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Some people may find this story to be shocking or will be outraged by it. I’m not a religious person, but by confessing it here, I’m hoping it will ease my conscience some. I’m not a professional writer, so please excuse the grammar or improper formatting in advance.
Let me provide some short background. I’m 31 and still live with my parents on a small beef cattle farm in the Midwest. Every year in the fall, my parents take off for a week and visit my aunt and uncle out of state. I’m an only child, and I take care of the place while they are gone. It was a year ago today that the events I’m about to describe occurred.
I have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar, and some of you may know that when people with my disorder are off their meds, they can act pretty flaky. If I’m off the meds for a couple of days, my moods go up and down with no rhyme or reason. I also have anger and impulsive behavior issues, which is why I still live at home.
My parents were gone for a few days, and it was a Friday about 8 in the morning. I had just finished chores and had the whole day ahead of me till evening feeding. Hadn’t been able to find my meds since mom left, but didn’t look too hard for them either. I had been having some bad thoughts though, and was thinking about acting on them.
Our farm is about 15 miles from a fairly large town of about 150,000 people. It has the normal stuff going on of a town that size, including some homeless people and vagrants that hang around begging from people during the day, and sleeping in the rescue mission at night. This was the area I was headed for this morning. I knew that the shelter normally boots them out around 8 – 8:30 so there are normally some people headed for city center on foot around this time of day.
I drove around and finally spotted a likely prospect. He had a straggly beard and hair, mismatched clothes, and of course a backpack with a bedroll blanket tied to it. I slowed down next to him and said “ hey, would you or any of your friends around here be interested in tearing down some sheetrock for a couple hours? I’ll pay $50, supply the tools, and buy lunch”. He replied “Yeah, but I’d want the lunch and $30 up front”. I said “it’s a deal, hop on in. Is burger king okay? “Sure is” he replied.
So I fished $30 from my wallet and gave it to him, then we got lunch. We drove to my house and I parked by the machine shed. I said “the stuff we need is in there. You can leave your pack in the truck”. So we went in and I grabbed a flat shovel from near the door and pointed to a wheelbarrow by the far wall. “Can you get the barrow?” “sure,” he replied. I followed him as he reached for the barrow. With the shovel in my left hand, I reached in my pocket and pulled out a can of bear repellent pepper spray. As he turned the barrow around, I let him have it right in the face with the spray. He immediately dropped the barrow, put his hands to his eyes, and screamed. “Fuck, Fuck!” I tossed the pepper spray on the floor and with both hands swung the shovel at his right knee like swinging a baseball bat. He went down screaming; now holding his knee. I brought the shovel back again and this time brought it down hard on his left hand. He howled again. I then bashed his left shoulder, then his right shoulder.
Satisfied he was fairly incapacitated I grabbed a Ziploc bag that I had prepared earlier from a shelf. It contained some Methyl Ethyl Ketone, (more commonly referred to as MEK),and a rag. We use MEK for cleaning grease from some tractor parts. If you breathe too much it can make you feel faint. Anyway, I pulled the MEK soaked rag from the bag and kicked him in the side with my boot. “roll over on your stomach, or I’ll spray and bash you again” He was whimpering and rolling back and forth. I won’t say it again, lay on your front”. He complied, but was crying, and said “what’s going on? Why?” among sobs.
I quickly jumped down on him and straddled his back. I grabbed his hair with one hand to hold his head down, then forced the MEK soaked rag against his mouth and nose. He struggled and cried out, but because of what had just happened, he was no match for me. I’m Six feet two inches tall, and weight 200 pounds. I used to wrestle in school, and I’m still pretty strong. I probably could have put a sleeper hold on him, but I wanted to see if the MEK would knock him unconscious – It did.
I had some handcuffs in my pocket that I had ordered from the internet a year or so earlier. I cuffed his hands behind his back. I then got some duct tape from the same shelf that had the Ziploc on it and wrapped it around head and mouth, leaving his nostrils exposed.
I wrestled him into the wheelbarrow and wheeled him into our barn. The barn was pretty much full of hay and straw for the Winter. Holding onto him, I tipped the barrow toward me and put him gently on the floor. I wasn’t ready for him to wake yet. I dragged a bale of straw near one of the 6 x 6 inch support poles. I then unlocked the cuff from his left hand and dragged him to the bale of straw. I laid him on it so that his chest was on the straw and his hands were outstretched toward the pole. I re-cuffed his hands around the pole. I then duct taped his cuffed hands around the pole, so he couldn’t move them. He was now in a kneeling position against the bale of straw, cuffed to the pole. I went back to the machine shed and got a battery powered drill, and some 1 inch wood screws. We had an old junk car parked behind the barn that had never made it to the scrap yard yet. I took my pocket knife out and sliced about 2 feet of seat belt from the driver’s side.
Back in the barn he had woken up. I said “we’re not quite ready yet” as I set down the drill, screws, and seatbelt. I pulled out the baggy and put my knee on his back as I grabbed his hair and again forced the rag against his nose until he lost consciousness again. Now I took off all his clothes except for a T-shirt that would have been a hassle with the cuffs. I put his feet at what seemed like a good cheek spreading distance, and cut the seatbelt in half. I laid the seat belt strap over his ankles, and screwed it down into the wooden floor on both sides of each ankle.
