A Fantasy of a real girl in my Village which becomes a Romantic reality
(Dear Readers, this concerns a 15y.o. girl and a much older me; if you think this is wrong, don't read; if you think it might be Love and Sex, you might read it, but it isn't short and it requires a build-up, perhaps like real love should be....)

The fantasy becomes romantic reality when finally I meet her….but is that all there is to find out about her….
This is the Start of something New….it might last Forever….it was certainly Magical....

Part 1

I was driving my car up our village street, going to the supermarket, when I saw her tall, lithe body languidly walking ahead, heading in the same direction.
A decision had to be made quickly, and 50m later, I clicked on my left indicator and pulled up beside her, pressed the button to lower the passenger window, and spoke to her – for only the second time in perhaps a year and a half of fantasizing about her.
“I am going to Tesco Lotus; can I give you a lift somewhere?” I smiled, feeling shy despite my 58 years against her – what: 16, 18 years of age?
She opened the door, gliding her long bare legs in and sitting herself in my car…in my car!
“That is where I am going too; thank you Khun Steve.”

She knew my name!
I became so flustered I forgot I had pulled the gear lever into Neutral, and I revved the engine without engaging Drive. She was smiling at me as my cheeks grew even redder, and I mumbled “Sorry” as I took a breath and concentrated: put it into Drive, checked my mirrors, changed the indicator to the right and pulled away on our deserted soi.
‘Get your head together’ I shouted at myself, and then I somewhat more calmly said to her “I need you to put your seat belt on....I am sorry, I don’t know your name, nong.”
She reached to her side and pulled the seat belt out and down, across one breast and over the valley between them and clicked it into place.

“My name is Long” and there was that smile again.

(It was that smile – even more than the tall, beautifully slim body – which had attracted me to fixate on her initially.
She worked with her family at a small roadside restaurant up our village street, and she rode around delivering take away food on a small motorcycle. Often she came to my next-door neighbours, and thus it was I noticed her the first time, and then looked for her, at her, many times thereafter.
If I happened to be outside when she came, she parked just in front of my car, lifting her leg over to step off her bike and pass the food in the gate of my neighbour’s, collect the money, and then drive away: that supercilious smile on her lips – not so much arrogant as superior.

It had taken me months to actually talk to her, only the one time when she came to my neighbour’s house and that was only to ask if she had a take-away menu I could have. She shook her head, shook it again when I asked if she spoke English, so I spoke in Thai with her, my basic knowledge enough to get by, but I was too shy to try and prolong the conversation at that initial contact.
After that, I found myself watching for her, watching for her smile, her long legs always bare and stretching down from her short shorts, her upper body always in one white t-shirt or another.
I always noticed changes to her hair cut, knew when she had been to the salon; she always kept it short – not generally my preference after 15 years of loving the long natural long hair of Vietnamese, and some Thai girls still – but on her, the shorter length emphasised the long body below.)

Long – a name to suit the woman who bore it.

Now, perhaps 18 months later, I was actually sitting next to her; had spoken with her; found out her name and felt like a chauffeur driving her to our closest big supermarket - unfortunately only a 5 minute drive from our suburban village, here in outer Bangkok.

I was going to do our weekly shopping.
‘Our’ meant my cheating wife, with whom I still lived in the house I had bought as part of my wedding dowry 8 years ago. I had paid to refurbish it, paid for new furniture – and then lost my job and had hardly worked since.
Fortunately, my 3 previous wives had at least taught me to keep my earnings for myself, rather than blithely hand it over to them as I had been prone to do, so I had enough to live on – for how long I didn’t know, but my beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking, little eating lifestyle didn’t augur well for a long life, so perhaps I had enough until my End of Days.
I stayed with this wife as I had nowhere really to go: couldn’t afford to live back in Australia, where my 2 sons were now grown up with lives of their own, but where I had nothing; I would gladly return and live in Vietnam, but I had this house here, and no prospect of any work elsewhere except as an English teacher – but that hardly paid enough to cover rent, beer, cigarettes... I stayed, sleeping on the floor downstairs, my wife upstairs in one of our bedrooms, cordial enough. She worked; she went out; she had a boyfriend - so I guess she had sex.

I hadn’t had sex with her or anyone for 3-4 years now; too much beer perhaps, so I just accepted my cock was retired for the duration.
But I would love to have a body to hold and cuddle, and sleep with: just not my wife’s body.

I needed to say something; Long was clearly not a talkative girl, but I wanted to have these few minutes what? I wanted to strike up enough of a friendship so I might be lucky enough to see her again – take her to the supermarket every week would be wonderful! Anything to ease my fixation with her, bring some little reality into my fantasy of her.
“I have a little shopping to do in the supermarket; are you going there also, nong?”
“No, I only need to buy some medication at the Pharmacy for my mother; that’s all.”
I glanced at the dashboard clock; “Oh, the Pharmacy won’t be open yet, you are too early.”
She paused and smiled “That’s why I was walking slowly, Khun Steve; so I wouldn’t be too early.”
I flushed; by giving her a lift in my car meant she would have almost an hour to wait; “Sorry, nong; I just thought I should ask if you needed to go somewhere in the car....”
My voice trailed off, but then I felt her silky smooth hand touch my bare leg for a fleeting moment; the hairs jumped up as if static electricity had passed between us, as Long said “It is fine, Steve; when I knew it was your car, you, I wanted to get in.”

She wanted to get in my car, to get in with me.

I drove up the parking ramp to the supermarket and Pharmacy floor, parked close to the doors, and we got out; sadly, I was ready to say ‘Bye Long’, not knowing if I might see her as close as this ever again, or if my fantasy would only remain within my mind.
“I could walk around with you while you shop, if that is ok, Khun Steve” Long said in a tone which told me she had made this a decision, not a question.
“You would be welcome, my Lady” and I made a slight bow to her; she laughed, the first time I had heard this, saw her beautiful teeth and mouth as she thrilled me with this display of mirth. My heart swelled at this moment: perhaps she likes me.

As we stood on the escalator up to the shopping level, I asked Long for her age; she noted my surprise when she answered “15”; “How old did you think, Steve?”
“16, 18”

“Why did you think I was older?”
“Well, nong Long, you are tall and ...well, you look like a woman, mature and ‘grown up’, and you have always seemed older every time I have seen you....”
“So, only 15 – now you think I am not a woman, not grown-up or mature?”
I stuttered and stumbled, feeling flushed yet again; “No, no – you are all of those, just a younger woman than I thought.”
“’Every time I have seen you’ you said, Khun Steve; do you watch me, Khun Steve, look for me riding past when you are having a beer in that little restaurant you go to every day in our soi; hear my bike when I park out front to bring food to your this when you have seen me, Steve?”
Her voice was mesmerising to me; her words were asking for my Truth, and I couldn’t deny her; “Yes” I responded.
“I knew” Long said quietly, “You made me smile every time I saw you watching me.”

She touched my arm this time, and the electricity jolted me again; what was more disconcerting: when I go to the supermarket, I often only throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, sans underwear.
Long’s touches gave even my cock a tingle it hadn’t felt in ages, and now it was struggling to become erect, even as I tried to calm my emotions so it wouldn’t show as a growing lump in my thin shorts.
I grabbed a trolley quickly, and pulled it close against me, covering me from waist down: safe for now.
My shopping list in my hand, Long trailed to the side of me, or behind at times if there was traffic in the aisles I headed into. My shopping was always easy: I bought mostly the same items, knew where they were, and whizzed around to the finish line: the Cashier.
Today, I made myself go somewhat slower, considering this time with Long as special – perhaps never to be repeated, so to be enjoyed slowly: a heady wine to be allowed to flood all the senses, though perhaps a tasting was out of the question.

Although not on my list, I had a craving for ice-cream; as a youngster, even a young man when I boarded with my aunty for some years, after dinner I often ate a huge bowl of ice-cream. For years now, I hadn’t bought it until I felt the craving; then I often postponed the opening of the container for weeks or months, knowing the eating would be all the sweeter for the denial.
When I did finally succumb, I savoured every mouthful as it melted in my mouth; but I only allowed myself a small amount, and then perversely put it away for perhaps weeks more....
Long made me want to have that smooth taste of cream in my mouth, to let it slowly flow from my tongue down my throat, a taste as good as anything on Earth – other than the cream of a woman’s inner self in orgasm.
Ice-cream was my substitute.

After choosing a large tub of strawberry Wall’s, I folded my completed list, put it in my pocket, and said to Long, who had remained mostly silent during the 30 minutes it took me to get everything on my list, “I am finished; anything you need to get, nong?”
She looked past the Cashier rows to the Pharmacy; “It isn’t open yet” she said, “Can I just look at the Clothes’ section for a few minutes, Khun Steve?” Long could ask me for anything, and there was little doubt I would agree; I nodded, and I followed her as she headed down the aisle.
What an incredible sight she was from the rear, I thought; a view I had never actually seen until now. Those long legs from short shorts down; her slimness from her shoulders and arms down, and a bottom which my hands would gladly grab, rather than the shopping trolley they were now gripping. She stopped abruptly and turned; she knew I was watching her body from behind, and as she resumed, she seemed to have added a slightly more pronounced hip sway for me to become hypnotised by, and totally focused on.

