Or maybe Jake was just enthralled by Jen and I really had no effect on him. I'd have to test them somehow later.

It was quiet now, and I considered knocking, but I decided to just push open the door instead. The smell of sex and cum was strong and it was weird to not have been mine. Jen was lying in Russ's arms with her back to him, and he had one arm over her with his hand gently cupping get breast. I saw the rest of the girl's clothes folded up on the nightstand, as they must have gotten undressed here before waking me up, and Russ's clothes were wadded at the foot of the bed along with Jen's underwear.

Jen noticed me first, and moved slightly, waking Russ from his dozing. He made a start to cover himself, but as I was also naked he stopped. "Brunch is almost ready. Wash up and come down as you are," I told them, and then left back down the stairs.

Lisa and Katey were setting the food up when I got back down and sat down. They giggled as they served me up food, making a point of bending over and squeezing their breasts together right in front of my face. I made a good show of faking that I didn't notice, but they knew I loved it. I heard the water turn on in the upstairs shower which was right above us.

Katey hopped into a seat on one side of me and Lisa, a lot more delicately sat on my other, and we ate and just chit-chatted until we heard it. The wall started thumping like someone was knocking on it. It didn't occur to me or Katey what it was at first, but Lisa just smiled and then I knew. Katey said, "What?"

Lisa considered saying something, but didn't have to because the muffled "Fuck Yea!" of Jake verbalizing through the ceiling upstairs got us all giggling. I though back to my energy and unending drive to fuck the first few days after I lost my virginity and ready access to a willing woman. I felt my loins stirring even now recharging, but it wasn't as urgent as it had been just a few weeks ago so food was more a priority, even with two nubile naked girls right here.

We just smiled and ate as the pounding speed up and Jakes vocalizations got louder. It was really hot thinking about him fucking my sister in the shower. I thought back to the couple of times I violated that brother-sister barrier, and wondered if we were different like it was a little different when I did each of the girls. It must be, and thinking back to our spin the bottle game I remembered Katey saying I was the best she'd ever had. But that might have just been my effect on her.

"So Katey," I asked, "You said I was the best lover you ever had."

"You sure are," she smiled dreamily at me.

"Why?" I asked simply.

She stopped and thought. "Um... well, I love you and you love me," and she was satisfied that that was enough.

"Well, sure, but is that the only way I'm better?" I probed further, looking to see if that was all it was.

"No. You care more, so take more time and make sure I cum too," she added.

"You've never cum with another guy?" I continued my interrogation more seriously and circumspect.

"Well... yes, but it just wasn't as good," she explained, "You're the whole package!"

"He sure is!" chimed in Lisa who placed one hand on my soft cock and gave it a friendly squeeze that felt really good.

I wanted to continue to search for the truth, but just then Jake and Jen must have finished in the shower with some muffled shouts of pleasure making us all giggle and my cock grew a little in Lisa's palm. I thought she might get me fully hard, but wanted to hold off for a second round later before my mom got home, so said, "Finnish up eating and then wash the dishes."

Both Lisa and Katey nodded and ate, only touching me a little when Jen lead Jake, both of them naked, into the kitchen. "Mmmm, smell great! I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" Jake exclaimed.

They sat at the table across from each other, Jake next to Lisa, Jen next to Katey, and Jen shot back, "And you can fuck like one too!" We all laughed.

Time to see if Jake was now really under my control, or just liked having sex with my sister. "So Jake. From now on I'm going to need you to do my homework so I can have more time for my girlfriends."

"Sure, no problem dude!" Jake smiled back and dug into the food at the table.

He acted so calm and cheerful that I just couldn't believe it was REALLY that easy. How far could I take this? Were they all now my willing slaves?

Well, time to test Jen and see for certain. "Jen, could you come sit on my lap?" She smiled, got up, and I pushed my chair back from the table, allowing my naked and recently fucked sister to sit across my own naked lap. I looked at Jake and he just smiled back.

"So, do you think Jake is suitable to be your public boyfriend from now on?" I asked slyly.

She put one arm around my neck, pushing one of her fabulous naked breasts against my cheek as she hugged me, "Only because you won't let me be your girlfriend in public."

I smiled and mock scolded her with a slap on her ass, "Now, now... You know we can never be lovers in public. You're my sister."

Then she whispered, "We are not in public right now."

I actually laughed out loud, and all of them laughed too. "You horny little minx. Was Jake not enough to satisfy you?"

"Oh, he was a... enthusiastic lover," she then traced one finger up and down my chest. "But it's always been you I truly wanted." My cock was now quickly recovering it's strength and started to get uncomfortable between my legs and Jen's lap. I think she noticed, because she spread her legs and pulled him up between her thighs. "And I think big Russell is thinking the same thing."

I groaned as her hand gripped me and brought me to full strength right there in front of everyone at the kitchen table. In mere moments I was firm again and lusted to bury my cock in her furry snatch, so that's what I did. I pushed her up off of me and against the table. She put her hands on it for support and stuck her sexy ass out, and I pushed my cock into her well used and still sticky cunt with one surging thrust.

Jen grunted away with pleasure as I banged her. Her pussy was noticeably looser than the other times I'd been inside her, but she'd just given herself to a virgin's unending desire all morning. I grabbed her hips and trust deep and firmly into her loins with mine and enjoyed it.

Katey and Lisa were smiling and rubbing themselves watching and Jake just kept eating as if it was all normal. I slowed up, thinking how weird it was to be fucking my sister in from of my best friend and her two best friends, but that made it that much hotter. When Jake finished his food and leaned back in his chair just watching I paused for a second said, "You okay with me fucking your girlfriend?"

"Dude, I'm tapped out," he said and yawned.

I spotted Katey fingering her cunt and looked over to see Lisa doing the same while they watched. "Katey, Lisa, get on the table and let Jake eat your cunts," I commanded and they quickly and eagerly obeyed. "Make sure to give him lessons and tell him how to do it right. I want both of you cumming in five minutes."

They scrambled into place, moving dishes to make room as Jake put his face between Katey's thighs first. "More... harder..." Jen panted pushing her ass against me, complaining that I'd stopped moving enough.

I smiled and said, "Whatever you want," and began to savagely pound her cunt as hard as I could, making her groan and moan louder than ever. That was soon topped my Katey's cries of ecstasy from Jake's tongue, while Lisa was giving him instructions.

I was starting to blur and my blood was getting hot and thick in my ears when Katey's screams were replaced with Lisa's stuttering gasps for air. I saw Jake now eating Lisa's pussy while Katey sucked on one of her breasts. Watching her get double teamed while I brutalized my sister's womb set me off. I sheathed myself in her moistness as deep as I possibly could and fired off shot after shot of my sticky treasure hunters into her, adding my sperm load to whatever was left of Jake's.

I collapsed on her back as shots dwindled to squirts, and her well used vagina squeezed and sucked every last drop of my cream out like she was savoring her favorite dessert. I head Lisa cum and smiled as Katey then returned to her screams as Jake went back and worked to get her off also.

Exhausted I sat back in my chair and watched her climax beautifully with Jake licking her crotch and Lisa on breast licking duty, returning the favor to her best friend, while Jen just rolled over on the table and placed on hand on her crotch, soaking it in our combined sauces, before absentmindedly bringing it to her lips to suck her fingers clean. After a few moments they all to now returned to their seats and just breathed, sated and happy.

I now had four slaves who would literally do anything I wanted it seemed. This power couldn't be limitless. Could it?

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