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this is a raw version of my story i would have liked to just post an edited one but my editor is unavabile at the moment but i know many people have asked for this chapter soon so please remember this is still a work in progress and comment in a producetive manner. P.S. if there are any editors that would like to help me id take all the help i can get, im not, nor ever have been a good writer so if you think you could help improve this story with editing that still keeps to the focus of the story its self then please feel free to pm me here. thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy it.
Doomsday ch2

We had just gotten the new girl (Sherri) calmed down enough to tell us what had happened to her. She had just gotten ready for school on the first day of the disaster when her family heard the news of what was going on so they told her to stay home while they figured out what to do. The day went by without any problems at first but as the sun went down her parents let their guard down. The guy me & James had killed, had snuck in their garage. Well while they were cooking her father took the trash out & the guy snuck up behind him & knocked him out. He got into the house after tying her father up in the garage & snuck up behind her mom with same that knife he had at the store. He told him to stay quite or he would kill them all, he tied them up first her mom then her. He drug her father into the room then raped her mother in front of them while laughing at their pleas for him to stop. At this point she broke down crying & I told her to stop it was ok we had heard enough. I held her in my arms & let her cry until she composed herself then told her, “Sherri I know u are hurting right now & have seen things no one should. Honestly I don’t want to hear about them because I am already mad enough at him if I hear more it will just make it worse.” She looks at my hands & sees them clenched in fists while my arms shake from the restraint it taking me not to start punching things. The other girls see this to & ask her to walk with them & they will explain what’s going on to her.

James sees how I'm acting & comes over to talk to me. “Ok, dude tell me what’s on your mind man.” I look at his concerned face and tell him “It’s so far I’ve seen two fucking rapist in two days, I'm tempted to go back to town & go house to house “cleaning” the town up!” he sits down next to me & we talk for a few minutes until we hear the girls coming back I stand up waving to them to come on. The girls all look happier & I see that Sherri isn’t as shaken up, they all gather around & I tell them, “Well I know I said yesterday that we wouldn’t be going into town often but after hearing what had happened to Sherri, I feel that there are more people that could use our help so I will be taking trips into town to search for people that need help or are in trouble, now I will do this alone for the first few times so that if something happens no one else is in danger with me but as I have a better understanding of what’s going on I might take James, or one of you girls with me if you want to go. But not before all of you are trained to shoot & know how to defend yourselves better.” All the girls start to talk at once, but I tell them I’ll answer one at a time.

Tirana, “Isn’t it dangerous to go into town alone?” I reply yes it is but I can’t risk u guys just because I feel that someone has to help the people that can’t help themselves. Jenna, “If you’re willing to risk your life why can’t we?” cause it’s something I feel needs to be done, now if u girls want help after you are trained better I’ll gladly accept but for now it would be way too risky. Rebecca, “How will we survive if something happens to you?” that’s why James isn’t going with me most of the time, he knows almost everything I do about living up here. He can protect you almost as good as I can. Alyssa “So when are you going to start doing this?” I haven’t decided that yet but not until we start training you guys. Sherri starts to speak then backs down, I notice this & tell her “come on speak up Sherri you have a voice here as much as everyone else.” She says, “Why are you willing to put yourself at risk to help people you don’t know?” I laugh at the question & she looks embarrassed, “I'm sorry Sherri I wasn’t laughing at you just at the question, I really can’t answer it that well but if I had to it would be because if I didn’t help out people I knew needed it I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I could help & choose not to.”

After all the questions have been answered I start giving out the jobs for the day I tell the girls that I’ll be teaching Tirana, Rebecca, & Alyssa how to shoot while James teaches Jenna, Sherri looks at me like she’s hurt so I explain that she has had a rough time the last two days so all she needs to do is relax & rest for the day. Well we break into our groups & I tell everyone where to go. I send James’s group to the lake up stream & tell them to fire towards the mountain, while I take mine downstream to a clearing where the groups are shooting opposite directions. As we get there I lay out the weapons, three of the 9mms we have, my 30-30 hunting rifle with scope, the three crossbows, a bow for myself. I've got 5 arrows for each of us, a whole box of 9mm ammo, and twenty rounds for the rifle. I hang up targets for the four of us & we start to practice. The girls do very well; they are shooting a fist sized grouping within a few shots.

