Jack and his sister become incest lovers and future parents
Jack and Emma -An Incest Love Story

By I Writer

Jack and Emma had always been close. They had slept in the same bedroom until they were six and eight. That year they moved to a bigger home and each had a bedroom. He missed being in the same room together. Emma was pretty and soft and he loved sneaking into her bed snuggling with her until mom or dad would move him back to his own bed.

Both Jack and Emma were attractive kids. Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. And athletic. Both excelled at soccer at an early age. In fact they played in leagues all year round. As a result they had thin lean bodies.

When Jack turned twelve he discovered the joys of wanking off. Since he had his own room, he had the privacy to enjoy himself anytime. The kids shared a bathroom, a so called Jack and Jill bathroom. If he had covered himself with an unusually large load, he could dash in the bathroom and take a quick shower.

He discovered he could find lots of pictures of naked women on the internet to help him imagine what it would be like to fuck a girl. He also found sites to help him construct simple vagina substitutes. He would spend hours jerking off in front of the computer.

Of course Jack and Emma both had FaceBook pages. One night at the age of eighteen, as Jack was surfing the internet he decided to check out his sister's page. His heart almost stopped. He knew Emma and a group of friends had gone to the beach last week. She had posted at least fifty pictures of her and her girlfriends posing on the beach. One was a full length shot of Emma in a very tight bikini. His little sister was absolutely gorgeous with two luscious mounds of developing breasts.

Fortunately, he was just in his underwear. He pulled out his already firm cock and within a minute his chest was covered with streams of cum. He leaned back in his chair and imagined being in bed on top of Emma thrusting his cock into her virgin pussy. He went stiff again and within two minutes emptied a second load on his chest.

Just as his cock was going limp he returned to reality and thought to himself, "I am thinking about having sex with my baby sister. This is wrong. That would be incest."

Feeling guilty but without any tissues to clean up his creamy chest, Jack decided to take a quick shower. Jack ran to the adjoining bathroom and opened the door. Standing at the sink in just a bra and panties was Emma taking out her contacts.

She turned around and looked at Jack in shock. In a fearful voice she asked, " Jack what happened to your chest. It's covered with white stuff. And why is your thingie so big in your hand?"

Jack's face went completely red but his "thingie" still in his hand was getting hard for a third time. He did not know what to say. Obviously his sixteen year old sister did not know about masturbation. He finally stammered, "Emma, I am fine. Let me take a shower and I will come to your room later and explain everything."

Emma disappeared through her side of the bedroom allowing Jack to kick off his boxers and slip into the shower. For a third time he jacked off. He could not believe how much his sister turned him on. Standing in the warm water not only rinsed off the cum but allowed him time to think about what he would say to Emma.

He toweled himself off and went back to his room to put on a pair of athletic shorts. He seldom wore anything else to bed. He reentered the bathroom and knocked on Emma's door. The sweetest voice in the world said, "Come on in Jack."

Emma was propped up in her bed with a couple of pillows. His sister had on a pink nightshirt which exposed her beautiful legs. She patted the bed and said" Sit down next to me and tell me what happened to you."

Jack slowly approached her bed and sat down. The image of being on top of her popped into his mind. He had to get rid of that image if he were to get through the next few minutes without a fourth hard on.

"Emma, I know in tenth grade the teachers have a lesson called sex education." Emma slightly embarrassed nodded in agreement.

"You know then that a couple can make a baby when a man puts his penis in the woman's vagina and sperm comes out." Again, Emma nodded.

"Well, sometimes boys get excited when they see pictures of pretty naked girls and their thingies get hard. If a boy rubs his penis the right way, it feels really good. If you rub long enough, the sperm will come out in a sticky white fluid called cum."

Emma asked , " So that's what happened to you?" Jack smiled slightly and nodded yes.

" OK I just wanted to make sure you were not sick or something."

Jack was surprised at how matter of fact Emma was acting. He was afraid she would have freaked out and ran to their parents and described the encounter in the bedroom. But he was really shocked by her next words.

