a mother and son who help each oth out
Mothers Aid by Mrmovie
Fiction but somewhat true , Hardcore, Incest, Lactation

I grew up in a middle class family and had a decent childhood, when I was fifteen something changed.
I was going through that special change in a boys life and it felt weird to me that I was staring at my mom a lot.
My mom Lisa at that time was 44 and had long curly red hair, 5ft 7in, 132 pds, 44-28-36 and wore a 38J bra.
She was pretty damn hot and my best friend Jay thought so to. We both loved big tits.
My dad Fred was two years older and he liked to watch a lot of sports on T.V.

Every weekend Mark would come over to watch ballgames with my dad in the basement.
The basement was carpeted and had a nice comfortable couch. The way it was set up was the T.V. was in the far end of
the room, then the couch, and in the front by the stairs was the laundry room and an icebox filled with beer and soda,
and next to that was a small storage closet under the stairs, the laundry room was closed off by a curtain.

One weekend I asked if I could go over to my friend Jays house and also sleep over, and mom said it was OK.
What she didn't know was that Jay and his family were on vacation.
Every weekend or whenever we had company, Mom would put on makeup and wore something nice. Today Mom had on a light
blue blouse that accented her huge breasts, with a matching short skirt, light blue high heels and black thigh highs.

I opened the door as if going out and closed it then quietly went downstairs, grabbed a beer then hid in the closet.
The reason I was doing this was because I could sneak beers out the icebox and hide to drink them.
I had to be careful because mom does laundry every weekend.

There were small vent like openings in the closet door so I could see if anyone was there.
It didn't take mom long to come down to put the clothes in the wash.
A few minutes later I heard Mark say he had to use the bathroom.

Yet he lied, I saw him come through the curtain before mom started the washer. Mom turned to Mark and smiled
then started the washer and turned around.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

Mom lifted up her skirt and spread her legs a bit, Mark got on his knees and licked away at my Moms hairy red snatch as if
he was worshiping the pussy goddess, of course, in my Moms case, that was true !!
About two minutes later Mom pushed his head away and pointed towards the other end of the room.

I was instantly hard. As soon as they left I came out and peeked through the curtain. Mom was bent over the couch with her
legs spread wide and her arms around Dad, while Mark was behind Mom with his sweatpants slightly down slowly moving back
and forth. After three minutes he sat back down on the couch and I grabbed another beer and went back to the closet.
Man....I didn't know what to think but my cock was stiff and killing me.

Questions came to mind. Why was Dads friend literally doing this behind his back and how long has this been going on ?

Mom went upstairs then came back down with two plates of food.
After fifteen minutes she came back and started yelling at Dad about hardly eating anything but soon apologized because
he had some indigestion.
A few minutes later she came in and set a half a glass of water on the drier and put in some alkazelser and a small bottle of
something that was powdery, then discarded the bottle in the wastebasket, then went over and told Dad to drink it and
stayed there til he did then went upstairs.
I then came out to retrieve the bottle.

Sleeping pills ? Why would Mom give Dad sleeping pills ? I guess from what I saw, I could also answer my own question.

An hour later Mom came down to put the clothes in the drier when Mark came through the curtain.

Mom whispered; "Is he asleep ?"

"Sound asleep."

"Good, this is even better because Jerry is spending the day and night over his friends house."

When they went upstairs I thought that this was too juicy of an opportunity to pass up. Seeing Mom nude would
be the most, even better if I have her on video.

I quietly went upstairs to the hall closet and got the video camera then crept up to the top of the stairs and
peeked around the corner. From my view, they couldn't see me, Mark had Moms legs held up and spread as he greedily
ate her out. Thank god the whole house was carpeted. I crawled quietly to Moms closet, got situated then started
recording. Moms moans seem to drown out any noise I might have made,if any, getting to the closet.

I noticed Moms clothes on the side of the bed and all she had on was her black thigh highs.
Damn, she looked like a sexy slut goddess.
She used Her hands to hold up and knead her huge beautiful tits while she enjoyed her Sweet honeypot being lapped up.

At least twenty minutes had passed by before Mom urged Mark to ball her.

