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The fantasy of a horny virgin. May the Force be with you in orgasm.
Annie had grown up being taught and firmly believing in respecting your own body. She never smoked, never drank, and refused to have loveless sex with anyone. Though surrounded by people who indulged in these kinds of acts, she stayed strong and true to her beliefs. Annie was still a virgin at eighteen when everyone she knew had already gotten plenty of experience. She was proud of her strength of will to resist when these temptations showed themselves to her, which they did quite often. Peer pressure just wasn't enough to change who she was. Don't take this the wrong way, though. Annie was plenty just like anyone else in regards to the female human body and even she, with all her might, could not resist feeling horny and experimenting with herself.

Annie was not the most beautiful girl in the world, but you might have found that hard to believe when you saw her. Annie was of Spanish descent, and light skinned. Standing at 5'4" and weighing in at 120lbs, her body was what some would call perfect. Her breasts had developed nicely into beautifully rounded out, perky C cups; her bottom was round and firm. The most distinguishing feature however was her gorgeous face. Her cheeks perfectly filled, and her eyes a breathtaking shade of greenish gold hazel. Beautiful, full lips. Her soft, flowing hair a light shade of brown which curled closer to the scalp and straightened out at full length reaching her lower back. She was athletic, and as a result gained that firmness in her bottom as well as some defined abs and legs.

Though many boys had tried to hook up with Annie, she never saw anything attractive in them, and would kindly refuse. Despite many of the boys being physically attractive, she needed more than that to give herself up. She had hoped that the senior boys might behave differently, but each time they would disappoint by revealing that they weren't ready or willing to have a real, steady relationship. The boys in school only seemed to care about hooking up with the hottest "piece of ass" they could find. Perhaps she was just crazy, but she wanted a boy to love that would love her back, who she could laugh and cry with, and never need be afraid to talk with about anything on her mind. She had been held back a grade and found fitting in with these "kids," as she thought of them, was quite the challenge.

Christmas break had come and not a moment too soon. Annie was just about fed up with the stupidity of high school and she desperately needed to get away. Annie's family was not rich, and stayed home for Christmas each year, whilst all her friends would go out of town for two weeks. Annie didn't really care for the family get-togethers as she'd been through them seventeen times before, and fortunately for her, her parents were very understanding. Annie was not disrespectful to her parents , and when she asked if she could just stay at the house while her family went out, they allowed it. Annie's parents knew she was a good girl and could trust her with being in charge of the house.

Annie had more than one reason to stay home, though. Remember, Annie was still a growing girl with hormones and chemicals going crazy, and she really loved playing with herself. Thanks to her family always being home, though, she almost never had time or privacy enough to do so. She had decided tonight would be the night to achieve her first orgasm and be as loud as she wanted. No parents, no brother; just Annie and the guard dog, Jake. Jake was one of the reasons she could so easily ask to stay at home. Jake was a German Shepherd, and very well-behaved thanks to the hard work by Annie to train him. Annie waved as her family got in their car and drove off. Coming back inside, she closed and locked the front door, and told Jake to come lay down by the door. With that, she went to her room and started to undress.

Standing next to her closet door mirror, Annie slowly slid her pants down over her butt and watched as her round and firm butt popped out. Throwing her pants to the side, she stood facing front to the mirror and took her shirt from the waist and pulled it up over her head, tossing it aside as well. She stood admiring her body in her sexy black lingerie, ever so slightly rubbing her perky breasts, sliding her hand down over her sexy stomach and into her panties where she would rub her clit. “Mmmmmmmm.” She had long since been wet even before her family left just from thinking of what she would be doing later, and now she was soaking wet.

As her fingers moved over her vagina, she could feel the liquids flowing from her insides. Sliding a finger in, the sound could be heard throughout the room. By now her panties were soaked, so she slid them off and got on her bed. She didn't care about getting her clothes or bedding wet as they could be washed, so she continued to leak onto her bed. Annie kept her vagina clean shaven, and loved rubbing the area around her clit. Her clit was now fully engorged and extremely sensitive, causing her to let out little moans whenever her finger would glide across it. Annie slid two fingers deep inside her soaking vagina and she couldn't help but let out a pleasure-filled moan that echoed throughout the house. “Oh my God, yes, mmmmmm.” Annie was fingering herself faster and harder, now making enough noise to cause Jake to stir. As she fingered her tight wet vagina, her nipples had become hard and using her other hand she rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples. She pulled her bra down, exposing her beautiful round breasts. Annie continued to increase the pace, fingering herself harder and faster and getting more and more rough with her sensitive breasts. Moaning wildly, she felt she was close to an orgasm but just couldn't get to that point. Annie slowed her movements and just stopped completely. She was discouraged that she couldn't bring herself to orgasm, and her arms were in need of a rest.

