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I finally get to be with the man I love
London. So beautiful at night. I stood staring out my hotel room window at the magnificent view. From here I could see Big Ben. It was stunning. My dad was in his hotel room down the hall. He had planned this "daddy/daughter" trip to London in an effort to keep me his "little girl". Even though I'm 16 and couldn't care less about our relationship. But London did have one advantage; it was the home of you, my lover. Aka, my Master.

Your real name, Ross. We met in an online chat room. And according to you, you felt an instant attraction. We chatted, became friends, until finally you confessed your feelings for me. We fell in love. Your messy blonde hair, blue-green eyes, perfect face. And you rose to the challenge when I told you my dreams of being dominated. And with that, I became your slut and you became my Master. And we couldn't be happier.

Let me just say a little about me; my name is Aimee. I'm 5'7", brunette hair that goes just past my shoulders, blue eyes and I'm a little bigger than most girls but according to you, I'm beautiful.

But now, here I am in London. You promised you would come to the hotel and make me yours. Tonight was the night. I would give my virginity to you; becoming your slut in real life.

I'm waiting in the hotel room. Wearing a black silk night gown. No panties or bra. Your orders. I spent an hour curling my hair. It looks so beautiful. That's when I get your text message.

"I just entered the hotel lobby. I'll be at your room in two minutes. Be ready, this is a night you'll never forget. <3" and with that I can feel myself getting wet. I check my appearance in the mirror, I look exactly how you have ordered, and better. Then there is knock on the door. I rush to open it. And there you stand. Looking handsome as ever.

You look me up and down and a smile crosses your face. A smile full of promise, and lust. You don’t even speak to me before you capture my lips in a kiss. A kiss so beautiful and passionate that I never want it to end. But you bite my lip and pull away. You come in, closes the door, wrap me in your arms and say to me what I've been longing to hear

"Hello, my love." And again you press your lips to mine, my mouth opens and your tongue moves its way inside. You probe every corner, every space in my mouth. Your tongue meets mine and moves with it. This is what heaven must feel like.

Then you grab the straps of my night gown and slide them down my shoulders. Being the silk it is, it slides off my body smoothly. Exposing my body for you. Shaved pussy and all. You smile,

"you're so beautiful. I've missed you my slut. I've waited for this moment for so long."

"As have I , master." You press your finger to my lips, that smile still on your face.

"Shh. Speak not, my love. Tonight actions will speak louder than words." Then you pick me up over your shoulder and walk me back into the rest of the hotel. You drop me on the bed and drop me on the bed. You stand there looking powerful and handsome. You crook one finger at me, signaling me towards you.

"On your knees, slut." I obey instantly.

"You know what to do." I reach up, and with trembling hands, undo your zipper and pull your pants and briefs all the way down. You step out of them and kick them across the room. And there, is your magnificent cock. I've seen it in pictures but it's even better in real life. It's only semi-erect but it still looks to be about 5 inches. I bite my lip, wanting to touch it so bad.

"Ask permission."

"Oh master, please let me suck your cock." I look up to you with pleading eyes. You nod your consent, urging me to go at it like the hungry slut I am.

I start with stroking your cock with my hand. Slowly at first but then going faster. Your groans urge me to keep going. So I start by licking the head of your dick and the pre-cum already forming there. I start taking more and more of you into my mouth. Then when you're about halfway in, I start sucking. Moving my tongue up and down your shaft. I feel your fingers wrap around in my hair. I know what is coming next. You start applying pressure to the back of my head, pushing me down your cock even more. Soon enough, I feel your cock hit the back of my throat (thank you god for not having a gag reflex). I kept sucking. And soon you started moving your cock in and out of my mouth. Fucking my face slowly at first and then getting faster and faster. I reach my hand up and slowly start massaging your balls. And soon enough I feel them start to tighten up. And cum. Unleashing spurt after spurt of cum in my mouth. I make sure to swallow all of it like a good little slut.

"Good girl." then you start pulling your cock out if my mouth. I keep running my tongue over it to clean it off entirely. You remove yourself from my mouth and stand me up. You whisper in my ear

"Does my little slut wanna cum, too?" I let out a long groan and bite my lip.

"Yes please" I whimper softly. He chuckles slightly and kisses my cheek.

"Good girl." Then you push me back on the bed and take your shirt off. Revealing the abs underneath. God, you're so beautiful. I love you so much. You climb on top of me and grab my chin in your hands.

"While I do this, you will maintain eye contact with me. If not, you will be punished. Understand?" I nod.

You then move and pin my hands above my head. So you're holding me down by my wrists. You then move your lips to my ear and start biting down on my earlobe. Then you start leaving a trail of kisses from my ear, down my jaw. Your lips JUST barely brush past mine, making me whimper and squirm.