" Jack, I really miss being in the same room with you. I miss how you would come over to my bed and cuddle with me. Do you think you could stay a few minutes more and snuggle with me?"

She had made an invitation he could not refuse.

"OK but only for a few minutes, " he nervously replied.

Emma scooted over and he positioned himself next to her.

"Put your arms around me and hug me like you used to, " she whispered to him.

As soon as he did, she gave Jack a quick kiss on the lips. " Thanks for being such a sweet big brother," she whispered again.

Jack knew what was about to happen. His cock was stirring and within thirty seconds his cock was hard as a rock. He knew that Emma must have felt it growing between them.

"Jack, your thingie is getting hard. Are you getting excited? Have you been looking at pictures of naked girls?" she asked in an innocent voice.

Fortunately Emma had given him an excuse. "Ya, I have been looking at some pictures on the internet. But please don't tell mom or dad."

"I won't if you promise to come to my room more often at night and snuggle with me."

"Emma, that's a promise I can keep!"

The two spent the next hour holding each other enjoying the warmth of each other's body. After an hour Jack went back to his room and immediately dumped another load. He had a hard time getting to sleep thinking about his sexy sister sleeping just one room away.

Jack kept his promise and snuggled with Emma almost every night. Thankfully, their parents never checked on them. The months passed and his desire for his sister grew more passionate. He kept on thinking how great it would be to be fucking Emma. He kept on reminding himself that it would be incest but he was getting more comfortable with the idea. He loved Emma and wanted to fulfill his dream.

Spring soccer season began and both had a full schedule of games. Fortunately, their games were on the same nights and same fields. Since the field was only a mile away, and their parents had long lost interest in watching, Jack and Emma would bike over to the field. Jack played first and he would of course stay and watch his sister play.

On a very hot and humid night in July they biked over to the field. Jack was an outstanding striker and made the last goal of the game with seconds to spare. Jack was hot and sweaty and he ripped off his shirt. Being proud of her big brother, Emma ran on to the field to give him a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips. She then ran off to join her team for warm ups.

Of course, Jack's team members were all envious that he got a hug and kiss from such a beautiful blond with a hot body even though it was his sister. One of his team mates proclaimed "If she was my sister, I would be fucking her."

Jack was embarrassed but he had no response. He did want to fuck his sister.

Fortunately, none of his team mates stayed for Emma's game. Shirtless, he stood there watching his sexy sixteen year old sister move the ball up and down the field. And just like him, she scored the winning goal in the final seconds of the game. And just like Jack she ripped off her jersey. She was wearing a sports bra that clearly showed that her breasts had developed into respectable B cups.

Jack ran on to the field, embraced his sister and gave her a kiss that lasted a few seconds. Jack at that moment knew he loved his sister and wanted to have sex with her. He no longer cared if it was incest.

They biked home just as the sun was going down. Their parents were gone for the evening and would not be back till after midnight. They ran up stairs and both claimed rights to taking a shower first.

Outside the bathroom door Jack said " Remember when we were little kids and took baths together? Why don't we save time and take a shower together?"

Emma's face beamed with enthusiasm and she responded , "That's a great idea. Let's take off our clothes in our rooms and meet in the bathroom."

Jack ran to his room and stripped in record time. His mind raced out of control thinking about seeing his beautiful and sexy sister in the nude. And he was not disappointed. He opened the bathroom door and saw Emma standing naked. Her breasts were incredible. He then gazed at her hairless pussy and all sorts of nasty thoughts raced through his mind.

"Come on Jack let's get in the shower. I am hot and sweaty. I need a long hot shower." Jack's brain came back to reality. He followed his sister into the shower. She turned on the faucets to just the right temperature. Overwhelmed by the warm water and his naked sister, his cock snapped to attention. He had no control.

" Jack were you looking at pictures of naked girls? Your thingie is all hard."

