In the olden days there were Gods and Goddesses who lived in and among us. They had their favorites, priests or priestesses who worshipped and adored them. In return the priests and priestess were granted favors. The clergy could then pass along these favors in return for favors of their own. Food, money and labor were popular payment. Of course the oldest form of payment was popular with the priests.

One popular Goddess in the Levant was Asherah a mother goddess who was worshiped by a group of male priests in the temple in Jerusalem. In the olden times when God's and Goddesses walked among men they often cohabited. Visiting Goddesses would stay in temple of a God or fellow Goddess and their priests would set up shop together.

Asherah was a popular Goddess to worship since her primary desire was sex. Her avatar, her human form was that of a woman with brilliant golden eyes. Eyes that would one day, in the form a many times removed descendant grace the cover of National Geographic. Asherah's eyes weren't the only thing stunning about her. She had a wild mane of flowing black hair and delightful olive skin. She had a lean athletic body she she only covered with a short skirt. Her bare breasts were large by the standards of the age and as befitting a mother goddess they were always full of milk.

She kept with her 20 priests each a fine masculine specimen. They were all strong and handsome with massive genitals. Physically they were diverse. There were some with blond hair and some with red and brown. One of the priests had blue eyes, a very novel trait in those days. He was a tall and slender, one of Asherah's favorites.

Each of the priests was to spend one day each week in the service of Asherah. The priests would enter her section of the temple naked. They would stand in line and Asherah would inspect them. She would grab a hold of their flaccid cocks and weigh their balls in her hand. She would then pick one from the line and lead him forward by the cock and lay him down on the ground. She would place a breast in his mouth and say, "Drink my child."

He would then start sucking the milk out of her breasts. As he would drink his cock would harden and his balls would swell with their own milk. When he was fully hard she would impale herself on him. The priest's job was to lie there, drink her milk and get fucked. Asherah was the one riding and the one calling the shots. She had intricate control of her vaginal muscles. While she was still she could simulate a rigorous sex while she was moving she could make it feel like she was standing still. She made sex into a contest though. He goal was to get the priests off as quickly as possible. Their goal was to drink her milk and earn favors to give out. The longer they pleasured her, and to her it was always a pleasure the more milk they got to drink and the more of her favors they were able to give out.

Upon exhausting her daily quota of priests she would move on to her toys. He favorite was a pole a yard long firmly anchored into to ground so that only a cubit would stick up. She lowered herself onto pole and let it fill her up. She would lower herself onto it and then slide back down. Sometimes using her kegel muscles to ride it down with no other support. She would ride it down squeezing her ample breasts and spraying her milk around.

There were times where she would sneak out in the night and then secretly fuck men she found sleeping. These men were given rewards of wealth and prosperity. Their ewes had more lambs, their cows had more calves and their crops grew in abundance.

Women who wanted children had take to setting up poles in their homes like Asherah's pole in the temple. Asherah on occasion would visit these home and pleasure herself on the pole. She would sneak into the marital and squirt the milk from her breasts over the husband's cock. Using the milk as lube she would rub him hard. Then she would spray her milk over the wife's bare pussy. She would whisper in the husband's ear, "Make love to your wife."

As the husband entered his wife Asherah would place her breasts in their mouths and the sleeping couple would suck as the fucked. Asherah's fingers then worked her slit, exploring her folds and working into her ever hungry hole. When she orgasmed she would leave the sleeping couple who had no memories of the nights activities.

Things went on like this for hundreds of years. Asherah would move from area to area as she was needed, bringing wealth and prosperity with her. History records that in 622 BC King Josiah of Judah purged the temple of YHWH. YHWH was a jealous God and could stand no rivals.

History doesn't record the entirety of the purge. While YHWH was a jealous God he was also a clever God. He knew that merely killing the priests and driving her out wasn't sufficient. She needed to be bound and trapped. YHWH had taught man how to write and he taught his priests to write words of power on to her pole so that when she mounted it, her spirit would be trapped inside. He also knew how to tell the story. "There had never been an actual Goddess. Her priests were driven out, not killed. Finally there had been no miracles performed." 2600 years later almost no one had heard of Asherah.

