Haha Couldn't think of anything ^^!
This is my first story so comment's are welcomed fully!

It's short cause I just wanted to see If Anyone would even like it.

Anyway Enjoy!!


I'm just an average 16 year old boy, I walk to school in the morning, I live with my 2 sisters in a big house and our
parents work abroad they send us money monthly.

"It felt like a longer walk then usual..." I thought dreamily tired.

I walk to class humming peacefully, when I feel something getting closer, staring at me with intents that send shivers
down my spine, It was my Sister, I ducked into the nearest class room hiding.No one ever bothered to look my way since
this was pretty normal.I peeked outside, she was gone, I walked over to my classroom and started school,Had lunch in class,
and walked home alone hopefully I reach before them.

I sighed as I walked into our fairly large house, only to be tackled, pinned then kissed on both my cheeks.

"Brooootherrrr!" They said in Unison.

Akira, 17 DD Cup breasts and beautiful, Kira 15 C Cup and really... Cute...

"Let's paly some game's brother!" Kira asked cheerifully looking me in the eye with those big blue eyes..

"N-no not now, so let go." I said already pulling away but was surprised when the didnt let go, Akira was pretty strong too..

I wiggled and squirmed trying to loosen up their grip.

"Pweeeeaaassee?" Kira said and that irresistible voice.

I gave up struggling but, something happened, my tail came out of my pants accidently.

In this day and age cross-breeds and some other creatures are normal but often hide themselfs, including myself.

"Ooooo" Akira said deviously
"Secrets!" She said as she grabbed my tail forcing me to make a girly moan.
"Oooooh you sounded like a girl broother!" Kira said teasingly
"L-let go!" I demanded of Akira, but she didn't knowing who's in control now... one more yank she thought,
but before she could I willed myself away from Kira's grip then forced Akira's hand off and ran to my room,

D-dont mistake me i'm not a maschoist it's just that i'm extremely sensitive in spots.
I started to feel my pants bulge but I resisted, I couldnt do it while they were here. I did my homework and ate a sandwhich
I had in my mini-fridge that I keep for these cases!

Next morning I woke up late deliberately not caring if I was late, I just didnt want to end up seeing those two.
As I walked out of my room yawning, I was pulled into akira's room and quickly tied to the bed, to sleepy to realize
until they finished already.

"Oi!!" I yelled

"This is just experimentation." akira said smiling deviously.


I was worried waht "kind" of experimentation this was. I was naked besides my boxers, I struggled

"What is this?" I asked Kira seeming as the smarter choice to talk too.

"Experimentation!" She said with pep in her voice.

At the same time akira grabbing my tail, making me let out a light moan.

"Subject seems to enjoy contact with tail, write it down Kira." She said giggling before putting back on
that serious face.

"H-hey what about school?" I said trying to persuade this to stop

"One day is nothing" Akira said half-ignoring the dumb question.

"Next the ears, Kira" said Akira.

I squeeled then closed my ear down so that the inside isnt exposed, Kira tryed to pry it open but it was futile.Akira
yanked on my tal knowing what effect it had on me, I Bit my lip to stop themoan but I couldn't hold my ear down.

"Hmm, hold the clipboard." Akira said handing it back to Kira.

Sh walked over to me and looked at me blantly brgotr jumping ontop of me rubbing her pussy on my crotch,
deep kissing me roughly playing with my tongue for what felt like 2 hours, yet was only 2 minutes.She
might have been 17 and my sister but she... was good. When she finally stopped the lip locking action,
I panted, almost mindless. She then went straight for my ears and bit them.

"Nyaa!" I moaned out.

"Sensitiveee to biting and licking to the ears and mouth, write it down Kira" she said seductively, making me
notice she looked at me like she was enjoying this a bit too much.

"Time for this part!" Akira said pulling down my boxers with a seductive smile.

I wriggled trying to stop her but it only prolonged the process, it was off, 7 inches of my manhood being shown to
my 2 sisters!
Kira almost immediately dropped down to look at it, she might be only 15 but her older sister taught her alot, she grabbed
my shaft adn started rubbing it, I bit my lip arcing my back,
What kind of technique is this?!

"MMmhmmhm" She muffled noticing her technique had effect.

"O-oi! S-stop I'm gonna.." I said holding it all back.

"Mmmmhm" She muffled again this time giving me this smile that told me she wanted it.
I couldn't resist anymore!

"Ahhh!" I moaned as I let out my seed in her warm mouth pussy.
I heard a slurp then a *POP* as she came off my manhood, still drinking all my sperm, my shaft now half-hard.

"No Fair!" Akira said kissing kira to get some of my nasty sperm.
I sky rocketed at the sight of my 2 sisters lip locking with their tongues playing with eachother.. I could see all of it...

"Ooooooh, that turned him back on!" Akira said pleasingly.
I was afraid of what might happen next, but they untied me.
"You're free to go, unless you'd rather stay." AKira said making me freeze asking my self..."Should I?"

"Say somethinggg" She said deviously teasing me.
After 1 more minute of me thinking she decided, I no longer have a choice and pushed herrself against me rubbing
my ball sacks.

Chapter 2?

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2013-11-29 03:47:45
at you comment saying you didn't bother to fix the errors of this story shows that you do not care about writing and have no interesting giving your readers something to enjoy. your story had a decent plot and could have been a lot better if you take your time and devote your free time to write. I'm not giving your story a good nor a bad rating. writing is an art and should not be rushed. yes some mistakes are understandable but a half-assed story is not something people want to read. so when writing your next story take your time and proof read your work before posting you will get better reviews.

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Great story, mate. Although, there were some vague details and a few slip-ups in grammar and spelling. If you correct these minor problems, it should make for a great read.

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this doesn't seem to be yiff, seeing as the character is mainly human. seems more like a daemon of some type, possibly inari or kurama. for the most part this is English.Also, unless you have written and posted a story to the site, your abusive, so-called criticism is only bullshit. No offence, but you seem the type to criticize and bully people because you realize that you suck at creating stories worthy of other people's time. If so, do us a favor and SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!!! Thank you.

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Keep going its amazing

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