We go through the ammo I brought & start with the bows. The girls do well after a little instruction not a hunters skill level but good enough to hurt what they are aiming for if not kill it outright. We make our way back to camp but find that no one is there. I don’t hear gunfire so I get worried that something is wrong, I tell Rebecca & Alyssa to stay with Sherri while Tirana goes with me as she was the most skilled with a bow & I want to stay silent as to not alert anyone that might be up ahead. I walk quickly & quietly as we approach the lake. I stay hidden in the tree line as we get there & see the reason there is no shots being fired. James is resting on his back while Jenna is riding him like a wild woman. I look at Tirana & she is blushing, I tell her “Let’s give them some privacy.”

We walk back to the camp as we hear someone running up to us, its Sherri. She’s panting & says hurry someone is coming up the road. I go into fight mode; I ask “Did the girls hide & load their guns?” she responds yes & we start to plan. I tell Tirana “Go get James and Jenna; I don’t care if they are fucking or not I need James & the shotgun now.”

She moves off quietly to get the others as I tell Sherri to stay here & not move until she sees the others as I sneak back to camp as quietly as I can. I sneak to camp & see the new car along with a young looking guy with his girlfriend looking around. I see the sisters hiding a few feet away from me. I tell them to stay there and keep their eyes and guns on those two. I get as close as I can two these two new comers, I quietly aim my gun so that when I stand it pointed right at the guys torso. I stand up saying “Who are you?” The guy looks first & throws his hands up in the air dropping a small gun of his own. I point to the woman and say “Out of the car hands on your head!” She hurries out of the car throwing a knife on the ground. I hold them there as I yell “Hey come here you two.” The sisters stand up and just as I had taught them leveled the sights of the two 9mms they had in their hands.

I say “Rebecca keep the girl in your sights, Alyssa, come search the woman” I see the lady relax a little that a woman was going to search her and not me. The woman complies with Alyssa commands as she is searched. I tell her to watch the guy while I search him. I search the guy & find nothing at first, then I feel a pistol strapped to his ankle! I jump back saying “Don’t fucking move.” as I see the girl reaching in her top. The girls see the same thing & I hear them both click the hammers back on their guns, I slowly back out of the line of fire as the two new comers just freeze in their tracks.

We stand there for a minute until I hear the others coming back. I yell “James come out alone!”
I hear just one set of feet after that as he walks into camp shotgun pointed at the guy’s head. He walks over to me & asks what’s going on? I inform him of the details & we form a plan. I whisper in Rebecca’s ear to go over & search the woman EVERYWHERE! She just nods as Alyssa & I keep our guns trained on them. James pulls the pistol and the guy’s leg holster out. Rebecca finds the girl has a small 22 stuck in her bra along with a large folding pocket knife. I tell them “Tie them up now!”

I have the two unwelcome guest tied up & blindfolded while I gather everyone for a meeting out of ear shot.
“James, Alyssa let me see those guns they had.”

I look them over & find out the one on the guy’s leg is a 9mm loaded with hollow points, the 22 is a 22mag pistol, loaded with hunting rounds. I look at everyone & say “Those two aren’t your run of the mill strangers.”
I walk over & pick the woman up. “Ok just answer my questions and you and your boyfriend won’t be harmed.”
I take the blind fold off after the girls she didn’t see hide. She looks around & asks “Where did the others go?”
I respond “They are close but you’re not asking questions right now.”

I tell her to explain who they are and where they came from. She said they were from down south of the mountain and that her husband was security for a bank, an obvious lie no bank security guard has hollow points in their gun. I asked what she did for a living. She told me she was a middle school teacher; I ask her a question like when was Georgia added to the United States? She gives the wrong answer of coarse (it was one of the original colonies); I ask why they are here? She says they were just looking for somewhere safe to stay for the night. I blindfold her again and take her to her boyfriend.