You finally bring your lips to mine. And your tongue moves into my mouth and meets mine. They move around each other, probing its way into my mouth, and down my throat. Then you pull away and I let up a moan in protest and you just smirk down at me. Then you start kissing your way down from my lips to my neck. Down my neck, biting gently. Leaving love bites and hickeys on my neck and shoulders. Then you keep kissing down to my tits.

Then you move your hands from my wrists but warn me "Keep your hands right where they are" then you move your hands down my arms, over my shoulders and down to my tits. You cup one breast in your hand and start massaging it, kneading it. Then you take my other nipple in your mouth and start sucking. And as your sucking, you bite down. None too gently, I might add. Then you take my other nipple in your hand and start twisting and pinching. Tugging on it, making me moan in pure pleasure.

Then you move your hands down my waist, over my curves, and down to my wet pussy. And once you've got your hand on my pussy, you take one finger and move it up and down the outside my pussy. All the while, you're never breaking eye contact with me. I'm whimpering and squirming at your touch. You take that one finger and start moving it in circles around my clit. Then you take another finger and start moving them both into my pussy.

You start moving those fingers in and out, in and out. Slowly, making me squirm even more. Then you add another finger and start moving faster. You take your thumb and move it over my clit which you flick and start rubbing it. Then you add a fourth finger and just listen to my moan in pleasure as you start moving those fingers even faster. Then you take your thumb off my clit. And move it in with the rest of your fingers; stretching me to the fullest extent. You keep moving in and out. Faster and faster. My tits bouncing up and down as you fist fuck me fast and hard. Until you lean down close to my ear and whisper one phrase. "Cum for me, you dirty little whore." and with that I climax into heaven. Screaming out your name in pure existential pleasure.

I lay there, breathing heavy. You remove your hand from me and it's covered in my juices. You bring it to my lips.

"Clean it, slut" My tongue moves over it, tasting my own juices. I move my tongue all over your hand, in between each of your fingers. And in some sick way, this turns me on even more.

When your hand is clean, you pull away and bring your lips to mine again. You bite down on my lip, and start tugging on it.

"Are you ready to give yourself to me slut?"

"Yes, please. I'm begging you. Master please."

And with that, I feel the head of your cock and the entrance to my cunt. Slowly, you start pushing in to my tight pussy. I let up a small whimper in pain

"Shh. Relax." Then you keep pushing in more and more. I can feel your cock pulsing inside me. Thankfully, I popped my own cherry a while ago. I feel so full. Then you start moving in and out. Each time pushing more into me. I arch my hips up to meet your thrusts more. You start thrusting harder and faster.

"Oh master. Yes."

"Oh, does my slut like that?" You pick up your speed even more. You continue pounding me relentlessly. God this feels so right, so good. You take my right leg and pushed it back up so my knee met my shoulder.

"Tell me who you are." You grunt.

"I'm your slut. Your whore. Your fuck toy." And in that moment, you yell out my name in pleasure and cum deep within me. At the same time, my juices explode around your cock. You let my leg down and slowly withdraw from me. You collapse next to me, spent. You draw me in close to you. You start playing with my hair.

"I've waited so long to do that." You say to me, kissing my forehead.

"And so have I." I reach my lips up to yours, hoping for a kiss. You chuckle at my eagerness but kiss me anyways.

You gently slide off the bed and go into the hotel bathroom where I hear the shower running. I slowly sit up and reach for the clothes I laid out. Just some pajamas. I slowly start getting dressed and I don't even hear you come in. I'm half dressed when I turn around and see you standing there with a towel wrapped around your waist. You walk over to me and wrap me in your arms. You hold me close to you and lay my head on your just. And we just stay there for a few minutes.

"I love you, Aimee."

"I love you too." Then you pull away and let me finish getting dressed as you yourself get dressed. Then you and I sit on the bed together and just talk for a while. I tell you how the trip has been, you tell me about classes at Uni (university) and we just talk. I love your voice. Your accent. It's so perfect. I look over at the clock. 5:30 AM. I look at you with a sad lingering look.

"You should go." You let out a heavy sigh.

"I know, my love." You take my hands in your hands.

"I promise, soon enough it will be like this all the time." You place one more kiss on my lips, say "Goodbye, for now, my love" and leave.

I lay back on the bed. You left 2 seconds ago and already I miss you. Then my phone lights up. It's from you. A text message saying "I miss you" I smile send a text back that says "miss you too. I'm going to bed, goodnight."

And with that, I give a content sigh, lie back on the bed, fall asleep and dream of you. I love you.

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