She lingered in the Dresses, the Shoes; my only thought (apart from those about her) was of my melting ice-cream.
She didn’t choose anything; she turned us around and went to the Swimwear, feeling the garments, pulling out several bikinis – not popular choices amongst staid Thai girls, unless they were ‘hi-so’ types – and asking me if I liked the colour, the size, the design....I was tongue-tied and my thoughts so messed up, I could only nod or shake my head as seemed appropriate: no words came from my dry mouth.
She kept one, looked at me, an unspoken question as she placed it in my shopping trolley: will you buy this for me?
We went to the Lingerie, and my cock couldn’t handle much more of her testing bras across her chest, and feeling panties and thong panties with slow, caressing fingers; she looked at me often, and I must have seemed like a moron to her, but still she smiled at me and asked my opinion, before choosing a set I had nodded to as ‘beautiful’.
Long turned then, quickly, and rushed back to the Dresses, my trolley careening to keep up with her; she took from the rack a short, shift-like dress, same colours as the bikini she had chosen. “For the beach – one day, when I get there!” she said.

I paid for everything at the Cashier without quibble; Long said she would repay me at home, but had only bought enough money for her mother’s medicine; I shrugged the offer away, sincerely: it was a pleasure to see her excited, and if a little bit of my money had done this, so be it.
We went to the Pharmacy, and she bought what she needed, and down the ramp and out to the car, loading our purchases into the boot.
I felt my ice-cream – oh dear, so soft! Long saw me checking it and said “We should eat it, Khun Steve! Let’s go to the park on the way home!”

We did; I parked in the shade and we took the tub of ice-cream and sat on the grass under a big, shady tree; Long crossed her legs and I stared at the camel toe made in her shorts by the widened thighs she made. I also crossed my legs – but that was to grasp my burgeoning cock under one leg and keep it there, the pre-cum could leak out downwards to the ground I hoped: yes, wetting my shorts, but I could try and blame that on a wet spot on the grass, if Long noticed later.

She opened the tub and peeled back the plastic overlay; her finger nails were not long, but they were elegantly clipped, painted a deep pink – not red – and they also mesmerised my eyes and me.
“You bought it, Steve, so you have first taste.”
Before I could retort we didn’t have any spoons, she scooped a slimy, melting dollop into her hand and thrust it at my mouth. To avoid having it drip all over me, I opened my mouth and sucked her fingers within, closing my eyes and lingering as the creaminess coated my tongue and the melted ice-cream slipped down my throat. I only stopped sucking when Long softly said “All the ice-cream has gone, Khun Steve; some more?”
I stirred from my reverie, wiped my hands on the outside of the still slightly-wet outside of the container, pulled a new tissue from my pocket and cleaned my hands a little.
Then I scooped up a large handful and headed for her mouth.
Oh my, she sucked my fingers more erotically than I thought possible, and when she turned her mouth I eventually got the message, and I twisted my 3 fingers around inside her so she could suck off every morsel of ice-cream – and then I fed her another one.... and another one....

She stopped my hand “You want me to be fat, Khun Steve; enough for me - your turn for some more.”
This erotic young girl/woman buried her hand in the tub of ice-cream and then waggled her fingers in my face: ice-cream dropped everywhere: my shirt, shorts, skin – and then she pushed her four fingers into my mouth, her thumb stroking under my chin, and I groaned.
Unbeknown to her, I reached blindly for the ice-cream, and I did the same coating to her!
A few more of the same and the ice-cream was everywhere and she tipped the tub over onto the roots of the tree we were sitting under. I took the empty container and lid and walked over to put them in the nearest rubbish bin, shaking myself of excess drips of gooey ice-cream.
We had laughed, barely spoken, but given each other the same treatment, to the extent of having ice-cream from hair/head and down bodies and clothes to bare legs and feet.

We were hot and sticky; I told Long to wait and went to the car, returning with the bottle of water, and my seaside towel I always kept in the boot for emergencies, or a sudden trip to the beach: this was such a time, I figured, as I tore the sealant off the top, unscrewed the lid - and poured it over her hair and body; she squealed, but I shouted “Don’t waste it, nong: I need some too!”
When I reached a little over half-way, I poured some on my face and on my legs and feet; the towel could stretch across our seats for us to sit to go the 2-3kms home, protecting my car until we each reached a shower and clean clothes.

I put the towel as planned, though I buckled my seat belt and insisted Long did the same: I could clean them later; we headed to our village, both smiling but silent, as if the magic needed to be continued in quietness.
“Can I go to your house for a shower, Khun Steve; I can telephone my mother and say something about waiting for her medicine – and she doesn’t need it today – but to go home like this might give her a heart attack!”
“Of course nong, no problem” and thus Long came to/into my house for the first time.

Part 2

I parked slightly in front of my neighbour’s house, in order to lift the tailgate away from the tree trunk in front of my own house: a tree which had no place in suburbia, but which my wife would not allow me to have removed.
We removed all the shopping and the wet towel; I unlocked and opened the front door and ushered Long inside while I reversed the car to its parking spot. Long was standing just inside the door, looking around at the photos on the walls, most of my wife, most of them in her wedding outfits from those original happy days in our marriage.
“I’ll put the shopping away and then shower here” indicating my bathroom toilet off the kitchen “and you can have a shower upstairs, ok nong Long.” She nodded and I took her upstairs.

The main bathroom was mainly used by my wife, and we had outfitted it with better materials and hot water, whereas mine downstairs I had only wanted basic and cold water. The only time I used upstairs was the few days, week or 2, when the weather might be too cool for me to wash my hair and my body with cold water; here in Bangkok, the cold water was normally quite warm enough.

I got Long a new towel, showed her the hot water system, the shampoo, conditioner and soap, and paused as I thought to say “You can’t wear those clothes home, so I will put them in with mine and start the washing; just throw them outside the door when you start to shower. Meanwhile, I can give you a pair of my shorts and a t-shirt to get you home – but I haven’t a bra or ladies’ panties!”
I smiled sheepishly at my joke, until Long replied “You forget, Khun Steve: I bought a new set; if you could just bring them up, now seems a perfect time to wear them for the first time.”
At those comments, I blushed; “and your shorts and t-shirt will be fine, thank you Steve.”

I hurried down the stairs, stripped my own clothes off and threw them in the washing machine, put on my ‘house’ shorts – the only piece of dress I habitually wore at home - and found the bag with her underwear, bikini and dress. I thought to cut off the price tags and scurried up the stairs again, musing that normally these should be washed before wearing, after hanging in a shop, but Long could decide that for herself.
I chose a pair of my shorts - my waist was only 30” so they would fit Long’s hips I was sure, and a nice white t-shirt and went out of the master bedroom where I kept my clothes, but where my wife and I never slept, rounding the corner just as Long opened the door to put her ice-cream soiled clothes outside.

She wasn’t standing there naked in a wide-open doorway; no, but her bare arm holding her clothes led my eyes to rove up to a partial view of her bare length down that one side of her: the bare shoulder, a viewable side of the mound of her breast, her inward-curving abdomen, flared hip, and a long, long leg.
All this my eyes absorbed, first downwards and then upwards, and to a smiling face, seemingly waiting for me to say or do something; I couldn’t. I was frozen there, not even sure what I was supposed to be doing there!
“Could you hand me the clothes, Khun Steve” Long asked quietly, seeming to be aware of my state and it seemed she didn’t wish to startle me by a louder voice: she was already understanding me after a few short hours, yes: it seemed so.
Her voice shook me out of my momentary stupor; “I am sorry, nong; I have to tell you that I have thought about you so much for a long time, and today you have become so real so quickly – and here you are, in my house, having a shower, about to wear my clothes...sorry.”

She gave me her new smile; the one she seemed to have reserved for me from this morning; no longer a haughty one, just a smile of kindness and warmth and care.
“It is all ok, Steve; but until you hand me the clothes....the shower water is being wasted.”
Now that was a statement I could identify with: conserving water was something, as an Australian whose household subsisted on tank water, rain water, or expensive tanker-delivered water in dry spells, I always tried to do; trying to educate my Thai wife had proven hopeless for 8 years, and she still took inordinately long showers, water on full heat and strength: 30 minutes at least, while I could douse myself, turn water off while I soaped my body, turn on and rinse, and was finished.
Now, here was a young girl who talked water conservation; I quickly smiled at her, handed her the clothes and her new underwear, picked up her ice-creamed clothes and left her to return to her shower, while I retrieved new ‘going-out’ shorts and shirt for myself and went downstairs to shower myself.