So here he was, handcuffed and gagged, with ankles secured to the floor. I pulled a butt cheek open, and saw his bunghole wasn’t real clean. I went back to the machine shed and got some wet wipes we use when working on tractors, and came back and thoroughly wiped his bunghole and surrounding area clean. I was very hard at this point. I could basically do anything I wanted to him – and I was going to. He wasn’t going anywhere, so I went back to the house and got a condom and some lube from my bedroom, and came back. I was thinking about not using a condom, but who knows what kind of disease a vagrant like this might have. He was awake again when I returned to the barn, and he wearily looked in my direction as he heard the door. “hello there” I said, Ready to lose your virginity? Or have you been fucked in the ass before?” He shook his head vigorously, and muffled something into his gag. He was trying to no avail to get loose. His torso was moving back and forth, but his hands and ankles stayed fast. He continued to try and communicate under the tape. I could tell by the tone and look on his face it was some kind of pleading for me to let him go. I said, “if you are wondering why? Its because I figured nobody would miss you. Call it being in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess”.
He was still trying to cry or yell or whatever his muffle sounds were. I was still rock hard. My tool isn’t huge, but its about 7 inches long and fairly thick. It was time to let the beast out, so I took off my jacket, shoes, pants and underwear. I left my socks and shirt on. I put the condom on and rubbed some lube on my cock. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, and I grabbed some baling string that was laying on the floor a few feet away, and tossed it next to his foot.
I knelt down behind him and rested both hands on his butt cheeks. “Are you ready?” He shook his head violently and started writhing and bucking. Was shouting or crying or something into his gag. I pushed the tip of my cock against his brown eye, and pushed in. he was very tight, and he arched his back in pain while screaming into the duct tape gag. I held his waist with both hands, and drove all the way in. I was in to the hilt, and he was still writhing and bucking. Little did he know that this was turning me on even more. He turned his head and I could see the tears in his eyes, the snot running from his nose, the rapid sniffing as he tried to breathe through only his nose. I started pounding in and out of him slowly at first, then more quickly, while holding tightly to his waist. I was getting pretty turned on as I was pulling out about half way, looking at my cock sliding in and out of his virgin hole. I was feeling like I was getting close, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled out and let out a deep breath. He slumped onto the bale obviously crying into his gag with loud sniffling. I grabbed the baling string and laid it on his back. I then re-entered him and grabbed the string. I threaded it around his neck and with both hands pulled firmly back on it. He tried to cry out. I said “now if you don’t behave, I’ll have to choke you with this. Do you understand?” He nodded his head while sobbing. I said, “so; by behaving, I mean you will have to rock back and forth answering my thrusts so we can get this over with. Do you understand?” He nodded again. “Good”
So I let go of the string and started pumping slowly. “Come on, get with the rhythm. Okay, good”. He was still sobbing, but he answered my thrusts as best he could the way he was tied up. I held his waist and pumped him slowly for a couple minutes, as he rocked against me. I could feel myself getting close again. I grabbed both ends of the string with just my left hand and started pulling as I said “I’m afraid I can’t allow you to live and plot revenge on me”. He shook his head violently and screamed something into the gag as he started bucking and writhing again. That was exactly what I wanted. I pulled the string tighter, and slapped his right cheek hard with my right hand. Kind of like a bull rider. And I only had about 8 seconds to go before I shot my load. I pulled tighter as I pounded his asshole, and slapped his ass repeatedly. He continued to buck and writhe. I could feel it coming. “Fuck it” I thought. I was in a frenzy. I pulled out and with one swift motion peeled the condom off. I plunged back inside, and with the condom off, his hole felt much hotter. About 10 strokes later I could feel my orgasm coming again. “I’m cumming you bitch” I sneered through clenched teeth, as I exploded inside his rectum. I had never felt an orgasm that powerful. I still had the string pulled tight around his neck, but not enough to choke him to unconsciousness. I kept pumping and squirting deep inside him. Finally after having the best orgasm I had ever experienced, I let go of the string and put both hands on his sweaty T-shirt, as I panted hard. He was also breathing hard through his snotty nose. He slumped onto the bale.
“You my friend, are the best fuck I have ever had”. I pulled out of him, and rested my cock on the top of his crack. My semen oozed out of my cock onto his crack.
After I caught my breath, I got up and wiped myself down with the wet wipes. I put my clothes and shoes back on. I left my jacket off though, because I was still sweating.
“Now, what should we do with you?” He moaned something in his gag. I guessed I was something along the lines of “please let me go”. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible”. You see I’d never be able to rest knowing you were out there plotting revenge, or going to the police”. He shook his head and said something into the gag. “Right now, you’ll say anything to save your neck, and I don’t blame you. I would too. I’ll tell you what, let me think on it for a few minutes, then we’ll go from there”. He nodded his head, and mumbled something.
I went out to the truck and grabbed his bag. Dumped the contents onto the ground, and said ”looky here – a cell phone. This must be my lucky day?”
I hastily put all the rest of his crap back in the bag, and opened the flip phone. It worked!
I went into the house and logged on to craigslist. I had been on this site before, so I had an idea of what I was looking for. Here you are!
On the M4M site there was the type of ad I was looking for. It said:
“ Garage Head. 40yr old white guy, HW proportionate – prefer someone my age or younger, any race. I live on a secluded street. Sorry no pics – must be discrete. Come by and let’s swap loads in my garage after 10:30pm. If this ad is still up, I haven’t had any takers yet. Let’s do this!”
At the end of the ad, he left his cell number in various combinations of abbreviated words and numbers.
I opened my new phone and sent a text. “ do u still want someone to swap loads?”
A minute went by, then the reply came back. “ yeah, u wanna do it? “
“yeah, I’ll come by at 10:30, and will give you some head you’ll never forget. Give me directions plz”
Another minute went by, then he sent directions along with a short note. “I can’t wait to fuck your mouth”.
I thought to myself, there will be some fucking alright, but not the way you’re thinking. I chuckled to myself. Gotta start planning my next adventure…

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