Chapter 1

Ashley Cohen, descendant of one of the priests of YHWH, was a modern 21st century woman. She was a passionate Atheist. She was currently in Haifa with her long time boyfriend Edward, for a Atheist convention entitled "God is Dead and We Killed Him." She and her boy friend had been dating for 3 years. They had met each others parents but hadn't had sex yet. He had never asked and while she lusted after his tall lean body, stylish blond hair and impeccably groomed goatee, she never brought it up. She had spent nights furiously masturbating thinking of his tight ass and immense package. She hadn't actually seen it in person but one day when Edward came back from a night out with her brother Jakob she could see that he was visibly aroused.

Ashley knew she was lucky to have a boyfriend as hot as Edward. She had dark frizzy hair, a flat chest and a large crooked nose. The nose that looked stern and commanding on her father, or bold and elegant on her brother, turned her face into a train wreck. It was a pillar to absurdity. The only good thing about it was that it drew attention from her crooked teeth. She had never had a boyfriend in high school, or college for that matter. She had studied hard, majoring in archeology, and harboring a secret crush on one of her professors, a wannabe Indiana Jones.

From other professors she learned just what an abomination Indiana Jones was as an archaeologist. She specialized in ancient religions seeking to prove the absurdities of all religion. Her father the rabbi was happy at first when he heard she was studying religions. Not so happy with her quest to disprove them all. He had hopes for her trip to Israel, even after he found out about the conference. He made her promise to at least see the western wall.

It was the second day of the conference and Ashley had just lead a roundtable discussion of the syncretism between canaanite and mesopotamian deities. Edward had claimed to be too tired and stayed in the hotel room. Ashley was shocked when she walked into her room and saw her brother and boyfriend 69'ing.

"What is this?"

"What? You didn't know?" Edward asked. "We've been dating for almost 5 years. Your father was getting suspicious so Jakob suggested you as a beard."

"Bitch!" Jakob shouted. "You were supposed to tell her."

"I thought she knew because we weren't having sex. She never approached me so I assumed this was a pink purple thing and she was getting her carpet cleaned elsewhere."

Ashley stormed out. She couldn't believe that she hadn't seen it before. How the two of them had seemed inseparable. The odd glances they gave each other and the casual touching. She was angry. She was angry at Edward for using her. She was angry at Jakob for not telling her. Most of all she was angry at herself for getting used. She ran out of the hotel with tears in her eyes and climbed on the first bus she saw. She didn't care where it was going as long as it was going away.

She took a seat in the back of the bus with the women. She hated the custom but was too upset to fight it. The bus wound its way out of the city and headed up into the mountains. She asked the woman in the seat next to her where the bus was going and was told Jerusalem. Ashley smiled, even though she hadn't planned on it she was going to be keeping her promise to her father.

Jerusalem drives people insane. It's a proven documented fact. A certain percentage of tourists who come to Jerusalem go insane and think they are historic religious figures. It is so common the police have protocols and checklists. The people bundled up, calmed down and sent home. They usually regain their senses a few days later. Oddly there isn't a particular group who get struck with the syndrome. Young or old, male or female, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Atheists. They all get struck in roughly the same proportion. Religious people say it's because the city is a holy place and people are inhabited by the spirit of God. New Agers claim that there is a confluence of Ley Lines and that the people are channelling the spirit of Mother Earth. Some people believe that it is the weight of history. Jerusalem has been occupied off and on for millennia. Buildings are built on top of buildings. Walls are built on top of walls. The Bible even talks of the difficulty of finding ground which had never been used to build Solomon's temple.

Ashley favored the idea that it was the weight of history. That was until she saw it. Then she realized just what a dump it was. 3000 year old streets don't have 21st century asthetics. The streets are tight and narrow and filled with animals and trucks that looked like they were 100 years old. There was smoke and dust and then there was the smell.

