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Mary and Sheila join the family fun in hopes of Saturdays Dog nutting!

I'm awakened by the sounds of loud moans and the bed moving, there's something familiar about the moans and as I open my eyes I see my niece atop my wife in a 69 position and they're both very actively involved in licking and sucking each other’s pussies. I stretch as I say, "Damn you too are absolutely insatiable", and not realizing my dick is standing at full mast with my need to piss.

"Yeah well it looks like you might be needing something too with your dick all hard and stiff like it is uncle Rick", Mac says, sounding like she's hoping I do. As I lay there with my eyes closed I feel a small hand grip my dick and pull it sideways and a warm mouth engulfs it bringing forth a loud ahhhhhhh from somewhere inside me as my ass cheeks squeeze and my glans swells as she sucks it avidly using her tongue lasciviously around its sensitive rim. I feel a few drops of piss form at my tip and she licks it from me moaning as she sucks and licks at my urethral hole before lifting her head and saying, "I think I just licked pee from your hole and it really wasn't bad. Are you gonna piss in my mouth if I don't stop?"

I remove her hand from me and roll my legs to the side of the bed and say, "I just might my beautiful cocksucker, so why don't I go pee and come back while you make your aunt cum real hard with that slut tongue of yours", I reply.

"Hmmmm, OK, I can do that, but you better come back or I'm coming to get you"

"I laugh and say, "Boy I'm really scared of you doing that. What will you do when you find me, fuck me to death, yeah I'm really gonna hate that. Maybe you can bring my slut wife with you and really scare me!"

"You know me Uncle Rick, I'd think of something evil to do to you"

"Yeah little bit, I bet you would!"

Before I had finished pissing I hear Rita's loud orgasms from the master bath, hear the bed thrashing and her response of loud sucking and licking of Mac's pussy and shortly my niece groans her love of what my wife gives her too. Then it turns quiet except for the loud panting and gasps as they lay there recuperating from the intenseness of their pleasure. "Damn I want to be woken like that every morning. At first I thought I was dreaming but then when I felt a tongue invading me, licking at me I knew no dream is that wonderful. Maybe you should just come live with us baby", Rita says laughing.

I walk back into the bedroom and say, "If someone fixes breakfast I promise to fuck the cook until she thinks she's gonna die. All this fucking has me starving".

"That’s not fair, I don't know how to cook", Mac protests, thinking she won't get fucked.

"Come on sweetie, I'll teach you how and he'll have to fuck us both. We'll teach him to say things like that, he'll be the one thinking he's gonna die before we're through with him. He might just hafta call some black guy to come help him out", Rita says smiling as she rolls out of bed.

They go downstairs and I debate whether to take a shower or wait and take one with them. Then I remember the dildo up my ass the last time I allowed them to clean me and I jump in the shower alone. When I finally walk down the stairs I smell bacon cooking and my stomach growls with anticipation. I hear the grease in a skillet pop and a loud "Ouch" and hear Mac say, "Damn that grease popped out on my nipple and burned me".
I walk over to her and see her trying to look down at her small breast and she asks, "Is it blistered, it burns" holding her right nipple.

"I'll make it all better", I say as I lower my mouth to her nipple and suck it gently between my lips tasting bacon grease on it as I lick it clean and suckle her as she sighs and places her hand on my head.

I feel her chest begin to lift and fall more rapidly and hear her say in a hopeful tone, "Oh damn Uncle Rick I think it might have splattered all over my clit too, can you make that better like you are my nipple?"

I stop and smack her on the ass causing her to yelp and jump as I say, "That's for fibbing little girl".

She looks at me mischievously and says sheepishly, "I could smear some on it if you'd suck it like that real gentle and all, I liked that. Besides, you sucking me like that made my little button pulse and need to be touched too so it’s your fault I fibbed. Hey, my nipple does feel better, thanks!"

"Uh, you two are in my way, go play somewhere else so I can cook."

"Uh uh, I ain't going nowhere, he's gonna have to fuck me too. What do I do Aunt Rita?"

"Get the bacon out of the skillet, and turn the heat off so it doesn't pop on you again."

I put my robe on and go get the newspaper and see an attractive woman walking up the block looking up at the houses as she walks. She has a nice figure I notice and has passionate eyes and full beautiful lips. Her breasts aren't large but appear to be perfectly sized for her body. I realize I've been staring and I feel embarrassed and turn to go back in the house but she speaks and asks, "Pardon me but are you Rick, Rick Douglas?"

I know I'm blushing as I answer the woman I was just gawking at, "Yes, yes I am, do I know you? You'll have to forgive me but I don't remember...."

She cuts me off saying, "I'm Mary, Marsha's mom, we spoke on the phone about Ramrod."

"Oh, I'm sorry Mary I should have recognized your sexy voice, its quite distinctive"

"Well thank you. I was just walking and thought I'd come by and see where Ramrod would be residing. I was curious if he'd have room to romp. Marsha and Mackenzie assured me he would but I thought I'd walk by and see for myself. Plus it gives Marsha some alone time with Ramrod, I know how badly she's going to miss not having him around her all the time."

"I would invite you in but everyone is running around naked in there. If you want to give us a sec....."

"Hmmm that sounds like fun, I don't mind if they don't", she says as she cuts off what I was going to say.

She stands there smiling as if asking if I would like her to join in our fun. I get the feeling she would rather everyone be naked than clothed. "Well if you're sure. I'm sure you've seen Mackenzie nude already, I mean, she stays over at your place so often."

"Oh, Mackenzie is here? You must have a close family, or at the least an open-minded one if she's allowed to run nude. She always seemed to worry about her family knowing anything she did at our place, even taking a shower. Now I wonder why?"

"Mary, actually her parents would flip out if they knew. We just allow her to explore her sexuality much as she does at your place if what she tells us is true. Based on those facts I guess you'd be very welcome to come on in, and get naked if you wish. In fact it may make it much easier for you and Marsha when you visit if you do get to know us all more intimately. Come on in." My wife knows about Mackenzie and Ramrod but if you would mention having to give him up, Rita will be dejected she didn’t get to fuck him before he’s gone. Tell her you’re sure the man that is taking him would love for Ramrod to be her first dog fuck as he loves to watch women be taken by big cocked dogs. Tell her he is taking him to service his wife’s need for dog cock.