I tell James to stand guard while I tell the girls what’s going on. I walk Rebecca and Alyssa over to the others, after we are all out of ear shot I tell them that the woman is lying & that their guns & ammo say that they aren’t normal people. BANG! I run over to see James had about cut the guy in half because he had gotten out of his bindings & was holding a small knife that we had missed!

The girl called out his name, as it turned out he was Jake. I walked over to her with the rest & said I'm sorry but he’s dead. He cut his bindings & tried to kill my friend but his shotgun stopped him. She burst into tears saying “Please don’t kill me I’ll tell you the whole story!” I reply that I'm listening as I pull her away from the Jake’s dead body. She starts to tell her story in between sobbing. It turns out that he was a drug dealer she went out with before the world went to shit. He told her “They would come to the mountains & “barrow” camping gear from someone so they could chill until everything blew over.”

Now I knew just how stupid he really was, if ninety present of the population disappears overnight nothing’s going to be the same for a long time. I ask her what she did for a living; she tells me she was a nurse for a nursing home. I told her that she was in our “care” for the time being but she wouldn’t be blindfolded now that it was just her as I slowly remove the blindfold. She looks at me through teary eyes & asks “What’s going to happen to me?”

I tell her she is safe as long as she doesn’t try to break free from the ropes or try to harm anyone. I call over Tirana telling her to calm the girl down while I talk to James who is shaken up. I walk to where James is saying “Are you alright bro?”

“Yea I'm ok I guess, so what’s going on here man?”

“He was her drug dealing boyfriend that was going to kill us or worse, (looking at the girls) he wanted to steal our supplies so they could sit here until shit blows over”

He starts laughing at that point but the girls all look confused. I explain to them that if things get back to normal it will take a long time but chances are good that they never will be back to our former lives. They all look a little let down but I tell them don’t worry I have a plan to keep us all safe & add some good people to help us restart our lives here on the mountain. I gather everyone around our fire pit, without our captive of course. I proceed to explain that if we are to stay here on the mountain we will need somewhere that is a lot more protected then our small camp. I ask James if he remembers that cave dad had us hold up in for a few days. He smiles real big & says “Yea it’s just a little ways to the east, right?”

“Yep, I'm thinking we take all the stuff over there tonight I know that cars can’t go but with all of us helping it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to stack everything over there.”

The girls all look kind of confused at our conversation. I explain to them that the cave we are talking about is about 25feet high, 20feet wide at the mouth narrowing to 10feet at the end and about half a mile long inside. The end of the cave is under water so it only has one opening that someone could come in through. Their faces all show their surprise that it would hold us happily in the comfort of safety. I tell the girls to go with James and take the first load of stuff to the cave. As they leave I decide to have a chat with our guest. I ask Tirana if she found out her name yet, she responds that the girls name is Sarah. I ask Sarah if she is calmed down enough to listen to me? She just nods as she keeps staring at the ground.

I explain to her that we not hurt her but that we can’t let her go tonight; “We will have to relocate before we can release you Sarah.”

“After we have moved our camp to somewhere you don’t know about I can drive u to town or just give you some supplies so that you can stay up here for a while but if we are to be neighbors you have to understand that my friend didn’t kill Jake for the fun of it. He had a knife we didn’t know about and almost stabbed my friend, I could argue that it was self-defense but you already know what Jake was planning to do when u arrived up here right?”

She started to cry; ”Yes I know what he was going to do. How do u think he got the stuff in the car? He killed three people on the way here just to get their food! I know it was something that had to happen, to tell the truth I wasn’t with him because I loved him it was that he wouldn’t let me leave. I hated him; he beat me anytime I said I wanted to leave. He said that now that there was no police he could kill me & just push my dead body out of the car going down the road. He had me believing that if I didn’t do just what he said he would just kill me and move on.”

Sarah was sobbing uncontrollably at this point so I just reached down and pulled her into my arms saying “Hush now, its ok. No one here will hurt you unless you threaten us.” As I hold her Tirana goes to fetch her a snack & bottle of soda. I hold her until she stops crying, and then ask “Sarah do you know anything about living off the land in the mountains?”

“No, not a bit that’s another reason I couldn’t leave I can’t survive like you guys are the only skills I have is in medicine.”