Annie had closed her eyes for a minute when all of a sudden she felt something poking around at her vagina, and looking up at the edge of the bed, she saw Jake there, having come into the room to investigate what all the noise was coming from. Before Annie could say anything, Jake starting to run his tongue up and down the course of her soaking wet labia, going from sometimes brushing against her puckered anus all the way to the top of her clit. This immediately caused Annie to throw her head back in pleasure as she had never had anything more than her own two fingers. “Holy shit! Oooooh my Goooood!” Her body nearly shook with each flick of his tongue on her clit. She couldn't believe how good it felt; she didn't want what she was feeling right there and then to ever end. She used both of her arms to rub her breasts and play with her nipples, squeezing and pinching herself faster and harder as this moment of ecstasy went on.

Jake's licking slowed and came to a stop, and just when Annie thought it was over, she grabbed the bed cover and winced as she realized Jake had just pushed his tongue into her, just past her labia. “Oh fuck!,” she said in a sort of hushed whisper. He hadn't gotten very far, but she could feel him inside her licking all around her vaginal walls. In a mix of pain and extreme pleasure, she began to flow with liquids. She was moaning loud enough now for someone outside to hear, but she didn't care. All she could think of was the warm meat lapping up the inside of her soaking wet vagina. She raised her hips and pushed her crotch into Jake's mouth, causing his tongue to reach even further. Annie was in absolute bliss. Jake's tongue was rubbing on the upper part of the inside of her vagina, and Annie could feel it coming. She didn't hold back, and for the first time, she experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. Jake was startled by the sudden release of her liquids and retreated to the doorway, leaving Annie to spasm and cum all over her bed. Annie squirted all over the floor, almost reaching the door where Jake stood watching her. Annie's body shook uncontrollably; her eyes rolled up and eyelids shut, she thought she could die happy.

About a minute later, taking deep breaths, Annie regained her senses and sat upright in the bed. She told Jake to come over and brought him to her vagina, and he began licking again. Now anytime his tongue touched any part of her vagina, quick spasms were sent through her body. She couldn't believe what she had just experienced, and that it was with a dog. Annie stood up to pet Jake on the head and told him to go lie down. Annie was in front of the mirror again, her beautiful body in the nude as she rubbed her breasts, slid her hands down her sides and to her abdomen where she would continue down to her soaking wet, sensitive vagina. “Best Christmas present ever, Jake. Thank you. I love you so much!” She meant every word.

For the next week of Christmas break, Annie was once again put in a position where she could not pleasure herself. Although her Dad went out to his job, her Mom worked from home. Annie's brother was sixteen and attended the same school, so they left and came home together. Up until returning to school, all she could think about was what she had felt with Jake, how good it was, and how she wanted to try it again.

Annie thought it would be best not to tell any of her friends about her experience. She wasn't ashamed at all herself, but she knew how others might view it and simply didn't want to deal with it. So as the days back in school went on, the thoughts of that wondrous moment soon faded and Annie returned to her normal state of mind, wondering why boys were so stupid, girls even more so for feeding into the boys bull, and if she would ever find a guy worth her time.

Samantha LarsonReport

2018-06-14 20:09:04
A very nice start! I do believe I know how it will end, with Annie on all fours and a rather large dog dick taking her virginity! YUMMMMY! This story reminds me of my very first time.... only I gave my cherry up in the back seat of a car to a guy I had sex with for several months....

roxan brownReport

2017-09-13 01:19:09
Lovely story I spend about 5 months a year in Spain where the zoophile scene is easier to break in to and being BI k9 means that I have enjoyed a few Spainish ladies

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2013-03-07 11:50:54
hey come on, we want next ....

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LAME. Make the dog fuck her! :D

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