"I won't spoil your surprise Rick, you've been too kind and understanding for me to do such a thing. I'm just thrilled that we can still have him in our lives."

"Hey everybody, we have company, Mary, Marsha's mom is here and wants to get naked with us, is that ok?"

Mackenzie grins real big and runs over to Mary excitedly and kisses her full on her lips for what became an uncomfortable period of time if it had been done in any other situation. It was obvious it wasn't the first time they'd kissed. Then when they broke off the kiss Mac says, "We have to get you out of those clothes and you have to help us cook Mary if you want Uncle Rick to fuck you".

Rita laughs real hard and comes to help her niece undress our visitor and while looking at me says, "You didn't know what you were getting into when you made that statement did you baby?" Then looking back at Mary she says, "Hi Mary, I'm Rita, Mackenzie's Aunt and Rick's wife. I really want to get to know you better Mac has told us so much about you. Its a shame you didn't bring your dog with you, I really want to meet him."

"Well, Ramrod had Marsha pretty well confined to the house if you know what I mean and they weren't able to go anywhere and I didn't think they really wanted to so I just came alone."

"Rita had that faraway look in her eyes and that dreamy tone in her voice as she says, "Hmmm I should be so lucky!"

Soon they were all three standing there nude. Mary is an attractive woman of around 38 years old, black hair cut short but not in a dykish way but very attractive and shiny. She is of average build and her breasts are perfect for her size with rather large areolas and large nipples. Her pussy is shaved and her labia are large and appear swollen. Her ass is round, not firm but definitely not flabby and her thighs are just right in size and not touching at her pussy.

Mackenzie appears so small beside them. Her young body is perfect in all respects even for her small stature. I see her hip bones protruding, framing her flat abdomen and remember how Ramrods cock had made that flatness rise with each hard thrust of his cock into her small womb and my dick begins stiffening. Her ass is so seductively perfect I just want to press my face into it as I stare at her. Her long hair hangs to her ass cheeks and gives her the appearance of a sensual young goddess.
I look at my wife, my beautiful wife Rita as she stands beside them talking and my heart pounds as my emotions seem to well in my throat. She is truly a goddess. Long brunette hair that touches the bottom of her ass cheeks, naturally brunette. Her body is firm everywhere except her breasts and they are soft and wonderful, almost perky for her age and sooo supple. 36 C's. Even her pussy is perfect, her labia not large but like flower petals that make you want to taste them, suckle them. Every woman her age is jealous of her body and beauty. Her face is perfectly molded, small nose, lips that are full, voluptuous and entice a person's kiss as they fill you with desire. Her eyes shine with passionate promises that you know are real and will consume you in her heat if experienced. One sees her desire expressed in them and to gaze into them for long will arouse anyone man or woman. She is mine and I love her. That love grows every day as her inhibitions are released and she expresses her hidden desires, revels in them and everyone around her is consumed by them.

I have been standing mesmerized by the beauty of the three of them knowing I will have my dick in them all soon. I haven't heard the conversation but I do notice when Mary kisses Rita, a passionate kiss that has them both running their hands over the other's body. I watch as Rita's hips begin undulating slowly as she pulls Mary's nude body to her own. My dick is pulsing wildly as I watch this. Mackenzie kneels beside them and her hands slide up the insides of both women's thighs and I hear them both moan and their bodies become agitated and I know Mac is fingering them both as they kiss, her hand moving vigorously below their ass cheeks causing them to press their bodies against each other sensually.

I smell something burning and yell, "Oh my god the skillet is on fire". We had all forgotten breakfast and the grease is blazing in the skillet Mac had forgotten to turn off at Mary's arrival. I grabbed a box of baking soda and shook it over the flames and soon it was out. I look at the three of them and say, "Goddamn ladies calm down, you got it so hot in here the place is catching on fire. I thought it was just me but evidently the heat from those beautiful bodies is causing everything to explode in flames." As I laugh shaking my head while rinsing the skillet at the sink. They all look at one another and burst out laughing.

"Can I have breakfast before that gets started again", I ask with a wry smile on my face?

Soon we were all eating and talking. I can tell Rita is getting aroused more and more as Mary and Mac tell her of Ramrods talents and how he feels inside them and how she is going to love it when she gets her own dog. She asks Mary if she can experience Ramrod herself and Mary says, "That would be nice but a man is coming to get him tomorrow and she explains how she has to get rid of him because of the apartment and everything. Rita looks heartbroken, dejected, I really think she might cry. I say, "Don't worry honey we'll find our own dog and then you can fuck him every day if you want."

"Yeah I know, but Mary's dog sounds like the perfect dog and I doubt we will ever find one like him already trained and everything. Do you think the man might sell him if we give him more than he gave you Mary?"

"I don't think so Rita, he told me how much his wife has wanted to try it all her life and he's buying him because he loves her so much and wants her to have everything she needs to be happy. I doubt he will give him up in a situation like that."

"That sounds like us and I know Rick wouldn't give him up knowing how much I want it. Do you know any people that have trained dogs they might consider selling. I can just kill this little slut for not telling us about you having to get rid of him a long time ago", she says as she pretends to choke Mac.

"Hey I didn't know my prim and proper Aunt wanted to cum on a dog dick, I mean its not like you told me or anything and its not something I just go around broadcasting to my relatives, you know. How was I to know you two are as perverted as I am, I'm just a kid remember", she says laughing. When she says that about being just a kid, everything goes quiet and we all look at each other and then bust out laughing.

"That didn't look like a kid kissing Mary when she got here, or fingering both of them a bit ago", I say grinning.

"I'm a passionate kid, what can I say. I just like helping people, besides it was rude of them not to include me in the fun so I just joined in myself. I'm trying to find myself, my sexual identity. All us kids need to explore, its like, part of our education. Like yesterday, I learned a lot about people not always being who you think they are." Then as she stands and raises her chin high and claiming a haughty air of innocence she proclaims, "Like yesterday, I come here with a problem that threatened my entire existence and I was led down a path of debauchery and carnality that because of my young age and inexperience I could never resist and now look at me, a slave to my desires that the three of you have taken advantage of and even worse instilled in me a perverseness of mind and body that leaves me unable to stop my slide into depravity!"

Rita smiles and says, Mary, Rick lets go to the bedroom. We shouldn't abuse this young girl another second so we should call her mother and have her come and get her and never invite her back again, especially after we get our dog. We have used her young body in perverse and debauched ways and we should stop it. Get your clothes on Mackenzie you're right we should be ashamed of what we've done to you.

