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A glmpse into the characters involved... very small sex scene involved
Nick = handsome, sweet sincere guy with a dark side
Anthony = Skye’s brother tired of his sisters rudeness and misbehaving
Jeremy = skies boyfriend, a jerk all around.

Skye = a snooty stuck up 18 yr. old, who has a lack of respect, and doesn’t care to spare the feelings of those around her, believes she is so much better than the people in her hometown, some sexual experience.

Lessons Learned (the pre-story)

Skye was sun tanning by the pool when she heard her brother’s voice. What could he possibly want, the fact she was sharing an apartment with him was almost too much for her. "Skye," he said again, "are you going with us or not?" Completely irritated that she was being interrupted yet again by her overbearing brother, she glared at him and retied her bikini top. Brushing past him she murmured "like I want to go anywhere with you, HA I have a reputation to uphold!" She knew this would set him off but she didn’t care. What was he going to do? Scream and yell and call her a stuck up bitch. She was surprised when his hand clamped down on her wrist, spinning her to him. "What the fuck Anthony? That hurts!" Skye complained. Anthony refused to let go holding her in place, standing very close to her. Through clenched teeth, he hissed, "I don’t know why you behave like this, but I, unlike mom will not put up with your childish behavior. Now go upstairs put on clothes and try not to dress like a complete slut. And stop sun tanning topless, do you understand me?" Skye was pissed how dare her brother try to threaten her. Jerking her wrists free from his grasp, she replied venomously, "Now brother dear, don’t take your sexual frustrations out on me!"

How dare he, that was crossing the line, she would have to make him pay. One last glance over her shoulder, told her he was still fuming. Just to antagonize him further, she flipped him off and stormed upstairs. Only to become more perturbed to see Nick, her brothers best friend, relaxing on the couch. He smiled at her as she entered, "Hey Skye." Before slamming her bedroom door, she screamed "how many dip shits am I going to have to deal with today?" Nick sat in stunned silence, completely unaware of the altercation outside. But nonetheless confused by her bitterness. Skye, pouted in her room mulling over what to do, she was starving but she didn’t want to see her brother. Reluctantly she got dressed, completely ignoring her brothers requests. She put on the shortest white skirt she had, knowing her black thong would be visible, followed by a tiny red cami top and no bra. Smiling to herself she checked her appearance in the mirror satisfied. Her long black hair fell perfectly, her olive skin clear, and big brown eyes were so dark. Skye wore very little makeup, and what she did wear only made her eyes seem even darker."

Stomping into the living room, she cleared her throat, "can we get this over with? I’m fucking starving!" Anthony led the way while Nick held the door open for Skye. His manners were met with a roll of the eyes and "You're pathetic, no wonder you’re still single." The ride to the restaurant was unbearable. Nick and Anthony laughing, talking about the party last weekend. Bragging about the girls they took home. UGH, all Skye could think of was, He's acting as if nothing happened!! That was the last straw she had to get away from him. She had no job, no car, but maybe she could talk to daddy about buying her an apartment and maybe if she begged hard enough he would increase her monthly allowance. Once at the restaurant the boy’s senseless chatter continued only to further annoy Skye. As the waitress took their order she lashed out at her for being incompetent. “I said I wanted no chicken in my salad," Skye fumed, tossing a piece of chicken at the young waitress, "Apparently you’re either deaf or stupid." The waitress scampered away humiliated, accidently sending Skye’s drink across the table. "You stupid bitch, your manager will not be happy! Ugh I hope you and all your kids can live off welfare. You definitely won’t have a job here anymore!!!!!" As Skye continued to throw her fit, Anthony apologized to the manager, while Nick tried to calm the teary eyed waitress. Skye stormed out of the store and started walking home, followed by Anthony and Nick.
"This is past the line, Skye; you do NOT act like a. What has gotten into you?" Anthony demanded, "Stop, and talk to me!"
Completely fueled by rage, Skye Spit "How dare you stick up for that waitress, she’s nothing, a moron, worthless scum that deserves no pity! She was in the wrong not me. You humiliated me. I’m done Anthony. You just wait until daddy hears about this!"
"Go ahead, call him Skye! You will be shocked to find he's tired of your behavior. You are selfish, and act as if the world belongs to you. So yes call daddy, and beg him to fix this situation for you. I guarantee he will not have your back, he’s been thinking of ways to punish you. Have you noticed he’s slowly cutting you off dear sister, “Anthony taunted.

Anthony was shocked when the blow lands across his face and followed by the stinging sensation. Nick stood by the car watching shaking his head, witnessing the worst of the sibling fights to date. He decided to interfere when it became physical, not wanting Skye hurt or his buddy arrested. He heard the harshness and bitterness in skies words, as her brother held her against the side of the restaurant forearm across Skye’s throat. Skye was spitting in Anthony’s face, spewing names. Nick was trying to defuse the situation quickly as he knew the crowd inside was watching. Finally having them separated, Nick stood between them talking Anthony down. Skye took off up the street only stopping to flash the onlookers from the restaurant before flipping her brother off and yelling “Don’t Worry bub. I won’t be trouble for you anymore."

