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A new slut to use, told from his and her view point, first time posting a story all critque welcome
((story unfolds from his and her view))
Lessons Learned (day one)

Disoriented and with a pounding head ache, I attempt to open my eyes, Twisting my head side to side I begin to panic as I see only darkness. My jaw throbs as I realize there is something hard between my teeth. My arms stretched over my head. I tug hard, my scream muffled as my wrists pop, but remain in place. Thoughts are running wild, "where am I? Why can’t I see?" My breathing becomes ragged, as I try to breath around the thing between my teeth. It catches, and my body stills when I hear a soft chuckle.

Savoring these early moments, I watch her slowly wake. She looks worried... perfect. I could get used to the sound of her muffled moans. Oh if she only knew what I have in store for her. "Hello Skye, Do you know who I am?"

The voice startles me. I jump, making my wrists pop again. Taking a step away from the voice, I scream again, as my arms are stretched farther, pulling me to the tips of my toes. I ignore the pain, wanting distance between me and the voice. He asks again this time growling, "Skye do you know who I am?' I say no but the sound is silenced by the hard plastic. I hear him chuckle again. He’s closer than I imagined, I hear his breathing before he growls again in my ear. "Foolish girl, you may only nod yes or no. I have taken away your right to speak. Do you understand?" I nod meekly as I take another step away from him.

"Better question... do you know why you are here?" I ask her as I move a gloved hand to her jaw, pulling her face forward, and my lips against her ear I whisper "you are here for one reason. You’re here to be reeducated. There are a few important lessons for you to learn but none are as important as this. I own you now. Do you know what that means? You will only do as I say, only when I say it. I know you’ve got a strong will, but that doesn’t matter. We are alone here... and I have all the time I need. I will make you into a slave, my obedient slave."

Panic sets in as I try to move quickly away from the menacing voice. One flip flop breaks as I try to side step him, sending me falling backwards. Both feet slipping out from underneath me, my shoulders burning. The cotton skirt swishing around my hips, one strap of my cami sliding slowly down my shoulder. Tears fall as my weight is supported by my wrists alone. Whimpering, pleading to be released.

"You look great like that Skye. How does it feel to be helpless? I must apologize in advance; I am not done hearing your pathetic whimpers yet...” Standing behind her I break the straps on her cami top before ripping the rest to shreds. Eager to see her breasts drop from the soft fabric. "hmmph, no bra? Why am I not surprised? I try not to dwell too long on her whimpers as she reacts to losing that tight fitting top. I do love the sound though. I dont feel much like inflating this sluts ego, so I refrain from complimenting her lovely D cup tits. Or her rosy nipples. Moving behind her I whisper in her ear, as my leather gloved hands start to fondle her breasts..... Squeezing her tits firmly "stop being such a baby. This is just the beginning... I suggest you learn to enjoy what I give you!!!"

The frigid air instantly sends chills through me. Goosebumps covering every inch of my arms and chest. My nipples instantly becoming hard little duds. I thrash wildly, attempting to knock him away from me. Screaming with everything I have, praying someone will hear me. I flinch when he laughs harshly into my ear, "What’s the matter? Is it too cold in here? Would you like me to warm you up?" my body jerks as he lands two swift smacks to each of my breasts. Tears flood the fabric covering my eyes; He fists my hair forcing my head back. Through gritted teeth he demands, "Stop your!!!!"

"Feeling warmed up yet, slave?" Hmmm I think it’s time I got to see a bit more of you." I take out a pair of long scissors, pressing the cold metal to her skin. I cut her skirt down the back the blades of the scissors gliding against her ass crack. The skirt falls to the floor. "That’s better don’t you think? Oh My look at your slut wear!!" My eyes stop and gaze at her lovely plump ass in her tiny black thong. I continue to squeezing and slapping her breasts, while the other hand travels down. Whimpering as I position the front of her thong between her pussy lips. Thought I told you not to cry anymore? I’ll give you a reason if you keep it up. Your choice." my hands return to mauling her breasts.

Afraid, tired, and hurting, I attempt to get my legs under me. Only to have them knocked back out. Leaning into me, I feel his breath on my cheek. Whispering, "I’m going to remove your gag. I want to hear you scream. Hear you whimper. You are not allowed to talk! Do you understand slut?" I nod eagerly. He isn’t gentle, barely loosening the straps, yanking the large red ball from my mouth. I cough and take a deep breath before I immediately start pleading. A harsh blow lands across my face. “I said no speaking!!!!!" My scream is deafening as he jerks my thong upwards harshly. Relentlessly he continues, ripping, until I’m sure he will split me in two. I hear the fabric tear with each jerk, my pussy on fire. Finally the fabric tears away. Even though I am sure there are bits embedded in my pussy.

My cock is throbbing beneath my sweat pants. The chill of the basement, making my breath come out in harsh bursts. Looking at Skye in the dim candlelight was enough to make any man want to blow a load. The band of her thong high up on her waist, the shredded pieces hanging. From his angle he could see the small air strip landing of brown hair just above her pussy lips. Skye was lifting her leg, twisting, attempting to hide her delicious cunt from me. I couldn’t resist. I had to test her tightness.

Bracing myself for another harsh blow, I held my breath. His fingers lightly glided down my sides to my hips. Pleading him to stop, he yanked the hair on my mound, silencing me instantly. I felt his fingers stroking the soft patch of hair. My leg is yanked sideways, his hand stroking my lips. Tears begin falling as I feel him separate my lips, and rub a finger against my little nub.

I could feel her body violently shaking as my fingers, trail down to her inviting cunt. Dipping a finger into her cunt, a moan escapes my lips as I feel that her cunt is wet. She responds to my probing, even though she is trying hard to fight it. Pulling away from her, my cock aching for release. I blow all the candles out leaving her in the cold, dark basement. I needed to get some rest, if my plans to retrain this slut began in the morning.

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2012-12-02 02:38:58
On a side note when your female character is having the ball gag removed she says its red when she wouldnt know its color as she still has a blind fold on. Otherwise I liked it.

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2012-12-01 22:57:16
make your story characters larger for so readers an easerry read on the eyes....bill

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2012-12-01 17:45:29
Good--it held my interest, but it was too short. It needed to be longer to develop some depth to the characters and action.

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2012-12-01 17:21:15
This is a site for perverted sluts!!

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2012-12-01 15:34:51
I love it. U can see what both people think it's great!

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