I took longer today, my thoughts whirling around as I rubbed shampoo into my ice-cream streaked hair, and I seemed to get lost again in my fantasy of Long, rather than the new reality Long had brought into my life.
Eventually I rinsed water from my eyes, enough to glance down my body and find I seemed to have soaped and washed everywhere – though I couldn’t quite remember doing so.
It was also noticeable that my cock was engorged, a phenomenon which, until today, hadn’t really happened for some years, not in any rational, focused way at least.
My head was raised to fully rinse the shampoo out when I felt a slight breeze waft in and over my body, through my pushed-to, not closed door; as I lowered my gaze and rinsed water over my eyes, I saw the door being pulled to, and a silhouette through the laminated, mostly opaque window pane of the door: it could only have been Long – was she peeking at me, at my body?

I put conditioner through my hair, rinsed that, turned off, dried off, shorts on and stepped out, my hair a wet, tangled mess; I always left it to dry naturally before brushing it – at my age, brushing my hair very wet seemed to remove more than could grow, but thankfully, mine was still long and not yet a receding hairline or bald!
Long was sitting on the sofa; she had a glass of water in her hand and was smiling at me as I headed towards her. I saw her eyes glance downwards, and my face flushed; “Oh” I stuttered, turning around “I will put the washing on first” as I also glanced down at my cock, so unusually excited enough to be bigger than had been so normal previously – previously meaning: before today.

I took my time putting the detergent and conditioner into the machine; I held Long’s shorts and picked up my own to check the pockets – mine with money, tissues, emergency heart tablets I always carried; Long’s with just her keys and a small amount of money.
Zipping up her shorts, I dropped them in; her white t-shirt I would not normally have washed with other coloureds, but today I decided she wouldn’t mind.
Then I had her bra in my hands, a white lacy one; I fondled it, losing my senses for a few seconds as I considered what had been inside the cups a short while ago, and wishing they might one day be within my hands. Her lacy panties I just smelled, her aroma fresh and alluring, and I closed my eyes and pictured where they had been covering part of her body. I put the delicate items into a net bag, set the water to low, the wash cycle to ‘Delicate’ and let it go: 37 minutes it would take.

I was relieved my cock had receded in size, but I was appalled to find I had leaking pre-cum making a wet spot on my shorts as I headed back to tell Long her washing was on.
I rushed into the TV/lounge area - then rushed back to the kitchen without a word, opening the fridge and grabbing a can of Heineken, my stubby-holder, and back to my own sofa chair, to the left-angle of the long main sofa on which Long was patiently sitting.
Turning my bottom towards her for a few seconds, I reached through the window grille for my cigarettes and ashtray, looked questioningly at Long, and found her nodding ‘ok to smoke’.
I needed to calm down; Long seemed never to lose her calmness, in complete contrast!

“37, oh now 35 minutes and the washing will be finished. Did you call your mother, nong?”
“No, Khun Steve; I didn’t take my phone shopping; would you mind if I borrow yours, tell my mother home soon?”
I was about to jump up to get it for her, but the thought of standing close to her with a wet patch on my shorts in her face turned my face red, so I took a gulp of my beer, motioning her ‘sure’ and pointing to the shelf where my phone was.
She duly called her Mum, talked for a minute, and closed the connection. “Khun Steve, I need to go home; my mother says a lot of people have come for lunch, and she needs me there to help. I am sorry – I wanted to sit here with you longer....”

“Of course, nong; I will wash your other new clothes as well, dry them all and deliver them to you tonight; perhaps I could come there for dinner and just leave the bag on a chair for you....?”

I jumped up to get my t-shirt, car key and house keys, fumbling and bumbling through actions I did all the time – just never under the scrutiny of such a wondrous girl; a girl who made me fumble and bumble and mumble.
Long stood, another of her languorous actions which so captivated me, and took a step towards me; “Thank you for everything today, Khun Steve; I will have the money to repay you for shopping when you come for dinner – tonight.”
I nodded - her proximity intoxicating, her aura such that my senses went into their reeling mode, and my voice froze.
She glanced up at the wall, stepping even closer to me, “Your wife is beautiful, Khun Steve; I hope you are very happy.”
She turned for the door and the panic then gave me a voice: “She was beautiful back then, 8 years ago, nong; we were happy then, but from the night of our wedding until now she changed. She had a husband, she had money, a house, now a car – all of course in her name as I am a foreigner....she had what she wanted....but she has had a boyfriend, one or more I don’t care, for years now, and she sleeps upstairs, and I sleep here, on this mattress on the floor....and we are not husband and wife anymore: I just live in the same house as her, because I paid for it all, and I have nowhere else to really go....”

“I don’t know why I said all that, nong; I am sorry, it isn’t anything to do with you, and I shouldn’t have babbled on like that; I just felt....”
Long put her fingers to my lips tenderly, and whispered ‘ssshhh’; “You told me because you wanted to tell me, wanted me to know, Steve; thank you for that.”
She stroked my mouth and lowered hers to kiss my cheek, softly, sensuously, lingeringly.
“Now you have me, when you have ‘nowhere else to go’.”

I drove Long home, her hand electrifying my leg as she laid it on my skin, and my groin throbbing pre-cum down under where I had deliberately tucked my cock.
She declined when I asked if she wanted me to let her out a short distance from her house/restaurant, declaring “It is better anyone, everyone sees you drop me off – I don’t like secrets, Steve.” I nodded, and though slightly worried, dropped her right in front of her mother at the restaurant.
Her mother even smiled when she saw her daughter climbing out in clothes she must know were not her own; she glanced at me enigmatically and listened as her daughter talked, handing over the bag of her medicine. Another glance was all I saw as I checked my mirrors and headed off home – to wait for the washing, do Long’s other new clothes, hang them out, and count the time until dinner.
All that done, I laid down for a nap; my last thought was the memory of Long’s hand as she stroked my penis lightly, pulling it up to rub the fluid leaking, before getting out of my car.

Part 3

I had an hour with eyes closed, but neither slept nor really rested – that last memory wouldn’t disappear.
My fantasy-now-reality about Long had not only woken my cock, so it continued leaking as I laid on my mattress, but had also woken my emotions to the possibility that another woman might be happy to enter my life....well, a girl in years, but undoubtedly a Woman.

I couldn’t sleep with all these thoughts; not sure if I should go to dinner or not, see Long again so closely or not, ask her out or not....I was too befuddled by her to even think anything straight....and then I remembered, saw hanging outside, her new bikini and beach dress....

I rode my bicycle up to her restaurant, stopping off for a beer at my ‘local’ first: a little fortifier, I told myself. Only one of my normal circle of mature men I habitually drank with every evening came while I was there, so we conversed for a short time until I excused myself ‘to go and eat’, and I rode away up the main soi – I never went away anywhere ‘to eat’ so that was most unusual item #1 to my friends.

Long was outside, serving a table, as I parked my bike; she pointed to the far table and chairs and I put the shopping bag on the seat beside me as I sat down.
She came over and handed me a Menu; I was surprised and she giggled “When you asked me if I had a ‘Menu’ we didn’t, but it was a good idea, so I convinced my mother and we now have ‘Menus’ – you, Dear Sir Customer, may also note I laboriously translated our dishes into English as well: I knew you would come here one day, Khun Steve: Today it is.”
“A beer” she enquired, and I nodded agreement, as I studied the offerings; but I wasn’t hungry, only for Long’s company and to see her.

A second bottle later, Long’s mother came over to my table; “You are not eating? Nothing we have you like?”
I felt embarrassed;”Sorry, Khun, I ate lunch very late, but I would like macaroni to take home to eat please.” I gave her a wide smile, hoping to appease her somewhat; and I had been very careful to make sure I wasn’t taking up a table others might want to sit at to eat.

Just as I had that thought, 6 people all walked up together and looked around, clearly for a free chair and table – and now I did feel I was denying Long and her family the opportunity of more profitable people. I stood, motioned to the new people, and to Long, as I picked up my beer bottle and glass and Long’s clean, washed and ironed clothes in the shopping bag.

“Long, I will go; I just ordered food from your mother – could you deliver it to me and.... here....” I handed her a 1,000 Baht note” could bring my change for everything then ok.”
She smiled – ‘my special smile’ – and I handed her the shopping bag after checking her mother wasn’t watching; “I ironed your shorts and t-shirt too, just for you, nong.”
“Thank you, Khun Steve; ah, but where is my bikini and dress? Did you forget them? And here, take the money back – I owe you for the shopping.”
I shook my head, refusing the money and gave her a big grin “No em, I didn’t forget them; when you tell me you want to go to the beach with me, I will bring them for you to wear.”
She handed me a slip of paper “My mobile number, Steve – in case you ever want to talk, or invite me to the beach.” Her mother called for her then as I said “No hurry with my dinner, Long: I am not at all hungry yet: I have been here seeing you; I am full of something special, which is better than food.” I jumped on my bicycle and pedalled away down the soi, stopping for more beer at my usual spot, my eyes looking back up the soi, waiting for Long....