Skye fumbled her way through the streets, unsure of what street Jeremy lived on. Jeremy was her love. Sure they had their ups and downs, and her family hated him. But what was new, her family disapproved of everyone. Skye thought back to the argument with her dad. "The only thing that Jeremy wants you for is an arm trophy, Skye, and to brag to his friends." Frustrated, and tired of walking Skye called Jeremy and asked him to come pick her up. By the sounds in the background, and the irritation in his voice, Skye knew she was interrupting, but she had nowhere else to go. After an hour he finally showed up, telling her to get her ass in the truck. Only to arrive at his apartment 10 mines later. Skye huffed, "guess you got lost on the way to pick me up!" She was answered with a cold shoulder, and a wave of the hand. On her way to the bedroom, she heard Jeremy and his friends yelling at the TV. No doubt, Jeremy was losing whatever bet he had made. Great, she thought, which means he will be in a pleasant mood.

"Skye, make us something to eat! And get me another beer! " Jeremy interrupted her thoughts. Grudgingly, Skye began preparing sandwiches, hot wings and potato wedges. Bringing all of his friends another beer. Once everything was complete, she laid it out for the boys to enjoy. The food was gone in minutes. Seeing that the boys were content Skye curled up next to Jeremy. Only to have him jerk away from her, when she reached for his hand. Trying again this time, Skye leaned in for a kiss. "Knock that bullshit off, Skye." Jeremy said through gritted teeth. Skye shot off the couch stomping back to his bedroom, slamming the door. His friends whooping and hollering how he's in trouble now.

An hour later, Jeremy was shaking Skye awake that familiar look in his eyes. She pushed his hands away, still hurt from his earlier behavior. "Baby, wake up." He tried again kissing at her neck, running his hands up her legs. He whispered, “Baby let me make it up to you.” As he unzipped his jeans, Skye sat up in bed, hopeful; the evening would have an orgasmic end. Jeremy stroked her face with his cock, brushing it against her lips. “Come on baby help me get hard,” he said as he smiled down at her. Skye sticking her tongue out flicked the head of his cock. Hearing his moans she continued lavishing his cock head with her tongue. Paying special attention to the hole at the very tip, using the tip of her tongue she began probing it. Flicking up, down and across. Wrapping her lips around the tip she sucked quickly creating a vacuum. Jeremy placed his hands on her head urging her to take him deeper. Obliging him, she worked her expert lips down his rigid cock, tasting sweat. Rubbing her tongue underneath his cock while she sucked. Raising her hand she began massaging Jeremy’s hairy sack, eliciting more moans from him. The hairs from Jeremy’s pubes, tickling Skye’s nose. She could smell his musky scent. The precum dripping down her throat made her gag. Taking full advantage, Jeremy thrust his hips forward, the head of his cock slamming into her the back of her mouth. HE kept pressing until his cock was lodged in her throat. Rotating his hips he fucked her throat deep. Careless about her struggling to breathe. Skye could feel the throbbing of his cock against her tongue. She knew he was close to cumming. Eager to get on her make up sex, Skye pushed her face forward until her nose was buried in Jeremy’s pubes. Rolling his balls between her fingers, she began moaning, the vibrations setting off his explosion. Jeremy’s hot load spilled down her throat, shot after shot. Belly full of cum, she could breathe easier as Jeremy pulled from her mouth. Jeremy swiped his cock against her lips before turning his back to Skye.

Zipping his jeans up, he cleared his throat, “Skye, it’s getting late, and I have plans tonight.” Confused, Skye just sat there. She looked up at him angrily, “really Jeremy what about making it up to me? And what am I supposed to do while you are out, watch TV?” Ignoring Skye, Jeremy left her sitting there, mouth agape. When he returned to the room, he handed her flip flops and purse to her. Smirking, “I came in your mouth. I think that is the perfect way for you to forgive me. Now get your shoes on so I can take you home, like I said I have plans. And you can’t be here.”

Unbelievable, Skye thought. I got him off and he’s kicking me out. Where am I going to go? And why should I accept a ride from that prick? Tears clouding her eyes, she stormed out of the apartment, Jeremy calling after her. For the second time that night, Skye found herself walking alone in a part of town she didn’t know very well. Cold and crying she couldn’t think straight. The cool night air giving her Goosebumps. Looking up and down the street, it was vacant except for the van idling at the end of the street. “Great,” she muttered to herself,”no pay phone, and no one to ask for directions.” Sighing she turned her back on the van and continued to walk down the street. Before Skye could reach the end of the block. She heard a rush of footsteps. Startled she turned quickly, a fist smashing into her stomach, knocking the air from her. Before Skye could scream, the attacker’s fist connected with her temple. Rendering her unconscious. The unknown figure standing over Skye’s crumpled body on the side walk. Testing to make sure she was still breathing. He checked to make sure there was no one in sight before restraining her wrists with a zip tie. Hefting her over his shoulder, he laid her down in the back of his van. As he further restrained her, he took a few seconds to view the treasures he now had.

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