He had Moms legs spread high and wide and indeed he was giving Mom a damn good balling. The sounds that filled Moms
bedroom that afternoon was so erotic. ( smack smack smack smack uhhhhhhh smack smack smack smack oh ya smack smack
smack smack uhhhhhhh smack smack smack smack oh god yes )

Looking at my Moms beautiful spread legs as Mark held them up by her ankles, and beautiful legs they are, and hearing
her moan out with such a passion, made me look at Mom in a different way as if there was no barrier of feeling weird.
Morals and ethics are all well and good and should be, but if you look at the other side of the coin, the one where
your getting over it as a whole, ( perhaps like the feeling you get over after the third date ) as well as keeping it
from being seen or heard from within the sacred realm of society, ( as if saying what you want to say but in your own home )
and keeping a pact of secrecy. ( trust ) Then thus.

I looked at Mark as a teacher in a way. He concerned himself with satisfying Mom than himself. Perhaps Dad doesn't do
that. Why else would Mom seek pleasure from another man ?
I was still hard, but my hard-on turned passionate of Moms feelings, other than the lustful feelings I had earlier.

They both got up to change positions. Mom got onto the side of the bed by the edge putting herself in a doggy style
position with her legs parted, waiting for her pleasure and passion to continue. She didn't have to wait long as
Mark came behind her. Moms mouth opened so seductively as she grunted with pleasure when Mark entered her.
Seeing her being pleased gave Mom that certain glow.
Mark was taking his time, slowly moving in and out of Mom while his hands were massaging her lower back and buttocks.
Moms huge breasts hung down and swayed slightly and they looked so beautiful.

After half an hour Mark grabbed Moms hair and pulled it back as he picked up his pace.

"Oh god give it to me baby...give it to me." Mom screamed out

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh oh god I'm uhhhhhhhhh gonna cum smack smack smack
oh yes oh yes smack smack smack smack oh I'm cumming....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......smack smack smack smack smack
please don't uhhhhhh cum in me uhhhhhh your gonna uhhhhhhh make me cum again......oh god oh god smack smack smack smack smack
oh my oh my oh my...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........smack smack smack smack ohhhhhh dear god smack smack smack smack

"Damn your so beautiful." Mark said as he tightened his grip on Moms hips and shoved his show all up in her.

"Oh no fucker, I told you not to cum in me, fuck, I better not turn up pregnant !!"

"I'm sorry, I really couldn't help it, your just so damn beautiful."

"Still.....if I come up pregnant, what am I going to do ?"

"You could get..

"Don't even say what I know your gonna say, I don't believe in that."

"OK, tonight when you go to bed, seduce Fred."

"Won't work, Fred had a vasectomy eight years ago, try again."

"I honestly don't have one."

"Look Mark, I'm at least going to be fair about this by saying that your not solely to blame for this, if it comes
down to it and I come up pregnant, I'll deal with it OK."

"Ok, but if you do have a baby, could I take him or her with me half the time ?"

"Are you kidding.....this isn't someones toy that you borrow then give back, what are you thinking ?!"

"Oh I get it......suppose I go downstairs to the basement and tell Fred everything !!"

"You could indeed, but my husband would be more forgiving than your wife would !"

"Well lets break even."

"What do you mean ?"

"Give me $200 a month compensation."

"Look Mark, you have a great cock and your a good fuck, but if I come up pregnant, it will be you who pays me $200 a month !!"

"Only if you can prove it and you can't, so there !"

"Look, I think we are both getting carried away right now, for all we know I may not be pregnant and we are fighting for

"Your right, I'm sorry."

"Ok Mark, you better get back downstairs before Fred wakes up."

When Mark left I stopped the tape, Mom got dressed then went back downstairs.

I waited a few minutes then went to hide the tape in my room then went downstairs to put the camera back but when I came
out of the hall closet, Mom was passing by and was shocked to see me.

"I thought you were gonna spend the night at your friends house ?"

"I was gonna but Jays Grandmother came over to visit."

"Oh honey, well maybe next weekend ?"

I'm sure she was hoping.

Every weekend was the same, I would hide and drink beers, Mom and Mark would have their sexcapade while Dad was passed out.
However after three months, Mom not only started to show but was having cramps. She also seemed more hornier than usual, I
dropped my napkin one evening during supper and went to retrieve it when I observed Moms legs spread slightly and she was
touching herself.

I know that Mark only comes over on the weekends and during the week all I do after school is spend alot of time in my
room jerking off while watching that video of Mom and Mark while sniffing a fresh pair of Moms thongs.
Yet I was thinking of what Mark had said and wondering what Mom was going to do about it ?
Then it came to me. The answer to half of her problem ( Mark ) was the video I was watching. I think I may have the answer
to the other half, but I will have to talk to Mom about it tonight.