Ashley decided to make the best of it and took a tour of the city. Most of the things the tour guide told her were true. She corrected him when he was wrong and when he doubted her she went off in 4 languages (2 of them dead) explaining the deficiencies in his ideas, training and education. She described in great detail, in Arabic, just how his mother and father were related, and just what the family dog did to bring them all together. Finally he got sick of her and chased her out of the tour group. Ashley was now alone in the old city. She wandered around looking at various shops until she found what was being billed as an ancient walking stick.

The stick was a about a yard long with a blunt end and a rounded end. The rounded end seemed to be stained dark and worn smooth. The blunt end had a reddish earthly look, like that end had been buried for a long time with the rounded up, and some sort of fluid had been poured over it repeatedly. She recognized it as an Asherah post. On a whim she decided to buy it. Maybe it could get her a real boyfriend. If not she could use it in the traditional manner and it could fill in for a boyfriend.

When she got back to the hotel Edward and Jakob were sitting there waiting for her. She didn't say a word but raised her stick and started to beat them with it. They ran out into the hallway and she threw the deadbolt.

She lay back on the bed and looked at her prize. She had paid far more for it than any tourist would for a walking stick, but far less than this particular piece of history was worth. She held the smooth rounded end in her hands and kissed the tip, like she had always dreamed of kissing Edwards dick. She slid her hand down the shaft and felt some grooves that hadn't been visible on the wood. She tool a piece of paper and a pencil and started to make a rubbing. Archaic Hebrew letters came out but she couldn't quite puzzle the meaning. It was like an unknown tense of the language. As close as she could puzzle out it was "Eternal Imprisonment for Asherah" She took a picture of the rubbing with her camera and sent it off to her father and a couple of professors at the university.

Ashley was feeling grimy from the trip and decided to take a shower. She started up the water in the shower and climbed in. The hot water rained down on her. She had never been one to shave her body hair and now she was scrubbing her hairy armpits and legs. As she washed her furry bush she started to massage her clit. It felt so good. She rubbed more and started to think of Edward. That was the first time that she had seen him naked and his cock had looked so tasty poking up above his shaved balls. It was odd she thought. He had a wisp of a beard, but aside from that he was hairless. She started to think of his toned hairless body and how good it would feel to rub herself against it. She wanted to know how his cock had tasted. Her brother had tasted her boyfriends cock why hadn't she. She wanted to taste Edward's cock and to feel it inside of her.

Ashely drove her fingers into her cunt hard. She worked them in and out her natural juices slicking her fingers further. She could tell that this was going to be a great orgasm. She pinched her left nipple and continued to drive her fingers in and out. Her body started to shake and she felt her legs give out. She slid down the wall of the shower her one hand working her nipple and the other working her cunt.

She kept thinking back to seeing her brother and Edward sucking each other off. She wanted to have Edwards cock inside her. In her mouth and her pussy and even her ass. She slid one finger out of her pussy and started to work it into her asshole. She drove her fingers in and out thinking that they were Edwards cock. Then she started thinking about her brother. She had never thought of her brother that way before. She wondered what it would be like to fuck her brother, or maybe both him and Edward at the same time. She could probably blackmail them into it. Threaten to tell her father. He would disown Jakob for sure.

She started thinking of Jakob. Wondering what it would be like to have him licking her pussy. He had a full beard. She imagined it would tickle. She took her hand off of her nipple and then moved it down to her clit. One hand was working her pussy with 3 fingers. The pinkie was in her ass. The other hand was now pulling on her clit. She shook with a powerful orgasms and then another. She kept shuddering with delight but it didn't seem to be enough. She shut off the shower and ran to the bedroom. She stood the Asherah pole upright and lowered herself onto it. It was just the right height. With her standing straight up there was an inch of it sticking into her pussy. Working her clit with one hand and steadying her self with the other she bent her knees and lowered herself onto the pole.