But I did send her an immediate message: “I would like to invite you to go to the beach – we can go now, tonight, tomorrow...let me know when you are free.”
Her reply came in less than a minute; a typical girlish response: “Heehee! “ I just grinned.

Most of my aged circle of drinking friends rolled up; most of them could speak some English, so our conversation was often my mixture of Thai and my native tongue. Tonight I made only desultory conversation, my mind elsewhere: specifically on the day I had had with Long.
One of my friends pointed out my wife when she came past on a motorcycle taxi, heading the few more side streets to our house. Her actions would be predictable: it was too late to go around the corner to her sister and mother’s house, so she would shower – yes, take a long time – and go to bed to sleep.
Nothing she did really concerned me. I shrugged my shoulders as my friend said “Your wife” and they all knew better than to continue that line of conversation, all of them aware from their own observations that she had a boyfriend, and our marriage was hardly a successful one.
It was ironic that of my main circle of 5 men, 4 of them had either second wives, girlfriends or frequented bars with girls – though one man, my main conversationalist, had lost his wife 20 years ago, so he was the only one truly ‘entitled’ to have a second wife/girlfriend.

The 5th man in the group was me: I had no-one extra: perhaps not yet.

Long came down the road on her motorbike; she did a u-turn and pulled up beside me, dousing her headlight.
“Your dinner and your change, Khun Steve; I hope you enjoy everything.”
“Thank you, nong Long, I am sure I will.”

My friends all looked quizzically at me as Long rode away. “What” I asked; “I wanted macaroni and you, Khun Lee, told me they did it well – so today I went there and ordered it to eat at home.”
But my cheeks were flushed: I knew it. “And I met nong Long going to Tesco Lotus this morning; so I gave her a lift in my car....”
“And home again, I heard” one of the other guys said, laughing. No hiding much in a small village!

I stood to move my dinner bag from the table into my bike’s basket and put my change into my pocket; it felt too much, so I looked at the notes Long had handed to me folded: 2 beers and dinner should have cost something around 200 baht, meaning change of about 800 baht, but I had 1,800 in my hand.
Clearly, Long wasn’t after my money, wasn’t letting me buy her clothes; she wasn’t saying ‘you buy this for me, what do you want in return?’
That was all a good thing, and I smiled as I returned to sit down again and finish my beer, paying for that and riding home a while later.

Part 4

My phone beeped a text message as I was riding, but I only read it after getting home, changing out of my clothes into my shorts and sitting with another beer in front of BBC News.
My wife was silent upstairs, no doubt on her phone behind her closed door, or perhaps even asleep already. In fairness, she did have to wake early to be ready and then get to work – no easy task in Bangkok’s horrible traffic.

Somewhat predictably, the text was from Long: “Beach day after tomorrow, ok? Can we go early and have a long day? XX”
I responded “Yes, 0600-0700, whenever u want. X”

After an interrupted sleep, my wife woke me when she showered, then stomped down the stairs to leave for work; she said “You were late last night, did you eat dinner?”
“Actually no, I will eat this morning; bye.”
I put the washing on, pulled the vacuum cleaner from the corner to use later; erected the ironing board, filled the iron with water, and after my morning cafe, I began ironing while watching BBC News: it was 0700.
An hour later, I put out the first load of washing to dry, put on a load of whites (including all my wife’s panties, coloured or white, as they were always stained in the crotch and needed bleaching; stained with what....I never looked too closely in case I found another man’s cum there), and took a break – only 4 more of my wife’s tops to iron, and one horrible dress I always left until last.
My first can of Heineken for the day tasted very nice as I wiped the perspiration from my brow and let the fan blow at me; this is why I can only iron very early in the morning: too damn hot a job to do any later.

A familiar sounding motorcycle stopped outside, and Long appeared at my door as I stood up to see if it really had been her.
“Did you like my dinner, Khun Steve? I try to please new customers, so thought I would come and ask you.”
I sheepishly told her I hadn’t yet eaten it, but would when I finished all my jobs and could relax.
She looked at the ironing I had done, that which was yet to do, and noted the wetness dripping from my hair and brow and chest – even the waistband of my shorts was wet.
“What time did you start working today?”
“When my wife left for work, 0700; actually Nong, to be truthful, I didn’t sleep well, too much thinking, so to stop the thinking I decided to do all my jobs today, and be free tomorrow – for you.”
“I also didn’t sleep very well, too much thinking; that’s why I came here: it was you interrupting my sleep, so I wanted to say ‘Good Morning’.”
“As indeed it was you who interrupted my sleep, Long, so I am happy to see you and return your ‘Good Morning’.”

“Would you like me to finish the ironing for you, Khun Steve?” I shook my head, “No, nong, that wouldn’t be....well, I don’t think it would, I live here and I do these jobs as, to be fair, she has a long day, so it isn’t too difficult for me when I have really nothing much else to do....but, no, I would never ask you to help me take care of my wife or her clothes.”
I knew I was blushing again, “You are in a special part of my Life, and it doesn’t include ironing, nong!”

She laughed “I understand, Steve; I won’t ask again – and thanks: I hate ironing!”
We both laughed; “Actually, I do like ironing – I like to see how nice something looks after I iron it. But it is just such a hot job here!” I sat down and picked up my beer as Long moved to the mattress, my bed, on the floor and lay herself down in those languid body movements which so captivated me.
She stretched out those legs, made the pillow comfortable under her head – I even saw her sniff the smell – of me – and had to make a sudden recall that, yes, I had only just washed and changed the pillow case 2 days previously.
“This is where you sleep, Khun Steve; it isn’t long enough though.” She stretched her length, and my cock began its own stretching as I looked at her looking up at me.
“Chai, nong, but I put all these sofa pillows down for my legs and feet and it is ok for me.”
“It might be too narrow also – if 2 people were sleeping here....” She continued to look up at me, reading my face and knowing I was thinking exactly what she wanted me to think: those 2 people could be us. But I couldn’t open my mouth to respond.
“Of course, if they slept very close together....well, it might be just right then, might it not, Khun Steve?”
My cock was throbbing now, my shorts wet again; her words, her allure, made me feel flushed, faint, panicked – just like a teenager rather than an older, experienced man. I swallowed the rest of my can, stood up and turned quickly to the ironing table so that my back was towards her; I plugged the iron in, turned my head around to smile at Long and said “I’ll just finish these last ones before it gets too hot, ok nong.”
“Are you hot, Khun Steve?” I nodded as I picked up the iron, laid a top along the board and began concentrating.

I did one top after another, but then had to pull the plug to go to the kitchen and refill the iron for the final dress. Glancing at Long, sprawled there on my bed, I saw she was asleep – well, at least, she had her eyes closed.
I paused and went back to the TV remote and turned the volume down a few levels, then went to the kitchen, taking the opportunity to also go to my toilet and empty my bladder, and to get a new can of beer, which I opened as quietly as I could, muffling it by holding it under the basket of towels I had yet to wash.

I also took out the whites, the end music of the machine telling me they had just then finished their final rinse and spin, put them in another basket, and carried that, my beer and the iron back to the lounge room.
I plugged the iron in, left the washing basket at the door, turned the fan a little more towards Long and less towards my sweating body; I looked at her, imagining just a few clothes less on her – 4 items in fact: shorts, t-shirt, bra and panties - and the same body then lying on my bed, waiting for me to join her.
My cock ached – something else it hadn’t done for years, along with the erections she had given me, and the soaking shorts; clearly Long was able to stimulate me and my body more than it had felt in a long time. I smiled down at her resting/sleeping form: clothed or not, she had brought Light unto me in the past 24 hours.

20 minutes later I hung up the dress to inspect it; satisfied, I hung it with the rest of the ironed clothes, unplugged the iron and emptied the water out, setting it on the sink to cool; put the ironing board away; threw the towels in the machine and added necessities and turned the washing on; hung out the whites to dry in the sun; carried the ironing upstairs and put it all away; grabbed another can, then finally: I sat down.
Then I jumped up and went to my bathroom; a minute’s relaxation after exertion, and I was soaking in perspiration. I threw water on my face, around my neck, on my chest and abdomen, under my arms and a final splash back on my face. I dried off a little and returned, glancing at the clock: Long had been asleep now for about an hour and a half, a little more perhaps – didn’t she have to go home, start work with her mother?
I couldn’t know, could I; I got to my feet yet again – when do I get to rest? – got my phone and sat down again.
“What time do you need to go home? XX” I sent her a message, and heard a musical beeping from her shorts pocket a few seconds later – gosh, it was loud, I hope it doesn’t wake her!

