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!NON-EROTIC CHAPTER!-The characters in this story are not above the age of 18. They also attend a private highschool.-!NON-EROTIC CHAPTER!
!NON-EROTIC CHAPTER!-The characters in this story are not above the age of 18. They also attend a private highschool.-!NON-EROTIC CHAPTER!

My alarm filled my ears with the music of a radio station. I fell to the floor, my foot having caught in the comforter when I tried getting out.

"I'm up!" I yelled, then blushing when I realized I was alone. I hurried to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, returning to my room to change. I grabbed my orange collared shirt and jeans I had ironed and put them on. I returned to the bathroom and put on my contacts, leaving my eyes their natural color, hazel. I put my jacket on and headed to the door, grabbing my backpack on my way out. I closed  the door. I turned and faced my bestfriend standing in front of me. "Oh, what are you doing right here Jacob?"

"You took a little longer than usual, just making sure you were coming." He answered. "Well come on, I think I heard the bell."

  > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < <

"Oh my gosh, Mr. Sprak is never here." My friend Scarlet sighed. She pulled out her mirror and looked at her reflection. "Think I should pick my hair up?" She asked, touching her red dyed hair. 

"Yeah, I think girls are prettier with ponytails." I replied, sitting up straight. 

"You don't think girls are pretty." She laughed. "You think guys are."

"No I don't." I said, only for me to get a raised eyebrow from her. "I think they're sexy." I smiled.

"Oh, you had me there for a sec." She lightly nudged my shoulder after fixing her hair.

"Hey losers!" Jacob walked in the class. "Awesome, we got a substitute." He grinned.

"Where were you?" I asked. "You left me right after we got in the building." 

"I went to the library to meet Alexa. She relieved some stress from me in the last aisle." He winked as he sat down.

"Ew Jacob, she is a WHORE. You're gonna catch an STD from her, just watch." Scarlet scolded. 

I rolled my eyes. "Please tell me you were joking Jacob." He looked away, answering my question. I adverted my gaze to the door, catching the hottie I've been crushing on. "Scar, oh gosh, isn't he so sexy." I whispered, eyeing my subject.

"Oh, definately. I can see why you like him." She said.

The sexy ass beast we were talking about is Dante. He always spiked his black hair, making it jut out in every direction. And his body, oh man. So muscular and manly. My eyes followed him until he sat down a few rows on front of me. I brought my gaze to his face, as I looked into his blue eyes. Oh crap, he was looking at me. I gave a slight smile before turning to Scar.   

"Well I don't see why you like him. He's obviously a fag." Jacob insulted.

"Even better." I laughed.

"You know what I mean!" He grumbled. "He's not worth it, he's a player."

"And you're not?!" Scarlet interjected. "Seems like all guys are." She looked at me. "Except you."

"Whatever, shouldn't waste your time." Jacob muttered.

"Don't be jealous, I'll still love you." I joked. He turned his head. "Dude, I'm just kidding." He didn't look back.

"You know how he reacts to your teasing. He gets all sensitive and shit." Scar explained. "He'll be okay."

  > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < <

It was lunch time now and Jacob still hadn't talked to me. The four of us (Me, Scar, Jacob -and Dante-) had all core subjects together since we're advanced.  
                          * * *
"Where's Jacob?" I asked as I sat down with my food. "Why is he still avoiding me?!"

"He's coming, don't get all worried." Scar said from beside me. 

"Hey." He greeted, sitting down in front of me.

"Hey!" I smiled.

"Sorry for ignoring you, we alright?"

"Yeah, I forgive you. Do you want a kiss?" I joked again, not realizing I had. Jacob looked down as Scar elbowed me. "I meant.. Do you want a..hug?" I asked, trying to recover myself. 

  > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < <

It was 7th period, biology, the last class of the day. I walked in with Scarlet and took our usual seats by eacother.

"Oh sorry guys, I'm going to change your seats." Our teacher Mrs. Nenas informed us as she walked in.

I looked at Scar before getting up and standing at the front of the room.

"Why is everyone standing?" Jacob asked, filing in with the last of the students. 

"New seats." Scar answered.

"Alright everyone," Mrs. Nenas started as the bell rang. "I am changing your seats due to class behavior." The class erupted into groans. She started calling names and soon Scar was assigned a new seat at a table next to a boy named Alec. 

"Alright Jacob, you'll be sitting across from Alec. Tony, you'll sit next to him."  I smiled at Scar as I made my to my seat. I was lucky, getting to sit by my friends still. "And Dante." My smile faded. "Next to Tony."

    * * *Last 5 minutes of class* * *

So there I was, inbetween the conversation of Jacob and Dante, not sure what to do. Sure Jacob called him a fag, but they were semi friends. And Scar was chatting away with Alec so I had no one to talk to. I sighed and both Jacob and Dante stopped talking and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" Dante asked. I shook my head, it was always hard to bring myself to talk to him. "Well you're sighing all loud." He laughed.

"It was loud?" I asked and he nodded. "Oh, well sorry."

"No need to appologize." He smiled. Gosh that smile always made me melt. "You wanna talk too?"

I glanced to my right at Jacob, who had already started talking to the person beside him.

"Well no not really." I mumbled.

"What, do I not interest you?" He joked. 

"I find you very interesting." I whispered to myself.

"Do you now?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. 