It was time to confess. "No, Emma it's hard because I am looking at you."

She smiled and said, "Do you think I have a sexy body? You're getting excited by your baby sister?"

He embraced her and simply said, "Yes."

She gave him a kiss and said, "Let's finish showering and meet back in my room. We can lay in my bed and snuggle."

They finished up, toweled and went to their separate rooms. Jack was a bit confused. Emma was not shocked at all about taking a shower together. Now he didn't know if he should put something on or enter her room naked. He went through his drawers and found a pair of silk boxers. Good enough and they would slide off very easily if the opportunity arose. He also decided to bring along a tube of lube.

He passed though the bathroom and knocked on Emma's door. She told him to come on in. Instead of a nightshirt she was wearing a matching pink bra and thong.

"Come on in my bed Jack and snuggle with me. "

A very compliant Jack slid next to her and they started hugging. Emma broke the silence, " Over the last year Jack I have been reading a lot on the internet about sex. I also learned that girls can get excited by rubbing a special place in their vagina. A few weeks ago I tried it and it felt incredible. I think I had an orgasm. Every night since I have been rubbing myself and when I do I think about my handsome brother and hoping to see his cock."

Jack was overwhelmed by what she had just said. His little sister was growing up and she shared his same desires. Of course by now, his cock was ready for anything.

Jack leaned forward and kissed his sister on the lips. And she kissed back with a little tongue action.
"Jack, I also learned about French kissing."

For the next ten minutes their bodies and lips were locked together. At the end, Jack's cock needed some relief.

"Emma, I know a way we can get each other excited. You might get a little messy but I think you will enjoy it."

Emma replied, "That sounds great! What do we have to do?"

"Well first you have to take off the bra and thong and I will slip out of my boxers." That took maybe three seconds. Jack was now laying next to his naked sexy sister with a raging hard on.

Jack's eyes were focused on Emma's breasts. She understood and she took his hands and placed them on her breasts. The feeling was incredible. But Jack wanted more. He took his hand off her right breast and put his mouth on it and started to suck it. Emma softly moaned.

He wasn't forgetting his cock and said to Emma, " Now I am going to show you how I stroke my cock and I want you to do the same thing with your hand." Jack took out his lube and put some on his cock. Jack explained to Emma that lube reduced friction and increased his pleasure. Emma was a quick learner and started stroking his cock.

"Now I am going to reach down on your pussy and rub that special place that gets you excited," Jack explained.

If nothing else, the internet had provided Jack detailed pictures of a girl's vagina and where the sweet spot was located. He found her clitoris, applied some lube and started rubbing.

"Oh Jack that feels incredible," Emma said with satisfaction.

Jack could not believe that he was getting his first hand job from his own beautiful sexy sixteen year old sister. She expertly stroked his cock concentrating near the tip that gave him the most pleasure. And from Emma's moans he could tell that she was enjoying the experience.

Over the last year Jack had learned self control so that he could experience pleasure over a longer period of time. He was able to go at least fifteen minutes before ejaculating. Also, he had learned that women enjoyed foreplay and longer was better. So brother and sister went on and on stopping occasionally for a passionate kiss.

After a while Jack decided to be adventuresome and slipped his finger up into his sister's virgin vagina and started a slow and gentle in and out motion. "Jack that feels so good. Please do it faster, " she pleaded.

Jack was more than ready to comply. Her moaning increased and he was getting ready to come. Jack in a breathless voice said, "Emma I am ready to come and that sticky white stuff is going to shoot out of my cock."

"Go ahead Jack. Squirt your cum all over my chest."

That was all Jack could take. Stream after stream of white cum splashed on Emma's chest. Finally satisfied they collapsed on their backs. Jack looked over at Emma and saw his sperm all over her chest. Emma looked back with a look of complete satisfaction.

What happened next shocked him. She took a finger, scooped up some of his warm cum and put it in her mouth. "Big brother, this stuff tastes so good." She then proceeded to scoop up all of the cum on her chest and swallow it. In a few minutes, she had a clean chest.