5 minutes later, my eyes fixated on her sleeping form, Long stirred, stretched her legs even longer, arched her back and stretched long arms up above her to the sofa behind; her breasts rose and fell with a deep breath in and out, and she turned her face to open her eyes and smile – that smile – when she saw me. She stayed stretched like that, a feline’s grace from fingertips to toenails.
“You sent me a message, Steve; what does it say?” She laughed at my immediate thought: “How does she know the message was from me; could be anybody; everyone looks at their phone when they get a beeping call or message....’
“I put a special tone with your number, so I know it is your message; what does it say?”
When will my face stop blushing in front of her, I wondered? “What time do you need to go home?” I paused; “Ah, there were 2 kisses at the end also, nong.”

She relaxed on the bed; “Your bed is actually quite comfortable, Steve; I might come back next time you make me feel tired.” She only had to look at me when she made comments so provocative, so full of promise, and I felt like a little boy under her gaze.
“To answer your question: I will go home now and see you later, and if I cannot ‘later’, can you pick me up tomorrow after your wife goes to work again, 0700 ok?”
I nodded; “Where would you like to go, nong? I generally go to Bang Saen.”
“Could we go to Chantaburi, would that be ok with you, Khun Steve?”
“Oh, yes nong, if we have all day and you don’t have to be home too early, that’s a nice trip to drive, though I have never been to the beach there.”
“It is nice, though I haven’t been for a long time; my mother’s family are from there, but we haven’t been able to go for 4-5 years.”
“Oh, do you want to call in and see them, nong; I don’t mind, up to you, but feel free to ask me anything.” What an opening I had just thrown wide...

”Anything....Khun Steve” she cocked her eyebrow at me, waiting, getting to her feet and stepping to my chair, towering over me seated below; she placed a hand on either arm-rest to my side and lowered her face to within 20-30cms of mine.
Her eyes were huge and black, staring into mine, controlling me it felt like; her nose was not a squat Asian-standard but quite unusually slim; her lips were a light red, without lipstick, and her tongue, coming out to lip those lips was a dart like a snake’s fangs sniffing the air; she had the finest line of hair on her upper lip, and her teeth were white, straight and as perfect as everything else I had studied of her as she now reached to kiss my 2 cheeks, merely brushing her lips across my own as she traversed from one cheek to the other.

Perhaps a ritual she liked on parting from me, she placed one hand down to my groin and rubbed the wet place on my shorts and stroked my hardened cock for a moment; “So - you are feeling hot, Khun Steve; I guess I knew that, didn’t I”.
It was a rhetorical question, to which I just nodded as she kept her smile on me, stood and glided out the door, pausing to lean back in to add “You iron beautifully well, Khun Steve; she is lucky to have you.”
She left me gasping as if I hadn’t breathed in for a minute and then her motorcycle started up and she drifted away.
Long had now been to my house twice, and twice had left me feeling as if I was the bumbling, incoherent 15y.o. subordinate, and she the mature, calm and dominant partner in this friendship.... this relationship - only one day old but consuming my very being; I was a willing sacrifice to her charms, holding my arms, my neck, out gladly if she wanted to suck my blood like a vampire, no offering too much for me to surrender, no request too hard for me to deny.
Yes, she only had to ask me: for anything.
Part 5

It was only early, so I turned on the computer and checked my email; looked at who might be online for a chat amongst my friends – but soon decided there was no-one I really wanted to talk with about trivial crap at this time.
Nothing interested me on TV, so I opened my normal sex story site and tried to find one to hold my attention, keep my mind on something other than Long.
I did read for a while, but then decided on my day’s actions: so I picked up everything from the floor, dusted, vacuumed, put everything away; nothing left to do, I lay down on my bed, smelling Long for a change, and so tired, I slept for a nice hour and a half.

After waking, I was full of energy; a cup of cafe and a cigarette to start; shaved, showered, washed my hair, ran upstairs naked for new clothes, closed everything down and jumped in my car.
I took it to the nearest service station which had my E20 fuel, filled up; Car Wash next, sat outside with a can of beer while the boys did their job, and drove home, carefully avoiding any water on the road – drainage in my area was terrible.

As I came close to Long’s family restaurant, I realised I hadn’t eaten her macaroni yet, and I was hungry, so I pulled over to the kerb nearby and went to a table. I was a little late for normal lunch-time, but Long’s mother smiled at me, said ‘yes, still open for lunch’ and I ordered a spaghetti dish, deciding this was easy for her to make, and truly it had been a long time since I had eaten it.
Long didn’t appear throughout my waiting period, her mother bringing a beer for me, serving me lunch, then cleaning up after I had finished.
I took a last look around for Long as her mother came, at my request, to tell me the cost; as I took money from my pocket, she said “If you are wondering why Long is not here: she goes to English classes for 3 hours every day.”
“But it will be ok for her to miss class tomorrow and go and enjoy herself – with you, Khun Steve; she doesn’t often get time for herself, so I am happy for her to have a day out – with you, Khun Steve. I would worry more if it was another man.”

I held my hands up to wai her, but she clasped them in hers, a jolt of electricity passing through mine and she said “There is no need; I am happy for my daughter.” Then she gave me a wai and I automatically responded with my own, my hands tingling and my soul feeling as if it had been approved. ‘What a strange feeling’ I thought.
“She could have asked you to teach her English, yes Khun Steve, but she was shy then – more than a year ago, almost 2 years, she asked me if I thought you were the one who could teach her, and I used to see you, and I knew you were nice, lonely, sad....I told Long “One day he will.” I nodded, “Now I will, Khun.”

At home, the car covered against the horrible overhanging tree my wife liked, I had another beer and cigarette, after changing into my home shorts; packed my seaside bag with towels, a change of clothes, sunscreen, checked my swimming trunks – I need new ones!
I threw them in the rubbish, considering even my recycling man wouldn’t want my years old costumes; I would tell Long and perhaps she could help me shop for a new pair: I truly disliked clothes’ shopping – hence many of my clothes were quite old.
I put Long’s bikini and dress bag with my bag, loaded 6 cans of beer in a plastic bag as ‘emergency’, decided what else I would pack in the morning, and put it all in the boot of my car: ready – but it wouldn’t do to be ready with it all in the house for my wife to perhaps see – especially the bikini.

Tension was gripping me, so I set my mattress up yet again and lay down, willing myself to relax and, rather amazingly, I went to sleep....
....for 2 hours no less; the best sleep I had had for ages! Normally, through the night, I never slept more than one and a half hours without waking, mostly to empty my bladder: 2 hours was a god-send, and rarely achieved, but it had been today!
It was almost 17.00, so another cafe, another shower, changed back into my going out clothes, and headed up the main soi on my bike for a beer – and a hoped-for sight of Long: I missed her.

2 beers later, which equated to 2 hours at my drinking rate when reading my book and watching Life pass by, I finally spotted her bike coming down the soi; I was looking past the shoulder of Khun Lee opposite me, and he noticed when my head swivelled to follow Long.

“It might seem as if you like her, Khun Steve” Lee offered, but it was neither a real question nor real statement; I made no comment. Lee was ok at times, but he needed to talk non-stop, often on the same matter as the previous night, and he could become boring to me very quickly.
I would never tell him anything important about my life, neither any trouble in my marriage, or anything outside my marriage.
His phone rang; well his second phone – one in either pants pocket - which meant it was 2nd wife calling; he jumped up, nodded at me and wandered away down the soi for privacy, just as Long came up the soi, noticeably slowed as she neared me and gave me a wide smile as she passed.

I smiled back and felt such pleasure I almost went dizzy, like a young schoolboy with his first girlfriend.
The lump in my shorts also responded, perhaps just as that same young schoolboy would.
Unlike that boy, I took a 3rd bottle from Tim’s fridge and opened it, alone for the moment with my thoughts – which naturally were centred on the young girl who had become the centre of my Life these past 2 days.
But then Khun Lee returned; 2 others of our group arrived seconds later, much talking began, and then my wife waved as she went past on her motorcycle taxi: I was a little deflated, silent, and just drank my beer with another cigarette.
Until Long rode down past me again, smiling at me and my heaviness lifted and I became exultant once more.

Yes, of course, it is an infatuation: a 15y.o. girl had easily shown interest in me, a 58y.o. and my male ego, long dormant, had responded as a male does to a female – to a sexy, beautiful beguiling female – if she pays him attention. My first response was from my heart, which swelled at the thought or sight of her; my second was my bodily reaction to the thought or sight or presence of her near me: my testosterone levels surged, my inactivated sex drive had become switched on, and the physical evidence was the pre-cum and engorged cock which she stimulated me to have in rapid succession.
My thirst for her had grown so much that no amount of beer could quench it, so I gave the remaining half of my bottle to one surprised friend who drank the same brand, paid Tim for 3 bottles and ice, and rode home.