Shit, he heard me. "Yeah.." 

"Well then..." He leaned in

                           * * *

"What's wrong?" Dante asked. I looked at him quizically. "You sighed."

Oh wow, I had been day dreaming. My fantasies always got to me. "Oh, nothing." I replied.

The bell rang and I quickly got up, heading for the door. I was pulled to the side shortly after I got out.

"Why haven't you replied to my texts?" It was my ex-boyfriend Josh. He just couldn't get that through his head. "Huh?" He got closer, pinning me against the locker.

"I don't wanna talk to you. What else?" I answered. "We aren't together anymore, can't you understand that?!"

He pressed his lips against mine. I turned my head and pushed him off me. 

"God damnit Tony!" He hit the lockers behind me, making people walking by stop and look. "Text me today." He whispered angrily and stormed off.

Yeah, that was Josh; my ex-boyfriend. We dated (and screwed around) in total secrecy. He's gotten a little better at accepting himself, but states I'm the only guy he'll ever fuck. His words, not mine. But that's why I couldn't handle it anymore. Going out with someone in private is a hassle, so I had to break it off, plus he's too controlling. Not that I don't like to be dominated... but I get carried away.

"Asshole still won't leave you alone?" Scar asked as she caught up to me. 

I sigh. "No, it's getting old now. I wish I could have an open boyfriend." I know it's too much to ask for, especially since some kids here aren't exactly.. welcoming to me. 

"Don't wish too much. Anyways, aren't we lucky that we all sit together?!" She beamed as if it was the best thing.

"I mean it's cool, but Dante's next to me." I frowned. "I'm not going to be able to talk at all."

"Oh, quit whining. This will be your chance to actually talk to him." She said. "Maybe get him in bed?" She laughed.

I rolled my eyes. "As much as I'd like that, the percentage of that even happening is not even one." We exit and walked towards the dorms, the boys and girls (obvioulsy) at opposite 

"Text me, alright? See ya." She waved as she walked toward their dorms.

"Yeah, I will." I replied. I pulled out my phone and pressed the number two, speed dialing my mom. It rang for a few until she answered. "Hey mom." I greeted cheerfully.

This was my daily routine. I'd call my mom after school and talk a bit to let her know how I was doing. Not that it bothered me. I missed my mom after transferring here for the new school year. It's been four months and I missed her so bad already. We said our goodbyes and love yous and ended the call. Just as I put my phone up, someone called me from behind.

"Hey, dude! You going in already?" Jacob asked. 

I looked at the doors before answering. "Uhm yeah, why?"

"Wanna help me score some chicks?" He asked grinning. I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm kidding, just wanted to make sure we're okay."

"Of course we are." I batted my eyelashes and stepped closer to him. "I mean.. we can make up if you'd like, and I mean anyway you'd like." I ran my finger down his chest, feeling him tense up. I looked up at his face before laughing. "You wanna joke with me, I'll joke back." I countered.

"Ugh, you need to stop doing that. Before I actually take you up on an offer." He growled. Before I could reply, he stormed off into the dorms.

I didn't overthink what he said, telling myself that he was just joking back. I dropped my backpack on the floor as soon as I got in the room, my roomate already there.

"Hey Michael." I greeted. He looked up from his book briefly, eyeing me. Well isn't it swell living with a guy who doesn't talk to you because he doesn't accept your lifestyle. And by lifestyle, I mean your praise to the Devil. Even though I told him countless times I believed in God. As quickly as I'd enter, I walked back out, numerous other students roaming the halls.

My phone alerted me I had a text message, the tune of a Katy Perry song playing. I pulled it out.

Josh: Hey

I put my phone away after reading who it was from. Ugh, I want to punch him so bad. He thinks I'll just go crawling back to him, but no sir. I walked outside, sitting on a bench in the school's foyer. I sat in the cool wind until someone sat next to me.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" They asked.

I looked to see who it was, my eyes bulging when I saw it was Dante. "I'm always out here." I managed to say.

"Now I know to join you, pink cheeks." He smiled.

I felt myself get warmer. "Why are you now just talking to me? It's already January." I decided to say.

He looked at me before answering. "I'm not sure. Does it bother you?" 

I shook my head, and stayed quiet. That is until someone harshly pulled me up.

"Why the hell haven't you replied to me?!" He yelled, holding me against his body. Damn perv always wanted some sort of friction.

I tried pushing him off me, glancing at Dante who stood up. 

"Leave him alone, can't you tell he doesn't want to talk to you." He defended me, pushing Josh away from me. I backed up into Dante who stood behind me.

"Whatever." That was all he said before he took off once again.

"What's up with your friend?" Dante asked. "Seems crazy about you." He laughed.

"He is. He can't get over me." I replied.

"Oh you two were-" 

"Yeah, we went out." I interrupted. "But don't say anything, please. He isn't ready to come out."

"So this is your way of coming out to me?" He smiled.

I froze. "You didn't know?" He shook his head. "It's not obvious? I'm not very manly."

He laughed. "Nope, well not to me. But it doesn't matter, I go both ways."

I gulped and had to catch my breath.

      > > > > > > > >-•-< < < < < < < <

No sex, just a intro to the whole story. But is it good? Comment and vote please ^.^ Oh and sorry if there's too many characters. Tell mecwhat I should improve or what you didn't like, thanks (:

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