Ashley was rubbing furiously and stood up letting the pole slide out. She lowered herself farther getting 6" in this time. She stood back up, the ancient wood seemed to mold itself to her insides. She lowered her self down again. Up and down she went. Everytime she went a little deeper until finally the pole was grinding uncomfortably against her cervix. When that happened she had a thundering orgasm. Her juices flow down the pole and made an obscene pool on the floor. She collapsed backward onto the bed, the massive pole buried deeper in her than anything had ever been before. She was panting and gently rubbing her clit in circles, slowly orgasming until she passed out.

That night Ashley's dreams were full of visions of the past. She dreamt she was the Goddess Asherah leading orgies of men and women in a massive fertility rite to bring rain down on a parched land. She dreamt of having sex with while their wives slept peacefully next to them. She dreamt of orgasming in the middle of a field and suddenly a well appearing underneath her watering the crops. She dreamt of walking naked through a field filled with rutting animals. As she touched each cow or ewe it became pregnant. As she touched each ram or bull it ejaculated.

She dreamt of a whole pantheon of immortal Gods and Goddesses, walking among mankind, healing the sick, making crops grow. She also dreamt of cursing the unbelievers, punishing the worshipers of other false Gods. She dreamt of having immense power.

When Ashley woke up in the morning she knew that there was something different. She wasn't sure what though. She remembered the dreams of being the Goddess. She carefully removed the pole from her pussy and suddenly missed it. She idly rubbed her clit as she walked to the bathroom. She really missed having something in there.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at her nose. She had never really liked it. It was large and crooked. It had earned her harassment in school. All the girls referred to her as "the Jew", even though there had been other Jews in her school. Some of the Jewish girls had even called her "the Jew". She pushed on her nose slightly. She used to do that all the time as a child, hoping that one day it would stay that way. Much to her surprise her nose shrank and started sinking into her face. She took her other hand and started change it around, She played with the idea of no nose, or a trunk like and elephant. When she thought of an elephant and stretched out her nose it took on a wrinkly grey appearance. For a whim she tried raising it and sure enough it worked. She thought it has serious possibilities if she ever decided to take up lesbianism. She shrank her nose back to it's original size and then shaped it slightly. She made it straighter and sharper. Like honing a blade.

She looked at her bushy eyebrows that she had never really done anything with and then ran her fingers over them. The instantly smoothed out and shrank. She looked at her hair and wondered what it would be like to be a blonde. She ran her hands through it and it changed from almost black to long straight platinum blonde. She ran her hands through a few more time and until settling on straight black hair. She looked at her eyes. They were a dull brown color. She blinked and they were blue. Another blink turned them green. She blinked again and settled on a golden rainbow color that she saw on the picture of Sharbat Gula a Pastun villager in National Geographic.

She looked down at her body and realized that her breasts would never do. She traced slow circles around her nipples making them larger, darker and more prominent. Her areola spread out as well. She pulled on nipples and the whole breast expanded as they stetched out. She cupped her hands under her long pointy breasts and began to gently squeeze them. As she squeezed them they contracted and then popped back bigger. They were now up to a a full DD cup with only the slightest big of sag.

Happy with her breasts she smoothed her hands over her belly like she was flattening a sheet and her slight paunch disappeared. She looked down at her hairy snatch. She had never been one to shave it. Perhaps it was the feminist in her. She never really had anyone to shave it for. She new when she went to the pool or the beach that the hairs would pop out the sides of her suit but she had never cared before. Now she wanted to be sexy. She thought that men preferred a shaved look. One quick swipe of her hands the hair was gone. She quickly shed the hair under her arms on on her legs. She wondered how many women would envy her ability to do that. She smiled maybe it's a new blessing for a new age.

She looked down at her pussy. He newly bare lips where lying relatively smoothly. She stretched the outer lips a bit and then started to play with the inner ones. She stretched those a little bit out as well. It felt so nice to touch them she thought.

She looked over her body once again. She started to zap the occasional mole or scar. She erase the old acne scars from her forehead. She felt sexy and she wanted a good fuck. Ashley was caught up in Asherah's memories. A priest or a dozen. Men to worship her, to dole out her favors. She knew that the more followers she had, the more power she would have, but first she needed some sex.