On the way, Long returned on her motorcycle; she pulled over, I braked; “I am sorry I wasn’t there when you came to eat, but my Mum told me about it.”
I shook my head “Never be sorry to me, nong, never say ‘sorry’ to me either. Especially if you were studying; tomorrow you should bring your school books and ask me with anything you might need help with, ok.”
“Yes, Khun Ajarn, my Teacher” giving me that radiant smile which I felt was her ‘Steve-only” smile. “It is still nearly 12 hours until you pick me up, Khun Steve; it seems like such a long time....”
My head nodded, as the same thought had just occurred to me: a long time to wait....”Well, you still have work to do at the restaurant, nong; then go to sleep, wake up, get ready; I too feel 12 hours is a long time, but....well, it is less than 13 hours, nong!” She laughed at my joke and we both rode our opposite directions.
“Don’t forget my bikini!” A yell came back from Long and I looked to see if any people might have overheard; then I heard her laughing....

At home, early, my wife was not there; must be around the corner seeing her mother and sister who, most unfortunately, lived only 60metres away in a house the younger sister had bought; previously they had lived with us. I changed into shorts, turned on the TV, found a series I liked on another BBC channel, and tried to concentrate on that, rather than on Long.
Soon after, my wife came in, asked a few household questions, including could I give her some money – I did – and then went upstairs to shower and go to bed.

I sat, I stood, I drank; turned on the computer, tried to read a sex story I had saved – well, it was actually good, and it gave me a hard cock, which not many stories had done for quite a while: perhaps Long’s influence extended my cock to more naturally feeling horny!
Actually, I was engrossed in the story; my wife’s shower finished, her door closed, all was quiet as I turned off the TV, cable and stereo, and just read about a daughter fucking her Dad, then 2 daughters and 2 Dads, then a son with his Mother, and it was complex and became intertwined so they all ended up fucking each other, family or not. It moved at such pace I didn’t even hear a gentle knock at the door for some moments, perhaps a minute...and I turned to find Long standing in the doorway; she beckoned me outside.

I stood, immediately realising/remembering/noticing my cock was tenting my shorts and they were wet – she couldn’t fail to see it! She didn’t; her eyes dropped down, her mouth opened – and then she lifted her eyes to mine and they were shining with a smile, as was her mouth.
“The computer must be exciting, Steve....”
I bumbled and babbled until finally I could get to the door and say “I didn’t hear your motorcycle, nong.”
“No, I rode my bike to deliver to your neighbours, but wanted to be quiet to come and see you for a few minutes; is that ok, or do you want me to go so you can continue with your computer?”
I paused to turn, head for the kitchen to get Long a glass of water, a can of beer for me, willing my cock to wilt away, and finally headed back and outside, where I brushed my 2 plastic chairs of dust and we sat either side of the plastic table in the courtyard.
“Did you come for your bikini, nong; it is in the car, ready to go.”

She shook her head, took a mouthful of water, swallowed and then stood and came to stand over me, bending down her face close to mine; “I came for this, Khun Steve, because I couldn’t wait so long....” and she laid her just-moistened, cool mouth on mine and began kissing me, circling her tongue around my lips before burrowing it inside my own mouth and attacking my own.
(I wish my mouth didn’t taste and smell like beer and cigarettes, was my thought for a gentlemanly moment....) but then I put my hands up to her waist and motioned her to sit on my lap, wanting her to continue kissing and also to squash my cock down before it grew too much to control.
She had to feel it, a lump under her groin, and she did feel it as she wriggled a little and felt it grow more under her.

Her kiss became fiercer, her tongue a sword thrusting at me, in me, and I couldn’t restrain my idle hands from reaching to hold her breasts, the swell of the mounds rising with her every breath through her nose, and she squeaked when my fingers found hardened nipples through her t-shirt, through her bra, and we both seemed to sigh at the same time: our first real intimacy.
She broke away from my mouth, knelt down on the hard ground, pushed my legs apart; her black eyes stared up into mine, lit only by the streetlight, but glinting – and, for a moment, I shivered because they bored into my head, and possessed my thoughts, and possessed my soul.
But the moment passed, and my only thought became: whatever you want, nong Long,

She pulled my shorts down, took them off my feet and to the side; now my cock had nowhere to hide as she pushed my legs apart again and it stood – proudly I thought – looking at her, waving at her, inviting her.
“I came for this also, Steve; this, more than anything I could not wait so long for – and this is big, more than I expected, more than I dreamed of, more than my cunt imagined.”
Her mouth descended and her tongue flicked to the hole in the head of my cock; it seemed if she could have burrowed in there, she would have, but she opened her mouth and used her tongue to slave the moisture and my pre-cum around the head, before dipping to close her lips around me; I groaned at the first contact of a woman on my bare cock for years, barely registering what she had said moments ago, but feeling an unconscious twinge causing another shiver.
But she sat up; “You want to feel these, don’t you, Steve,” reading my mind and she reached under her t-shirt, whipped it over her head, and unhooked the new bra we had bought just yesterday – when this whole adventure, this Romance I believe, had begun.
She laid her breasts along my skinny thighs as her mouth went back to my cock, but she didn’t stop my hands sliding under and grasping her breasts; in fact, she lifted her torso for my easier access and Heaven had come to my house.

15 years old, Long was the best cocksucker I had ever had on my cock; she didn’t let me cum, seemed to know at the exact point my balls would need to blast out their useless semen, sperm dead and useless somewhere in there, or nowhere in there – I wasn’t sure.
She just brought me to the points, the highs of readiness, and brought me down slowly again, with a gentle squeeze on my balls.
It might have been 5 minutes or 5 hours, but when her nipples grew much, much larger within my twining fingers; when her mounds swelled to an impossibly larger size within my hands, she did something to my cock which made it swell to an even bigger size, and she sucked me all down her throat, her tongue extending so she could even rasp it - still – all the way from head to my balls stuffed in her lips: her throat must be able to swell enormously too, I fleetingly thought again.

Then she brought me to release and it was more than pent-up semen from how-many-years; it was, had to be, the dead sperm cells within the semen boosting the load to spurt and spurt and continue spurting....I shook, my cock just kept pulsing, and miraculously, her nipples in my hands began flowing with fluid!
I collapsed.

When I stirred, it was still dark, but I was on my bed, in my shorts, lights still off, appliances all off – and alone.
My body felt cleaned; no cum sticking to me, my hands fresh and clean also – even my mouth felt like I had at least used Listerine, even if not cleaned them with toothpaste.
It was bizarre: I remembered nothing after my ejaculation; so I went back to sleep, promising to remember, relive and understand better tomorrow.

Part 6

I woke at first light, just as my alarm went off; how could that be: I had not slept a whole night in years and years; the beer I drank all day ensured I woke multiple times to relieve my bladder....things have changed it seemed – but now I need the toilet: fast.

As soon as my wife came down, said “Bye” and headed out the door, I sent a text to Long: “15 minutes ok, nong. XX”

I packed a cooler bag with beer, fruit, water, some muesli bars, showered very quickly, dressed quickly, put my money in my pockets, keys, tissues, loaded the car and drove up the soi to Long’s house: she was waiting, a bag over her shoulder; we left our village, but as I glanced in the mirror, I saw Long’s mother standing at the front of her restaurant, not waving: just watching.
“Good morning, Long. You have a yellow shirt on today; I have only ever seen you in white.”

Her words stunned me: “Good morning, Steve; isn’t it normal for Virgins to wear white? I was a virgin - until last night, but now I can wear any colour – do you like it?” She thrust her chest out, showing me her profile, before I motioned her to put her seat belt on, so I could drive off.
“It is beautiful nong, just as you are beautiful.” The words came easily, unbidden, as I saw a different girl this morning: a new Woman surely – even her hair seemed longer overnight and it was shining and lustrous black, naturally straight.

“But how can you not be a Virgin this morning?” She only smiled, “Not as much as I was.”
We turned left out of the village, then right to head to the road to start our trip, and I said “I am confused, Long: what happened last night? I slept all night: I never can do that, but I can’t remember anything after you ....after you...” I couldn’t quite get the words out.
“After I sucked your cock empty of cum, empty of semen and sperm which had been waiting for me to come and find you?”
I nodded, but how could Long know my sperm was even there, dead as it must have been – what does ‘dead sperm’ even ‘look like’, if it even exists?
“After that, I put you to bed, cleaned you, put your shorts on, and I went home smiling.”

I was silent, not knowing what to think, but what I did need to do was concentrate on driving, as morning traffic was heavy (and Thai drivers are not what I considered very proficient).
After we had turned on the main road heading for the motorway, I could relax somewhat, and I reached behind me to the cooler bag, bringing out the bottle of water for Long, and my first can of beer.
“I know you must think me terrible to drink beer so early, nong, but I promise: I drink a lot, never get drunk, and you are safe with me.” I returned to silent mode, still thinking.
“I know, Steve” was all Long replied.
“But what you are truly thinking of, Khun Steve, is: did we make love last night, did we fuck?”

I turned my head sharply to look at her, smiling, nonchalantly discussing such matters; I nodded, questioning. She shook her head “Not yet, Khun Steve; I needed to empty you of old waste first; that is what we did last night.”