Mac's jaw drops because of Rita's serious tone and demeanor and she says, "I was just playing Aunt Rita, I didn't mean any of that, don't make me go, please don't."

"Oh so now I guess you're gonna tell me you like eating my pussy and having your Uncle ram his big dick in your pussy and hurt you. That's so sick Mackenzie, you're just a kid you shouldn't be doing all that, you're right we did force you to do everything."

"No you didn't, I planned it all, I lied to you to get you to let me fuck Uncle Rick. I really wanted the dog to fuck me all along and I really wanted to eat your pussy. You didn't force me to do anything I didn't plan on doing. I even let Mary catch me with her dog so I could eat her pussy, and I showed Marsha how she could fuck her dog and eat pussy and all that, I did it all. Please let me stay, god I thought you knew I was kidding."

Rita smiled and picked up her phone and hit a couple buttons and all of a sudden Mac's voice was repeating everything she had just said. Rita had recorded it all. She laughed and said, "OK, I guess you can stay you little slut.", and began laughing harder and pointing saying, "Gotcha good didn't I, god look at her face you two, she's in shock". Rita laughed so hard her face was red and she was holding her side as Mac just glared at her for a second and then began laughing too.

Mac was laughing at the realization that her aunt had got her good and she says, "I will get you back you slut, I'll get you hot and let a horse fuck your ass or something but I will get you, you can bet on that."

"Promises, promises, that sounds like fun baby", Rita says in that dreamy voice.

"I think its time the three of us showed Mary how much we like her. Why don't we clean this table off and lay her right here on top of it on a blanket and put a towel under her because I believe its gonna get wet right under her."

Rita and Mac begin clearing the table as I step next to Mary and place her hand on my hard dick and she gasps and says, "Oh my Rick, that feels like Ramrods dick. If you had a big knot like he does you could easily take his place".

I place my lips on hers lightly and wait for her to return my kiss and in seconds she's sucking at my lips, tongue sliding warmly into my mouth and entwining with mine as we both savor the newness of our passion. My hands learn her body as they travel her lightly, touching, squeezing as her excitement expresses itself as a deepening of her kiss and a pulling of my cock. Her arousement soars quickly and I think to myself it must have been a while since she had a human dick. She pulls my tip between her thighs and places it along her pussy and hunches along it as we continue to kiss. Moans begin to vibrate in her throat as our lips engage in sucking, tongues laving, licking, exploring each other’s mouths as I feel her wetness coating my hard dick.

Her hips pull rearwards as she tries to ensnare my tip with her moist inner labia, her moans expressing her frustration at being unable to trap me in her wet cavern. I see that they have the table ready and I lift her and place her lying on the table. Rita begins kissing her and kneading her breasts as Mac spreads her thighs widely and sinks between them and begins teasing her mound, blowing her breath over Mary's exposed clit before licking all around it but not touching it. Mary's hips begin lifting, rolling, searching for a hard touch or lick as the craving she feels multiplies with every touch any of us place upon her skin.

I see the internal fight that wages in her mind as her body demands she plead for relief but her pride says no, you can't, only a slut would do that. I see Rita begin running her tongue around her breasts as she holds them in her hands, squeezing them as her tongue makes circles around her dark areolas lightly. I pull her head to the edge of the table and place my dick in her mouth and she sucks at me feverishly. All her cravings are centered on my dick as Mac and Rita tease her incessantly, her need expresses itself as a hunger for my cum and her head bobs rapidly, mouth suctioning me strongly as her tongue laves at me slickly, mind incensed and lost to the seething within her.

Mac's mouth wreaks havoc on Mary's sensibilities as they traverse her inner thighs, licking sucking biting their way to the yearning desire at her center as Mary's lower body undulates sensually as her mound searches for relief. I watch as Mac draws her tongue alongside Mary's swollen labia slowly, first one side then the other as her moans vibrate through her entire body. Mac teases around her clit until its easy to tell Mary feels an insanity in her mind and just when she's about to scream Mac lightly touches her tongue to Mary's exposed taut clit. The intense thrill causes her entire body to jerk away from the exquisite pleasure it instills, locking her lungs as she exhales violently jerking her mouth from my dick. Her hips immediately lift and seek that pleasure again as she moans her disappointment at jerking from that which she craved so badly.

Mac sucks hard alongside her now wildly throbbing clit as its craving that same hard sucking to be placed directly upon it. "Oh god lick me, suck it, please make me cum, I need it so badly", Mary cries as Mac smiles at those words and she lays her tongue directly against her clit and licks slowly, dragging her tongue over Mary's swollen bud as Mary hunches up into it. Her pussy vibrates, hips lift and out-turn and she tenses as all the craving she has experienced condenses in her clit and her entire being seems to be drawn to Mac's tongue as she cums hard.

I take Mac's place between her thighs and ram my dick in her pussy as she tenses and begin fucking her roughly, slamming my dick into her until I feel her cervix giving way to my pressured thrusts as she screams and bucks her pussy into my dick. I persist in my assault until I lodge in her womb and fuck her through many intense orgasms as hands flow over her body and mouths suck at her skin, Rita's fingers rub her clit in circles as her body trembles and I press all my dick into her as the tremble becomes a high frequency shaking that grips her completely in intense waves of pure pleasure. Then I withdraw.

Rita takes my place and begins tonguing her cum from her pussy as her hips smoothly undulate around her tongue as it presses against her inner walls roughly. Rita licks her asshole as Mac holds her legs up making it easily accessible while pressing her pussy down onto Mary's stiffened tongue while kneeling on the table astraddle her body. I move behind Rita and shove my cock up her cunt and begin fucking her slowly while sitting back on my heels. She is in the same position as she sits on my dick and tongue fucks Mary's pussy. Moans and cries abound in the room as everyone's arousement becomes heightened as their pussies are stimulated, licked, fucked.