Emma had missed a few spots on her breasts and he volunteered to finish the clean up. He licked and sucked off the remnants of his cum off of her firm breasts. Emma was right, it didn't taste too bad.

Brother and sister snuggled and kissed for a while. Jack decided it was time to tell Emma exactly how he felt about her. " Emma you know I have always liked you as a sister. I always enjoyed snuggling with you when we were kids. But last year after you saw me in the bathroom with a chest full of cum, I started to have different feelings about you. I realized how sexy you are and over the last year I have fallen in love with you. I know you are my sister but I want you as my girlfriend."

Emma responded with a big hug and kiss. "I feel the same way about you Jack. You are the most handsome boy I know and you know exactly how to get me excited. I want to be your girlfriend and spend every night in bed with you."

That's all it took for Jack's cock to go hard again. "You know, Emma, there is another way we can get each other excited using our mouths."

Emma had a puzzled look on her face so Jack explained the 69 position to her. She had never thought about sucking a boy's cock while the boy used his tongue to stimulate the clitoris. She readily agreed and they moved into position. Her mouth and his tongue went into action.

Jack was in heaven. He was getting his first blow job from a sixteen year old girl who was also his sister. The warm moist mouth on his cock felt incredible. This must be what a vagina is like he thought to himself. In turn, his tongue was working over her pussy. She would stop sucking his cock for a few seconds so she could moan in ecstasy. After twenty minutes Jack knew he was about to come. He stopped to warn his sister, "Emma, I'm about to come. If you want to stop sucking that's OK or else I am going to drop a load in your mouth."

Emma would not stop and Jack ejaculated right into her mouth. Jack couldn't believe that Emma could swallow that much cum so fast. After she had sucked him dry, they fell back on the bed and just looked at each other with a look of passion and satisfaction.

A little cum was dripping down the side of her mouth so he leaned forward to lick it off with his tongue which led to a five minute kiss with lots of tongue action.

Unfortunately, their parents would be home in a few minutes so he gave Emma one final kiss, put on his shorts and headed back to his room. At that moment he heard his parents enter the front door. After that much action with Emma, Jack went right to sleep dreaming of his sexy sister and all of the fun they had enjoyed tonight.

For the next week Jack would pass through the connecting bathroom and join his sister in bed. He no longer wore his shorts and Emma was always naked on the bed. The only thing he brought along was his tube of lube. They would enjoy at least an hour of hugging, kissing and sucking before Jack would return to his room.

During the week, their parents mentioned they were going to a resort over the weekend. They were leaving Saturday morning and would be back late Sunday afternoon. They were confident that Jack and Emma were old enough and responsible enough to care themselves for one night.

Jack told his parents, "Don't worry. Emma is in safe hands. " Emma gave him a quick smile.

That night in bed while going though their usual mutual masturbation routine, Jack looked into Emma's eyes with passion and said, " Just think Emma we can spend all of Saturday night in bed together."

"Jack I can hardly wait. I have always wanted to wake up in the morning with you beside me."

Jack's head was starting to spin. That old image of being on top of Emma and thrusting his cock into her popped into his head. He thought about crossing that final line and starting a complete incestuous relationship with the sexiest girl he knew - his own baby sister. He just didn't know if Emma was ready for intercourse.

Saturday morning came and their parents were off to the resort. They left fifty dollars for food and snacks and told them to have a good time. Jack assured them they would have a good time. Emma nodded in agreement.

Both Jack and Emma had soccer games that afternoon. They discussed their plans for the day. Emma suggested that they go on a real date for dinner with the fifty dollars their parents had left them. They decided on a small romantic Italian café near their home. Jack thought it was a great way to show off his "girlfriend".

After the soccer games they biked home and jumped into the shower together. They kissed passionately under the warm water but decided to wait till after their date to snuggle. Jack was secretly hoping for more than snuggling I bed tonight.