What did that mean? “Long, how do you know so much about me?”
“3 years ago, when my body began changing, my mother began searching to find me a suitable – partner; 2 years ago, she decided it was to be you, Khun Steve.”
“Your mother ‘decided it was to be me’?
“She is very clever, Khun Steve, very special; she knows a lot which ordinary people cannot even begin to contemplate. Trust me, you will benefit, you have benefitted already, and nothing will harm you with me: you are my Lover-to-be, Steve.”

It was too much to absorb, though I remembered the electric feeling when her mother held me hands, so I stayed silent, and drove; soon I found Long asleep, her head lolling to the side, so I checked it was safe, pulled to the emergency lane, and jumped out to open her door and wind her seat into a reclined mode.
I took the opportunity to also smoke a cigarette, furiously wondering what was happening.
But I felt so wonderful this morning that I actually put it all out of my mind, enjoyed the drive, watched for the turn I wanted, then another, until I was on the road which led straight south to Chantaburi.

I knew this way because it went past where my wife’s grandmother had lived, until her death several years ago now; she and I couldn’t communicate well, but I liked her a lot, and missed going to her house to see her. Past that village it was just a straight hour and a half or so to the seaside – and it was only then Long woke up (though I had stopped twice to empty my bladder, renew my beer, and smoke at the side of the road.)
She smiled at me, and I reached, without looking more, for the water bottle; it wasn’t as cool as 2 hours ago, but she drank thirstily and then struggled upright. I pulled to the side and showed her how to raise and lower the seat back – wishing Thai-spec cars had, as European or Australian standards did on their top models, such as more airbags, and electric seats for 2 items.
While stopped, she also needed to relieve her bladder, as did I again (once for every can was my ratio) and I motioned her behind a tree, handing her a pack of ‘Wet Wipes’ I kept on the floor in the back. I stood to the side and unzipped and did my own pissing, lighting a cigarette at the same time.

Long finished first and came around her tree while my cock was still out and sending urine to the ground; she stood and watched as the stream slowed to a dribble, I pulled my shorts wide to allow me to shake myself, then she came over with a wet wipes and cleaned my penis.
But so thoroughly did she want to clean it, taking so long to do it, my cock began to grow in her hand; she stopped, smiled at me and placed a hand on my chest, pushing me back to sit on her passenger seat in the car, as she knelt down between my legs, my shorts dangling at my ankles. “I am thirsty, Steve” was all she said as she sucked my whole length into her mouth and began that incredible gliding of her tongue seemingly down her throat and my whole length grew and grew – and I now recalled she had done the same last night.
She never once gagged, not even when her sucks became so strong my balls even entered her mouth and the head of my cock seemed to be down her oesophagus, so tight did it feel enclosed within her, and I couldn’t hold longer and shot her with a jet of cum so powerful, it seemed to me it must injure her, my balls grew like golf balls and took ages to empty as she sucked each cock-long spurt down somewhere inside her body: I couldn’t be in her wind-pipe, she would have choked, so she must be drinking my semen – did I now have sperm, I didn’t know – straight down her gullet.
When the head of my cock became too sensitive, I gently pressured her mouth to release my deflated balls, and allow my strong, long cock to rise up and out of her; I collapsed back on the seat, hitting my neck on the handbrake, but not caring in my state of previously unknown utopian sexual bliss.

Long leaned over me, kissed my lips to life, and I breathed in the musk of her; yes, it was a musky smell, a smell of sex, of a heat! Like a bitch dog, was the thought which struck me as I felt her body pressed against mine, sure now her breasts had grown since 2 days ago.
“I am ovulating, Steve, and my sex drive, with you, only with you is more powerful than the 6th gear on this car of yours; I needed a drink and you gave me one – but I don’t suppose you have a hamburger and French fries available, do you?”
I had to laugh, and I roused myself with her hands helping to pull me up; “You are an incredible young girl...woman, Long; we will find somewhere to eat once I am back in the driver’s seat and we head off.”

I had to have a post-sex cigarette; Long said no problem, but I didn’t like smoking in the car unless I was alone, so I drove slowly, with all windows down, along the road with very little traffic anyway, and I quickly stopped to crush the butt out 2-3 minutes later, switching to a new beer instead to calm me.
“Do I scare you, Khun Steve?”
I considered this for a few moments, perhaps a minute; “No, nong, not scare me; but you do amaze and fascinate me, and there is much I cannot understand, and many questions I need to ask. For example: you said you sucked ‘sperm, and old waste which had been waiting for you to come’, and I felt last night that was exactly what you were sucking from me; my question: how could this be, and do I now have ‘live’ sperm again?”

“Before you make any comment, or answer me, nong Long, you should know: not only is my body feeling you are amazing; my heart is also feeling the same; it is Love I know, such as I have never emotionally felt before. No, don’t shake your head; it is separate from my body’s reaction; it is my heart, and I know my own heart, and my own feelings: they are all now devoted to you in Love, with Love.”
“Now, you were going to answer my question?”

Long didn’t hesitate; not like a woman might if about to utter rejecting words, nor like a girl overwhelmed by a speech of outpouring emotions.
She smiled, “I know your heart, Steve and it is as full of Love as a heart can be: for me. Thank you for these feelings; I shook my head because I didn’t need you say any more: I knew it.”
“As for your sperm: yes, you are actively producing it as we speak, even if I drank them all just a few minutes ago. But, it is only for me, Steve; only for me.”
“Can we go and find some food now please; questions you have I will answer in due course; I promise.”

20 minutes or so later, a service station on our side offered petrol, which the car needed, toilets, which I needed, and several Thai restaurants; no hamburgers or French fries, unless one bought the convenience store offerings, but Long declined and I never bought such junk food.
While I filled the car, Long went to check the restaurant’s offerings and motioned me to where she would be when I had finished. I nodded, paid for the petrol, drove to the air pump and checked the tyres, parked at the restaurant and went to the toilet, before joining Long.

There were dishes being served as I sat down opposite her: a big plate of rice, a fish dish, a spicy Thai salad, and a medium serving of spaghetti bolognaise, which Long pushed in front of me.
I smiled at her thoughtfulness: though she couldn’t know it, it was about the only dish I would have eaten. I love Thai food, rarely ate western food – but on trips, or when out, I barely ate at all, but nobody had ever offered me something just right, and the spaghetti seemed quite magically to be just what I wanted to eat at this moment. Long appeared to know she had chosen correctly, and went back to wolfing her own large volumes of all the other dishes down.
When I had eaten my fill, finished the can of beer she had also bought me, I motioned I would step outside to smoke; she nodded, her brow sweating from the spiciness. I handed her some money, but she pushed it back, and as she looked up at me, I knew she wouldn’t accept my money like that, so I changed the 1,000 baht note I had tried to give her for a 500 baht note and slipped it quietly to her hand; she nodded once, returned to her food, and then I slipped outside.

All done, at the car before climbing in, Long asked me for her bikini and dress bag; I got it from the boot and assumed she would go to the Ladies’ and change, if she wanted them now, but she opened her door and sat in the passenger seat, so I followed and we drove out and back on to the road heading south, a sign a few metres along saying we had go, and even sporting a recognisable sign of a beach and swimming.
Long began changing; her t-shirt came off and she had unzipped her shorts before I found my voice; “Long, why didn’t you change back there! Are you going to do it here, sitting next to me?”
“I wanted to get going, Khun Steve, get to the beach; and why can’t I change here – are you afraid of seeing me underneath?” She laughed and unhooked her bra, pausing as I glanced over, and unsurprised when I pulled to the side of the road, parking under the shade and comparative darkness of a large tree: driving as she pulled her panties off was not high on my list of ‘how to drive safely’.

Long was watching me watch her as she slipped her panties down, kicking them off with one raised leg at a time: she was naked before my eyes and my cock seemed to groan just as my mouth did.
“You thirsty, Steve” she asked unnecessarily, spreading her legs so my view was filled with her sparsely-haired cunt lips, pink and glistening, the contrast to her deep brown skin colour fascinating. I unbuckled my seat belt, jumped out and ran around the car.
I paused to open the boot and get the bag of towels, then opened Long’s door; I swung her legs around and planted her feet on the ground while I propped her head up by using the towels.
Then I leaned to her face and kissed her hard and deeply, my blood pulsing from head to cock to toe.
I kneeled on the ground this time, lifted her legs to place her feet on the door sill, and gently eased her legs wide, only now allowing my eyes to stare straight at her groin area.