I tell her to sit with Tirana by the fire while I think for a minute. As I'm thinking the others walk into view. I tell them to sit that we have to talk about some things. They all sit down around the fire as I start to explain what’s going on.

“Ok, now I need to hear what everyone thinks about what we should do with Sarah here.”

I let Sarah explain why she was with Jake and what he was planning to do. All of the girls look horrified at what kind of person he was, and how he ruthlessly murdered three groups of people just to steal their stuff. James and I didn’t look shocked at all. She explains that it wasn’t her choice that he did those things & she didn’t help him at all, the only reason she didn’t warn the people he killed was the threat that he would kill her to. After she had explained herself and took a minute to calm down I said that’s why I called this meeting, we have to decide if we want her to stay with us or are we just going to blind fold her & release her somewhere away from here.
I ask Tirana first, “So what do you think baby?”

“I don’t know, on one hand I can’t say I trust her right now, but I also know I wouldn’t be alive now if it wasn’t for
you. So I leave it up to you, we made you our leader so it’s your choice Cory.”

I look at the sisters, “What do you two say?”

They think for a minute then whisper to each other nodding their heads, then respond. “Ok”, Rebecca says, “We have decided that we will leave the choice up to you Cory, we arrived here with almost nothing and you took us in to take care of. So as our leader we will leave the tough choices like this up to you.” Alyssa just nods her head that she agrees with her sister.

I look at James and Jenna asking the same thing. James bursts out laughing saying, “Dude I've trusted your judgment for a long time and so far it hasn’t once let me down so you know what I say.”

Jenna looks right into my eyes and says, “I haven’t known you for long but so far you have kept all of us safe, feed, and warm. So I agree with everyone else that your choice is good enough for me.”

I look at Sherri this time trying to read her face. She sees me waiting for an answer and responds, “I don’t trust her, I feel that if she is here we are putting ourselves at risk of being hurt. Now I won’t tell you all how to feel about it but if she does stay I say to watch her closely like two of us with here at all times closely.”
I hear the wisdom in her words and say “Ok that decides it then, she can stay but two people are to be around her at all times.”

The sisters say that she can sleep in their tent, I tell everyone to wash up for dinner so we can eat then hit the bed. I tell James he has first watch tonight. We eat out of the canned food James and I got from our houses. As we ate I told everyone their jobs, the sisters and Sarah needed to gather fire wood for the night, James and Jenna rest up for their shift at watch while Tirana, Sherri, and I cleaned up camp and hid our supplies (including what was in Sarah’s car). As we are cleaning I hear familiar sounds coming from James and Jenna’s tent, Tirana and I look at each other and burst out laughing while Sherri blushes crimson. Yell towards their tent “Chill out there is a teen here now!”

James without missing a stroke from the sound of it says “Hell she knows what’s going on in here, besides I don’t have a gag right now.”

Everyone burst out laughing at James’ statement but at least Sherri isn’t as embarrassed now. The other girls come back and start cat calling at James and whistling, then Tirana gets into it saying “Come on man you can do better than that, Jenna I feel sorry for you Cory is way better from what I hear” (laughs as loudly as she can).
James rips the flap of the tent open where he can show off, without missing a beat he says “Oh yea, I’ll take that challenge let see who starts blushing first us or you guys!”

Sherri looks shocked as James hammers Jenna right in front of everyone. I just laugh saying “I see you haven’t changed a bit man, still shameless as ever.”

Jenna just stays bent over doggie style as James fucks her even harder for their audience; I look around and see all the girls panting with flushed looks on their faces and say “Hey man you might want to close that before the girls rape you!”

The girls look at each other then burst into giggles before Tirana says “Well you might be right about that, I just wish there were more guys here for the other girls. I've got you Cory so don’t worry James I won’t rape you.” Grabs me by my shirt saying “I’ll just rape Cory instead” as she flashes me a fuck me now smile.
The other girls look disappointed as the only two guys in camp are otherwise taken leaving them to fend for their own sexual needs, and then I see an idea pop into her head. She pulls the other girls off to the side then I hear them whispering about something before they all laugh and nod their heads. Tirana walks over to me followed by all the girls, she says “We have decided that since there is only two guys here one of you will have to be shared. Well I don’t see Jenna opting for that anytime soon and the girls like you more anyway so I'm going to share you until they find guys of their own.”