Jack put on black pants and a long sleeve shirt. He borrowed a tie from his dad's closet. He wanted to look really good for Emma tonight. He was hoping that this would be the night that he would complete his sexiest incestuous dreams with his beautiful sister turned girlfriend.

He waited downstairs for Emma. Coming down the stairs he could not believe that it was Emma. She was wearing makeup, a short red dress with a very low neckline and heels. She was beyond beautiful. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek explaining , "I don't want to mess up my lipstick. We will have plenty of time later for kissing … and other things."

They took a look at themselves in the full length mirror that hung in the entryway. They were a very attractive looking couple. . They walked the short distance to the restaurant. They were greeted at the front door by the host who said to Jack, "I must complement you on your beautiful date. She is stunning." As they were led to their table, more than a few heads turned to admire them. Jack imagined that all the men wanted to exchange places to be with his date.

The meal was great and they held hands and made small talk about the soccer games. In reality both were thinking about sleeping the whole night together. In addition, Jack was hoping that this was the night he would finally fuck his sister.

After walking home, they went straight upstairs. Emma made a suggestion, "Why don't we go to our parents room? They have a much bigger bed than mine and we can be comfortable. I'll make sure I change the sheets in the morning and they will never know."

They walked down the hallway and entered their parents' bedroom and moved towards the bed. They embraced and kissed. Then they fell on top of each other on the king sized bed. Jack overtaken by the moment said, " Emma I am in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Emma responded by saying, "And I love you big brother and I want to be your wife."

It was time to take their clothes off. Jack helped Emma out of her dress, bra and panties. Emma stood in front of him fully nude and took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, unzipped his pants and finally helped him pull off his boxers and socks. The naked couple stood silently admiring each others bodies. His cock of course was fully erect and ready for action. He reached down and felt the wetness of her cunt. Little sister was also ready for action.

They pulled back the covers and slipped into the bed together. They were kissing more passionately than ever before.

Finally, Jack worked up enough courage to make his incestuous proposal. "Emma you said you want to be my wife and I want to be your husband just like mom and dad." Emma nodded.

"Well you know what husbands and wives do in bed to really satisfy each other?"

Emma nodded again, " I know Jack. The husband puts his cock in the woman's vagina and pushes it in and out. And I want you to do that to me tonight."
Jack was ecstatic. It was finally time for incestuous love making with his sister. He was fulfilling his dream of fucking the most gorgeous girl in the world.

"If your ready Emma so am I." Emma nodded with a huge smile.

"Now I want you to spread your legs and I am going to get on top of you . Don't worry I won't crush you. As soon as my cock is in you wrap your legs around me."

Jack got into position and lowered his cock to the entrance of Emma's vagina. She was used to his finger by now but he didn't know how she would react to a six inch cock going inside her. The tip of his cock was dripping with precum and she was visibly wet. No need for lube tonight.

He let the tip of his penis play with her clitoris. She was obviously enjoying the foreplay so he kept the action going for a few minutes. But now it was time to start the incest sex for real. He found her opening and pushed the tip of his cock inside his sister. The sensation was amazing. His cock was engulfed by unbelievable warmth and wetness. Slowing he inserted his cock until all six inches disappeared into his virgin sister's cunt.

He stopped and told Emma "I love you. Are you ready for intercourse?"

She smiled sweetly and said, " Go ahead big brother. Make me a real woman."

Those were the words he had dreamed of hearing. He pumped his cock in and out slowly to give Emma a chance to get used to his cock inside her body. Her smiling and moaning convinced him she was ready for more. His cock went in faster and faster and his pleasure increased more and more. This was so much better than jerking off.

Jack soon learned to control his rate of fucking. He did not want to cum too soon. He wanted their first time to be real special. After ten minutes he felt a strange sensation. He felt like his little sister's cunt was sucking his cock in and then he felt a rippling sensation.