Magically, a sunbeam was shining down through the tree, erotically lighting her cunt, the wispy curly hair looking golden blonde, and the droplets of moisture shining like tiny bubbles; she was hypnotising, but I gently placed a finger in her hair and a drop of her juice settled on my fingertip. I lifted it to my face, marvelling at its brilliance, before sliding my tongue out to lick it from my finger: a tiny taste of her now in my mouth.
Long said not a word, reading in my eyes what I wanted next; she merely nodded her head, moaned a little, and squirmed slightly, ensuring her comfort.
My nose went first, inhaling the aroma, the freshness of her, the youth of her flower opened and inviting millimetres away. I breathed on her lips and slit, and that swayed the curls into tickling my nose.
To ease the twitch, I placed the end of my nose into her slit, and filled my lungs with a long nasal intake, absorbing her into my own body before sliding my nose up to the top of her vagina, my tongue now out and starting its first lick of her from the bottom to the top, soaking up her juice which seemed to be now leaking out in small amounts.

Long’s body shivered under me as I slid my hands up her hip bones, under her sides with my thumbs able to meet across her abdomen – so slim was she – until beginning the gentle uphill climb of her breasts, the apex mounted as her hardened, long nipples came into contact with my fingertips; I twirled them lightly, my palms pressing her mounds up from below.
This had the effect of pulling my torso, thus my face, flatter into her groin and I began to drink. Her labia were swollen and swelling more, pink from the blood engorging them; they opened like petals of that flower in a high-speed documentary film, and her pussy juices began flowing more copiously, my mouth and tongue lapping more energetically.

A minute later, Long groaned out loud, arched her back and placed her hands on top of mine, furiously pressing them on her breasts, squeezing my fingers to pulling on her nipples.
Her cunt blasted a stream of her nectar, my mouth and nose filled and couldn’t cope; it was like a dam had just burst inside her womanly body. When the flooding eased, it seemed the gates were opened at the same time: for me to gain entry. I hadn’t even put my tongue or fingers inside her; hadn’t touched her clit - and she had orgasmed: she was extraordinary.

“Steve, now is the time, please make love to me.” She was pleading for me to take her virginity, here and now?
I shook my head “No, Long, I can’t do that; your first time should be comfortable; it should be a romantic moment, a special moment – after all, having a man inside you for the first time can only happen once: I won’t do it here on the side of the road in my car; I can’t do that to you.”
“You are beautiful, by the way, naked; and your body was so special under my own; you smell and taste more delicious than any food, fruit or flower I have ever experienced; and you are amazing for a girl who is so much a woman.”
“And I love you.”

I kissed her gently on the lips of her womanhood and on her facial lips, mingling the 2 tastes on my tongue and savouring them in my mouth.
I eased my body away, avoiding Long’s eyes which a glance had shown to be imploring me to fuck her.
She sat up and I reached over her for the towel bag, found one of the small hand towels and began to wipe her; she took it from my hand, calmer now, and began doing it herself. I reached into the console and offered her the bottle of water, some of which she splashed on the towel, squeezing up out of the seat and standing up to wash herself easier.

Heavens! I looked up and down the road for cars, but the stretch was empty – for the moment.
When I turned back she was hooking her bikini top at the back and then adjusted her mounds in the cups at the front; still no cars either way as she slipped her bottoms on, followed by the sun dress slipped over her arms and covering her body enough for a young lady heading for the beach.
She folded her discarded clothes neatly and placed them on the back seat, stood up again and took a draught of water from the bottle. Then she held my cheek and kissed me on the lips; “You were wonderful, what you did to me, Steve; it was the most perfect feeling I have ever had, until the next perfect moment comes. You are considerate to wait; it must have been difficult for you, as your shorts show....” she glanced down at them, at my still hardened cock and soaked shorts, “But you are right: it will be even more special when it does happen.”

A cigarette later, I pulled out on to the road and headed the last kilometres until we came to the end of the road: the seaside directly opposite. Long directed me to a beach part she said used to be beautiful when she came here in earlier years.
It was the same, a weekday with few people, so we rented chairs under an umbrella and sat.
Part 7

It was only 11.00, but the heat was building and Long threw off her dress and took my hand to rise from my chair. I stripped off my shirt and shorts – almost before I remembered I had no costumes on underneath as I normally did, only my briefs.
“I meant to tell you, ask you to help me go shopping first to buy new costumes –sorry Long.”
Long merely nodded, called over one of the girls tending our table for drinks and food and spoke to her quietly for a minute, handing over some money in the process.
That girl sent over a beer, a bottle of water, glasses and ice; Long just said to have a drink first and we would get some costumes.

Relaxed, though hot, the girl was back in less than 10 minutes and handed some money and a bag to Long, who tipped her and smiled. She handed the bag to me, “Put the towel across you and change into these, Khun Steve; a present from me to you.”
A dark blue pair of brief costumes appeared as I opened the bag, and a pair of nylon shorts, same colour, was below; I covered myself, easily pulled my shorts and underpants down, struggled a little with the new briefs, but could then stand up to put the shorts on.

Before I did, Long groaned, looking at my crotch; they were probably a size too small and even my standard-sized cock and balls stretched them and showed off my manhood as if I had a 25cms monster in there. I blushed and quickly pulled up the shorts, tying the string hurriedly, when I saw the restaurant girl standing at the end of the table: she too had seen what she had bought me, and her mouth was agape; I felt red flushes and I mumbled a quick thank you and dashed off down to the water, ran into it until knee-deep and dove under the water, hidden from view.

I turned around to watch the languid, fluid form of Long walking down to the water’s edge; she was glorious and beautiful in her new bikini and I could imagine the few people about deciding she was another young Thai girl after the rich, doddery old foreigner. How wrong they would be with such thoughts.
She walked into the depth of her knees, but paused there; “Can you swim, Long?”

She shook her head, not atypical for Thai people; far more couldn’t swim than could, leading to many avoidable deaths in youngsters especially: it was another sign of the development here, in my opinion: too much concentration on luring the 5 star tourists to come, on building up manufacturing and industry to improve the standard of living – but not ploughing the money into the real area requiring improvement: education in all its aspects.

However, for now, I could do one thing to help and that was to protect Long while she was in the water with me. I walked to her and took her hand, leading us out a little deeper, her 2 hands now clinging to my arm holding her.
I only went about waist deep, struggled to pull her hands from my arm, but finally managed to get both her hands in mine, trying to instruct her to stretch them out and I would just slide her around in the water. The waves were small and the wind was slight: there was nothing to cause panic – except a fear of the water.
Long gasped as some water hit her face, unable to know to close her mouth, and she flailed her way out of my grasp and I leapt forward to hold her; her hands went everywhere and landed on my shorts and as she felt she was drowning, her fingers hooked in my waistband and dragged them down.
I grabbed her body, her waist, but she didn’t stay calm – not until her thrashing hands came into contact with my cock, which couldn’t contain itself inside such wrong-sized briefs and was already pushing out the top of them.

For whatever reason, one I didn’t yet know, this hold of my cock calmed her, and I was able to lift her upright and stand her on her feet; but she kept her hands below the water, wrapped around my cock, fingers feeling my scrotum and balls.
I was already so hyped after being with Long all day, being with her in her new bikini, I had to warn her; “Long, if you don’t stop feeling me like that, I am going to spill myself into this ocean.”
“That is exactly what I want, Khun Steve – you will be all the stronger for me later.”

She had everything planned, I knew that now. For whatever reason, Long was certain I would have my cock inside her this day; what happened after that – I was only certain that when we fucked, for the first time, it would be ‘coitus eruption’.

The semen curdled on the surface of the water as Long stroked me to the end; I watched the white cream swirling in the water; it was fascinating – long tails of it, like sperm fish swimming or floating away as new bulbous bursts of it came from my cock and even bubbled upwards: how amazing!
Long put her face into the water and came up with a string of semen clinging to her face – that was actually brave for a non-swimmer: to put her face in the water; she smiled through it and licked as far as her tongue would stretch. “It tastes better direct from the source” she said, smiling at my wide-opened eyes; “But you are lovely all the same, Khun Steve.” Her fingers drew one more rope of cum from me, and she waited, watched as it rose to the surface, stared at it fascinated and said “Let’s go, Steve.”

It was not deep, so I pushed her from behind, hands on her buttocks, thumbs in her slit, until the depth was too shallow to allow such fondling. I helped her to stand, and ironically I found my shorts floating there at the same time. I laughed, Long laughed, and I sat down in the water on the sandy bottom and pulled them on.
When we returned to our table, wiping with my towels, the young girl who had gone shopping for me came over and spoke to Long quietly; Long pulled out some money and I saw her give 500 baht and she asked me if I had 200 baht more; I did and gave it to her.
The girl went across, perhaps to her mother, passed over the money and returned, handing Long a key and saying words I understood: “I will bring everything to you in 5 minutes.”

Long stood, wrapped her towel around herself, covering breasts to knees and then came around to me and reached to find my t-shirt.
“Put this on, Khun Steve; we are going across the road to a cabin I just rented for the afternoon, well for one night actually, and we are going to – you don’t really like me saying ‘fuck’ do you - so we are going there to make love.
She took my hand and we went....

(End of Chapter 1....)

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