My wife's pussy rotates, squeezes and presses into me until we both feel me pressing against her cervix. She moans as she presses back onto my dick, her small opening caving as she holds a pressure to it until the pain causes her to relinquish her effort and she rises slightly. Then after stroking her pussy smoothly her need again mounts and she again presses against my tip but this time as I sense she's about to again relent I thrust hard up into her and she cries out in sudden pain. As she feels me slide through that inch of protective tightness her cries become impassioned sighs and moans and her hips undulate and she squeezes as her body is rife with sensations as my cock stretches her uterus, her ridged walls massaging my dick as she again moves, fucking it deeper and deeper into her birth canal until her head hangs, Mary forgotten as my glans presses against her deepest most intimate of places and I hold her shoulders and begin fucking her roughly, holding her down onto my thrusts as I rape her pussy.

My roughness is as much driven by my own craving as it is to please her. Her pussy grips me tightly from balls to tip and my dick swells within her grasp. I need to cum bad and when I feel her warm fluids soaking my dick and her pleas for me to fuck her hard, to hurt her pussy I'm torn. I don't want to lose what I feel but if I move I know I will cum. She begins undulating exaggeratedly, pressing against my swelling glans until the pleasure is so great I have to bend her over on all fours and fuck her like a madman. I persecute her pussy as I fuck her as deeply and hard as I'm humanly possible of. She loves it and I feel her warm spewing on my dick continuously as she begs me not to stop. When my balls explode I groan my love of her pussy and fuck my cum into her explosively.

We're barely aware of Mac's screaming as Mary's tongue takes her to her own private youthful heaven. I see Mary's pussy moving hungrily and while my dick is still hard I pull from Rita and slam my cock into Mary and fuck her deep and hard until she cries out and cums. Her excited hunching and screaming at my unexpected siege of her senses has my dick renewed with a stiffness that surprises me and I take full advantage of it to stretch her deeply as her uterus squeezes and massages my swelling cock. I look at her face and see the pleasure she feels as we fuck. I'm sure it has been a long while since she enjoyed a hard human cock and she has a look of agonized love etched upon her face as she tenses repeatedly, her pussy sloppy with her pleasure as my dick makes loud suctioning and slurping sounds as it pistons furiously within her liquid expression.

Mac collapses on Mary's body and watches my dick fucking her and she complains, "I never got no dick I'm pissed".

I stop, withdraw and lift her from Mary's body and carry her up the stairs and deposit her on my daughters’ bed and turn and lock the door. I lay beside her and kiss her young lips, tasting her slowly as she realizes I want to be alone with her and she returns my kiss as only a young inexperienced girl can, excitedly. I lay and run my hands over her small beautiful body as I learn each pore of her smoothness. The feel of my hand lightly sliding over her skin, my fingertip making small circles around the perfect mounds of her breasts has her squirming, head rolling from side to side as she fills with need. My lips follow my hands as I taste her perspiration coated skin. Her efforts atop Mary have her thighs coated with the pleasure she found there and my hands slide in it as I feel and squeeze her there. I feel the sinews and tendons that surface from her thighs to pelvis as she spreads herself open to my caresses.

"I love you Uncle Rick, you make me feel special, like you love me. You're not just fucking me like you did them. The way you touch me makes me want to cum so bad."

"I do love you Mac, I love the way you make me feel new and young even though I'm not. I love touching you, feeling your smooth skin beneath my hands. You make my dick hard and swollen, look at it baby. See how it jerks and stiffens, it does that because it wants to be in you so badly, wants to feel your mouth or your hands or your tight young pussy or ass squeezing it. I love filling you with pleasure Mac. Do you like this baby" I ask, as my tongue laves over her groin slowly, licking her as my mouth explores her lower and lower?

"Oh damn Uncle Rick I want you to lick me on my button so bad, my pussy feels like its empty and wants not to be when you do that. Are you gonna fuck me now?"

"Soon baby, soon, I say as my mouth sucks at the soft inner skin of her thighs. I softly bite the sensitive skin of her thighs that lies next to her pussy as my breath wafts over her mound eliciting desperate moans and her hips to roll and hunch with her need. I cover the skin around her mound with soft licks as her young mind screams for me to touch her directly upon her clit her pussy, everywhere she feels the hunger consuming her. I sense her need as her breathing becomes quick, deep, her body writhing uncontrollably as I tease her incessantly. Then as my mouth sucks hard at the skin directly above her clit, her hips lift and out-turn, her body trembling as she groans and cums intensely. Her back arches, hands squeezing the sheets in white knuckled fists as her cravings peak with explosive results.

I place my hands beneath her knees and press them up alongside her chest and begin licking her asshole as she cries out desperately, hips bucking as my tongue slithers wetly along her asscrack, pressing into her squirming puckered ring of pleasure before I bite her asscheeks, lick them. I see her wetness moving, enticing me. I place my tongue in her young cunt hole and lick lovingly around her inner labia as she lifts her head and watches me explore her moistness as she hunches up into my tonguing caresses. I suck and lick her deeply as I collect her savory nectar and drink from her nubile body. Her thin body undulates, squeezes my circling tongue as it pressures her internally. She feels it moving within her as I lick and suck the sensitive nerves at her entrance. Seeing my face at her pussy, feeling my avid tongue caresses causes her mind to fill with a wonderful insanity. She can’t control her body as she roughly hunches into the pressure I exert against her slick walls with my strong licks and sucking caresses.

I love this, love feeling her small young body beneath my fingertips as she hunches into my face, love seeing the need etched on her beautiful face as she craves her orgasm. When her cravings finally reach a point of orgasming or insanity she reaches down, grabs my head and begins hunching insanely, roughly, holding my face to her pussy as she forces it against my flailing tongue. My nose is mashed to her clit as she uses it to coax her orgasm from her body until in a frenzy her hands begin roughly rubbing my face up and down her mound, my tongue laving her pussy, sliding along her slit and over her clit as she uses me roughly until she moans and her thighs squeeze my head and she cums hard, her body gripped by the intensity of her release. Her cries are anguished as her pent up need tightens her muscles and bathes her mind with an excruciating pleasure as the waves of sating relief she feels tempers her cravings, allows her to regain the sanity she thought lost as I teased her unrelentingly.

As she tenses my mouth finds her clit and I suck her hard, my tongue lightly running over its tip as my lips suction it roughly. "Ohhhhgod....arrghhhhhHHHH....c.c..cum..cumming so....good......aieeeeeeee.......d.d.don't stop.....please....don't.....ahhhhhhhyeah.....ohhhhhhh!....fuck..fuck.....ohgod FUCK ME!" I rise and place my cock at her inner lips and nestle it into her warmth as she tries to close her thighs from the waves of the orgasm that continues to wrack her young body. My cock appears so huge as it sinks into her pussy as her thin hips undulate and twist. Her moans become lower, filled with love as I open her with my straining glans. Her pussy is hot, wet and engulfs me more with each roll of her hips and pull of her heels against my thighs as she fucks me into her young cunt.