Ashley thought about going out naked and realized while Haifa is fairly progressive, it had its limits. She found a pair of her panties. They were plain white cotton, functional, but not sexy or fun. She balled them up in her hands and pulled out a black thong. She stepped into the thong and then spread her lips a bit so that they enveloped the sides of the thong. With every step around the room she felt the fabric rubbing against them and it was making her hornier. She grabbed one of Edwards dress shirts and buttoned one button. When she walked she was showing off her pussy. A slight turn of her shoulders was all it took to bare a breast. She squeezed the breast and longed for it to be full of milk. That would require a pregnancy, and that would require a man. She had just the man in mind, or men actually.

Ashley left her room and started to the elevator. She knew her brother and boyfriend would be at the beach. In the elevator was a cute young couple headed down the to the beach as well. She whispered in the woman's ear "If you are ever looking for a third, give me a call." She cupped the woman's breast and slid a hand into her suit. With her merest touch the other woman's pussy was soaking wet. Ashley smiled at the boyfriend. When the elevator reached the lobby, the couple looked at each other and road back to their room. Ashley knew they were fucking before she made it to the beach.

On the beach she found Jakob and Edward lying next to each other in the sand. They were holding hands and both of them were sporting semi-hardons barely concealed by their speedo's.

"Gentleman, I will give you one chance and one chance only to make this all up to me, or else I'll tell father, or worse."

"Ashley is that you?" Jakob asked. She realized her voice was the same but her appearance was dramatically different.

"Yeah, when did you grow tits?"

"When did you ever care. Up the room now and we will get this sorted."

The two men picked up their beach gear and followed Ashley back to her room. She opened the door for them and they sullenly marched in. Once inside Ashley had then stand shoulder to shoulder. She knelt down in front of Edward and pulled down his Speedo. She saw his cock pop out. She traced a finger down it's length and it sprang to attention. Ashley sucked the tip into her mouth. He tasted like suntan lotion. She spat his cock out and looked down at it. She realized that he wasn't circumcised. She stood up and looked him in the eyes. She took hold of his penis.

"You know why men are circumcized?" She asked him.

"It's a religious ceremony of a bigoted and homophobic god, with no practical purpose. It's a mutilation that strips men of pleasure"

"How wrong you." she said as she traced a finger around the tip of his cock. "It prevents disease. Studies in Africa show a 75% decrease in transmission of AIDS and other STD's. It prevents penile cancer. Now you wouldn't want to lose this fine specimen to cancer would you? True that circumcision also delays orgasm, but that just means more sex for me right?"

Edward didn't know what to say but looked down in shock as his foreskin fell off painlessly and bloodlessly. He wanted to say something or do something but he couldn't move. Ashley kissed him on the lips and drove her tongue into his mouth.

She licked her lips and walked over to her brother. She knelt down in front of him and pulled down his speedo revealing a cock that was smaller than Edwards. It wasn't terribly small but she wasn't happy with it. She traced a finger along it and it was instantly erect. She gently sucked on the head and tasted the suntan lotion again. She stood up and shook her head.

"You too were going to get mind blowing blowjobs, but that suntan lotion." She shook her head.

Ashley looked into her brothers eyes and started to stroke his dick with one hand while massaging his balls with the other. "So how does it feel not to measure up. I've heard that's a big thing in the gay community. Size matters. Are there people who prefer small cocks? People with tight asses? So after taking Edward's cock do you look like Goatse back there? Can I get my fist in up to the elbow?"

She kissed her brother hard on the lips. She drove her tongue into his mouth, savoring every bit of it. She pulled away and he looked down at his cock. It looked like a grotesque monstrosity now. It was at least a foot long and as big around as a baseball bat. His testicles had swollen monstrously as well. They were now plum sized.

She smiled and grabbed Edward's cock and used it to lead him to the bed. She pushed him down and then climbed on and straddled his face, facing his cock.

"Jakob, turn around and watch our boyfriend pleasure me." Jakob turned involuntarily and stared has Edward started to lick his sister pussy. Edward licked between her lips. He started at the clit and then licked his way down.