After dinner that evening Dad went downstairs to watch T.V. and Mom started to do the dishes.

"When your through with the dishes, could you come in the living room, I need to talk to you about something."

"Alright, is everything OK ?"

"Yes and no.' I said while going to the living room

I was a little nervous as I waited. Even if Mom got mad at me from what I was going to tell her, she might find it
beneficial that I figured out the solutions to her problems and cool down ?

Mom came in shortly and sat down on the couch.

"So, what can I help you with ?"

"Well Mom.....I got something to tell you and I hope you don't get mad ?"

"Well....this must be really something ?"

"After I tell you this, you still might get mad, however I may have some solutions and..... well maybe you won't be so mad ?"
"Also as far as I'm concerned, this conversation is between us and us alone ! "

"You really are starting to scare me, but if you have solutions to a problem your having, why should I get mad ?"

"Well.......actually the problem I'm referring to involves you."

"Me ?"

" and Mark."

"What and Mark ?"

"I know Mom, I know everything, I understand....I really do, and if it's any consolation Mom......Mark was right when he said
you are beautiful, hell....anybody could see that."

"Well......I don't know what to say ?"

"About three months back I had made a video of you and Mark and..

"You figure on blackmailing me ?"

"No I..

"What made you hold out this long ?"

"Mom I love you and yes you could say that I've been feeling somewhat hormonal lately but..

"Are you suggesting what I think you are ?"

"Would you stop and let me finish !!"

"Alright alright."

"OK, now then, to be really honest with you, I've been.....fantasizing about you and playing that video over and over again
wishing it was me instead of Mark, especially when he ate you out." "There I said it." " But besides that, you can use the
video to blackmail Mark with, so you don't owe him any money." "Just make a copy, have him watch it if he wants proof and
tell him you don't want to hear anything else about it or his wife will. "

"This.....this is too much to take in right now I..

"It's OK Mom, like I said, this is between us and I won't tell anybody !!" "Besides, that other problem....well all you have
to do is tell Dad that you have decided for the both of you that you wanted to have another child and that I was asking
you three months ago about wishing I had a brother or sister."

"That's nice, except for one thing, how am I going to explain where it came from ?"

"Just tell him you went to see a Doctor a few months back for Artificial insemination."

Mom took a deep breath, looked at me, and in a calm voice said

"I feel mad, violated, embarrassed, flattered and to be honest since this is between us.....a little horny." "However, the
way you have been honest about this and put things in perspective, well....lets just say that things between us are OK."
"By tomorrow, I will have taken all this in and talk to your father." "I appreciate your help, but I want that video."

"OK Mom, but there's one thing I don't get, doesn't Dad please you at all ?"

"Jerry, if there is one thing you should learn in life is this.....women are like flowers that need to be maintained."

"Ya a....thats kind of vague Mom."

"I'll tell you what, when your father and I go to bed, stand outside the door and just listen, it will give you some idea
of what I'm trying to tell you, Ok, but for now go get me that video."

That night after hearing their bedroom door close, I went to their door to listen. Apparently I didn't have to listen for long,
after two minutes I heard Dad say that was great. I could very well understand what she meant and see why she prefers Mark.

Four months had passed by and I wondered if I did the right thing, sure I feel better about myself but what about Dad ?
He seemed happy and content, I know Mom sure was. Everyone seemed to be content but me ? Oh well I thought.

Two months later Mom was in her ninth month, she was not only showing but getting more and more hornier. I just happened
to notice this one Thursday night when I went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping that night and noticed Mom standing in my
doorway. From the hallway light I could see she had on a blue see-through nightgown that was close to knee-length.
Apparently she thought I was asleep. Man I was instantly hard. As big as she was I bet she had a hard time touching
herself I thought.

Lisa, feeling so horny had softly squeezed her left breast remembering what her son had said months before when they had talked.
She wasn't sure she could have trusted Jerry to keep that big of a secret from his father, let alone anyone else, but proven
he could. He could have easily blackmailed me into sex or money from Mark but he didn't. I must say, I have a decent son.

She Then came towards the bed and softly asked; "Are you awake Jerry ?"

I moved a little and answered her saying that I was having a hard time sleeping.

"Remember when you commented about wishing you wanted to do in that video ?" "If you still feel that way I'll be down in the

Boy she really must be horny, yet I'd do anything for Mom I thought as I got up to use the restroom.