My mind is truly tormented as I gaze down at my young nieces’ body and into her innocent appearing face. Seeing her own torment, the pain etched upon her beautiful face as my swollen cock penetrates her eighteen year old pussy hurtfully has me wishing I were man enough to stop, I can't! I'm completely lost to the sensations her young body provides me. Lost to her excitement as she hunches her pussy up forcefully, driven by her own desperation to feel me in her womb. This is so wrong I think, but it feels so right to us both as we force my dick into her depths. I feel her body resist, her cervix tries to protect her womb from my assault but she holds it to me as I batter my way through it into her constricting uterus. Her body is stilled, legs holding me to her as her moans fill with the love she feels as my dick pulses within her constricting walls as they seem to suck me deeper and deeper into her young womanhood.

I fill with such an intense emotion as I share her love of what we have together, my hips hunching, forcing my man stick into her small womb, stretching it, distending it to fit my pulsing glans as she begs me, "Cum in me, please, I need to feel it, come with me Uncle Rick, oh god yes, right there, doit, oh fuck it hurts so good, please cum, give me your babies Rick, don't stop, I don't care, make me pregnant just don't stop, pleaseeeee!"

God help me I can't stop, her body milks me in ways no one ever has and I can't even think of stopping, in fact I hasten my fucking of her undulating, hunching body until I'm ramming my dick forcefully to her depths, out of control, I'm unable to think as I can only strive towards the same goal as she is, impregnating her youthful fertile womb. We both scream when it happens and my hands hold her young asscheeks as I explode against her deepest walls, the heat of my cum searing both our minds as I think, no, no oh god what am I doing, as I fuck each hot spewing into her with forceful thrusts that have her crying with the pain I inflict but she still holds me to her as she sobs, "Thank you, oh god it feels so good, so hot, I love you so much, I really do, it hurts so bad, you're so big, but I love it, yes, yes, fill me up, oh god its still cumming....I can't stop cumming....fuck it in me, hurt me please, ohhhhhhhgod."

I was so excited by her pleading and taken up in her body so much I had forgotten that I can't make her pregnant. I believe a part of me wanted her to have my baby I felt so much love and emotion as her body expressed its need for it. I wanted to give her whatever it took to make her happy. I feel a sense of relief at the memory of my vasectomy now that I've regained a semblance of sanity as my balls twitch and pump the dregs of my ball juice into her receptive womb. I decide not to tell her unless she feels a sense of dread herself at a possible pregnancy.

I love you Uncle Rick", she sighs, and I feel she's being as honest as her few years of life allow her to be.

We lay there kissing and rubbing each other for long minutes until we hear loud passion filled cries and get up and go investigate who's making them. It appears to be coming from our bedroom and as we glance in the door we see Mary sucking on Rita's clit while ramming the dildo I bought for Rita roughly up into her pussy and my wife is bucking, jerking and cumming under her ministrations. I stand watching my beautiful wife in the throes of her passion. Her facial expression is one of anguished pleasure as Mary brings forth orgasm after orgasm from deep inside her tormented body. Her hips hunch and roll as Mary pistons the dildo deep within her, grinding it forcefully into her at its deepest penetrations. Mary presses it into her and Rita undulates and grinds her pussy into it as the sensations it causes has her moans streaming from her mouth expressing her complete subjugation to the pleasure coursing through her.

Mac goes to Rita and begins sucking her nipples and kneading her breasts as I lower my semi-hard dick to her mouth and say, "Suck my dick while you fuck that black dick baby". She takes me into her mouth and when she hears my words her moans deepen and her body writhes sensually, becomes even more agitated. I say, "Let me see you cum on his big black dick honey". Her breathing becomes deep, chest lifting and her suctioning on my cock becomes excited and her head bobs quickly as her hips begin a forceful grinding into the dildo. Mary presses and twists it inside her until her hips still, lift, out-turn and vibrate with the exquisiteness of her tensing as I implore her to, "Fuck him baby, make his black dick cum in your white married pussy". Her back arches into a "C" shape as she experiences an insanity as she imagines me watching her fuck a black man, sees him cumming in my wife's pussy and her body trembles, shakes until she feels dying the violence of her orgasm grips her body so completely. Her mouth slides from my dick, unable to think, much less suck me as her black lover rams deep inside her as she envisions me watching him. Then she collapses gasping for breath, laying there unable to speak as she pants, her body jerking strongly as her orgasm subsides until she smiles and says, "Damn, I can't imagine you watching me fuck a real black guy. That was so intense!"

She then sits up and pulls Mary to her and Kisses her warmly with feeling before saying, "Thank you Mary that was wonderful, now if you lay down here I will return that pleasure hopefully just as masterfully as you did to me."

"As much as I'd like to Rita I really have to go check on Marsha and see if Ramrod has fucked her to death yet. We have some more packing to do also. I really enjoyed meeting you and Rick and look forward to doing this again soon hopefully. Maybe you'll have your dog by then and we can have a party.

After Mary had dressed and left I suggested we go out to a restaurant and eat. We had always wondered why the shower in the master bathroom was four foot by eight foot and we think we finally figured it when the three of us took a shower together. We decided the people that built the home were swingers and like us took showers consisting of more than two people. They must have had orgies in their bedroom we deduced. Our showers took longer than the average shower. I finally got out of the shower when my dick would no longer function as a weapon of impalement leaving the two insatiable women alone to their own sensual caresses and kissing. I was dressed when they came laughing from the shower into the bedroom and Rita says, "This little slut can't possibly be hungry because she just ate enough pussy to last her skinny ass a month. She made me cum so much I'm weak and starving now from using so much energy tensing." She wrapped her arms around Mac and kissed her and said, "Thank you baby, I love you"

"I didn't get any thanks when I got out of the shower", I say with a sad look on my face.

"Poor boy, we'll thank you when we get home after while", Rita says pretending to feel sorry for their ignoring his efforts to please them both.