I stand there shocked and speechless as my brain processes this information. Tirana sees my hesitation and whispers in my ear “Don’t worry this is my idea hunny. It will keep the girls from hating each other, plus I like the idea of seeing you fuck the other girls. I know it’s kinky but there is something I haven’t told you I'm bi-sexual so I will be joining in on the fun to.”

I feel my mouth hang open as I come to understand that she is right, besides the chance to have four to five women to sexually please is a very appealing idea. I feel someone’s hand on my crotch but I know it’s not Tirana because her hands are on my chest; I look behind me and see the owner, it’s Sherri. I'm stunned that she is willing to do this. I regain my composure and ask, “Are u girls sure this is what you want to do, now I won’t lie and say that I don’t want to sleep with you but it’s not something any of you should feel obligated to do. In fact, if one or all of you say no, it will not affect the way I protect or help you.”

They all get that dreamy look on their faces as they say in unison “Yes, this is what we want.”

Tirana says she had fun last night with me so someone else should go first and that if I made it through everyone else she would go last. I look at all the girls and ask “Who’s first?”

They all look uncertain so I take charge of the situation by asking if any of them is a virgin. One by one they say no until it gets to the younger two. Alyssa says she is but has no hymen due to playing with another girl with a dildo, her sister blushes at this and I make a mental note to find out more about that later. Sherri says she had a boyfriend but it never went further than heavy petting. I decide as it’s her first time she would be first. I ask her if she wants to have the other girls there or just the two of us. She looks nervous and says it might be better if they were there so she didn’t get afraid of what was happening. I take the hint and ask the Tirana to get the sleeping bags from the tent that we would be more comfy out here rather than being cramped in the tent. She lays them out as I zip up James’ tent saying I didn’t need the distraction. He just laughs and says “Ok dude, make sure you fuck her good. It’s her first time so make it great.” as Jenna is sucking his dick
back to hardness.

I slowly strip Sherri out of her clothing first her shirt and pants leaving her in just her pale pink bra and panties. I reach behind her to undo the clasp of her bra, as it comes undone I slowly remove it from her body revealing her perky teen titties to my eyes. I take a moment to study the beautiful sight before my eyes. Her young fifteen year old breast were some of the most beautiful I've ever had the pleasure to have before my eyes. Even after all these years I still remember how they looked at that time. They were plump, soft but firm at the same time. Her dark tan nipples contrasted wonderfully with her alabaster skin.

My mouth watered at the idea of feasting on her delectable body, I slowly close my mouth on her left nipple as I suck it in between my lips and lick the tip with my tongue. At this point Sherri is panting and moaning “YES! OH GOD YES! SUCK MY NIPPLE HARDER!”

I reach my hand to her right tit and gently massage it while still sucking on the other. Suddenly she moans even louder and starts to shake and collapse. I wrap my arms around her and hold to my chest as I let her recover from the orgasm she just had, I kiss her deeply as she comes back to reality. It is then that I notice all the other girls moaning around us in their own mini orgasms. They all have this look of disbelieve on their faces as they ask her at once, “Did you really just cum from him sucking on your nipple?”
Sherri turns a very bright shade of red and replies “Yea, each time he sucks or played with my breasts it felt like they were connected right to my clit!”

The girls all laugh at that statement as I hold the recovering girl in my arms; Sarah is the first to speak up by saying “Well if he can do that with just sucking nipples I can’t wait to see what else he can do.”
The girls all turn their eyes to me expectantly. I get the message so I gently set Sherri down on the sleeping bag as I stand to disrobe in front of our audience. I pull my shirt off over my head then start to reach for the buckle of my belt but stop when I find hands already there, its Sherri’s. She unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my pants in short order, the girls all watch in rapt attention as my pants fall to the ground fallowed by my boxers that were tugged at my her small hands. I hear four gasps as my manhood is reviled to their gaze.
Tirana laughs and says “I know how you guys feel I had the same reaction yesterday, just wait until you feel it inside of you!”