"A little more Eddie, all the way to my asshole. Like that too. I want it so clean you could eat off of it."

Edward licked a bit more vigorously. His tongue swirled around her clit and then down the slit. He would take her inner lips into his mouth alternating left and right with every pass. He pushed his tongue into her waiting pussy and she smiled.

"You are getting good at this." She said as his tongue did laps of her asshole She pushed slightly and her pucker opened and Edwards tongue slipped in a bit.

"Not bad." She got up and positioned her ass over his cock and slid down onto it. She sighed in pleasure as he filled her ass. He gently thrust. "So you do like doing it in the ass. Tell me, is mine as good as my brother's?" She started to squeeze her sphincter around his cock.

"I don't know, he won't let me."

"Interesting." she said as she rode up and down on his cock.

"Brother dear. Come here and fuck your sister. I lost my cherry years ago, but you will be the first man inside me."

Jakob walked over unsure of what to do.

"What about condoms?" he asked.

"That's silly, if you wore a condom I couldn't get pregnant and I am not letting the two of you out of might sight until I have a bun in the oven."

Jakob hesitantly walked forward and put the tip of his cock against his sisters pussy.

"Man up." She said as she rose up and slammed down hard on Edwards cock. "Think about this. The sooner you get it in, the sooner you get it out."

Edward started shuddering underneath her. His cock spewing sperm up into her rectum. He could feel her anus tighten and contract around his cock milking every last bit out of him.

Jakob pushed the tip of his cock into his sister's waiting snatch. It felt like a warm wet oven. It was hotter and wetter than anything he had ever fucked and it felt like it was pulling him in. He pushed his new massive cock in, sure that he was going to hit bottom soon, but he only did when he was all the way in. With his cock fully in he felt the tip of it kiss her cervix. His peehole was lined up with the hole in her cervix. He could feel the two orifices kissing deep in her vagina. He pulled his massive new tool out and slammed it back in.

"Yes!" Ashly shouted. "Harder."

Jakob was angry at being used like this. He was angry at having to fuck his sister, and he was even angrier at himself for wanting it. He realized that he wanted to fuck her more than anything and he was furious about it. He turned his rage into more vigorous thrusts. He thought he would be tearing her apart with his new massive cock and angry thrusts but she was taking it and begging for more. Everytime he pulled back he could feel her cunt pulling him back in. It grabbed him, massaged him and twisted and pulled. When he slammed in it loosened. Sliding out of the way so he could get his cock deep in.

He looked at Ashley's eyes and realized the color had changed. He saw all sorts of changes now. The slight change to the nose, a missing birthmark.

Ashley was in heaven. She was being filled like she had never been filled before. Her brother was deep inside her and she was soon going to be pregnant then a mother. Then she would have blessings to share. She would be able to do more and reach her full power. She looked up at her brother. He would make an excellent high priest, at least until her son grew. Then she realized her brother was having second thoughts and pulling away.

Ashley changed the way her cunt was working his cock. She squeezed him tighter on the way in. Slowing him down. He was getting angry and thrusting harder. She wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in. Once he was all the way in, his cock lined up perfectly with the opening to her womb she commanded him, "Cum."

His cock started jerking and spasming. The cum flooded out and into her fertile womb. He had never cum that hard before. He had never cum in a woman before. Her pussy was still milking his softening penis and he wasn't sure he would be able to pull out. Ashley released him and as he pulled out he could see she was smiling as she rubbed her clit.

Edward and Jakob lay in bed next to each other. The look traumatized. Ashley picked up her phone and made a call. Jakob looked terrified when Ashley said, "Hi daddy! You were so right about the trip to Jerusalem changing my perspective on religion and guess what? Edward's going to convert and marry me! He's had the bris and soon we'll be getting you a whole bunch of grandchildren."

Edward lowered his head in shame and fear.

"And Jakob will be living with us. I think he's had his own religious vision as well"

Jakob shook his head and knew there was nothing he could do.

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