We decide to go to a local steak house just a few blocks away. Luckily it was before rush hour and the hostess was seating us as quick as we got there. She sat us in a booth that wrapped around the table all the way in the back of the place. I went to use the rest room and had to pass the bar area and there was a beautiful black woman sitting at the bar that looked familiar. I was standing at the urinal when it dawned on me that it was Sheila. I debated if I should say anything to her and decided it would be rude not to. I approached her and said, "Pardon me but is your name Sheila Thompson?"

"Do I know you, yes I am Sheila but you'll have to forgive me I don't think I remember you. Have we met", she asks ?

"R & R, does that ring a bell", I ask her smiling?

"NO, I'll be damned, you're Rick. How did you know I'd be here", she asked with a concerned look on her face?

"You don't have to worry beautiful I didn't know. We just came out to grab a bite to eat and I thought that was you sitting here. Would you like to join us", I invited?

"I shouldn't really Rick, I don't want to impose on your dinner plans", she says.

"Nonsense, I haven't mentioned you to Rita because I wanted to surprise her with you and Ed, but since you're here come on, we'd love to have you join us. There's no sense sitting here alone", I almost plead with her.

"You're sure I won't be imposing", she says as she stands and straightens her skirt.

"A woman as beautiful as yourself could never be deemed imposing Sheila, you'll always be welcome anywhere you go", I say as I give her a lewd smile.

She follows me back to the table and I introduce her to Rita and Mac as a friend of mine I met recently. I ask her if Ed, her husband is going to be joining her here and she replies, "I wish, but no he's out of town on business and I decided to come out and get some dinner because I didn't feel like cooking."

Mac has been gazing at Sheila intently and soon Sheila asks her, "Is there something you want to ask me Mackenzie?"

"No, I was just thinking how beautiful you are. You look like you should be a queen of something wearing gold and jewels and tiaras. Wait there is something I want to ask you, do you like dogs?"

"Well thank you, I think you're beautiful too just for your information.", then as she looks at me and smiles she says, "Yes I love dogs and if I ever get a house I plan on getting one".

"Uncle Rick and Aunt Rita are going to get one. I love dogs, especially big ones. When I grow up and get a house I plan on getting a Bull Mastiff or a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound, I think they are beautiful. I can just imagine how a Wolfhounds long fur would feel against me when I hugged him. Do you like Irish Wolfhounds?"

"I've never seen one I don't believe Mackenzie, what do they look like."

"I'm pretty sure they are the biggest dog in the world and they have small heads in relation to their bodies and long shaggy hair even on their faces. They have big deep chests and powerful hind quarters and thick front legs. They look like they would be really powerful at things requiring strong back legs and hips. But they say they are really gentle and very trainable and smart. I could probably ride one they're so big but they say you shouldn't do that. I saw a picture of one with his paws on a woman's shoulders and his head was way high over her head. He was big everywhere!"

I could see the wheels in Sheila's head twirling as Mac talked of the Wolfhounds powerful hindquarters and I knew she was thinking how he could drive his dick hard into her pussy. When she spoke her voice had that same nervousness I'd heard on the phone as she said, "Wow, maybe I should look into those when we get a house, an Irish Wolfhound, is that what you called it?"

"Yep, if you get one I'll come visit you just so I can hug him and feel all that fur against me, that would be so cool!"

The waitress came just then and we ordered and then after she was gone Mac says, "Are you coming home with us Sheila?"

"No, I hadn't planned on that Mac, why, should I?"

"I'd like you to, I like you and you said your husband was gone and you'll just be sitting home alone so you should just come home with us."

"Rita joins in and says, "Yes that's true Sheila you could come by for a while we'd all love to have you over isn't that right Rick?"

"You know me, I'm always up for having another beautiful woman in view. I'm sure we can get into something fun", I say as I wink at Sheila."

"You need to call your mom Mac and see if she wants you home", Rita says.

Mac dials her mom's number and asks if she wants her to come home and her mom asks to speak to Rita so she hands Rita the phone. We hear her say, "No why would it be a problem? We don't mind having her at all sis. Listen you two go on and have a good time. We'll be glad to keep her or Austin or both anytime you want us too. It actually breaks the boredom to have someone else to talk to. I'll bring her by there tomorrow and she can get some clothes and stuff." She hands the phone back to Mac and says, "Damn we're stuck with your rotten ass all week-end it looks like. Austin went to some amusement park with his friend and his parents for the weekend and she wants us to keep Mac so they can go somewhere for a few days."

"You know you're glad I'm staying and my ass isn't rotten and if you don't believe it I'll let you taste it.", she immediately knows she shouldn't have said that and says, "Uh I think now would be a good time for me to powder my cute little nose.", and she walks quickly away.

"I can't believe she said that to you, she's as brash as I was at her age", Sheila says.

"Yeah, I say laughing, the problem is she'd really let you if she finds you attractive and she already said she did. Our niece is very mature sexually Sheila and she can shock you with the things she says and does. She was feeling you out about the dog because she has already experienced K-9. We found out that piece of information when she thought she might be gonna have some puppies and thought she should ask Rita about it so her parent's wouldn't find out. She said the first time the dog just basically mounted her and she couldn't get away and he took her virginity. She liked it enough though she went back the next day and let him do it again."

"Oh my god, that poor girl has already experienced dog sex, she's hooked for sure now. I can't imagine feeling like I do now when I was her age. If you get a dog she's gonna try and fuck it, you know that don't you? Will you let her?"

"I'm sure we will. We'd rather her be with us than out somewhere else and you know she's gonna find a dog somewhere if its as powerful an addiction as you say."

"Damn, I shouldn't even admit this but I'm getting hot thinking of her with a dog. She's so innocent looking, has she done anything else that you know about?"

"Oh yeah, she confessed to everything to Rita when she was afraid she was pregnant. Her and her girlfriend have been making out regularly and we just learned the girls mom, the owner of the dog was seduced by our niece and now sexes the dog also."

Sheila is obviously aroused thinking of Mac doing the things we talked about and I believe she may have some fantasies of her own concerning young girls. When Mac returned Sheila was very interested in talking to her. Just then our food came out and we small talked over our meal and when we finished we were sitting talking and Rita says, "We really would like you to come to the house tonight Sheila, I'm sure Mac would like to get to know you better wouldn't you sweetie, and I know I would?", she says as her tongue slides over her lips and her gaze is on Sheila's body.

I place my hand on her thigh and squeeze as I say, "We all really do want to have you over Sheila, you know just to get a taste of who you really are."

