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A young boy lives out his fantasys/
Jake woke up as usual to the sound of his sister running through the house and his morning erection straining against his boxers. He looked over at the clock and was happy to see that he had gotten more sleep than he expected.
It was Saturday and Jake was happy to get some sleep. He usually was awaken early by his younger sister or mom. No dad to speak of, seeing as he left when Jake was young.
But never the less lifted himself up and snuck to the door. He peeked outside to make sure that his sister or mom wasn’t close by, then ran across the hall into the bathroom. His erection was throbbing and Jake knew just how to fix that.
He locked the bathroom door then pull off his boxers and threw them across the floor. He looked at himself in the mirror, cock pointing out proudly.
Jake wasn’t anything special. He was average size with a basic average size dick for his age. Seven and a half inches long and just over an inch thick, Jake didn’t take much pride in it. But he’d beat it off all the same.
He got in the shower and washed himself then turned his attention to his still hard cock. He lubed up his hand with some soap then sat on the edge of the tub. He began to beat off violently, the soap lubing his cock with each stroke.
He had always thought of the same thing; his sister. She was the hottest girl he knew. 12 years old but already developed beyond her years. She had 34C cup breasts, broad hips and a nice round ass.
In his mind Jake thought about shoving his cock, bigger in his dreams, into her virgin pussy then fucking the living hell out of her.
But just as he was about to cum someone beat of the door.
“Jake! Jake hurry up I have to pee!” His sister persisted to beat on the door louder. He cursed softly then dirty thoughts played through his mind.
Maybe she’ll come in and see my cock. Then go to work on it. But he quickly vanquished that thought and ran from the tub to unlock the door. He then tried to make it back in before she saw him, but he failed. Just as he was about to close the curtains she saw the fullness of his dick.
She blushed a little then yelled at him to shut the curtain so he wouldn’t see her. Jake did as she said but peeked out of a little crack in the curtain to her drop her drowers down her sweet ass. His dick didn’t need anymore attention as it spewed his load all over the shower curtain.
As he was finishing his clean up she had gotten up and left. Jake smiled after being able to experience such a thing.
The day went by as any other until when his mom got home. Jake was in his room playing video games when his mother called him down. He sighed loudly then bound down the steps to see his mother.
She wasn’t what you’d call very hot, but his friends sure enough thought of her as a M.I.L.F. She had massive 36DD breast and her ass wasn’t that bad either.
She stood there with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face. She motioned with her finger to come closer. Then smiled widely.
“Your sister tells me she saw you naked.” Jake went flush then cursed his erotic eriousal that morning.
“Well if she would wait..” But his mother cut him short.
“Take off your pants and let momma see what you have.” Jake stood there confused but she began to tap her foot and he did as he was told.
He dropped his drawers then stood there naked from the waste down in front of his mother. His dick began to throb a bit from being naked in front of her though. She smiled even wider then reached down and grabbed it.
She took the whole thing in her mouth and began to suck on it sloppily. Jake was astounded by this but was too excited to say anything. He just stood their and began to moan as his mom suck more viciously on his ever hardening prick.
Soon it stood at full attention and she sucked the whole length. After two minutes of this Jake warned that he was about to blow his load. She stopped sucking then removed her shirt and bra, letting her massive breasts to be free. Jake marvled at the things he used to feed on.
“Fuck my tits and cum all over them!” She yelled and Jake did as he was told. She laid back on the floor and Jake put his meat between her huge breasts. He then began to buck his hips slowly then worked up to a full blown fuck fest.
Her breasts jiggled with each buck until Jake came all over them.
“Oh Fuck Yeah!!!” He yelled over the orgasm. The biggest load he’d ever shot spilled all over his mother’s chest and mouth. She licked her lips then her tits. Jake marvled at this then she smiled with her cum covered mouth.
“Lick some of it up baby.” She cooed and in all the excitement Jake began to lick up his own seed. But as soon as he had cleaned off her right nipple his sister came in.
“What the fuck!?!” She yelled out at the sight. His mother gently got him off her then walked over to his sister. They stood and looked at each other for the longest time, until his mother grabbed her head and forcefully stuck her cum drenched tongue into his sisters mouth.
She was reluctant at first, then overcome with extasy she returned the kiss. They stood there locked onto each other for the longest time. Until Jake stood up and moved behind his sister. She was wearing a short skirt that showed her milky white legs. He lifted it up the pulled down her panties. She lifted up her leg and tossed them away, still locked onto her mother.
Jake then took his now hard again dick and placed it between her virgin pussy lips. They were puffed out and wet, and that made Jake even more excited. So without wasting any time he plowed his dick into her pussy. She let go of his mom and screamed loudly. But Jake kept pumping faster into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly then went back to his mom.
The two finally let go of each other just as Jake was close to coming. His mother stripped off her pants then opened her legs wide to reveal a freshly shaved pussy.
“Come here and cum in you mommy.” She ordered and Jake pulled is dick from his sister and inserted it into his mother. She moaned as it entered her loose wet pussy, she then started to buck her hips with his. Jake couldn’t take it any longer and blew his load inside of her.
Jenna, Jakes sister, moaned along with him as she came. She had been fingering herself along with the scene and was now half asleep from the excitement. His mother pulled off him then walked over and laid next to his sister.
“Lets get some sleep. Tommorow is going to be a fun day.” She smiled then fell asleep.

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