I lay Sherri down as I kiss and nibble on her neck and collar bone, she mews like a contented kitten as I slowly make my way to her young teen breasts. As I close my lips around her tasty nipples and gently suck her back arches trying to push more of her breast into my mouth. I release my captive to a groan of disapproval by its owner until I repeat the process with her other nipple. I push her body back to the sleeping bag as I say “Relax hunny, no need to rush. I plan to make you cum so much you see stars.”

I kiss my way down across her tight teen stomach stopping only to lightly suck and lick her belly button generating a gasping moan from her throat. As I resume my downward journey kissing my way across her virginal mound her body squirms with anticipation as my mouth get closer to her wet teen slit. She pants “Yes…Please... Eat me now... I can’t stand the anticipation anymore!”

I close my mouth on her wet pussy lips as my tongue slips between them her body bucks upwards forcing my tongue deeper into her as she cums in my mouth. The silent scream she makes and her vaginal muscles pulsing on my tongue tells me just how hard and draining her orgasm was, I lick and suck all the sweet girl cum she can produce having the effect of lengthening orgasm and causing her body to convulse. I stop sucking on her where she can catch her breath as I look up into her face my mouth and chin covered in her sweet female juices, she looks back into my eyes with adoration and says “My god! I've never felt anything like that before! Oh my god! FUCK ME NOW!” With a hunger in her eyes that betrays her lust for me.

I place my dick at the entrance to her pussy and say “Are u sure this is what you want, if you want to stop now it’s fine.”

She gets a defiant look in her eyes, grabs my dick with her hand and says “Fuck me now or I will rip this off!”

The other girls laugh at this and Tirana says “I think she means it Cory, you had better fuck her before she decides not to wait any longer.”

I laugh also and say “I think your right Ti; ok well here it comes Sherri.”

I position my dick at the entrance to her tight teen pussy and slowly push forward as my dick sinks into the smoldering hot cummy pussy of this teenaged beauty before me. Sherri moans “OH MY GOD! YOUR SO FUCKING BIG CORY!” As her head is thrown back in orgasmic bliss. As I near her hymen her pussy clamps down in my dick with increasing pressure. I stop just this side of breaking it saying “Sweetheart this will hurt but I’ll try to make it as quick as I can so you can enjoy yourself.” She looks deeply into my eyes and I can see the lust and trust that she has in me. I lift her into my arms and hold her as I shove my dick all the way into her. She wails at the sky as I hold her against my chest I feel her tremble in pain. I whisper into her ear “Its ok hunny we can take all the time you need to get over the pain.” She turns and whispers back “Thank you Cory, I knew it would hurt but I'm still glad to be in your arms like this.”

I feel her relax in my arms and she says Cory try moving now it doesn't hurt bad anymore. I slowly inch my dick out of her tightly griping pussy looking into her eyes for any discomfort, seeing none I reverse direction and sink back into her as she moans and grunts under these new feelings she has discovered in herself. I lay her back down and her heels lock around my waist, I smile looking down at her and say “Don’t worry sweety I'm not going anywhere just making sure you’re comfortable.” She smiles back and blushes at my accurate guess. I hear moans coming from behind us and look back to see our on lookers all watching us with envy and looks of adoration in their eyes. I chuckle to myself thinking that I could have some problems if I didn’t have the stamina to please these girls after this.

I turn my focus back to my current partner and start to speed up the pumping of this beauties wonderful body. As I get faster she starts to quiver and gasp at the sensations happening in her body, she moans “FASTER Cory! Please go faster!” almost pleading with me. I smile and kiss her deeply before saying anything u want hunny. I start to fuck her earnestly and she goes silent as her breath comes in gasps and her pussy clutches at this new welcome intruder, all the pulsing and grasping from her talented pussy is getting me close to cumming in record time. I moan and tell her I'm about to flood her womb with hot cum and it sends into a convulsing mind blowing organism. I slam my dick into her one final time as I erupt cumming deep within her freshly DE vernalized body.

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