She seemed really hesitant and I was sure she was going to say no until Mac leaned out and said, "Wow Sheila, you have really sexy thighs like Aunt Rita, you really are beautiful everywhere."

Sheila gazes at our niece for a second and then says, "I bet you have pretty thighs too Mac. Maybe I'll stop by for a few minutes but I shouldn't stay long."

Mackenzie stands and says, "Do you think my thighs are pretty Sheila?", as she Pirouettes in front of her and asks, "Can I ride with you Sheila, please?"

"Yes, they are Mac, they're perfect for your size honey. I guess you can ride with me if your Aunt and Uncle don't mind", she says as she looks at Rick and Rita for confirmation.

"Sure its fine with us if you can put up with all her questions."

I pay the bill and we all walk out together and Sheila says, "I just live right over there we'll walk over and get my car and meet you at your place, ok?"

"Ok, you be nice Mackenzie and don't show your ass you hear?", Rita says.

"I won't unless somebody asks me too", she says as she laughs and shakes her ass at her aunt.

As they walk off Sheila asks, "Who do you think might ask to see your ass Mac?"
"Before I answer that Sheila can I ask you something just between you and me?"

"Sure baby, what do want to know?"

"I'm embarrassed and I don't want you to think I'm horrible or anything but me and my girlfriend made out a few times, you know just touching and feeling and stuff and, oh I just can't say it, never mind, forget I asked!"

Sheila's curiosity is aroused now and she says, "Go on baby you don't have to be embarrassed we're both girls and girls have secrets all the time!"

"Well, ever since we did that, I really liked it too, whenever I see a beautiful woman like you or Aunt Rita I feel all hot inside and I have these funny feelings in my know my vagina. I feel all empty and I want to feel full and I pulse at my clitoris and I want to touch them."

"Are you saying you want to touch me and your Aunt Rita honey?"

"Yeah especially you, you're such a beautiful color and all and it really excites me when I think of touching you. I just can't imagine how you feel, I mean I've only touched white girls. But what I want to know is, am I bad, should I have these feelings. Should I try and touch somebody that I feel like that towards. I mean would you think I was a bad person if I touched you, tried to do things to you?"

"No sweetie you wouldn't be a bad person. You're just learning about who you are sexually. Some girls like to touch girls and some don't but you're not bad at all. I'd take it like a compliment if you want to touch me."

"You're just saying that aren't you, you really think I'm a mess and I guess I am. I'm sorry I bothered you its just that it keeps me excited all the time I'm around people that I want to touch."

They reached her townhome and Sheila says, "Come on in baby I need to check a few things before we go." Sheila turns to her after they're inside and asks, "Do you really think I believe you're a bad person sweetie?

"Yeah I am a bad person, I want to do all this nasty stuff all the time and I know its not right."

"Mackenzie touch me baby, show me what it is that you think is so awfully bad."

Mac walks over to her and says, "Really, you want me to, I..I..I don't know, I guess I want to kiss you first."

"Then do it, do everything you want to and let me see if I think you're a bad person"

Mac kisses her, sucks at her mouth and allows her tongue to enter her mouth and entwine in a dance no girl should be capable of with an older grown woman. Mac’s kiss intensifies until Sheila is breathing deep, hurried and says, "What else do you think about doing to me Mac, do it all baby."

Mac kneels in front of her and reaches up under her dress and pulls her panties down and then rises and guides her to an armchair and has her sit and she takes each of her thighs and places it over an arm of the chair as she runs her hands along Sheila's smooth raw inner thighs. She says, "Oh my god Sheila your skin is so soft I just want to kiss and touch it, can I, you won't think bad of me?"

"No baby you haven't done anything to make me think you're bad, you just go on and show me baby."

Mac's mouth begins sucking at her thighs, licking them, biting at her softest skin as Sheila's hips begin rolling, moving as her arousement takes hold of her. Mac licks along her labia softly as Sheila's hand finds her head. Shelia remembers their words and she says, "Would you like to lick my pussy right after a big dog has fucked it Mac, I'd love to suck dog cum out of your young cunt".

"Mmmmm yes, yes I would. I love dog cock in my young pussy, fucking me deep, hurting me, making me cum all over it before he fills me with his hot juices. Will you fuck dogs with me Shelia if I lick your pussy afterwards?"

"Oh damn, that's it baby, lick my clit hard. Is that what you want to do to your Aunt Rita baby. You want to suck her pussy like you're sucking mine now?"

"I already did Sheila, I just had to make sure you wouldn't tell on them for fucking and sucking me. You can fit right in now, will your husband care if I suck your cum from your pussy. I really want to feel a black dick in my young pussy, will he fuck me like Uncle Rick does?"

Mac sucks her pussy, presses her tongue deep inside Sheila's black pussy and drinks her cum as Sheila holds Macs face to her colored cunt and begs her not to stop eating her. Seeing this young white girl eagerly sucking and licking between her black thighs has her mind lost to the erotic sensations and emotions that have her cumming insanely. Mac fingers her asshole as she sucks her clit, lifting her head to tell her how Ricks new dog is gonna fuck her up her ass and fill it with cum while rick fucks her pussy.

Sheila's mind seethes as she thinks of the things this young girl says as she feels a finger in her ass and more fingers up her cunt as Mac sucks at her clit hard. Her back arches, hips pressing down into her agitating fingers as her mind explodes feeling a Great Dane fucking her in the ass. Her body jerks, tenses and she screams how she's gonna make her husband fuck Mac's pussy, hurt it with his big nigger dick. Then she slumps and says, "We better go, I think I like young white women eating my pussy and I'm gonna let you do it a lot baby. You leave my husband to me!

Mac Fingers Sheila as she drives and they almost wreck twice before they get to her Aunt Rita's because of her cumming as Mac keeps taunting her about Rita's dog fucking her senseless tomorrow. Ramrod is gonna have his big dick soaking in human cum every second of the day it appears he has so many women that are or want to be his bitches.

Sheila and Mac walk in the house and stop just inside the door and kiss and Mac begins lifting her dress over her head and undoing her bra before throwing them both on a chair and beginning to suck on Sheila's brown breasts.