"Oh Jack," she screamed " I think I am having my first orgasm." He couldn't believe that his little sister was ready for orgasms. He stopped for a moment but she begged him to go on. Jack did not know how much longer he could go but he was determined to give Emma as much pleasure as possible.
After another ten minutes he was ready to cum and told her to get ready. She begged him to hold on for a few more seconds. "Please Jack hold on and we can come together."

He held on till her cunt started clamping down on his cock. Just as he released his load he felt the rippling sensation again. They had climaxed together. The incestuous act was complete. He had fucked his own sister and they were no longer virgins but an incest couple

Jack stayed inside Emma until his cock went limp. Suddenly he thought about all of his incestuous sperm swimming up her vagina heading for her womb.
He fell on his back and looked over to Emma. He said in a soft voice, "I love you Emma. Thank you for the best night of my life. I will never have sex with another girl. You're more than a sister or girlfriend. I want to marry you some day. Will you promise to be my wife someday?"

Emma smiled, leaned over and kissed her big brother. "If that's a marriage proposal, my answer is yes."

For the next half hour brother and sister were wrapped in each other's arms proclaiming their love for each other.

Jack was still thinking about his sperm reaching one of Emma's eggs. " Emma, I have to ask you a question. Are you on birth control?"

Emma in a slightly embarrassed voice replied, "No, but mom thinks i should be. Why do you ask? Do you think you just got me pregnant? "she giggled.

"Well if you were, I don't know how we would explain that to mom and dad."

"Don't worry. Who get's pregnant their first time?"

Jack was reassured and the couple went on to have sex five more times before the sun rose.

Jack woke up and looked at his sister Emma sleeping silently next to him. He smiled and thought about the events of the past twenty four hours that led to the most satisfying night of his life. Already his six inch cock had sprung into action. He hoped that Emma would wake up soon and be ready for some more incestuous lovemaking.

He watched her breasts go up and down with her breathing. Last night she had fulfilled his greatest desire and now they were an incest couple who had vowed to become husband and wife some day. Emma was stirring and she opened her eyes and saw her handsome brother looking at her.

She reached over and pulled his head down for a kiss. "Good morning big brother. How is my lover doing?"

"Great, " he responded. " I was just wondering if you were ready for some morning sex?" Emma smiled and spread her legs. Jack inserted his cock and began another round of incestuous lovemaking. They went two more rounds before they decided it was time to take a shower.

After showering and a late breakfast, the couple went back to their parents room. They picked up their clothes and brought them back to their rooms. Then they stripped the bed and took the sheets to the laundry room. The sheets were stained by multiple acts of their incestuous lovemaking. After an hour the sheets were washed and dried and back on their parents bed.

It was three o'clock in the afternoon. Their parents were going to be home in an hour. They looked at each other, smiled and ran for Emma's bedroom. They tore off their clothes and made love for the first time in Emma's bed. Jack emptied one more load into Emma before their parents arrived home.

Weeks flew by and Jack and Emma used every opportunity they were alone to have sex. At bedtime, Jack would wait until his parents were asleep before joining Emma in her bed. It was hard to leave her when they finished making love but he was afraid he would fall asleep and one of his parents would find them naked in bed together. He wished he could wake up with his lover every morning.

One day after a very close soccer game, Emma came off the field looking pale and said. "I think I'm going to throw up." Jack led her over to a wooded area and she threw up.

Jack was worried about his little sister, "Are you OK, Emma?"

"I'm fine. I must have ran too much today. "

However, Emma continued to be nauseous every day and would throw up.

Jack told her that she needed to tell mom and dad right away. They were also concerned and took her to an urgent care clinic. The doctor did a series of tests including one that involved peeing on something that looked like a digital thermometer.

The doctor called her parents into his office and calmly explained that Emma was pregnant. "Emma is a healthy and strong young girl. I expect she will have no problems with the pregnancy. I'll let you two decide how to tell Emma."