According to Lisa, sure she was horny and would never do this, however she figured that life was just too damn short and she
could at least trust her son not to say anything, unlike the other gossiping school boys his age.

While going downstairs, Jerry was thinking. Would I be taking advantage of Mom when she is in this state, like a drunk girl
at a party ? Perhaps Mom is testing me ?

By the time Jerry got to the basement, he seen that his Mom was sitting in the middle of the couch waiting.

Jerry went over to the back of the couch and with gentle care, started to massage her shoulders.

"Not what I expected Jerry but this is relaxing and nice of you.....very nice."

Maybe he was shy she thought ? I guess I'll have to initiate this.

Lisa put her hands on his and guided them over her breasts, encouraging him to knead them. As he did, it was exciting
both of them.

Jerry's excitement had got the best of him as his cock was so hard it hurt.

He was about to bestow a kiss on her neck when all of a sudden they heard what sounded like a loud crash upstairs, they both
came out of their daze and went upstairs.

When they reached the top of the stairs they didn't see anything but Lisa noticed the bathroom light on and looked in.
Fred apparently had a heart attack and quickly called an ambulance.

After spending three days in the hospital, the doctor had advised him that he had to refrain from drinking, eating fatty
foods and have no excitement what so ever.

Concerning herself with Fred seemed to dismiss how she was feeling and to some degree felt guilty.
Two days later she was fixing Fred some lunch and her water broke.
She called an ambulance and had to leave Fred to rest till Jerry got home from school.
Close to ten that evening she had given birth to a baby girl which she named Jill.

The first three months seemed to be restless for Lisa. Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and
hardly getting any sleep. Yet she did her best as she did when Jerry was a baby. Fred was doing alot better to go
back to work but still had to refrain from any excitement so his weekend sport shows with Mark had halted.
After school Jerry would help out, he loved his little sister.

When Lisa felt things had gone back to normal she had decided to switch the baby to formula. Jill was not wanting
to feed from her half the time and she just thought that it would be easier than getting frustrated.
Besides, she figured she had the right person in mind to take care of her swollen breasts.

When Jerry got home from school that day Lisa had said she needed some help with something and asked him not to make
any noise since his sister was sleeping and come upstairs. Jerry eagerly followed his mother upstairs to her room.

Lisa went and sat down on the foot of her bed. She had on a pair of slacks and a buttoned-down blouse.

"So what did you need help with Mom ?"

Lisa didn't say a word at that moment. She just unbuttoned and took off her blouse and sat there in her nursing bra.
Jerry noticed It supported the heavy weight of his mother's well-endowed breasts, lifting them high as if putting them
on display. Jerry was soon excited. Lisa looked down and noticed his excitement growing in his pants.
She then opened the cup flaps, exposing only the front of her breasts.
Heavy and swollen, her nipples were dripping with milk.

"Can you guess what I need help with ?"

Jerry didn't need to guess, he got down on his knees and held both breasts as he hungrily sucked from one nipple to the other.

"Oh god you don't know how good this feels !!"

Jerry thought. You don't know how good this taste !!

Lisa's nipples didn't hurt after Jerry had drained each one yet let him enjoy himself a little longer.
While he sucked away she was getting herself excited thinking about what he wished he could do that Mark did.
Mark was surely not coming over anymore since Fred's heart attack so why not she thought, I can trust him
not to say anything. Besides, I haven't got off since Mark was here !

Twenty minutes later

"Jerry, you think you can help me with something else ?"

Jerry got up and his Mom followed suit. Lisa looked at him as she slowly took her slacks off, then sat back down.

"Just eat out, nothing else !" she said then laid back on the bed.

Jerry thought sucking her big beautiful breasts was great but this was even better !

Jerry got down on his knees again and lifted up her legs and spread them the same way he remembered Mark doing so.

He took in a good whiff of his Mom's hairy red snatch and the aroma turned him on to such heights that he started
licking up an down her slit with great care and passion.

"Oh god....oh god yes....that's what momma lick my clit !!" she said as she pushed my face in further

"Uhhhhhhh." she moaned as I licked away. Lapping her clit as fast as my tongue could go as she squirmed with excitement.

"Right there, oh yes...yes...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna.....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh yes....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....fuck ya !!"

After her body had stopped shaking she was so relaxed she didn't want to move but soon got up and thanked him for
being such a great help.

"Any time Mom, any time !"

Well from that day forward, they always helped each other out to a certain extent.

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