"I'll be a sonabitch if that little slut ain't done got in Sheila's pussy before she got home. She already had her undies gone before she walked in the door", Rita says to Rick before going and joining Mac and beginning to lick and suck at Sheila's body. Rick sits and watches, amazed at his nieces’ sexual ability to corrupt everyone around her so easily. His dick hardens as he observes Sheila's beautiful caramel body becoming aroused under the skillful hands and tongues of his wife and niece. He knows his dick is going to get a workout tomorrow when he watches Ramrod tame all these beautiful women's pussies. Just the thought of Sheila wanting his dick up her beautifully shaped ass while she fucks Ramrod as Mac had has him needing to cum.

He'll be glad to have the dog around to take some of the pressure off him to fuck all these insatiable women. He really wants to see his wife take her first dog cock. He just wants to sit and beat off where she can see him and know he's seeing her become Ramrods bitch, seeing her cumming her cunt off as he addicts her to his animal cock. He's dreamed of this for years and tomorrow is the day, and next weekend Ed's black dick will addict her to his fucking her also. He's curious to see if Mac will attempt to fit Ed's cock up her young pussy, he's betting she'll do it even if it kills her.

Rita and Mac have Sheila on the bed driving her insane with kisses and licking, Mac is pressing a dildo up her asshole as she sucks on her clit and when she sees me she says, she needs a dick in her pussy Uncle Rick. I go over and place my dick in Sheila's mouth and she begins sucking me as she stares in my eyes. I see the furnace that these two have burning within her expressed in her eyes and the way she sucks at my cock. Even excited she sucks me slowly as if adoring my dick with her lips, each movement designed to instill the maximum amount of pleasure to me. She soon has me stiff, hardened like steel and she says, I need your white cock in my black pussy baby, fuck me, please fuck me!

I press my cock into her and feel the dildo pressing against my cock as she rolls her hips and squeezes me with her pussy. I can tell she knows how to fuck a man, to elicit his cum from his balls as her pussy grips me, milks me as she pulls me deeper and deeper into her. I expected her to be loose from fucking Ed's huge dick but she's definitely not. I fuck her slowly as I think, "I'm going to enjoy this black woman's married pussy as much as her husband is going to enjoy my own wife's pussy". I keep fucking my dick deeper into her body as her hips roll and hunch. I roll over on my back with her atop me and Mac continues fucking her ass with the dildo as Sheila works her hips enjoying both my hot cock and the stiff dildo as Mac wields it. Her moans express her inner excitement as her hands claw my body.

I kiss her as her warmth envelopes my dick and her moan tells of her pleasure as I enter her uterus and her hips hold her pussy to my dick as I fuck up into her forcefully, driven to open her to my cock as I seek the destination of her womb. Knowing I have my dick grasped in a black woman's most intimate place and she's fucking me, body pressing into my deep thrusts, her actions telling me of her need for my dick to spew hotly inside her, to implant my white babies into her black baby holder has my mind seething with an intense need to fill her. I love the feel of her body embracing my white dick and I tell her how exciting I find her black pussy, how badly I need to gift her my white baby and she moans loudly at my words and begins hunching hard, ramming her womb against my glans even as it stretches and hurts her to do it.

Mac fucks her ass deeply, fast, fucking her to match the pace of my own rapid thrusts as I feel my balls drawing up, my glans swelling in her womb and suddenly she screams a blood curdling cry and her body explodes in a flurry of hunching, hips moving in a blur as she loses it completely and begs us to fuck her, to rape her asshole and punish her pussy as her hips are thrown forcibly down into my cock and then rammed up into the dildo as she pistons between the two cocks impaling her. Her orgasm doesn't slow her as she continues fucking even as her body tenses and shakes violently. Her excitement drives my own and I begin fucking her insanely as I try to match her thrusts until I ram hard into her and blow my nuts forcefully against her deepest places as I too scream my release and continue fucking and spewing, fucking and spewing until we're holding each other tightly, our bodies quivering as we kiss and share the intimate sensations that bind us as one in our mutual pleasure. "Damn that was hot seeing her black ass fucking your white cock like that", Mac intones seriously."

Sheila whispers in my ear, "I've changed my mind, I want the dog in my ass and you in my pussy. Damn that was good."

"Why not try them both I say, it doesn't cost anymore?"

"Hmmm I like the way you think Rick. I bet you're anxious to see Rita fuck that dog aren't you?"

"Oh yes, even more than I want to see you fuck him. I believe you're both so hot blooded and passionate that I'll be cumming even if I'm not inside either of you. Mac is the only one here that has fucked him before. She was the person I told you about that had me in her ass while she let Ramrod knot her. Rita doesn't know that because I didn't want her to know about the dog before tomorrow and then Mac told her how she's been fucking it and almost spilled the beans about me getting him for her."

"That little girl let a Great Dane Knot her while you ass fucked her? Where did she put it all, Danes are huge cocked animals usually and their knots are big as softballs or bigger even."

"Trust me the dog is huge and I know he cum in her womb because when I fucked her afterwards when I entered her uterus she opened up and his cum flowed out all over my cock"

"She is definitely not the young innocent girl I took her to be when I first saw her. She is very slick at getting what she wants and protecting what she has. She seduced me to protect you and Rita in case I had thoughts of telling her parents you two were fucking their daughter. I can't believe how easy I was. She was eating my pussy five minutes after you left."

"I know, she did the same to me and then because she wanted to be able to fuck me openly, she seduced Rita and had her practically begging me to fuck her young ass."

"She must be possessed by an evil sex demon. She certainly is way more mature in the art of seduction than any eighteen year old girl I’ve ever met. She eats pussy better than most adults I know. She can sense exactly what a person needs and then give it to them in spades and she says just what turns me on like she can read my mind or something."

We hear a loud moan an turn to see Rita cumming hard on her biggest dildo. She sits gasping and moaning as her body shakes sporadically while seeing us all staring at her. "What", she asks. "You were all busy so I just watched the show with my big black friend here and he got me off".

I go into my daughters room and lay down and go to sleep knowing I have to go get my wife's birthday present. I'm barely aware of the moans and cries coming from our bedroom as I drift off to sleep.


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Most excellent. Will continue to Chapter 5 later tonight, and will pass the link on to my wife this weekend. Again, most excellent.


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Have you ever noticed that the ones that bad mouth your writing are always anonymous readers. GREAT story. Keep up the good work.

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Keep UP the good work, Nice blend of husband wife pre teen, Black pussy, mother of Mac's G friend and soon to be BLACK COCK given and received bi both the women and hubby KEPT ME HARD :)

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