Their parents had noticed how close Emma and Jack had become over the last couple months. They also remembered the day they got back from the resort. They were surprised by the clean sheets on their bed. They quickly deduced that Emma and Jack had shared their bed for a night and now they were about to become grandparents.

Instead of freaking out and getting angry, they calmly decided on a plan of action. They had always wanted another child but never got around to it. Now they would have a chance to enjoy another baby in the house. They also decided that it would be impossible to keep Emma and Jack apart. It was incest but they thought it would be worse to separate them.

When they arrived home, the family sat together in the family room. Jack sat close to his sister. Their parents calmly announced that Emma was pregnant and they believed Jack was the father. The incest couple had been caught. Jack feared what his parents would say next. He feared being sent off to boarding school and never having sex with Emma again. It was a fate worse than death.

They were shocked as their parents continued. They were happy that there was going to be a baby in the home. To explain Emma's pregnancy, they had a cover story that she was seduced at the beach by an older boy that they could not track down. Jack was going to move into Emma's room and his room would be converted into a nursery for the baby.

That afternoon Jack and his dad took down her twin bed and replaced it with an old queen bed that was stored in the basement. Emma and her mom found a set of queen sheets in the closet, laundered them and put them on the bed for tonight.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Over dinner they discussed plans for the new baby including redecorating Jack's room. Afterwards, they sat in the family room and watched a DVD on the big screen. Jack and Emma could now openly snuggle in front of their parents.

At nine o'clock their parents suggested they might want to go to bed early for some private time. They nodded and smiled in agreement and headed up to Emma's … now their bedroom. They tore of their clothes and literally jumped into bed. The incestuous couple could not be happier.

They were on their backs facing each other. Jack patted his sister's stomach and said, "I'm so happy you are going to have my baby."

In return Emma said, " I'm so happy that the most handsome and loving boy I know got me pregnant."

They embraced and kissed. As usual Jack's cock was ready. He fingered his sister's cunt to make sure she was ready.

Suddenly Jack had an idea. "Emma why don't you get on top tonight. Just get on top of me and slide your cunt down on my cock."

Emma was excited to try this new position. She eased down on Jack till his cock was completely inside her. She slid up and down controlling her speed and direction to give them the most mutual pleasure. Jack loved the view and he reached up to fondle her breasts.

Emma had at least three orgasms over the next half hour. They timed their lovemaking so they both finally had an orgasm together. There was no way that their parents did not hear their moans of pleasure. Both were happy that they no longer had to hide their love from their parents. Fortunately, their parents understood how much they loved each other and allowed them to be together.

Exhausted Emma fell on Jack's chest. He loved the feeling of her breasts against his skin. In a few months those same breasts would be feeding their little incest baby that was conceived in love between a brother and sister who hoped someday to become husband and wife.


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This was the first time I read this story and I really liked it. Creating a story like this takes time and effort.
I am not going to read through the comments made by others to see if I agree with them or not. My suggestion to them is for them to create a story and submit it for others to read.


2016-08-01 23:13:11
"Jack And Emma, An Incest Love Story" - Eighteen (nee Fourteen) Year Old Brother, Jack and Sixteen (nee Twelve) year Old Sister, Emma.

It just does not get any better than this romantic, incestuous sibling love story. This is at least my fourth reading of this story; I'm continually drawn to good incestuous love stories like a honeybee to spring flowers.

To those naysayers and complainers, I suggest they re-read the story. Most of their complaints don't hold water, as they read the story from the gitgo with a negative mind and lack of rationalizing ability!!

To 'I Writer', keep on, keeping on and don't be deterred by the complainers; they wouldn't know good and/or excellent realistic incest stories even if they were bitten in their stinky, shitty asses!

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who the fuck sleeps on a twin bed and keeps a queen stored in the basement? This story is bullshit.

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not very good writng but good story

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Thank you Iwriter for this story. And thanks bigdaddyg123 for confirming my guess about some of the details. I was even younger than these two when I started and hate the policy that has screwed up so many good stories.

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